Prince's Private Baby

Cloud Studio
Sick of how some people in the comments being annoying asf! Like bruh, if you think the comic is getting boring or sick of how both the ML & FL being stupid, clueless or how both them being an irresponsible parents asf towards the twins, then it's your opinion but don't go & *attack* the author for it. Y'all do have to remember that the twins want their parents to bond as often as they can even if it means not looking after them ( plus, the twins is wayyy more mature & responsible than their parents but it's understandable since it's fictional & that's pretty much how most comics work & as a reader, we have to accept that even if it doesn't make sense sometimes ) & even if they want to reveal the truth to both ML & FL, they need some sort of evidence before confronting their parents ( I mean it's not enough to just go show they face, they still need the DNA results & gather more evidence of the wrongdoing from the FL sister & step mother ). And I'm pretty sure there's been a LOT of spoilers revealing that they will have thing sorts out on chapter 229 so if y'all really can't wait & think the stories / plot line getting boring, then feel free to skip the comic & wait till chapter 229 rather than throwing tantrum over the comment section 😒 Jesus like some of y'all literally have zero chill at all! Okay I'm done stating my opinion & rambling so feel free to attack me with your opinion & dissatisfaction~
Sakura Chan: why it cannot update on sat and sun it will be more likeat
Sagittarius: Only 10more chapters pls author upspree plssss
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Yessssss the kids paln worked.I'n super uber happy.Man Han Zi Ming and Lan Lan's investigation is completed too and with a most satisfied result.Now the Prince can marry the woman he loves without having to think about anything.He can be wuth his true love and Xiao Mo no longer has to bear the title if being a foxy woman by others.To top it off she'll be able to live with the man she fell in love for the 1st time in her life.And cherry on top it all is that she'll be able to live with both her two sons now.Lele and Xuan Xuan will finally receive their parents love altogether as a whole.I'm so happy right now also a bit sad cause seems the manga is coming to an end after all.
Medhu: Yes IKR but now seeing as they're together I'm sure they'll all be fine now.I'm sure Xiao Mo and his grandpa will be able to help him.
😍ShipThem😍: I’m happy but sad at the same time cause you know there’s a blood cloth on his brain that might kill him if it gets operated cause there’s only 10 percent chance that it’ll be successful 😢😢
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Love Lay
Guys can someone give me an advice of what I should do with myself 😭😭😭

So I liked guy ( let’s call him guy A ) and he is friends with my current crush ( let’s call him guy B) and there is also another guy who knows me kinda well bc he is my classmate for about 3 years, all my middle school year ( I’m in 8th grade let’s call him Guy C ). I think Guy A thinks I still like him even thought he knows I know he has a gf. I want him to not think that. But When I was walking and talking with my friends I saw Guy A and B together bc they in the same class, and I was like to my friends “ Omgsh he’s here omgsh he so fine 😍😍. Then I think Guy A saw it and might think I was doing to him and might have the wrong idea of me still liking him. I want to ask out Guy B but I think he is gonna reject me bc I fat and he Very skinny. So Guy C knows my crush and he kept on teasing me. I don’t want this to get out of hand. Bc last time I had a crush on Guy A, someone told him and that was the time he still has his gf. I find it hard and depressing but in time I find myself liking Guy B. Guy C is both of thier friends and I think he might go a little bit far and say the secret which I’m scared of.

Can anyone tell me what to do with each and each one of these boys 😭😭😩😣😫😫😫
Cancy Mayang: 😘😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍
Aira Clyde: AGREE..
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“Suddenly remember“
I somehow feel like this says all about the parenting of them.
I just have to repeat it: Your 6-year old son spontaneously traveled to another country, the school only told you a few hours before the flight and you haven't had contact with him for two days?
I don't care how mature or clever your kid is, he is SIX (6) F***ING YEARS OLD!
We don't know for sure whether the prince called his son (or do we? I honestly don't remember a call), but I guess he also doesn't ask his son how he's doing.
I'm pretty sure most normal parents wouldn't let their child go if they only heard about this thing on the day of the flight. And at least where I live the teacher would commit a crime if he/she doesn't have a letter signed by a parent, saying that it's ok to take the kid to france. They couldn't even take the child on a trip to the zoo without that letter. I just still can't believe these two aren't suspicious.
BDean2: People keep saying that, but over 200 chapters later, I’m still waiting for this moment of truth! 🙄 I’m dying here! 😩
BDean2: Well, they’ve been wandering off on their own and meeting at KFC for a while now. Nobody noticed or even cared! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Although they’re both little geniuses, they’re 6 yrs old (SIX) and neither parent is concerned about them for many episodes! So, “suddenly remember” is about right! 🤔 She was a doting parent at 1st, but now she has to “suddenly remember” that she has a kid?!? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Parents...sheesh!! 🙄🙄
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★StaR cRoSseD LOveRs★
god those kids aren't 19, they are just 5yrs old... even though the brother that is living in the king's house has people to look after him but what about the other one whom you just left alone in home.....Even when you get your phone you didn't even call your child to know about his whereabouts..... No matter how smart & talented you child is but you still disappointed me as a mother..... Go learn from JIAN MO ( ex wife of a billionaire) how to be a good mother..... Cz even when Jian Mo got together with Beichen again, she didn't ignore her milkbag...When she was outside with Beichen atleast she call her son to know if he is fine or not, also she let her fnd to look after milkbag when she was outside....
Hope Smith: he said he hired someone to watch le le or whatever one belongs to main girl
dechen dorji: Yeah stories like this stress me out when I think about the child being left alone
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Man his illegitimate brother is just as stupid as the FL and her sister. LOL that DNA test just backfired on him, he should’ve done the test to see if she’s the mother of that child 😫🤦🏻‍♀️. It’s annoying how she nonstop keeps calling him shameless whenever he saves her or showers her with affection. Like come on he caught this man for you even though you messed it up last time by shouting at him from far away and lost him after you tripped and fell into the water. Shao Chen is a much nicer guy compared to the other MLs I’ve seen, he’s done a lot of good things for her. I just hope they hurry and find out that the twins are theirs like when is this gonna finally come to a happy ending? 😩
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Usually the FL starts off stupid or stays stupid until the end but this one went from smart and independent to stupid and stupider over the chapters. Strange lol I’m here for the twins anyway otherwise I would’ve dropped this story a while ago
Stupidity: and another 10 more chapters for the end..
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Roze Black
About time. But I like this relieving best. Not only did the ad come out but the news from the investigation that the scheming mother daughter duo will be arrested and the actual family can be together. Not to mention yin quin quin wouldn't have to feel guilty being with gong cus he was supposed to be her husband in the first place and father if her CHILDREN. Not just child
Hmmm, they both have the same eye color😍😍😍😍!! The family of four all have the same eye color that’s funny and cute😍😍😍
Anastasia Lynn: I haven't met you for a long time 😁😁
catti: hello 😊😊.
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Inyne-OMG Annora is alive😂
awwww FINALLY OMG....
i'm SCREAMING i'm SCREAMING i'm SCREAMING i'm SCREAMING and you're SCREAMING SCREAMING OMG. After soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many eps..... I'M DONE for today....
xXaliciabirthXx: good to hear that! yepp..
I don't care : I'm screaming while I'm read about this too😂😂
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This is B.S. You can’t just go around writing such discriminatory things in works meant for public consumption. What do you hope to gain when you get your character to imply that there are no beautiful girls in Africa. I’m overlooking the fact that a character said ‘I’m going to send you to Africa for a project’ because I’m just going to streamline my mind to think that okay the whole project is based on Africa and something is going to be done in all 54 countries in Africa not that the author meant to communicate that there’s work to be doing in a particular country. But that aside this is really not the kind of thing that should be said or even thought about in the 21 century. That sort of mindset should never have been but unfortunately it was and now we’ve overcome that time and an educated person ( I assume) like the author really has the audacity to say such so freely. You may think that but you should really keep it to yourself because making such derogatory comments tends to bring some form of unneeded hostility because we could all just stay in our homes and spew nonsense about things we barely have elementary knowledge of and come to meaningless conclusions.
BLACK★PINK: I don't think he was trying to offend you all but he is trying to say that the character mind is set like that not his........maybe you all are simple minded and too naive to even get what he was trying to do.
BLACK★PINK: I don't think he was trying to offend you all but he is trying to say that the character mind is set like that not his........maybe you all are simple minded and too naive to even get what he was trying to do.
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It’s so annoying how she NEVER reciprocates her feelings to him when he’s been so open about it to her! She’s always being in denial about it when there’s absolutely nothing shameful about being in love with someone as kind and considerate as Shao Chen! I honestly find her a bit ungrateful and stupid, but that’s just my opinion!
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: True. She's so reckless and oftens act like a little child, even her children are smarter and more mature than her. No wonder LeLe sometimes talks down on her.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I used to like her but not anymore lol she’s beyond stupid and annoying. She doesn’t think at all before doing anything
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In the middle of the night...
Shady man with hoodie on that looks like a murderer/robber: “Are you Xiao Mo?”


🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m not even surprised anymore this girl is the SAME girl that’s so traumatized from her first night with Shao Chen but kept drinking spiked drinks 3 times in a row without ever suspecting anything or checking it.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Nah she’s too careless and thoughtless. Just flat out stupid
nathan naasz: Too trusting
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I got mix feelings about the upsree

Happy because we're closer to the reveal and the chp we're nice to read but at the same time

Sad/mad/annoyed that literally next chapter is the reveal of the kids' identity to the parents and so cockblocks a little longer for that reveal
carrenjimenez: What is the title of the book?
MoonlightRose: wait there is a book?! what is it called ?!
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Aihara len
xiao mo is stupid always causing trouble and the prince always saying his gonna annul the engagement! damn!!!!!thats so f*ck*ng long and why he's having difficult time to handle that... gahd!!!!ur not married yet so thats not a big problem and also when can they know that they have a cute baby twins ughh im having a hard time here wondering if this story worth spending my time
Lucy. S: yes.. i dont know lah when shao chen and xiao mo will know about their twins...
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How ironic, she’s calling HER the mistress when she’s the one that broke those two apart by stealing her child and pretending it’s her’s!? If she didn’t scheme her way into her status as his fiancé, she would NEVER have a chance with Shao Chen! 😡 who’s ready to help me beat up this red haired sister!? Cuz IM READY IM READY IM READY! 😡😡
😍ShipThem😍: I like people with red hair for example Shanks but I really hate that Bish so count me in I’ll help you not only by beating her but torture her too
Manga crown princess: I've got my axe so I'm all in and ready!!!
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I love you Lan Lan!!! You're like the only smart person between all this idiots. But why take the hard way when they can just bring the children together and problem solved. Oh yeah of course... cause we need unnecessary drama to make the story more "interesting"🙄🙄🙄
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: Not yet, they left us with a cliffhanger 😔
Aubery kung's Woman: bruh i dont have coins
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I’m here for the twins where’s the twins? 😔 miss them so much! I hope they just finish this story off with a crazy update bc it’s almost finished anyway! They finally caught that old man but they need to catch that blue haired boy and blonde before they try to hurt Xiao Mo 😥
Manga crown princess: Don't forget her bitchy sister ( don't remember her name)😤😤😤

Also I agree with you, I really want them to give it a crazy update!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🤠😎😎😎😎🤓
Inyne-OMG Annora is alive😂: ok😂😂. It's funny tho
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Xiaomo can be annoying at times like she's so uptight and always cussing at him. Stop acting like a teenage girl, woman!
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: lol is true tho, sad but true.
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Pandora Danvers
damn it was worth it!
its so satisfying !
at last my reader friends ! the sweet twins will proudly live with their parents,!
i am JUST waiting now to see
the BISH get exposed and her dam face
mwahaha! she will no longer claim fr something that doesnt belong to her!

i bet next chapter will be more satisfying
hah im too evil😂
Pandora Danvers : yep she needs to
Inyne-OMG Annora is alive😂: mwahhaha she'll die.
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back to a 3 day update period. dragging the storyline further.
BTW, your brother is raping your company, accosting your children, attempting to murder you, trying to usurp your thrown and hump your trampy fiance. but none to that is important bc he has to catch to professor for some boggess BS. like really, priorities - FL is important but there are other things more important. oh, forgot he has to catch the professor to help FL to sort out her wishy-washy feelings. when will the little white lotus drop some petals?
A1C: same difference. his supposed claim/want for the thrown is illegitimate. like his father. trying his best the undermine the truth.
Sonam Tshering: Fake brother he is not even an illegitimate royal, but a pure bastard
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