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The Heiress VS Young Ruffian

Yoolook Culture
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Bad luck! My dad kicked me out of the house! Then revenge a playboy whose grandfather was a gangster! That's not all! I go to the noble school to be the maid of four demons...

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School life
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Anastasia Lynn
Why is there an Army( fan BTS) everywhere???????????????????????? why ???? why???????????????????????why??????
someone Please answer me... why????????
Anastasia Lynn: Coincidentally😂😂😂
Anastasia Lynn: ohh😂😂😂
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Spoiler: Chapter 189

Hemmingson is laughing like a crazy person and says ive underestimated you to Ye. He waves his hand for the guards to come to surround Ye and Lacy and says that he can use his power of being the next British ruler to send them to hell. Lacy thinks, thats right money means nothing to him and the most terrifying thing is the power he posses while questioning what should she do.

Lacys brother and dad enter and bring their own guards against hemmingsons. Hemmingson says are you rebelling while Lacys brother saying im just taking back what belongs to me.

Lacys dad then says thats right and tells a story how Hemmingsons dad the king was married abroad before taking the throne. While he was married he had a kid which is Lacys brother. Lacys dad was trusted with the mission to find them when he returned to China. The king called one day to say not to send him back to Britain because hemmingsons 2 older brothers had died suspiciously and he thinks it was hemmingson but atm he doesnt have enough political power. The king said to tell his son to take back the throne once hes old enough, so Lacys father took care of him. Lacys father announces that Lacys brother is the next ruler of the British Royal family and Hemmingsons was shocked for the second time in a day.
Kurenai Mamiya: by reading the Chinese raw obviously 🤷
ℐ'𝓂 𝒬𝒰ℰℰ𝒩: There’s a bomb!!!!!!!!!

That’s a new spoiler
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