Hunk No.1
School life / Romance / CEO / Completed

Hunk No.1

Yoolook Culture
Hunk No.1
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Hunk No.1 Comics Online. He—the man who has stolen my first kiss—stands in my way of pursuing my McDreamy.
He—the vexing brat—can just come at me and show me what he's got up his sleeves
Jab, dodge, uppercut, swing, hook...let's see who's the last one standing! The losing party shall...warm my bed for me!

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School life
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At last I've finally finished it now because I stopped reading this before just to wait for it to be completed and once I knew that it was already done I immediately downloaded it also to extend my apologies if I didn't leave that many comments on other episodes, but that doesn't mean any negative vibe or what it's just that I wanted to read it continuously till the end that's why 😊 my message to the author, first and for most I'd like to thank you for sharing us this wonderful story of yours. The story that makes my heart beats fast everytime there is an exciting scene😍when I say exciting that doesn't goes like what you think okay😂😉😍 and I just want to tell you author that you are so good and of course we your supporter will wait for the season 2 of this story for we know you've given us a heads up that you will really make another season😉 so keep up the good work author and we will look forward on the continuation of this story. Lastly, super duper thank you, stay healthy and be positive always😊❤
rampage gaming with vlog ph: 5ff cc fip00oyi
Anushka singh: guys please go and read "SHE WAS DIFFERENT" i need your support❤
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Tenshi Haruno
I already finish this manga long ago and I've been repeatedly reading it again because it's really cool, awesome story, good drawings and a lot of twist so AUTHOR PLEASE MAKE IT FREE AGAIN SO WE CAN ENJOYED IT AGAIN AND AGAIN SO THAT THE SECOND GENERATION MAY READ IT FREE AS WELL ... AUTHOR MAKE IT FREE I BEG I WANT TO CRY , SMILE AND BE A
Bhaskar Kandpal: I will read it and comment on it
Faria Sultana: "My Best Friend Became My Emotions "...
please check it out😙😙
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Fon Lee- chan
wag kasi mag pakatanga Hindi kasi basta basta hiwalay agad alamin mo muna na mahal kaba talaga nya o Hindi kasi ikaw din ang masasaktan sa huli na Hindi nya talaga mahal yong babae gamitin mo kasi Mona utak mo at Kong gano man yon kasakit kaylangan mong ilaban Kong mahal mo talaga ang isang tao wag kasi padalosdalos kasi magsisisi Karin sa huli tandaan mo yan ang pag ibig kapag hiniwalayan mo na Hindi na babalik bihira lang ang mag kabalikan kaya kahit kaylan wag mong bitiwan

Carmela Pagaran: kalma inhale~exhale ~
Bhaskar Kandpal: Hello guys, sorry to disturb you, can you please check out my novels if you are free

1. Ten faced boyfriend (Bl novel)

2. Rylee the princess (Action novel)

I hope that you wouldn’t mind checking it out and try to give some feedbacks about my story.

If you like it then please don’t forget to support it.

Thank you for reading my comment.
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