Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh!
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Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh!

Cloud Studio
Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh!
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Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh! Comics Online. When she found herself pinned by a man on the bed, she was only wearing a bath towel. He took her as a paparazzo while she's just a strong and positive girl who wants to raise money for her sick father. She discovered the secret that the powerful and rich CEO of the Song Corporation actually hates women so she didn't believe that he'd do some "between men and women" stuff to her, but he proved to her that she was wrong, completely wrong...

MangaToon got authorization from Cloud Studio to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh!:
Hottest Comments
∆™Soʋɭ ʜʌcĸɘʀ™∆
Wow man... really wow🔥🔥🔥🔥
I don't anymore where should i read comics now..
All apps are getting me confused 😵
I don't why are they doing this but its like all the comics of one app are transferring into each other a little by little and that's making me hella confused where to read it.. here or there.😵😵😵😵
And yeah the ones who are saying the FL is dumb, annoying and blah blah ... I'm not offending your opinion but its not totally true. In most of the comics the FL are made according to the character of ML , like which type of FL will conquer the ML's heart and this one, this type of FL will win ML's heart. So, just try to understand that ML and FL are made depending on each other characters.
Well I've read this one on a site..if u wanna just ask me and I'll tell u😣
U know I've a big heart XD. Just kidding, I know many of you already have read this one somewhere but if someone don't know where to find it ... just ask me😉

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️LOTS OF LOVE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gemm208: Ikr. It's the only thing I hate about this app...
balaji balu: why all episode r locked it pissing 😡😡😡😠😠😠😠 off
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Putul Kumari
I don't understand can't they make normal comic...... does these kind of comic are necessary...... Sex, abusing, stupid FL,lust, drugs...... FL always getting insult.... seriously 🙄 can't they make normal comic where FL are strong.... true love..... no confusion..... beautiful relationship..... does authors have problems.... I mean always same story... unnecessary misunderstanding...... twisting story which is not necessary.... I mean what kind of message you wanna give....hhh can't you make something proper.... I'm not saying about only this comic.... we get some comics where we actually saw story..... take a example...pure girl 😿 I mean what you wanna say...hmmm that's not love and from which angle she's pure girl ha you ruin the hole story 😔 I have read a very beautiful noble...... no abusing.... perfect ML and FL ♥️ they were superb ..... I mean such a beautiful novel. if they ever dicide to convert that in comic it gonna be a wonderful comic 🙂 please make beautiful comic not something like this..... somes are good but now's like it everytime same concepts 😔
well its my opinion....
no offence.......
Putul Kumari: well they got both 🤔 but you can look in Korean manhwa too. like "what's wrong with secretary Kim" "emperors daughter" etc. they are pretty good
TheRazeluXE: Try web’toon app then if you want to read Korean manhwas 🥰. There are other manhwas too from other nations like Indonesia, Thailand or even the US 😁
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Lisa🐇 (Angel sect leader🌈)
Here you go again!A same plot comic!I read it a long time ago!its also like that !.And girl is so annoying .This ML is Totally Asshole.Who f*ck her again and again!.And she also try to seduce him .And there is a btich like always .So at last they get married .I forget cuz I have given up on it a long time ago!And literally now its here .It published a long time ago lol .
Saeng il chugha haeyo 💖(Angel sect Mini Elder🌈): KKK I'm Just roaming Around
Lisa🐇 (Angel sect leader🌈): Nah😑😑
total 96 replies
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