Hunk No.1
Romance / Modern / Completed

Hunk No.1

Yoolook Culture
Hunk No.1
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Hunk No.1 Comics Online. He took her first kiss but she saw his naked body. He obstructed her from courting boys but she framed him teasing by boyish girls. With wisdom and courage, they struggled. Who will win? Let's wait and see...

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Hottest Comments
OMG THEY HAD A BABY!!! it happened so quickly but nonetheless IM SO HAPPT FOR THEM!!! 😍😍

And is their daughter really gonna marry that silver haired boy? I honestly wish there would be a season 2 for this manhua that revolves around the romance of those two babies! That would be so cute honestly!

I’m kinda sad to see how close this story is to ending, but I’m so satisfied and happy with how this story was built and how gorgeous the artwork is! Please make more amazing work like this author!
🇵🇭 comics lover 😍😍😍😍😍: what comics is it that have an ml named jun mucheng?
ZerotwoChan💓: still waiting for the season two! please cuz am so ready to read it now i all ready read it twice!
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Kitty Cat
wow this actually ended I remember when I first read it and loved it and catches up with an a day by read 100 chapters it was cute it was romantic we all thought it would never end but at least I love the ending I wish I could see there baby getting married to that boy I will miss this manga because it was my first manga on manga toon it was the best manga and the longest like I started this first and other at diffrent time and the other one ended I'm trailing off here just to sum it all up thank u author for taking ur time in making this manga real I will miss I hate it when manga I love end ur the best author and I will check out ur other manga I will miss molly York little panda the new baby I forgot her name christina oh and I wished we can see queen and christina wedding that would be lovely I love this manga and I love you all thank u if you read this whole thing of me saying stuff and u guys let not be gloomy happy 350😁✌🎉🎊 -sniph I will miss this comic dearly 😢😭
Miru🖤: Who want to read my story
Follow me🖤
Miru🖤: Hello every one
I want to have a lover like York
He is handsome and perfect!
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Hailey Gayle
woahhh This actually ended. I remember the first epsiode when i read it. 2 days of Romance, Sorrow, Laughter, Jealousy in the end Love conquers all. how i truly wish to see thier baby getting married and also Ace and Elizabeth's marriage sided by Sheehan and Christina's marriage. I also wish for Roberts happiness and how I wish for him to find the love of his life. Thus 6 dynasties created new heirs Ling, Wood and Bei as for Tang and Agulera their dynasties are unkown and yet to be new generations. I will truly miss this comic and shall remember it.

But the chase isn't over. It's quite trilling and exciting. hopefully and praying if there will be a season two. Keep up the good work author💕

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year💕
Anika Anika: Even I think it should not end this, they should start the love story with youngsters 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😙😙😙🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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