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Plume Ruri Magic School

Cloud Studio
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A mysterious white-haired girl named Kami Night enters Plume Ruri Magic School, the magic school of highest reputation on the Mansonsno continent. As a mage who can conjure several kinds of magic, she is the alien in the eyes of the classmates. what is the secret behind her?

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School life
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Invincible White
This is as short as my 6yr old brother’s Dik
Charlie Muffin: I’m just concerned about why you’ve seen your brothers dick, like bitch what are you doing that involves you looking at it
ΔTHΣΠΔ ;) GΩDDΣSS: we have a new home on akarines novel called a name that’s long but if you type in swan you’ll find it and then go to hira in the comments
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Bella Felipe
i think night is from the future or the present or the past cause think about she looks almost exactly like loke and is a descendent of her plus she said there wasnt alot of information about the 5 familys. then going to the presnt it has been thousands of year since someone looked like loke and they said its been centarys and make it a thousand years since the light lit up. then going to the past she could also be loke herself since night and loke look alike and you know how her family has to learn an extra magic skill but then swan said that the extra magic parished (spirt magic). of mabe shes non and juse came from a entirly diffrent world or mabe her parents tryed to pertect her from the demons or somthing so they sent her to another world
what the h***!you were releasing an episode for a week and only this short?! honestly i really like it but its so boring because its so short ,only a few talk and finished!come on give us a crazy update! there are a lot of poeple waiting for this and of course i am waiting for it.plssssss! thank u👄👄
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