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My Dear Vampire Lord

Yoolook Culture
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He is a vampiric prince who is cruel as blood, bloodthirsty as life. She is an ordinary little girl who likes to stay at home. A wrong spell called, she was summoned to the demon realm, became his blood pet...

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sips tae
in the raw version of the comic , this is the ending. the author actually had an “author note” at the end to ask whether the readers likes this ending. so basically in my opinion, lester tried his best for everything for sara , now that sara is gone , he no longer feels a need to achieve any longer and therefore does not fight back when he got killed. yes lester died. :( the ring at the end represents that sara has gone back and is no longer in the vampire world. sara actually loves lester , she wants to protect him , and therefore returns to her world. little did she know that when she left , she took his heart and soul with her. a soulless lester , got killed by chris. not all comics have happy endings :”
meppo: but why there's no label "end" in the cover of this comic like others?
-w- non name: the comic thumbnail draw Lester have whiten hair .... Is this the Ending? :<
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Is it bad that I'm crying? I have tears help me!!! I hate this ending! worst ending ever! I just wanted to see what number 100 would be like and I don't even want to read the rest! I was on Episode 83! CHRIS THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!! I feel like a puddle!! Next time I read a comic I am reading the end first!!! (LESSON LEARNED!!!!) So much regret in reading this comic. I have seen many endings that were bad but this was the worst! Did the author get lazy?? Or just wanted to stop at 100? Every time I think about what I just read I cry inside! What a sad world I live in!! What's sad is I know how this feels because my friends leave me even after how I try so hard to keep them! I've gone through this again! If I showed my dog this she would cry too. It's morning for me right now and this just ruined my whole day!! Now I will be snapping off at my dad!! What a small world we live in! I'm protecting the author right now!! (Not seeing don't worry) This is like my school lifestyle backstabbers stabbing me in my back! I can go on all day! I want to be alone now! MY LIFE HAS CHANGED BECAUSE OF THIS COMIC!!!!!
❀❥(。・ω・。)❥❀: you needed to get your emotions out and thats fine i get you. but i ussually think reading The end first and then read it because you Will spoil IT your shelf. but i dunno you can do what you want. btw im crying too
YEETING DEM OUT THE PARK: why did I write so much??
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Anime Chibi
-nu9: làm ơn hãy tôi đang đi ...
-na9: tốt lành. Sàng bạn muốn đi, sau đó đi. Nhưng
Khi tôi mới đến thế giới này, tôi đã thử nhiều cách để trốn thoát. Nhưng cuối cùng khi tôi cũng phải ra đi, khi ngày thực sự đến ... Tôi bỗng thấy mình có phần miễn cưỡng rời khỏi thế giới này, rời xa em. Là một điều tàn nhẫn để làm cho cả hai chúng ta. Và tối nay, tôi đã nói lời tạm biệt đau đớn nhất . Trong cuộc đời tôi
-na9: Ơ ...
-nu9: Lester, bạn ổn chứ?
-na9: không phải việc của bạn ... ( từng dọt máu rơi xuống)
-nu9: Le...
-na9: Chăm sóc bản thân. Đừng được triệu tập đến nơi khác một lần nữa, được chứ? Cô gái ngốc. Từ biệt... sara
-nu9: Lester! ( Thôi nào! )
-na9: Ha, cuối cùng bạn cũng thể hiện con người thật của mình. Chris.
-Chiris: À, vâng. (Liếm) Trò chơi trở nên nhàm chán. Không còn giả vờ. Đã đến lúc kết thúc trò chơi này.
-nu9: Không
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