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Evolution of a Perfect Hubby

Yoolook Culture
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When she was 3, he was 10; she called him brother. When she was 8, she was 17; she slept with him on the same bed. When she was 17, he was 24 and she threw a shoe on his face, calling him "dad of my baby"! "What!!!" Lixing Ji, 24, male, President of Ji's Group, afraid of nobody and nothing but the little devil girl who has tortured him for 14 years. Even worse, he started to feel something else towards her...

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I cant seem to understand if you love the story that's great and if you dont then please ignore it and leave it.
I request humbly to all this comic is very interesting and cute. so please dont go on saying things as you wish consider the hard work of author and all mangatoon team and feelings of author and mangatoon team.
I am not siding anyone or buttering up to be honest I also wrote novel so I can relate to author and mangatoon feelings and their hardworking. so please leave good ,nice and cute comments. if you dont want to then simply ignore it. Dont judge the story unless you read all or u r author no offensive to anyone have a nice day and happy time here.i am with this comic and author. you may curse me or may call me anything I dont kind because I just speak up the truth.
😎😜: Haiii
Suki Yang: i don't agree on the part where people judge (my) work. Criticism (even if it seems rude) is just an opinion, and an essential step to improvement. ppl can judge ur art, discourage you, but that's just part of throwing a creation out into the wild.

words don't always leave scars. if u choose to believe what others say, consider that its their fault for letting get to them. u may argue back that some ppl don't have thick skin but that's okay. no one can live in this world without scars.

ur last part reflects exactly what I think :3 Rude, insulting judgement is inevitable, but if u feel something is wrong, that's where u can change.

improvement doesn't start with other's opinion, it is what u want.

(also, note to everyone, plz don't go all defense when someone shares something rude. it's just their opinion and we alone should not try to attack them. don't use the excuse that 'it's discouraging author' or something bcz there WILL be discouragement but there will also be ENCOURAGEMENT!)
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Kaori chan
okay all that agrees say "AYE"

this is the same author of
1=hunk no
2=heiress vs young ruffian
3=trouble with the president
Sam13ARMY: click on my pic
Israt Jahan Shikha: wait i cant find milkshake recipe
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Its all a typical soap opera scene now!!!
The ml don't want her to be with 2nd ml but he can freely hang on to his 1st love (she is Lele's new teacher, arriving soon).
After quite a lot of melodrama, there's a scene in office where he hugs her tightly and say something serious (I can't read Mandarin).
If I'm not wrong, then after that, when they r together, he get a call from his ex and rush away.
Later lele call him and that b!tch pick up the call n talks nonsense!!!
Lele's sad.
At abt 72/82 (I can't remember it properly), there's a pic of Lele with 2nd ml in wedding dress at church m he rush there to see her. He saw them walking down the aisle. He rushed n pulled her and marries at the very moment.
Only after marriage, he gotta know that she is the bridesmaid n he's groomsmen.
After that, its lovey-dovey for 4/5 chapters. Then he accidentally read the msgs on Lele's phone from her good gf. Those made him deeply mad n so he locked her up. As expected of someone like her, she escaped from there!!! Then got kidnapped by Kahn n his sis.
Here, is the MOST SADDEST time coz the 2nd ml DIES to save her. Then she disappeared from his funeral only to know that she's a PRINCESS!!! On the other hand, Bad Ji is regretting his all actions towards her n hv become a drunkard, mentally depressed!!
Qûêêñ Langlên Nïngthøujà: 2ml deserve much more . let bad jinbe alone and depressed ... I ship lele with 2 ml
Topaz: It's like the manhua artist took a bunch of plot from other manhua and put it all in here idk if I'll enjoy the ride lol takes for the spoiler
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