Bound to You
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Bound to You

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Bound to You
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idk wht the hack is wrong with mangatoon...... all the good stories end like this only. we keep waiting for update and all we get is disappointments. and the one day all of the sudden those stories are categorised in "end" section........
flirty boos no., pure girl, poem of hell confessions and many more.....
pls of u can't complete story don't write them nd stop playing with our feelings
Weirdass Fujoshi: Yeah, especially the "filty boss no" I was expecting more but there's no end!!! And pure girl too!!! This is too much!!!
lady lynn: Always like this..ending is not good.
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Griffin Grey
OMG 😂😂😂😂😂 what a lousy ending! So? Why he didn’t see her face when he fall so crazy in love with her? And what about her friend? I really liked this story and MC was awesome but what I would really love as an ending and since ML was TOO stupid and never really appreciated the woman he “loved” for what she was but simply because she was good in bed (that’s what I assumed reading the story as it is) would be to divorce his lazy ass and leave with one of the guys that supported her throughout the story. Good job girl! At least you have your harem 🥰
小EnZi🎶: Hey sorry for interruption but if you have time please read my chat story "Venomous Cure" and leave your thoughts for me
This is the first time I'm writing so i wanna know about your thoughts and opinions thank you ❤️

Don't kill me please for disturbing 😝
Cursed princess: Guys please read "She was different", I need your support, please help me! My dream is to be a contract writer at mangatoon, but my application didn't pass because my chat story had less views. I promise you, you'll love the plot❤, if you don't you are free to give feedbacks! If you support I can re apply after 15 days..
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Weirdass Fujoshi
Wait! So I was just scrolling down my comments and saw ones I made here and suddenly recalled that's it's been a while since I read this, and then I noticed that "end" is written on the story's profile, I couldn't believe my eyes. It indeed ended, what kins of ending is this? I wanted something more!!! I wanted him to know that she's the one from that night! I wanted her to regain her memory and go back to her clan!!!! I wanted to see them lead a happy marriage life!!!!!!! I wanted mooooooore!!!!! This can't be the ending no!!!
Madecy Ugou WJ: lol ...
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My gosh they are using her I hope she will regain her memory back
Bella Ch Er
She's not your frkn daughter!!!
moonlight sakura: yehhh
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Everytime she is in danger she is alway's saved by hot guy's😂how to be Mu Weier😂
Nianaa: I'll be dating them all already 🤣🤣🤣
Purple Fairy: Hello I am currently entering a contest and I am sorry for disturbing you but please try to read and like my story.Thank you!

It is called "The creepy family(No one gets out alive😈)
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Can I just marry Leng ting? you know,ml is already taken 🤷
finally a different FL👏..someone who can't be bullied easily and there's no drugged woman and in a bed with a ML.
yaoi lover: I totally agree with u
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I honestly don't know where this is going anymore! I have absolutely no idea if this story can be salvaged anymore. I sincerely hope the author won't rush the ending with a plot like She gets her memory back and they love each other, the end! That would be super crappy, exactly what happened with another comic, in which she was an assasin and in the end she married the ML but the total plot was never revealed!
If that is what will happen to this comic, then I don't know what I am doing here?
Riya: I don't know what is with that!
But I really really have a soft spot for white haired ML's like the leader of the organisation.
❤Sweetheart V5❤: Maybe because the ML is the "iconic overbearing CEO/President". 😄
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Princess Abyss
Potek hindi ko na Kaya tong potang unang babaeng ito

Isa't kalahating ahas

Pag ito hindi gumanda ang kwento mamaya tamo

Matutupi ko yang babae nayan sa isangliboisangdaangdalawampottatlongnadagdagannangisanglibodalawangdaanatdalawa

Tangina ka
..B L A N K..
maybe FL is the commander of suzaku military area
lucy: yes ofcourse
PantherWalks: yes ..
i think so too
remember from the last chapters maybe, theres a girl with masked face, Her body shape, long hair and color similar to our FL ... plus the gun shot from her back is the same as the time when the Commander of Suzaku got shot at the back, plus also, her amnesia ... no recolections of the past .... The commander of Suzaku are also missing ...
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97 chapters, and ML is still a moron. Bruh, if she meant so much to you...why don’t you recognize the woman her?? How stupid.

Dear Author, I love your story, but I hate ML. Please change him to Leng, Yan, or Lan. There is nothing redeemable about this mofo. Thank you.
Minhoz king: Exactly yr...
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..B L A N K..
i want to see everyone's reaction when they reveal their relationship
neko kitty
Marina Cruz: yessss
babe miss.bad girl: women r stronger hah she not the man she is he women
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Minhoz king
Hey Author R u alright.. Where are you I'm requesting u.. 😭plzzz do your job properly... Is this the end??? No way.. there is so many unanswered questions..What Do u think, I had put my all emotion, my feelings, my time, my coins, my point everything 😆 for this incomplete story
I think that gambling god is the fl!
kakashi's wife
i like the fl, shes unique and so bold and strong
who dare you use our fl
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
I'm tired of these 💩 endings. Ugh. So many unanswered questions... Typical of these stories and typical 2020. Screw this year and these stories that just end. These apps need to have a "discontinued" vs. "completed" label. These emotional 🎢's are exhausting.... 😑😑
小EnZi🎶: Hey sorry for interruption but if you have time please read my chat story "Venomous Cure" and leave your thoughts for me
This is the first time I'm writing so i wanna know about your thoughts and opinions thank you ❤️

Don't kill me please for disturbing 😝
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I just finished reading episode 35 and I'm taking a time out, coming back to episode 1 to let anyone who cares to know, that this isn't your typical 'she becomes a substitute wife to ML, gets maltreated by ML until he finally realizes that he loves FL and the same ol' storyline.'




❕osatuyipickin❕: true... but at least there are still cool things in this story line, before the ending part.
💜Army Sanju💜: Hi, Sorry to disturb you but if you like to read CEO genre love story chat novel then can you please read my chat novel "Aggressive Love " and give me your support.😊💜💜💜
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