Romance / Fantasy

The Bride of Hades

Cloud Studio
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Update on Thu, Sun
The fist night after moving in a villa near her college, Yu Jian, the 20-year-old girl experiences a ghost press, i.e. a sleep paralysis, during the night. This reminds her of the childhood nightmares when a ghost always haunts her dreams and claims to marry her when she grows up. To chase away the ghost, she goes to seek help from a fortune-teller and somehow bumps into a handsome guy named Hao Xuanyuan who claims to have ghost eyes that can see all the ghosts in the world...And one other night, that childhood ghost finally descends in the villa and deducts Yu Jian to the wedding in the Hades mansion...

MangaToon got authorization from Cloud Studio to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - yinyangjiedexinniang; yyjdx, the ghost bride
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Emma Anderson
umm....this is just the first episode and so much is happening. what the hell are these plots?? it's happening too fast. first she moved out, then she's full all of a sudden and then went to bed. then, it's already dawn. her phone is not there when she clearly didn't put anything before. then there's her illusion thingy. then she suddenly had a mop and wore the slippers that are for bed inside a toilet. then she 'knead' like wtf..knead??? and then a pervert came (ofc every storyline is like that-,-) I just don't like it especially when there is a pervert. why are they so obsessed in making sexual plots??? did they watch porn or something that they even made in every storyline. if it is a kiss i wouldn't have a problem with that but physically touched body?? that is sooooo random. what if she has cooties, fever or allergies that can affect the other person.
❣Gʀıɱɱყ✘†ɦɑᴋAɱ❣: yes I understand.. and Im very used to it now. so i just ignore them and just read the manhua hahaha..
Eryna Amani FJ: you are so annoying 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
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I wonder the netherking and the guy who wear hat is tu he same person. but if they're the same person how the guy with hat died two years ago and all. but if they're different how could the guy with hat so powerful when he just died 2 years ago and can go back and forth to human world and netherworld freely, even the haunt house is actually his how can the netherking doesn't know that and let the FL stay at that house
Why do I feel red and blue are same guy? I notice the eye colour are the same too
Shan'ny: vu.....
Mary yuuki lu: huuuu?? maybe they're twin brothers 😲😳🤯
total 3 replies
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