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Almight Network

Golden Orange
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When Fang Lin bought a new smart phone, he found out the phone app gave him a special social network with the immortals. In a dog eat dog world, Lin is taking a stairway to heaven with this special social network.

MangaToon got authorization from Golden Orange to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - wodevxinshiwaigua,wdvxswg
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Lynn là con gái mà chẳng đứa nào tin thế thì Lynn lại giả làm trai vậy... à mà thôi. Nó ko quan trọng( Lynn vĩnh biệt mn) lynn sẽ nhớ mn lắm đấy~ off forever
ko có ng việt ở đây hả
I'm a BAD GURL 😇💦: I'm gudh ..... actually aweesommm
I'm a BAD GURL 😇💦: btw...isn't ur name Anastasia
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Aluhime Kana UMR
Hi, i just dont like what the mc is doing right now. taking responsibility for a village that doesnt even care about him , in the story so far only quite people in his village helps him, and this is really annoyed me - why take responsibility for other people village road? St**id !!!
atleast take care of your self first!
its better to be selfish than being M*r*n!
the mc already has the capability to do more than this yet his using it in a B*ll Sh*t way !.,
They Say Money is Power but with his skills right now Power can be change to absolute power ,
Just K*ll all the BAD guys who stands in the way!
MC a GAY or what?
this is the reason why his girl (fiance) lost interest in him,
the MC is not outstanding enough ! just a few chapters yet our MC show a lot of weakness! !
and also the story is getting weaker for more readers give us some fan service ! 😤
Manga crown princess: Sorry for the long commenting, it's just that what the person wrote, made me angry that I pored out what I felt I literally could not control myself, I think that the person was only thinking abt his/her opinion than considering, what other people may feel-(e.g. Myself) they should really empathize other people a little, put themselves in other people shoes, and be considerate for others

Sorry 😐 for the long comment again! Lamo
>♡《Mella》♡<: killing is not his mission..he would be no different from the bad guys if he does that id*ot..and if he uses his power to gain more power wouldn't that be him abusing his own power...also this is just a story no need to write a comment that is ur opinion if it's negative, tbh with you, u r more like a moron than u say the Mc is
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The one that knows
Just you wait gold digger! When he gets stronger richer and much more power than he is now you will be on your knees beginning to be his woman! And the girl that backed him up will step on your head and say “just a few years ago you were bragging about your so amazing fiancée! And insulting us who do you think you are to come back like nothing ever happened!! Let’s go honey!” (This is the future I’m thinking of, they getting married and having an amazing rich and powerful life! But without the mom since she needs to rest in peace)
The one that knows : But you’re totally right
The one that knows : Yeah but mom is suffering and what if when she gets cured she still feels pain? Would her son like that?
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