Evolution of a Perfect Hubby
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Evolution of a Perfect Hubby

Yoolook Culture
Evolution of a Perfect Hubby
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Evolution of a Perfect Hubby Comics Online. When she was 3, he was 10; she called him brother. When she was 8, she was 17; she slept with him on the same bed. When she was 17, he was 24 and she threw a shoe on his face, calling him "dad of my baby"! "What!!!" Lixing Ji, 24, male, President of Ji's Group, afraid of nobody and nothing but the little devil girl who has tortured him for 14 years. Even worse, he started to feel something else towards her...

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m i n t i m a i

Next chapters will be amazing. Lixing will go to the church and tell everyone to stop the wedding. Lele looked at him confused. He tells her to come with him. She refuses. And then Lixing finally confessed to lele. Then lixing ask her to go with him again and she refuses again. He carries her the priest ask if the wedding is still going and lele and lixing quarreled. After that lixing grab her and carried her and was about to leave the church when everyone laughs at them. Lele blushed and explain to lixing that she was only a brides maid and the bride wasn’t her.

Omg best chapter for me like brooo!! Lixing finally said he liked her Omgggggg!!
ストロベリーミルク: You have to put it Japanese or Chinese version for more episodes
Mr Author: where did you read the chapters
and what's the latest ch
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Niar Samal
So.. so many things will happen in the future..
Some how Jihyo will try to kill herself but ji will save her.. any way ji will know about the chat that lele had in her phone and will lock her in the room but she will run away but that girl with red hair will Snatch her and jihyo and ji will go to save them .. lele will know about her mother accident.. jihyo will hurt her leg and ji will hurt too.. and the girl with red hair will die and the boy with glasses that loves lele will die too to protect lele and somehow it love like lele will hate ji and go to england?
She will know that her father is a king.. I think so anyway she will become a princess and there’s a man who will be in her side always and she will return to that boy who died and will see jihyo became nun and will see ji
It will be another boy too
I really didn’t understand the story and the language so it’s not really by %100
My English is bad too sorry..
Mavis.Vrmlln: what website is it?
Niar Samal: You have to change the languages to chinese.. when you go to your profile you will see thing look like this ⚙️ then when you click on it there will be a language and besides there is english just click on it and you will see the other language thats all💚
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He is angry...feels betrayed but how does this behaviour justifies his anger😡😡...instead of talking he is behaving like this.......Lixing has gone crazy......how badly he is treating Lele.
Someone save her.....anyone😢😢😢......Lele should not forgive Lixing for this behaviour.

At least trust and listen her.....does he even loves her....if he does why is he hurting Lele😭😭😭😭

Lixing is the one who should prove his love for her why does she has to prove......from beginning of the story Lele was clear with her feeling......it was you (Lixing)who need to be push by your mom to accept your feeling.He doesn't deserve her......He didn't even scold purple hair for throwing food cook by Lele but when she accidentally broke the photograph Lixing scolded Lele.....He is only nice to his ex😡.......but the one who truly loves him and came back for him this is what she got.

Lele should not forgive him for this......this is not at all right.😢
p.s💛❤: she is too nice.......author has made her too kind.Maybe this time she won't forgive him quickly.😑
❤: well..but our female lead is so kind to forgive him.. hmmm
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