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My Dear Vampire Lord

Yoolook Culture
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He is a vampiric prince who is cruel as blood, bloodthirsty as life. She is an ordinary little girl who likes to stay at home. A wrong spell called, she was summoned to the demon realm, became his blood pet...

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Is it bad that I'm crying? I have tears help me!!! I hate this ending! worst ending ever! I just wanted to see what number 100 would be like and I don't even want to read the rest! I was on Episode 83! CHRIS THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!! I feel like a puddle!! Next time I read a comic I am reading the end first!!! (LESSON LEARNED!!!!) So much regret in reading this comic. I have seen many endings that were bad but this was the worst! Did the author get lazy?? Or just wanted to stop at 100? Every time I think about what I just read I cry inside! What a sad world I live in!! What's sad is I know how this feels because my friends leave me even after how I try so hard to keep them! I've gone through this again! If I showed my dog this she would cry too. It's morning for me right now and this just ruined my whole day!! Now I will be snapping off at my dad!! What a small world we live in! I'm protecting the author right now!! (Not seeing don't worry) This is like my school lifestyle backstabbers stabbing me in my back! I can go on all day! I want to be alone now! MY LIFE HAS CHANGED BECAUSE OF THIS COMIC!!!!!
Maben Joyce Eramiz: such a cliffhanger so sad i wanna die
Maben Joyce Eramiz: such a cliffhanger so sad i wanna die
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Konadaze Infante Arevalo
Lester was so in love with Sara that leads to being self possesive with her througout the story at first ( didnt u guys noticed these, almost every storyline here has the same beginning of ML being possesive to their FL at first. haha) but in the end let her love one go as for him, letting her go is his best way to prove her love for her. Likewise, Sara had feelings for Lester but she just dont want to admit it for it will bring more hardship for Lester (or both if them) to let her go. She sacrificed also her love for HIM coz everyone told her from the start thay there will be a great distruction in the future on the up coming night of the bloodmoon... They both sacrificed their LOVE for each other but hence, the so called distruction of the KING is being killed/attacked by his cousin at the end where in the enemy will use the kings vulnerable side... hope there will be a second season to this bec for sure it can have a very good continuation to it... 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Summer: yeah great destruction he lost his life because of her
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azrael ¬
it felt... rushed? there could've been more potential to its plot or something, but i guess this works out. it still pulled my heart everywhere, and i'm sad. how could it end like this? no aftermath? won't there be side/extra chapters? well, i hope there'd be a season 2. ngl but the writing's kinda off. or it's just the translation, lol. i do have high hopes if ever there's another season, with everyone's opinions. nice work, author and team! although i had the feeling she's going to go back, the twist of him just getting *that* made me tear up. imagine just letting go and leaving someone be and just see them: leave you too? lol such loss. like i said, it seemed a little too fast. thanks though. looking forward to another, if ever, a better season with better writing?
azrael ¬: sara's actions did made me question a lot lol, but i do know how you'd want to see someone who's taken care of you for years. imagine just disappearing without notice. what about her grandmother? she only has little time left, at least make sara give it back to her.
azrael ¬: then again there could be some way as, visiting the realm of the vampires? or maybe idk. there WILL always be conflicts and it can't be avoided either way. i get it, it could've been romantic to be with lester, but just think about how he's inconsiderateー not knowing how to love as it may be his first time being and treating someone like that. he may never know how to be considerate in the first place. remember, he IS a vampire. he's probably also a person who never loved anyone, and he may have some attitudes(arrogance, selfishness) that he tried to change as time goes on. so we got to understand he IS trying, but it's his firstー just get the feeling of losing someone because of reasons. your country, your family not liking it, your love one wanting and is forced to go back to her own home because she KNOWS the consequences. they both know. they both can't help it. letting go of someone is like getting your heart shattered to pieces. in the end, he did listen to her decision and with deep sadness, he genuinely showed a bittersweet smile ane decided to, let her go. his country needed it, everyone needed it. both of them probably didn't but they had to. could've been romantic but no, it's tragic. sad part is he may have been even killed in this chapter. darn, it hurts. it pains me, since my head's all confused. thoughts come into my mind reminding me of how this must've been hard for them.
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