Wicked Young Master and His Innocent Girl
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Wicked Young Master and His Innocent Girl

Yoolook Culture
Wicked Young Master and His Innocent Girl
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Wicked Young Master and His Innocent Girl Comics Online. When Dai Yuxiao, the innocent illegitimate daughter of a wealthy family comes to a high-society cocktail party, she accidentally bumps into Mu Lengrui, the notoriously wicked young master of Mu Group. And instantly, the latter gets hooked up on her, and with the help of some alcohol, he takes her virginity overnight...

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Aspa yoh
I think that in all the manga like that you know with one rich ML that takes half prisoner or something like that the FL is stupid .I also don't like the fact that the Ml do adult staff with every female in the manga end because he didn't make adult things with the girl that hate the FL end want to have a relationship with the ML everyone when they reading this(with me to) think that is a good boyfriend .The ML always don't respect anyone not even his FL I can say that in average of the manga that I have read I prefer the other men to be the ML .I know this it was hard for many people but is the truth.🤔🤔🤔
h kennedy: and for some reason people like hard force love but the ml should respect the fl
shadiya sayeeda: Is there any spoiler???
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Does anybody in comics EVER called the police after being r@ped? 🤔🤔

Why can’t the FLs ever tell the ML r@pists, “Screw you, punk! Be sure to send the video to the cops while you’re at it so I can have proof against you in court! And be prepared to have a prison boyfriend for the rest of your life, you b@stard!!”...? 😏😏

Why do the FLs let everyone slap them without at least fighting back? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Windmill 🥊 🥊 her of that’s all you can do, but girlfriend don’t just take that damage without defending yourself! 😒😒

Are all half-sisters evil like this? 😕😕 Well, yeah b/c I have two who are evil also, but I’m not getting beaten up by those cows... that’s for true!! 😏😏

Okay, that’s my soapbox rant for the day! I shall continue reading 📖... 🤓
マーティンくん: Dude, It's just comic, not reality, so i don't mind end because they are both happy... I didn't wrote i love it.... 😕 But it's definitely better when they end happy than when she suffer from what they he did to her... You seems to not read my comment properly
BDean2: That’s true, too! 😒 Victim blaming and shaming is very prevalent and they are often portrayed as “not so innocent,” especially when rich or famous r@pists are involved! It’s very discouraging! ☹️
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Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
I understand where he is coming from, but how it look this black hair girl really likes him, what I can tell she will be happy if he can only love her 5% so 30% will be more than fine for her n as time goes u will love her more, I'm not saying to replace your dead lover I'm just saying in time you'll make room in your heart for her, that's all.
I really want to know what's the next move now, can't wait to see the rest
マーティンくん: Ye he will eventually love her more than 30% no doubt but he need push...
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