Prince's Private Baby
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Prince's Private Baby

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Prince's Private Baby
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Zhar Nie
LETTER OF APOLOGY TO GARRI ----------------------------------------------------------
Dear Garri, I'm writing this to let U know how important/special u're in our lives. I just want to apologize on behalf of my fellow Nigerian students because they have abandoned u 4 over 2weeks now and u are quiete... I know ur quietness means danger especially in exam period cos u'll stay far away from many. They are just being ungrateful 4getting how u saved their lives from untimely death last semester, plz forgive them and show them mercy when they run back to u for help I promise it won't take more than one month they'll come begging, even those rude ones that will come to campus next week with Benz,Lexus and Toyota pretending as if u have no place in their lives,I promise theirs won't take more than 2-3 months and u'll see them coming on their knees even those pretty girls that deny u in public and embrace u privately plz show them mercy when they come.

Yours sincerely,
*De-king De-king De-king*
#just for fun ...
*De-king on campus* movement welcomes everybody to this new Academic session
Koari: lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Faith emeke: garri is food not someone's name
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their stupidity is getting on my nerves their kids are more smart than them like she falls into every schemes and then ask herself why this is happening maybe if she had little brain then this would not have happened and the come this dude saving damsel in distress and he still can't figure out his fiance's scheme are you really kidding they both are fools and how the hell did she have nerves to say I'm just a exchange student are you blind you can't see people hating you because of Prince
and most dumbest thing that she did not suspect why would someone try give her so much just for picking documents they are braindead I don't how he is CEO and surviving as prince with that tiny brains of his when he can be fooled by that ditch for 6 years
Ireis V: How are they able to have smart kids they are too stupid
Ireis V: How are they able to have smart kids they are too stupid
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That woman probably lost all her sanity by now 😂😂😂😂 the last panels where she was laughing had me dead! They’re so beyond stupid and annoying, I’m glad he gave them the most humiliating way to get arrested lol. They really thought Shao Chen would give them money? Beyond delusional lol, I’m surprised that they even managed to fool everyone for that long with their intelligence level 😖
Winnie Pooj: i just turned that 99 to a 100 :))
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Yay it’s the reunited happy family that I’ve waited 237 chapters to see!! So glad this is a happy ending now! I felt like this story was dragged out quite a bit but I’m glad it’s finally completed soon!
kendya Pierre: just change the language settings on mangatoon if u can speak Japanese or Chinese and you will get all the chapters
Gigi Astrid Lagulao Monares: Where did you read this???
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I know its MangaToon so we can't take it seriously but my god how many plot holes are we supposed to ignore.
Bodyguards follow the kids but haven't noticed the two kids look exactly alike.
Shao Chen and Yin Xi mo are supposedly in love but neither one of them has ever asked a question about the others child.
she also know yin Quan wian has a kid the same age but never questioned that either even though she keeps saying she feels like she gave birth to twins.
Going Shao Chen has all these people working for him and investigating and protecting Xiao Mo but they havent noticed her son?
Jesus Christ come on
Bhe Be: ahahhaha same feeling here😆
🌼🙊🖤Naive Mr. Lu🖤🙊🌼: Can I get a Hallelujah and an Amen?~
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You stupid broad, you’re the one that STOLE HER BABY AND PRETENDED IT WAS YOURS TO BECOME HIS FIANCE!! WHO DO YOU THINK U ARE!?!? if she’s bad then WHAT ARE YOU!!!?

Ugh of course she runs away again! 😒 They better catch that rat before she gets away, this better not be like those scenes where Xiao mo magically trips into a pond like last time and let’s this b*tch get away with everything. She and her mom are both parasites that leech off of rich men for money while ruining other women’s lives🤢🤮, It’s about damn time when karma knocks on her door!

Yeah, smack her with that Gucci bag, that’s probably the last Gucci bag you’ll ever own after this anyway😂🤐.
Tiffany Nguyen: PERIODTT!
Zeron Tachibana: that's the worst punishment ...she will get...
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OMFG they’re both freaking crazy! Both of them are so stupid honestly, why in the hell would you even tell the blue haired guy this knowing he has evidence to put you away for good? LOL they’re both digging their own graves it’s hilarious! Looks like she either really killed him, or he’s pretending to be dead. If he’s smart enough to play dead, he can snitch her out and then BOOM all our cinnamon rolls enemies can’t hurt them anymore! Perfecto!
Graziele Belchior: uau 4 capítulos para acabar está história que tanto amei me sinto triste queria uma continuação
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Ohhhhh ok haha I hope he’s still alive so he can drag her down with him
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WAIT WAIT, WAIT!! Don‘t he know how COLORS LOOK LIKE? Or is he COLOR BLIND? D:<< That girl who slept with him do have PINK hair and not RED HAIT DUDE!! D:<< Thank you for reading! Sorry for my anger.. ;-:
Fan: don't worry! everything will happen after 200 episodes but Prince will fell in luv with fl in jus 100 episodes or more
Ash: maybe that bitch has pampered with the real documents. and made look like the real mother of that child
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hey hold up we have thick and beautiful girls on Africa. There are curvy, brown skin girls here too. Brown eyes, nice skin, narrow waist n bit wide hips. We mostly have thick girls with nice figures.... and we don't wear grass!!! and what's with the pointy spears? are we Africans so down graded ??!
fantisylee: Maybe he’s small minded and when he thinks of Africa only thinks of what he’s seen on commercials about the starving kids and stuff
Kossie😻: I'm not tho, twas the grass skirts that just seemed silly cos I dunno any African nation that were those or wore those in the past ....twas animal skin Africans used back then
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great 9
hmm.. i dont get it.. why the man so easily to eat up the 'meat' that been laid out no where. and its like he is a prince right? or someone important... doesnt he think that its probably trap or assasin? even if the situation doesnt seems harmful.. but doesnt he think he can get HIV or sexual infection? why...? why .. i guess only author can answer this...
Omkar Yedgallu: It's pretty common in manga"s so just chill coz that's the plot manga's are all about
Fanny Hermes: EXACTLY, you just read my mind
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sweet reunion and more sweet chapters but I know this is about to end after many chapters they have known the truth but tbh the kids are more smarter than the parents lol
Gark: It can’t end. They must do a story when the kid grow up
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Regine Belle Fajutag

Japanese manga have great stories. On the other hand, most of Chinese comics are always same plot of story when Im reading it I feel like the story is too good to be true and the lead characters is always rich while japanese manga use male and female characters who are normal people so its easy to relate to them.
Nator-sama: Preach sister!! Japanese and Koreans mangas are hands down best stories, no cliche and very unique plots. 😌👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
J: A lot of these are adaptations from popular Novels, though.
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Yessssss the kids paln worked.I'n super uber happy.Man Han Zi Ming and Lan Lan's investigation is completed too and with a most satisfied result.Now the Prince can marry the woman he loves without having to think about anything.He can be wuth his true love and Xiao Mo no longer has to bear the title if being a foxy woman by others.To top it off she'll be able to live with the man she fell in love for the 1st time in her life.And cherry on top it all is that she'll be able to live with both her two sons now.Lele and Xuan Xuan will finally receive their parents love altogether as a whole.I'm so happy right now also a bit sad cause seems the manga is coming to an end after all.
key: Hip hip hooray
Medhu: Yes IKR but now seeing as they're together I'm sure they'll all be fine now.I'm sure Xiao Mo and his grandpa will be able to help him.
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Wow it’s escalating so quickly! First it’s the red haired sister, second being the blue haired blonde idiot duo, now it’s these trifling bastard and step mom getting the justice they deserve!

Mmmm yes tasty yummy karma


End them once and for all, Shao Chen! Now get married and have one more baby please 😍😍😍
Ainur Raudhah: andaweee
Douglas Bladimir Duran: But it’s leading to the end
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awwwww this is so nice, I am crying and happy at the same time 🥰🥰🥰🥰 😭😭😭 one thing I wanna say when the manga started everyone said it to be a duplicate of the deserted woman, one of my favourite manga. This manga is not a duplicate it started after the deserted woman and ended before it, so will really miss this manga and tha daily update🥂
Since I was young my dad was an workaholic, we were not very rich so my dad had to work hard enough to earn money, while my mom worked in factories witch caused her to stress a lot, My dad would work so hard I would only see him on Sundays..but know he is a buisnessman and is successfully running his buisness..yeah life was hard 😞
chaemin_141 : it must be very hard for u to live without both of ur parents but if u need help I will always be here and I'm not a judgey person if u would like I would give my inst. account and I would be willingly to be ur friend but that is if u would accept to have me as a friend so sheer up😊
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Sonam Tshering
I thought it will take a lot of drama for the mom and son to be exposed. Also, did the fake prince become a psycho through trauma? P.S. the king deserves to be cuckolded due to his horrible personality and terrible decisions he made.
Olivia de Carmen
How can he just say there aren't any beautiful women in Africa and that it's way underdeveloped to a point where they wear leaves As clothing. This is both ignorant and offensive
Jana Rashwan: @kyynat
I totally agree with you
Jana Rashwan: @Anonymous
To be African doesn't mean that your skin has to be black
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ꜱ ᴀ ᴅ ɴ ᴇ ꜱ ꜱ_ʙɪᴛᴄʜ
Last scene "Love me, are you afraid?" oh boy I bursted out laughing while my sister was asleep she just fell off the bed lol and not gonna lie this is so romantic, i also bursted outs on the last scene on ep. 67 cause Xiao Chen said it its kinda funny on his eyes👀 it reminded me of a something nvm lol😅😂🤣😍this is so romantic! I wish everybody does that😄💯❤️
Dee Dee
At least the Prince had the King clean up the mess and do right by him. he was so blinded by his lying wife he didn't know anything apparently. lol the Prince meant business.... did you see how quickly her clothes flew off lol. The twins are finally back and its time to be a happy family
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