My Dear Vampire Lord
Romance / Fantasy

My Dear Vampire Lord

Yoolook Culture
My Dear Vampire Lord
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My Dear Vampire Lord Comics Online. He is a vampiric prince who is cruel as blood, bloodthirsty as life. She is an ordinary little girl who likes to stay at home. A wrong spell called, she was summoned to the demon realm, became his blood pet...

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Paula Talabis
shit as I thought so you chose to be like that chris I thought their was a chance but I shouldn't have wish it now I get it I lose hope it's time to move on you will never change do you Chris but still I have luv someone like you.😭😭😭 author my gosh why do my beloved Chris is so mean but I kinda want more so pls do be kind and season 2 plss AUTHOR Your the best I luv the story I luv it so plss more plsss do be kind plss I want to see the real ending I can't die until I read the next season

dear author,
the drawing was beautiful 👌it was great the guys from the story are perfect 😅😏their characteristics was quite a suprize and the story was incredible so splendid I luv it their some twist that really makes me excite I cannot wish but for more of your wonderful story imagination and thoughts you bring wisdom author I love you
Konadaze Infante Arevalo
Lester was so in love with Sara that leads to being self possesive with her througout the story at first ( didnt u guys noticed these, almost every storyline here has the same beginning of ML being possesive to their FL at first. haha) but in the end let her love one go as for him, letting her go is his best way to prove her love for her. Likewise, Sara had feelings for Lester but she just dont want to admit it for it will bring more hardship for Lester (or both if them) to let her go. She sacrificed also her love for HIM coz everyone told her from the start thay there will be a great distruction in the future on the up coming night of the bloodmoon... They both sacrificed their LOVE for each other but hence, the so called distruction of the KING is being killed/attacked by his cousin at the end where in the enemy will use the kings vulnerable side... hope there will be a second season to this bec for sure it can have a very good continuation to it... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Ingrid P Estrada: season 2 please
Bobbi Chandler: please a season 2
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𝘾𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙭 ♧
taena menn naiiyak akoo bakit ganito yung endingg?? tywang tuwa pa naman ako habang nagiiscroll para makita kung ano yung sunod tapos eto yung madadatnan ko? like what the fvck yun na yun?? dun na nagtatapos lahat? walang happy ending? walang kasunod? potaenaaaa bakitt ganto authorr?? ayoko ng ganto!!! plss gawan nyo ng season 2!! hindi pwedeng mamatay si lester!! hindi siya pwedeng mamatay!! magkakaanak pa sila ni saraaa!! makakabalik pa si sara ulittt!! wahhh ayoko naaa
Banda Gelhan Nicole: tama ang pangit ng ending d ko like kilig na kilig pa nmn ako mag basa tapos hanggang 100 lang ung chapter .. boring nmn wla ng kasunod sana gawan ng paraan
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