Prince's Private Baby

Cloud Studio
Jhaylue Toshima
just grab his neckkkkkk and kisssss him...!😚😚😚😚😚😂🤣
Megan White: 😂🙌🏼🙌🏼 I would do the same
Ananya Joshi: yeh do that 😂
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you guys can read it on its already chapter 74
Babytez Yolo: thank you
(↑ω↑): thank you
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im at 70 epi of this story😁😊
Nobonita: you can find it on MAN GA TEN SEI
Nobonita: it is called master secret baby
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obviously, he is seduce her 😂
i can’t believe that was the “mature scene”
Tanya Beckmann: it was a super violent toe step, didn't you see?
Krista hogue: yeah right can't believe it.
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I can't stop reading manga!
can't wait when the truth will come out
I can't stop reading manga!: yeah
Naomi Whitson: Me too, I'm just waiting for her to tell him about her mother and sister and her thinking that she had twins and how both there son's look alike
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lol why am i laughing? i really enjoy his suffering.
RedRabbitRum: As well
RedRabbitRum: Same, I can’t help but laugh at his pain
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Tammy Cheyne
why cant a 28 year old be a mature and reliable adult? how is that a tender age? did they mean to pit 18 instead of 28?
Tammy Cheyne: lol.
hi: i wont go away
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Rudeness 268
it's a good thing he already has children because that kick to the nuts looked painful
xx_shadow_xx: Hahaha,dats soo true
otaku0gurl: and its also the 2nd time i wonder how much poor it can take
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Lil’Octopus 🐙
Just meet your second son pleaseeeee
Toka Saphira
As a mom of twins, unless they were born very premature, (which alot are) YOU KNOW to some extent that there are 2 different things moving in there. I had 2 singleton sons, before the birth of my twin daughters. With a singleton, any movement or kicking kind of echoes inside especially as they get bigger. My boys were well over 9.5lbs (+4.4kg). So it they kicked your ribs, you can feel it in your hips too.
Twins DEFINITELY feel different. My girls were big, for twins, too. One was 8lbs 3 oz (3.7kg) the other was 7lbs 9oz (3.4kg). You know by 36 weeks the difference in the positions of each kick, and there is an echo, but much smaller area. Half of your belly is dancing a jig, the other is still as a stone, 2 minutes later they switch. You can even get glimpses of the differences in there personality in utero. Baby A, Angelic, was stubborn, if she got into a position she liked, she stayed there. She also loved to move when I started to talk. Baby B, Anabella, kicked slower and softer, she'd seem to wait till things were quiet before she'd dance. My girls are forever 15 and 16 yrs old now. Angelic glowed when given attention, Bella shys away from it. Angelic was talkative, Bella is quiet. Angelic was very stubborn, Bella super chill. Angelic liked to move, Bella likes to daydream. Night & Day.
Yoolk: My sincere condolences to you and your family, you must cherish those memories a lot, thank you for sharing them.
It sounds really amazing that you could tell them apart before delivery. How old is Bella now ?
Toka Saphira : You are right @Yoolk, and my babies were big. Tiny babies would be harder to feel.
Labor and delivery would be different too if she was conscious. Mine were c-sec, (Angelic's butt was literally in the way) and I was very aware of each time they took one out of me, not in pain at that time, but aware, even the after birth, but if she was unconscious then I could understand.
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Do y’all know when she figured that she actually did have twins
Wowo: I found Ch 221 in the Chinese version and it doesn't look like neither of them do, but the boys are working on a plan. Guess we'll have to wait a bit longer...
LiLiMoon: That's scary. it really could happened if you trust the wrong person😭I know it's cliche...but I can't wait for her and the Prince to fall in Love and that evil bitch sister gets karma times 10
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If she can’t run then carry her u idiot
Azeyra (⌒▽⌒): i guess he don't have time becz the crazy fans are
chasing them
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Wandering Lust
this plot feel similar to the deserted woman
Lili Karmisyah: yesssss
Katharine Allport: how do you read minds
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evil spirit,where did you come from😂😂😂😂
Aysagirl /Jungkookbais
Oof I love her shoes!!!❤🥰😚😊
eyraa_❤🐻: ya me too .. her shoes so beautiful
Smith Silverio: me too
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I'm a bear
It looks like he got some white hair but it's not white hair.
*potato?*: hahahahha he is old now😂😂😂
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Sabina Koinch
It was really close to meet his another son why he looses his luck to meet his own son
Otaku Princess
he's gonna block himself from entering his own country 😂
Gaby Picard Rios: hahahahhahahha 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
nashi nalu: true 😆 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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That evil sister and that long hair dude is a perfect match in garbage.. 😂 They have same evil intention and arrogant attitude.. 😒
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