Prince's Private Baby

Cloud Studio
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After sleeping with a strange man, she accidentally becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby son, but she finds that exactly a pair of twins were born at that time. When she meets that man again, he puts her on the wall, "Sleep with me and then run away? Just wait and see…" "

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Sick of how some people in the comments being annoying asf! Like bruh, if you think the comic is getting boring or sick of how both the ML & FL being stupid, clueless or how both them being an irresponsible parents asf towards the twins, then it's your opinion but don't go & *attack* the author for it. Y'all do have to remember that the twins want their parents to bond as often as they can even if it means not looking after them ( plus, the twins is wayyy more mature & responsible than their parents but it's understandable since it's fictional & that's pretty much how most comics work & as a reader, we have to accept that even if it doesn't make sense sometimes ) & even if they want to reveal the truth to both ML & FL, they need some sort of evidence before confronting their parents ( I mean it's not enough to just go show they face, they still need the DNA results & gather more evidence of the wrongdoing from the FL sister & step mother ). And I'm pretty sure there's been a LOT of spoilers revealing that they will have thing sorts out on chapter 229 so if y'all really can't wait & think the stories / plot line getting boring, then feel free to skip the comic & wait till chapter 229 rather than throwing tantrum over the comment section 😒 Jesus like some of y'all literally have zero chill at all! Okay I'm done stating my opinion & rambling so feel free to attack me with your opinion & dissatisfaction~
HentainoMegamisama: Oh the irony is real on this one 👏😂💯 I couldn't agree more!
LittleTreasurexJason: Sigh. It's funny in a sad way how people seem to be arguing against realism in some cases but then complain about the lack of reality in the following... no? Smh.
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K's Cakes
Why are you guys trying to bring the author down because in your opinion it’s boring just leave the author alone if you think it’s boring then leave this comic and go find a new one it’s simple don’t think negatively on a comic that’s very good in my opinion it’s not boring at all and I will support the author who creates this comic. Think about all the time and effort the author put into making this just for you guys to put the author down and make him/her not want to create anymore because you guys want something simple and straight to the point. How would you feel if you made this comic and everyone just filled your comments with negativity and you ended up stop making it. Think from the authors point of view and the stress he/she goes through everyday to make sure a new chapter is updated for the fans who actually appreciate the comic and love the story
Fatima Zohra Jebbari: Finally someone who understand me thanks 😘🥰
Lynn nhớ mn quá nên lynn đã quay lại... Nhưng chỉ tối nay thôi: Is anyone free to follow me?😳😳😳
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Stellaluna (Angel Sect Gaurdian Elder 🌈❤️)
Hmmm, they both have the same eye color😍😍😍😍!! The family of four all have the same eye color that’s funny and cute😍😍😍
AVOCARDO 🥑🥑: hii chriss
Stellaluna (Angel Sect Gaurdian Elder 🌈❤️): I miss you too and I’m sad that I was asleep at this time
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