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Gunika Gangwar: why are you everywhere🤦
¥aN ¥aN❤️🧡💛💚💙💜: Wahahhaha
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Chen Jiamin
Gosh, people! 😡😡😡

An artist can't always keep up the same style all the time and may need to change their style a little! Yeah maybe the old art was better and updates everyday, but this new art is quite good too and the author may have their own reasons for making it 7 days! I dont understand what is wrong with changing the style. Yall readers keep telling the author to change the art, but its not that easy to change the art style to your standards in a short period of time. Can yall like just put yourself in the author's shoes and think what he/she feels faced with so much hate just because he/she changed the art style? Can yall think a little about others feelings and not just be so selfish to your own needs? The author also has his/her own life to live. It doesn't only revolve among us readers.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I'm just really pissed that people don't want to just enjoy the new art and keep pressing the author for the old art. Jeez.
Nick Pilapil: Yah I agree with you too
Brittany Smith: I 100% agree with you. I mean I dont care for the new art style, but for all we know it could be a test run or just a change in story line that requires less time on the art. we dont know and it's not worth complaining over. it's still a good story and that's all that matters. lol. (:
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Chen Jiamin
... I'm never ever reading the comments in this comic ever again. Yall are all so negative towards the creator and its honestly pissing me off. Unsubscribe or whatever to this comic if yall dont like it, but dont spread negativity and force something that cannot be forced on the creator! I honestly just hate how much that none of yall out there is at least being positive at the fact that the creator is still creating comics for us while yall just complain and complain!!!! Just go make ur own comic or something rather than coming here and constantly complaining and inisisting the creator to change the art and change the storyline blah blah blah! 😡😡😡😤😤😤
👑Enny2209😘: negative comments are also comments, why are you getting angry? no one told you to read them, also everyone has the right to express their own opinion...
the creator must accept the readers' comments, because if the readers stop reading it there's no need to have this manhua in this app anymore there is?
#Weird😉😅||: There is nothing to get angry about it. It's not the negative comments that are posted. It is the expectations of the readers. And every one has the freedom to place their opinion. Now it looks like we are reading some other manga not Boss I'll kick your ass. The best part of this manga was it's art. Now not only the art has changed but also the characters looks different.
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K guys I’m out... I love this manga but I can’t handle the personality change, the art is fine but I just don’t like the new personalities. I began to like yumeng and lingsus personalities very much and when it changed it was heartbreaking

I’m sorry to the new author but it just isn’t the same... and the fact that yumeng let lingsu sleep with her just proves how different the personalities really are...

Nice Minja: i dont like this ep i was expecting something more
Kezia Aurora: yep. last time, we all known lingsu was a 'badass' and hot. but, what happen now? It's ok if the art is change, but please don't change the personality. I love the old personality. tsundere yumeng, badass lingsu. OMG please, I hate their new personality. 😭😭😭
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Evelyn Rodriguez
The story right now it's a complete shit, losing track of the story, changing the personality of all of the characters, the drawing it's very very bad, and where is the ambicious, gorgeous, handsome, possessive, jealous... Ji lingsu? And where is the strong, gorgeous, kind, beautiful, sweet... Yumeng?
That's disgusting I don't want follow this story anymore. If it doesn't change this story is going to the faliure.
xSiriusx: you're freakin right... I hate changing the character the most🤦🏻🤦🏻 He's so damn ugly ughhhh
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Okay... last episode I decided not to come back but, I just can’t stop......... I still don’t like the personality change, but I guess everything else is fine. I’m just not used to change! But I’ve changed my mind and will now stay because I feel the new author and artist should get a second chance because I feel that I’ve judged them without really given them a chance, now that I have a different mindset instead of focusing on the fact that the art changed, I should just enjoy the story
Sofi: Yeah me too
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author Don't you understand what we asked for.. change the art ASAP... and please try to give everyday updates...
author we really miss the old art 😭 the old lingsu and yumeng but look what you have done,, it's like the joy of reading this manga is dead now bcoz of this new art and the story is also getting boring.... author pls take this manga to the right track like it used to be 😟😟😟
Tere Martinez
so disappointed I thought there first night was so special, memorable and with feelings coz every episode there's a kilig and exciting romance between them but the thing i've waited for is just like 🤨 boring. I can't feel the fire between them, and the art is so dull, sorry but now this episode seems a new story because of some changes in there character and the art is not good at all
okay IDFC what you guys say i can get past the art but the story is exactly how it was built upto be nothing is out of the blues but it's supper cute now and exactly how it should be okay!? I've been waiting for this forever now so kudos to the Author *plus it's already ended somewhere else so yup i loved it there* and i love it exactly the eay it is !!!
sorry for being so excited and defensive but i really like the story
₍₍(∩´ ᵕ `∩)⁾⁾
Anyanso Theresa
wait. the drawing changes! the story also changes? well.. i mean i love it when they do love scene. but it feels like.. different from the old one. i need the old one as soon as possible huh. the old one didnt hide the love scene and the drawing much much much better than this. this storry used to be my favorite than others. but now.. hm
Carla Clark: I actually find more Love Scenes now. Weird. Also, Laurence has finally grown up so this story is MORE interesting to me. Again, weird.
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Sophia Koloay
The quality of the drawings is better than before, but it is way too different, it almost like they got plastic surgery. I even have to check the title again to make sure i read the right story xD
*no offense, just my opinion*
Mia: Yes the art style changed so much. I’m so far behind I decided to check a random chapter to see if I could catch up and I was like wtf. The previous art style was wonderful.
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I have a question totally not related to this manga.

I happen to come across a novel called 'Perfect match for arrogant ceo'. Stephanie bliss becomes a substitute bride in place of her sister who was supposed to marry elder son of Bret but Stephanie ends up marrying second son raymond who is the actual CEO and true heir of Bret. Stephanie and Raymond doesn't know they're married to each other.
The story is too damn interesting but I can't read the story in that website coz they offer only two coins per day.

Sushar: The story is interesting, it's in inovels. I'm currently in 42nd chapter and it has 1000+ chapter and the annoying thing they have locked the chapters from 30 and u get only 2 coins per day😫😫. I really wanna read it!!
melody Linao: what kind of site perfect match for arrogant ceo? i think im gonna read it, its nice i think
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stella infinity
i dont know what is happening in the story since the updates are only once a week. i totally forgot it and dont even have enough points to re- read previous few chapters. so.. practically i just wasted my 10 points here. humph!!!😡
Tsundere_Princess 16
spoilerrr***ji lingsu's grandpa on the dad side and grandparents on the mother side cuz yumeng treats them well and their also kindhearted so, it was easy for her to earn her to earn their favor plus they know that their bonded by money so, lingsu's grandparents will tell yumeng to try give him a chance to love her...finally lingsu follows his family's advice to tell her how he feels and try to be more gentle to her...yumeng and linsu visits his late mother's grave, and thats when lingsu will confess to his girl in the cemetery..,
Shy Shy: Omg, how did you know? I’m so curiosss
🖤gyu💙: Does Yumeng her to!?!?
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Ajc Romarate
im very disappointed with their first night, i thought that the scenario would be more intense and intimate than the previous episodes and the excitement is already getting low and boring plus the images of the characters are already getting far from its original images , please fix
I don‘t like the guy with the blue hair, he will definitely making problems in the future. He just like‘s yumeng cause she looks like his ex, that’s stupid and lingsu ? Limgsu? Likes her for her personality that’s love ! And I Hope that she Maybe isn’t his ex for real in the end or maybe the sister from that girl who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️ 👀
The art changed so much I don't feel like I'm reading the same story anymore, I'm not feeling it. Yumeng looks so old and the guys look ... NOT ATTRACTIVE. Author pls let's go back to the old art pretty please 🙏🏼
Maybe it’s just that yumengs wearing makeup??? I hope that’s it because the Art makes him uglier and everyone less pretty. Yumengs eyes are smaller and it doesn’t look as good. Also the personalities have changed a bit. Like if he said I’m impressed and patted her head she would’ve blushed and turned away and then he’d probably kiss her saying it was for good luck
Opale Hehe: C❤️J❤️T❤️R❤️Z❤️6 Delete ❤️ .
For free reading
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You used to update daily before the crazy update.
We don't need crazy update of this manga.

and the art changed significantly😔

But thank you for removing Ying from center of attention.

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