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Plume Ruri Magic School

Cloud Studio
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Plume Ruri Magic School Comics Online. A mysterious white-haired girl named Kami Night enters Plume Ruri Magic School, the magic school of highest reputation on the Mansonsno continent. As a mage who can conjure several kinds of magic, she is the alien in the eyes of the classmates. what is the secret behind her?

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School life
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Godsfavour Oghenevovwero
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Hi author! A bit of advice:

Try making the chapter short yet full of well thought stuff w/ sense. This could help you minimize the waiting time for the new chapter and might as well let you improve the drawing quality. 😉

Next thing is try to find a partner or a person that will help you with the plot and the graphics.

Or announce a hiatus for a week or two to refresh, it might help you organize the story and improve the art.

I like the story but please accept a bit of criticism, the art style is degrading, the storyline is taking to long that it sometimes appears like you're just dragging it, more like you're just adding filler chapters or so, it makes it somewhat boring, so please at least read this and I'll be waiting for the improvements to come.
Graceline Monique Rusli: i read it like just 10 second
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i just have one request from the bottom of my heart...........for the dearest author and other reputable members of this manga could u please update this faster....
please please please 7 days i think i am reborn when i read the updated chapter till now i think that i am reborn more than 50 times so please please can u update this a little faster.
kindly accept my dearest request.
urs truly
a manga lover😘
🅿️___🔞🅰️: how come it's completed
Sana Siddhu: its already completed
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