Prince's Private Baby

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After sleeping with a strange man, she accidentally becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby son, but she finds that exactly a pair of twins were born at that time. When she meets that man again, he puts her on the wall, "Sleep with me and then run away? Just wait and see…" "

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Sick of how some people in the comments being annoying asf! Like bruh, if you think the comic is getting boring or sick of how both the ML & FL being stupid, clueless or how both them being an irresponsible parents asf towards the twins, then it's your opinion but don't go & *attack* the author for it. Y'all do have to remember that the twins want their parents to bond as often as they can even if it means not looking after them ( plus, the twins is wayyy more mature & responsible than their parents but it's understandable since it's fictional & that's pretty much how most comics work & as a reader, we have to accept that even if it doesn't make sense sometimes ) & even if they want to reveal the truth to both ML & FL, they need some sort of evidence before confronting their parents ( I mean it's not enough to just go show they face, they still need the DNA results & gather more evidence of the wrongdoing from the FL sister & step mother ). And I'm pretty sure there's been a LOT of spoilers revealing that they will have thing sorts out on chapter 229 so if y'all really can't wait & think the stories / plot line getting boring, then feel free to skip the comic & wait till chapter 229 rather than throwing tantrum over the comment section 😒 Jesus like some of y'all literally have zero chill at all! Okay I'm done stating my opinion & rambling so feel free to attack me with your opinion & dissatisfaction~
Rachel : pwedeng alway nalng ang update
💖Lady Mystery💘: 3 day na bakit wala pang update 😢😭
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they will kiss😍😍,
and the mother of the FL will be arrested, as soon as Qian qian hear about her mother being arrested, she wants to escspe but luckily the prince and the FL saw her. after that, Qian Qian run away and the price and the FL run after her, while they're catching Qian Qian, Qian Qian had a car accident that caused her to die. After a minutes, Lele and Xuan Xuan called the FL, and they slightly cried.
Ater they got home, they kissed again😍😍.

lele and Xuan Xuan win the competition, after the competition.....
the prince and the FL are waiting for Lele and Xuan Xuan at the airport, and they runited, while they're happy to see each other....the prince suddenly fall or maybe fainted, it is because of his illness. When they arrived from the hospital they cried(of course), and the surgery was..............SUCCESSFUL, after the surgery the prince proposed to the FL.

Couple days past, they married.


free to ask questions
Christian Dawson Damiles: thank you for spoiling me Brotha
Conny Via: how can we get the final story from? is it from chinese version?
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Yessssss the kids paln worked.I'n super uber happy.Man Han Zi Ming and Lan Lan's investigation is completed too and with a most satisfied result.Now the Prince can marry the woman he loves without having to think about anything.He can be wuth his true love and Xiao Mo no longer has to bear the title if being a foxy woman by others.To top it off she'll be able to live with the man she fell in love for the 1st time in her life.And cherry on top it all is that she'll be able to live with both her two sons now.Lele and Xuan Xuan will finally receive their parents love altogether as a whole.I'm so happy right now also a bit sad cause seems the manga is coming to an end after all.
Medhu: Yes IKR but now seeing as they're together I'm sure they'll all be fine now.I'm sure Xiao Mo and his grandpa will be able to help him.
😍ShipThem😍: I’m happy but sad at the same time cause you know there’s a blood cloth on his brain that might kill him if it gets operated cause there’s only 10 percent chance that it’ll be successful 😢😢
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