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Hidden Marriage

Zuoan Comic
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In order to give her mother a decent burial, Winnie married a cold-blooded man who lost parents in the childhood and refuse to express himself since then. And her company began to unseal his heart…

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Anastasia Sama
The art is so bad Σ('◉⌓◉’) and don’t @me that it’s hard to draw. I know that very well but let’s be honest there are many authors that try their best always and they have a glow up! If the author is lazy drawing then they can update the chapters once a month so the art remains great. On the other point I appreciate their work but if they are tired , having problems it’s better to take a break
Ramesh Shah: sometimes it doesn't matter that much to me as they do that for us. so what if the art is like that it doesn't impact on the story 😂
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Wow. If he thinks HER sleeping posture is ugly, mine would just floor him. I never know just how I'm going to wake up. Sometimes curled up in a ball under the covers or sprawled out and hanging partly off the bed. On my side with a book in my hand and the reading light still on because I fell asleep reading. Laid out straight like a corpse. Laying across the bed at the foot. Diagonally on the bed with the covers pulled off. On top of the covers because I was sleepwalking and not awake when I came back to bed. Surrounded by books and stuff because I had trouble falling asleep and was making a road for my windup toys to walk on. On my stomach with my knees pulled under and my face in the pillow and God knows how I could breathe like that. Asleep on the storage bench at the end of the bed. Sigh.
karbal jambal: Gezz she's cuteeee
lemurloki: Yes. There is just no point denying it.
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Byeol Xi
Is this a kind of tradition on comics or what? Why do the MLs always kick the FLs out of their car, and out of the blue, in a deserted road and then regret? Wth really? And that man.. Isn't it he himself? Since he said to be taken to the salon (hairdresser's maybe?) and proly changed his hairstyle.. 😳🤔😵
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