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Hidden Marriage

YuGu Comics
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In order to give her mother a decent burial, Winnie married a cold-blooded man who lost parents in the childhood and refuse to express himself since then. And her company began to unseal his heart…

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that was a crying moment that is when a girl and her husband really loves her and the thing happened in the past this is called a true husband a faithful husband and a forgiving husband is mad is like so he's very truthful with whatever he says that is so sweet when he says to her only if you can find man in the world like this sunday's it'll be so happy I got to know where was full of all these I meant I wonder if it would have been exactly like this and then it happened unexpectedly that everything turned out amazingly perfect like so perfect that you can't even speak to be speechless
Payal Chauhan: 7 days is too long 😢
I'm an ANIME!♥️: Uhmm i didnt understand anything
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I understand that she’s sad because of the humiliation and scheme made by ML. He wants her to back out on her own tho she should understand that it’s normal for the ML to do things just to get out of an arranged marriage because who would get married to a girl/boy they don’t know or haven’t seen yet in person right?. Then again, i think she should be a little happy that what she saw at her wedding was only a show and not true, they did not do the deed. The guy didn’t really cheated.
Yep! Remember that humiliation! And be clear where you stand. Regardless of his misunderstanding of your character, the fact of the matter is, he choose to humiliate you that way. He can’t just selectively discard his memory now that he’s interested or maybe even already fell for her. Maybe, I’m speculating here, because I have a tiny hope that he isn’t actually that evil, that he planned for her to see the part where they’re on the bed naked? Or half naked? To of course humiliate her and torture her emotions for marrying him with ulterior motive, which she doesn’t have, only in his tiny brain. Because you can see when he noticed the door open, he deliberately kiss that woman. Regardless, he did kissed another woman, and they are naked together, so, yeah, he’s a jerk who needs lesson. If he did fell for at this point, he can’t just expect the same from her after all that. So girl, don’t let him forget how he treated you that night.
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