The Heiress VS Young Ruffian
Romance / Comedy / Modern / Completed

The Heiress VS Young Ruffian

Yoolook Culture
The Heiress VS Young Ruffian
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The Heiress VS Young Ruffian Comics Online. Bad luck! My dad kicked me out of the house! Then revenge a playboy whose grandfather was a gangster! That's not all! I go to the noble school to be the maid of four demons...

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our festival DIWALi
I want to say HAPPY DIWALI
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happy Diwali all of u.(English)
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Wow the author is a genius. He knows how to make the most unlikeable characters become a love able one with twists and turns! Hemingson was, indeed, very misunderstood. I thought what he felt for lacy was not love, but pure obsession, but I was wrong. He was genuinely in love with her. It’s sad how tragically his life ended.

I love this story a lot, and I feel like this is coming to an end very soon, which makes me sad and happy at the same time. I hope if possible there will be a season 2 for this one, it’s such a good story!!!

Enough of the sad scenes, more happy ones please! 😭
😍💖💞: vffjjkhkvjcj lbfu
😍💖💞: vffjjkhkvjcj lbfu
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Start with a bet between Lacy and her father......she end up falling in love in the course of winning this bet😍.....and in the end she was with the one she loves.
But that all was Lacy's father plan so that she was not married to Hamingson except the part where lacy fell for Ye😉😉😉(good job Lacy's dad)

Ye is with the one he love.....Eagan and Nanfeng and also Kim hoo are with their girlfriends.....poor Ming(author forgot about his love life😂😂) and he failed😅 but still Eagan,Ye,Lacy,Ming are together like they were in the beginning💕💕

In the end Ye's mom is reunited with her bestie😍 and has accepted Lacy's father...... to some extent😅

Hamingson had sad ending😢 but still he had someone who did care for till end (his half brother).....and was there in his tough time.
Lacy's brother became king.....but he should be complete this whole family😉😉....still it is good he is watching over Lacy.

Everything is normal and like it should have been.......thank you AUTHOR for such wonderful captivating storyline......with good twist and turns😁......the draw💕💕....these character...all where unique in one way or the other.also for making all those villain who defeated badly in the end.This ending😭is really good.
THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK and I hope you make 2nd season😉
Thank you mangatoon for not locking these episodes💕😅.....but it would is a type of story where even if it was locked it is worth of unlocking.😍💕💕💫
p.s💛❤: Yeah😅....poor ming😅......but still hope author bring all 5 of them together somehow.😃
p.s💛❤: Lacy's dad is again up to something......I think😅
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