Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass
Romance / Modern / Completed / Strong Female Lead

Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass

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Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass
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Athena Vistal Amandoron
how can a freakin' chair be able to make hole to that car. if the car is so expensive then it wouldn't be destroyed that easily right? plus the one who threw the chair is a girl.
Madara uchiha: plus that where the overhead window is it broke a window how can a window be that expeny
Madara uchiha: not true it can happen in real life that a sports car also it was not made that we'll in design in real life
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I’ve been in the business since I was 10, and it’s been 14 years since then (I always with my mom in our small business and observing).

This kid handle the business wrongly, he didn’t even investigate the Jewelry designer throughout and he didn’t look if somehow related to his half brother, he just simply take the freakin’ bait.

Plus, the loan isn’t worth it, he could have done it better way to prove himself to his father, like hard work and studying the company more rather than chasing the diamond.
I wants Cookies: wow your so lucky😄
yeahitsnish: It’s actually my mom but it’s name after me, I’m not really into business like that, Altho I am business graduate.

I’m more interested in Forensic Pathology or any Medical field.
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Amber Lusby
Ewww. I can't stand him. I hate these ml that have no respect for women. I mean a little dominance is fun but this is just sexual assault. Anyway. That's my rant. Guess if I don't like it I won't read it. :-D
yasi: yeah exactly
in almost every comic I read here
I wittness sexual assault
thats really sick and boring
so obvious a bad one wrote it down
what a shame😦😧🙁🙁🙁😦😳☹🙁🙁
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what the taste of the kiss
Mitsuki x Baka: Me neither
Payal Tewatia: I don't know
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Nara Nara
every girl in mangas and stuff have these delicate and small hands while i have sausage fingers so i was wondering how my hands will look like when its drawn.
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔo ~ℐ𝓋𝓎~♡: OMG. SAME.😂😂
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Anime Person
Beats security guards but can't beat a pervert CEO
Moka_dot z: Wahhhh I feel bad
Anime Person: That might be true
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Screw me!!
the ML is a bastard! i mean does he not know how to respect a woman? for his purpose he gifted a woman with a tag of cocubine!? i hate him!
Iser Frost: Me too. I feel like punching the hell out of the ML for doing such a thing and just for his own gain. A Narcissistic Asshole
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Honesty I like my step mom more than my mom. Altho she’s the main reason why were never become a family but I don’t blame her..

My mom never love my dad whole heartedly like my step mom did.

My mom only is with my dad in the first place because she accidentally said yes to my dad’s persistence courting her, unlike my step mom love who love my dad sincerely.
lucky girl
I will kiss you please let her alone
Moka_dot z: Tbh same
თეკლა მირუაშვილი: 😂me too
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éc éc
tbh it's really a sexual harassment but since he's so handsome, every girl on earth will let him do that voluntarily
H.A.M.G Tony
this is actually sexual harassment!!! how is this supposed to be fun !!!!! it's discussing!!!
AI RAO(≧▽≦)O
hey Jim marry her now and JI is the one responsible for the rumors of concubine thing
why does he not clean the rumors now
Kia chopra
I don't like the art now in starting it looked like author worked really hard on drawing but now it looks like author is just tired of it
Why I feel the language on this story strange. The grammar messed up making story a bit hard to read
Screw me!!
why doesn't she protest when he calls her a cocubine!
Venice Rivas Dominguez
I thought the mom was rich at first because she is extremely beautiful with beautiful clothes as well
Jb Huneycutt
Why does all ml can fight like Bruce Lee? I mean make them seem human
sakura_ninja: IKR..
profesional stalker😜: 😂😂😂😂 totally true im reading this 2 time
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To explain further. As for the moment it’s a two (wo)man team, Lingsu is stronger than Yumeng and they need to save Zeyu.

Lingsu is the distraction and Yumeng is the one going save Zeyu, if they don’t it now, Zeyu will be in a lot trouble.. and might be use as middle.
Tony Tony Chopper
legit i wouldn't even go to him to complain ill just stay home and disgues myself when i go out
afrialis rizky
actualy this story is good if u read until end. u will full in love with this guy....
Wing: Im looking forward with this comment feel like I want to read more not like previous comments too much demands!!

Why just have a chill and enjoy, if you don’t like then don’t read too much complain like a barking dog 🤣🤣🤣
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