Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh!
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Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh!

Cloud Studio
Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh!
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Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh! Comics Online. When she found herself pinned by a man on the bed, she was only wearing a bath towel. He took her as a paparazzo while she's just a strong and positive girl who wants to raise money for her sick father. She discovered the secret that the powerful and rich CEO of the Song Corporation actually hates women so she didn't believe that he'd do some "between men and women" stuff to her, but he proved to her that she was wrong, completely wrong...

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gitchee gitchee goo
everyone is blaming song and i totally agree but has no one seen that mobai always goes back to him after he does one small nice thing? like carrying her to bed, all she does is forget abt all the bad things, blushes, and tries to be cute again.
she keeps repeating abt how she's just a pet to him but does nothing abt it??

here's what i want to happen for mobai:
1. she works hard to earn money and pay song back, all the while she treats him coldly and stops making him mad else she'll just make things harder for herself. she probably needs a friend and that white haired dude would be a nice option
2. hoping that she kept her job, she needs to take care of her father and maybe transfer him to a hospital she can afford
3. assuming she left song ( which she won't cus he's the ml obvi but just saying) she needs to lead a new life, maybe move away and start a family and change her identity?
ps. if white haired dude and mobai date or get married she'd still be related to ceo song which would be a problem but we could think of sum

and as for big boss song:
1. he's miserable, married to probably that black haired chick who he gets sick touching and is busy with work which is falling bc of him.
2. he thinks of mobai all day which causes his company to fall
3. he'll most likely try searching for mobai and investigating her which is when her identity change would come in handy (not 100% effective ofc)
Wei Wei: But we can't read kind books when fl is stronger then ml... i kinda feel fl is to submissive in every comic and i feel sorry about writers mentality...i kinda bored reading same type of book where only ml is superior and he is only able to save fl... i want some reality like fl took 2nd lead at the end of story...
Anu AHV: tybtn
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Yuri Yurisawa
two "GROWN UP" who act like a child instead facing the reality of the problem they masking it by stupid dialogue...which is non-sense because their actions is speak louder than to their stupid shit!... I really don't understand it??... instead admitting their feeling to one another which I think that is a proper way to do to clear any misunderstanding...but instead they throwing insult, a lot of jealousy, and stupidity??? I think children book are more interesting to read than this kind comics or Novel... because children book have a specific topic and good storyline it have a progress of character and GOAL... but this story have a never ending spiral no progress of Character between FL and ML ......two adult people who can fix their inferiority because of "PRIDE"
Sophia Laishram: Same here
ValToxy: Thats the reason i read more historicals. Stupid ceo romances all over place with same plot line. At least historical provides revenge or cultivatiob variety with different worlds.
Ceo romances only contain horny teenagers with adult staples and blithering idiots FL. And Sluts who call non-slut girls, slut.
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Author Chrissy
I don't know who is right or wrong... I just feel kinda annoyed with the girl attitude, she should've known him clearly or better than anyone else. But, she always does or says something which eventually caused her sufferings in the end. I guess she has no one to blame but herself, not the Male lead. Everyone's have their own unique personalities, can't blame them for that.
Jeric Centillas: hehwhwh
sese: nah, they're both wrong because of misunderstanding. But, what the FL did was right.
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