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This is a group where me and my friends will chat. No offense, but pls don't disturb us but if u r in need of a friend u r welcome here❣️
YEEEET THEM BITCHES!!😈: also many comments 😂
Igarashi⭐️: Hola
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Manishi Suman
okay.. I know it sounds weird but I love reading this kind of manga... so guys can you please 😫🙏🙏💓😫🙏🙏💓😫🙏🙏💓 suggest me some manga where ML assaults FL sexually mentally and physically and then after something falls for her like bossy president or demon tyrant love etc.??? please help this friend find a good manga under this....
Bluesea💙💙: I use boom manga too its good. I think you can find it there .It has loots of options
Queen: pure girl,bossy president,my ex client,blackmailed by bossy ceo these are all this type of manga
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Why is Yumeng taking all this BS from all this people? Yumeng can actually take legal actions against fake face and LinSu's father and since Yumeng is LingSu's lawfully wife she is the only person who has any legal right regarding taking any decision that involves Lingsu. Not only she can instruct the hospital personnel to prohibit the entrance of fake face and Lingsu into his room but actually can get a restraining order against them for harrassment. Since rich people love contracts so much Yumeng kick them where it hurts take legal actions, use that status Lingsu gave you.
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: Lingsu's father*
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: If I was Yumeng I would push a law suit in their ass if they keep provoking me. She can prove she's his wife.
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So that's the reason that stupid family likes fake face. I just think it's funny how they use to call Yumeng a slut for "being a mistress and messing with married man" but they seem to be totally fine with fake face seducing LingSu even though he's a MARRIED MAN and they know who his wife is. Hypocrisy at it best 🙄😒😒
Yesssss finally the evil doers are all getting punished and I couldn't be any happier than this.Vivian also finally decided to show herself.Lingsu is amazing!!.He truly played it awesomely.Thank Goodness he got his memory back! But did he really or is he just acting??!
Yea,I love how Lingsu never left yumeng and he trusts her every word,he's not letting himself get deceived by dat bumpkin even after loosing his memory unlike some characters who would have even done the worst after loosing their brains not memory😁😁....He's a really good Male lead,I judged him once but now I find him the best,keep searching,you will find out the truth soon
White Lotus
well, even if Lingsu lost his memory but he doesn't lost his brain for analysis. but now... why did Huo Wen become like that? the art is different from before I know but doesn't mean his personality also change, right? or does he? The original art show the character of Huo Wen is someone who's loyal to Lingsu even when he start to see the ex-gf shadow in Yumeng but he keep it cool and stay loyal tu Lingsu. but how come he turn to be a back stabbing character?! ckckckck.... Huo Wen image has ruin...
Anonymous: It’s a chances for him. Maybe that what’s on his mind
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Snow Bunny
"Are you done hugging??"
seriously, dad?? usually even if daddy has approved, he will still like protecting her daughter from the man....but, Dad, seriously, your are funny!! That man just won your heart and you have become his ally now...
Yay Lingyu finally gained the company's full power.Hahhaha he has STI😂😂.I'm sure now that woman will also go to check up since she slept with Junxiao and will expose her lie.
😍😍😍😍😘😘PH: surely
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I'm glad he's not that easy to manipulate

but what if the baby in Liuman's belly is indeed a boy???
Wait, have he realized that the baby is not his? that's why he makes such harsh condition: he only wants a boy
pretty in punk: the reason he wants to go to the hospital is to check whether the baby is his or not
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Bella Shields
I have unsubscribed to this comic because the art and story changed half way! I really hate when authors do this. It was one of my favourite comics but not anymore. Save yourselves and don’t read it.
Hahah Lingsu played awesomely.You're the best haha even when you've lost your memories you're so calm and are doing exactly what you would have done to them as you planned before.Hahah you're amazing!!.

Aesthetic Mint: you don't have any works dear~
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Dora Yaki
lmao u should just accepted it.. he is in love with her because she the MC hohoho you must haunt the creator if u want to be the female lead 🤣😂😂 maybe in the next story you can became a MC
Snow Bunny
BRrruuhhh That blondie is a Boobie monster...she looks like the real concubine than Meng...! Meng is the real Princess, while that Blondie is the evil concubine...
Snow Bunny
oh it's meng change her clothes?? i thought it might be her sister who will get jealous of seeing Meng got such a Hot guy...hahaha guess my imagination just running wild...
Anonymous: It's normal to think that way. We have been reading the same scenario over and over in other mangas. 🤣🤣🤣
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Mhia Vence
alam ko na mangyayari nito
malilimutan ni ling su c yumeng then ang maaalala nya is yung past nya which is yong sister na kahawig..then both of them were separate. then may chance na yong blue haired guy susuyuin nya c yumeng then of course magiging sila but dahil spoiler alert tayo babalik ulit yong alaala ni ling su about yumeng na wife pala nya yon of course ulit manggugulo siya at babawiin nya...
lalo nat malalaman nya in the end na nagkaanak pala sila....tas dahil close si yumeng at yong mama ni ling su then c yumeng ang magiging daan para babalik ang pagiging MOTHER and SON 😂😅😅😅😂
kaya mga readers wag ng high blood once magkahiwalay sila eii for sure ganun talaga yong plot na ginawa ni Author😂😂😂
and of course LAGI din namang ganun sa lahat ng comic 😆😂
Kateleen Mae Sulicipan: i know right😂
Hentai is life👑💖: nice ms.😂
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Didn't you have relations with his stepbrother in the back of a car, Chen wanting?! That alone is enough for Lingsu to not want to be with you whether he had Yumeng or not
anime lover
yes!!!! finally the mistress is outta of the house!!!!!!! so are the fake ppl..........wahahahahahahahaha that is so what u get to snatch ppls hubby!!!!!!!!
piyu: yess... it will be good these fake ppl should throwout of the house so that three of them will be at peace at home
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Asia Hunter
See I need all other FL TO BE LIKE HIS MOM. Any SANE woman would NEVER get back with a man who allowed another woman to almost kill her. Cause he a dumbass.
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