Prince's Private Baby
Romance / Unscheduled

Prince's Private Baby

Cloud Studio
Prince's Private Baby
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Prince's Private Baby Comics Online. After sleeping with a strange man, she accidentally becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby son, but she finds that exactly a pair of twins were born at that time. When she meets that man again, he puts her on the wall, "Sleep with me and then run away? Just wait and see…" "

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Zhar Nie
LETTER OF APOLOGY TO GARRI ----------------------------------------------------------
Dear Garri, I'm writing this to let U know how important/special u're in our lives. I just want to apologize on behalf of my fellow Nigerian students because they have abandoned u 4 over 2weeks now and u are quiete... I know ur quietness means danger especially in exam period cos u'll stay far away from many. They are just being ungrateful 4getting how u saved their lives from untimely death last semester, plz forgive them and show them mercy when they run back to u for help I promise it won't take more than one month they'll come begging, even those rude ones that will come to campus next week with Benz,Lexus and Toyota pretending as if u have no place in their lives,I promise theirs won't take more than 2-3 months and u'll see them coming on their knees even those pretty girls that deny u in public and embrace u privately plz show them mercy when they come.

Yours sincerely,
*De-king De-king De-king*
#just for fun ...
*De-king on campus* movement welcomes everybody to this new Academic session
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Arsène Lupin: 😄😌😁ausAs🏋🥑🍈🥜🥜🎱🎱🥋🏂🏏🏅🎲🎽🎼
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their stupidity is getting on my nerves their kids are more smart than them like she falls into every schemes and then ask herself why this is happening maybe if she had little brain then this would not have happened and the come this dude saving damsel in distress and he still can't figure out his fiance's scheme are you really kidding they both are fools and how the hell did she have nerves to say I'm just a exchange student are you blind you can't see people hating you because of Prince
and most dumbest thing that she did not suspect why would someone try give her so much just for picking documents they are braindead I don't how he is CEO and surviving as prince with that tiny brains of his when he can be fooled by that ditch for 6 years
Yende Draypappy: its so tiring
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That woman probably lost all her sanity by now 😂😂😂😂 the last panels where she was laughing had me dead! They’re so beyond stupid and annoying, I’m glad he gave them the most humiliating way to get arrested lol. They really thought Shao Chen would give them money? Beyond delusional lol, I’m surprised that they even managed to fool everyone for that long with their intelligence level 😖
Winnie Pooj: i just turned that 99 to a 100 :))
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