Naive Girl and Her Wolfish Husband
Romance / Completed

Naive Girl and Her Wolfish Husband

Zuoan Comic
Naive Girl and Her Wolfish Husband
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Naive Girl and Her Wolfish Husband Comics Online. Guan Qingyan is just a naive girl, so naive that she even signs a marriage document and gets sent into a large mansion. Her husband, President Mingjue, seems to be a very wolfish man in their first encounter, but turns out to be a loving husband. Still, Ming Jue's childhood sweetheart, Miss Feng, and his nagging mother keep creating trouble to Qingyan, but the childlike girl doesn't care about anything...

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Hottest Comments
Lyra Malfoy
Its so stupid how almost every story here is where the girls are weak and couldn’t protect themselves and instead of running when they were ask too they stayed there causing more trouble

I hate to see how girls are weak and bullied by the male characters

I hate to see how the stories always end the same pls make sth different usually the male rich then force gurl to do sth bad make the stories the girl is strong just because we’re girls doesn’t mean we are the weaker gender

Lyra Malfoy: Yeah some but mostly its like that well the ml arent always bullying the fl but some mangas fl are just stupid-.-
Kiznaiver: Lol ur not wrong but if u have a problem with them it’s better to not read them or even bothering to comment Bc everyone has their own opinion and i personally don’t like those manga either but I think some are actually pretty good 🙃
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This guys collar is even worse, and who the hell wears a neck scarf with his chest exposed? 1972 called, it wants it's terrible light blue polyester dress shirt back...
TofuChan: I like details. I think consistency and accuracy are wonderful habits to be proud of - especially in art. I tend to look at every
thing drawn in a comic panel because of this. I never implied I knew the author of this series, but if they are any professional, they will accept suggestions and constructive critisms of their work. In this case I was simply voicing my opinion, and I was being very sarcastic at that, I honestly believe any author would look at my comments as just being funny. They may even laugh and say, yeah you're right - I should have drawn another style of shirt. If it hurts their feelings so much then producing public artwork is not for them. They more than likely get far worse commentary from their own editors, which would affect them much more adversely then from my silly teasing. 😑
chumingao: can you please respect what author likes to draw don't complain like you already know the author of this comics just saying~ no offense~no hate~
total 2 replies
Eleale De la cruz
Deseo saber quién está detrás de las fotos que le tomaron? Habrán sido los papás de MG o acaso el hermano menor?
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