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Almight Network
When Fang Lin bought a new smart phone, he found out the phone app gave him a special social network with the immortals. In a dog eat dog world, Lin is taking a stairway to heaven with this special social network.

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Shisumi Chan
Omg! The phone! Though I didn’t have the same experience but I develop a sense of fear making my phone accidentally drop in a toilet 🚽.. So every time I go to take dump, I would rather put my phone in a plastic cover for safety purposes. Well, I can’t help bringing my phone to the bathroom.. it’s for entertaining me.. So.. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😔
bitchingYO: I am seriously sitting in the bathroom like so relatable ahhh
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Yo gurl in the house😜
I’m going to laugh when he gets rich and she starts to try to get back with him😂
Acc 09
If I dropped my phone in the toilet before going to get it fixed id be there for hours scrubbing as hard as I can till it’s better then new
pinkgamer 16: i was at my school i let my little brother borrow my phone *a couple of hours later* he saw my phone was dirty he washed my phone and it died
PandaMan: i dropped my phone off a building because i was trying to take a selfie and it landed in a about adding insult to injury
total 2 replies
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