Ex-husband, Please Go Away!
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Ex-husband, Please Go Away!

Tianyi Icartoon
Ex-husband, Please Go Away!
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I’m so freaking mad with how far downhill this has gone for Kang Qiao. She literally just came back from abroad after a LONG ASS BREAK and the second she comes back the ML causes a bunch of trouble already. This just made me even more angry with the ML than anything. She’s just minding her own damn business and there comes him flying out of nowhere FLIRTING WITH HER as a MARRIED MAN! And then his whole family and wife finds out and is now bullying the poor girl when she did absolutely nothing wrong 😑

He’s beyond stupid and annoying now, because of him this whole thing blew up. If he wasn’t so reckless and thought for ONE second how this could bring trouble to Kang Qiao’s position since he’s a MARRIED MAN, he wouldn’t have done this so carelessly. He’s not the worst ML ever in terms of how he treats the FL, but he’s pretty damn problematic. You would think he would’ve learned his lesson by now after what happened with miss blondie homewrecker, but I guess I was wrong 😤
mintgreen: Yes, I'm not the only one to like the hidden descendants.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Guess he has a thing for cheating as a married man or something, Glad u pointed it out. Whether intentional or not that pisses me off the most about him. Zero responsibility whatsoever. Reminds me of serial impregnator rapper Future 😷
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Ya know...I also felt bad towards the blonde-fries-like-hair girl (yeah sorry can't remember her name well) bcuz I went back a few chapters for a bit and kinda(?) had a realization why she just couldn't let the ML go. 1st was that she is still in love (probably) with the ML (but maybe also not anymore cause why the hell would she go let herself get pregnant with another man though then again part of the plan. So-) 2nd was because that obsessive "partner" of hers has something/s up his sleeves that she can't just oppose to even if she'd decide to give up on the ML. She looked pretty much forced, and not just because of her own accord in staying by the ML now. So even if she did ruin our ship (w/c we're pretty much pissed about) I don't blame her as much as b4 now. I just hope this innocent child won't get too much in between the drama.🥺

p.s. this is just my opinion/observation. I'm open to any other thoughts
RVMAC06: Wait really? or is this just a joke? lol 😅😂😂
Dorothy sood: french fries is her name
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Ok, that resolves the wife and child issue. But what about your mother. She tormented Kang Qiao before, during, and after your marriage. Sinan still needs to sort his life out before coming to her and apologize for not trust her or defending repeatedly. Why doesn't he get that he's the one that has hurt her the most? Getting back together isn't going to fix things and forcing himself into her space, her home isn't going to convince her to come back. The overbearing and domineering thing doesn't work on everyone and it just show he doesn't respect her enough to respect Qiao's wishes for him to back off. And public opinion is a b*tch, people are already calling her a mistress and Sinan isn't helping trying to force her to be in his company and trying to woo her
Eleale De la cruz
Este manga está re buenísimo, aunque no entiendo muy bien los personajes que están saliendo los que están con ella comiendo son hermanos el de pelo ceniza sabe que su hermano está enamorado de la protagonista así que su gentileza es por su hermano no por ella, pero el chico que salió en el cementerio quién es acaso es hermano de la protagonista y no sabia , tengo claro que los 2 hermanos quieren destruir a la familia kang y no incluyen a la protagonista porque no es legítima de los kang, sé que los Bai quieren acabar con los de la familia Huo para adueñarse se sus bienes, pero vuelvo y repito que pinta con el que salió en el cementerio? Y ese idiota de Huo que no investiga a la esposa ni le hizo ADN al niño, porque sé que no es de Huo, no puede proteger a la prota ni de su propia madre.
bright and sunny
he is married and to the best of his knowledge has a son and that son recently got kidnapped and it's a clusterf*ck of cosmic proportions yet he wants to bring her back? to what exactly ? recently his mom humiliated her and they're not even together let alone of they actually get back together. I hate him because he is torturing her and he has no idea what love is. He has no plan and he is the dumbest guy ever being fooled by that bi*ch.
Someone that drags you to hell cannot love you. He just has a hard time letting go but it's nowhere near love.
Charoe Shiromani: who is qingzhe🙄
Sky Stele Archovrelte: and now kang qiao is being confuse. she didn't know that her heart break is because of Qiangzhe too. Qiangzhe and Qinan are the one behind all what happened between Sinan and Kang Qiao heartbreaks. I am irritated to Kang Qiao now. She's stupid
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𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓵𝔂𝓪 🥀
Sinan is so arrogant, it irritates me so much.
HOW DARE HE break into her own personal space and say things like that as if it's his own home?! She should call the police. He is no longer her partner, so why does he act like she still is? How dare he act like he didn't cause any harm to Kang Qiao? How does he even still come and face her?
He has such a weak personality, and he has no character development. He is the only problem in this Manhua. However, I like the Female Lead, Kang Qiao.
It's the same old feelings back again
It's the one that they had way back when
They were to young to know when love is real
But somehow, some things never change
And even time hasn't cooled the flame
It's burnin even brighter than it did before
It got another chance, and if they take it...

Maybe this time
It'll be lovin' they'll find
Maybe know they can be more than just friends
She's back in his life
And it feels so right
Maybe this time, love wont end.💗🎆📣🎶🎶🎼🎤🎵🎵🎶🎵🎶
jennifer: wow amazing 😍😍
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And the most annoying ML award goes to him 🙄 seriously when will he ever learn!? Stop being a selfish asshole and actually try to think for her side before acting reckless! It’s like he WANTS to make her life more miserable with how he keeps chasing after her as a MARRIED MAN instead of finding a way to divorce that evil wife first!

You don’t care if Kang Qiao would be misunderstood by people and be branded as your mistress!? 😑
Rachma: yes i agreed
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Tangela Reynolds
Even if what he says is true, that his own fault. I dont care that he was tricked. never did. the fact is he didn't believe in and and he caused the problem. he spent more than have of their marriage ignoring her and letting his mother treat her like crap because he blamed her for this girl's death. but surprise, surprise, she wasn't dead and comes back. and despite your wife feeling uncomfortable and insecure you insisted on looking after this girl giving her the opportunity to trap you. then you let your mother move her in to your house and yes I do get its the family house but he is the head of the house which means he has as say. but he didn't say anything. forcing her to live in that situation. now what are you asking her to do? cause its not like your mother has changed. she wont let you kick that girl out ans you know it. so how do you plan to keep her from having to live in that same situation? its obvious he doesnt have any plan. he is just doing what he wants, assuming they will follow what he says. typical...
𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓵𝔂𝓪 🥀: The female lead is so nice she actually gave him a chance (to solve his marriage or something), someone like him doesn't deserve anything to be honest with you.
𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓵𝔂𝓪 🥀: That's exactly my point, I swear. He is so shameless. I am crying here because he is the male lead (I suppose he will end up with her).
I like the female lead and the story, the only problem is this guy.
The auther would be joking making our girl and that guy a couple again.
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Sinan is still an adulterous bastard that doesn’t deserve Qiao. Let our FL marry another man and have a family with him. Let that scum have a taste of his own medicine. He cheated on her not once but a lot of times. Regret?! Regret it and learn when you see her happily married to another man and have children with him.

Sinan wined, dined and slept with those women and even that ex now 2nd wife of his. Didn’t have sex with her? So what?! Doesn’t erase the fact that he left her on those nights and days just to be with his ex-GF hence his ruined marriage. 2nd chance sure... after FL’s divorces her 2nd hubby too.🤬🤬🤬🤬
Seriously I hate Sinan. If I were Kang Qiao, I would've blocked him on the phone and leave him out of this city. I really don't like his attitude and he's also married. He needs to grow up and stop being so stupid. He really need to stop messing Kang Qiao because Kang Qiao needs to let go and relax to never see him or think about him again or in the future. I'm crying😭 because she needs to move on and date some man to soothe her feelings. I will definitely hit him if I'm there.🙄😑
Vivi Lestari: Agreeeee.....
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Is there no trustworthy and reliable men in this comic? Gee even the ones beside her are shady. I don’t want her to forgive the ML YET as long as he’s still married to that snake I’m all for her rejecting him. If he can’t even take responsibility for his actions and divorce his wife first then I can’t say he’s worthy of having Kang Qiao back. Stop pestering the poor girl and settle your marriage matters first you idiot
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Exactly thus why I’m so glad the FL is giving him the cold shoulder. He needs to get with the program 😒
Kathleen Sacluti: True! And even the other b*tch in jail noticed the kid isn't his. And yet, he hasn't tried to investigate everything! He doesn't control his mom and that fake homewrecker who is now his wife. He should definitely have divorced her. In fact, if he wasn't confused before and made the other woman a priority, this shouldn't have happened. It is all his fault. There are many ways to stop what he didn't want if he had the balls to protect his original wife before.
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bright and sunny
this guy is so hateful. Get your shit sorted out before you atrwmo to take her back. There is nothing worse than a slimebag who causes hurt to the person he allegedly loves and drags her reputation through mud. People have already shamed her for seducing a married man and now he goes to her place in the middle of the night ? read smooth !
hm honestly speaking I don't want her to go back to the ml... he actually slept with his "ex" when he was married to her I don't care if it was fake but he still tried to play it as nothing and the time when I hated him the most when he told the fl to not hurt Heather bcuz the child had no fault. what kind of a fcking mf says that to his wife.
I wish the author would just make a kind humble and LOYAL lead for her cuz she deserves it
Kathleen Sacluti: True!!! If he loved her, he would not have hurt her. Other ML's would have let the woman take pills even... He did not even check if it was truly his or doubted if something happened to them..? It was all his fault! He hurt her countless of times and even now keep on pestering her when he is still married!!!
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Vivi Lestari
Oh WOW.... he knew already and that's make me even hate him more. He knew the truth but still can't protect FL from his b*tch Mom, still drag her to his problem and always make FL in danger situation. That's not love, that's just his egoistic and narsistic problems
𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓵𝔂𝓪 🥀
I mean- it was all his fault, he put himself in this situation... If he didn't go for a 'drink' with his ex-girlfriend, that shit wouldn't have happened.
He is not faithful, he doesn't really deserve a wife! He is feeling 'guilty' now he lost his first wife and ignores the second! JUST LIKE HE DID IN THE PAST! He doesn't learn from his mistakes! That's the problem!
I dislike Huo Sinan, his personality and everything else.
Byeol XuFeng: Cannot agree more!
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“Don’t worry. I’m not like you. I have no interest in butting in other people’s marriages”

OHHHHHHH!!!! BURN!!!! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

She right, ya homewrecker! What goes around comes around, I can’t wait for karma to knock on your door! Disgusting and shameless woman, they look like a mother and daughter pair for sure! They have no grounds trying to accuse my girl of being a homewrecker, like pot calling the kettle black, much? 🤡

And this is what I meant by the ML is problematic. He knows damn well he’s married but is still dragging my girl into this hot mess? Stop being selfish and end your marriage first before chasing her. This whole mess was caused by your stupidity and that evil scheming girl anyway, don’t put my poor girl into the middle of this 💩hole again! 🙃
SSamir: Exactly! He haven’t learn his lesson yet, but already forcing himself into her life 🙄
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Lina Widya
ahahaha really, the ML is quite an Idiot. not only the son that he cared for isn't his son to begin with. he has no feelings whatsoever to the mom of the child and go after his ex wife, if he stop messing with his ex wife, he lost quite a lot by taking care/being a charity by taking care of a female he does not care/love and her child who isn't even his blood. sucks
Lina Widya: i quite wonder, with that brain capacity of his.. how can he becomes a CEO this long and also prospering the said company too. either luck or just plot device... what a fool
Kathleen Sacluti: He is indeed and he hasn't investigated on it! And he is making the FL turn into a mistress... He is not only stupid, he is a jerk!
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Who the F*CK just lets themselves into another person's home?!?! This is why she doesn't think Sinan respects her!! Barging into Kang Qaio's home to force her to speak or listen to you is not the way to do this. I'd call the police for trespassing and refusing to leave 😡
Sky Stele Archovrelte
that son it's not his. he should have done a DNA -_- i think it's qingzhe son
Kathleen Sacluti: The main reason for all the FL's pain is him. To think he should be smart, but he is an idiot for not knowing & not doing the right thing in the first place! I just want to smack him hard & let him know all of his faults! I wish the friends will tell him the real deal which it all stemmed from him.
lemurloki: EXACTLY. And you and I both know blondie was NEVER the girl he thought she was--grandpa doubtless had good reasons in her case for not wanting her to marry his grandson. We've already seen that Blondie doesn't hesitate to present her husband with another man's baby, give that other man access to her husband's home computer and help that man scheme against her husband.
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