Prince's Private Baby
Romance / Completed

Prince's Private Baby

Cloud Studio
Prince's Private Baby
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Prince's Private Baby Comics Online. After sleeping with a strange man, she accidentally becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby son, but she finds that exactly a pair of twins were born at that time. When she meets that man again, he puts her on the wall, "Sleep with me and then run away? Just wait and see…" "

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Hottest Comments
first of all I want to say that this was amazing story I love the story very much the ending was very happy finally they get reunite the children also saw the wedding of their parents hahaha. I like this story but there was so much lock episode. when I first read the story I read some episodes but my phone I was broken when my phone come I download Manga toon but I forgot the name of this comic I find it after 1 month then I just read it read other earn coin and read this. I was very annoyed by earning coin and read this comic there was no twist coming. but finally at last all that happen that I imagine long time ago I am very happy because of them and my comic is finished. and one thing more when I earn Coin by reading other comic , that comic finished but it doesn't (2 or more comic finished when earning coin). but the story was I SUGGEST ALL THAT NO MATTER HOW MANY LOCKS ARE YOU SHOULD READ THE COMIC just like a famous quote DON'T SEE OR UNDERESTIMATE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER . THANK YOU AND LOVE TO AUTHOR BY SHWETA
Cassie Hancock: 🤦🏻‍♀️love llll{
Arati Ambiger: people who read these kind of comments COMPLETELY are not normal human beings😂😂😂
total 4 replies
Marissa Luvn-life Abston
excuse me? wtf kind of insult are you playing at. Africa has many beautiful women and is more civilized than this crap description. im very offended as an African American 😒. im tired of seeing africa treated as some trash bin you get sent to work in if you aren't performing well do you (author) understand the damaging image and prejudices and discriminations your depiction can perpetuate and manifest in unknowing readers? do you understand how damaging and hurtful that is to your audience who are of any type of African descent? geez! I don't mean to be ranting on your chapter bc I like your story overall but woah dude. that mad me sad 😥
Doll ☘︎︎
Finally! I would’ve really loved it if the twins were given much more screentime nonetheless, they really played a huge role in bringing their family together so I’m happy about it. The truth has come out and everyone gets to pay for the consequences of their actions— altho some of them had fallen into a tragic one. Also, I love how the prince loves Xiao mo. He’d been loyal to her since day one and I want that kind of love, yknow! SANAOL. It has been a frustrating, full of cuteness and smartness ride.. I’ll surely miss the twins, the most! 😭
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