Hunk No.1
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Hunk No.1

Yoolook Culture
Hunk No.1
OMG THEY HAD A BABY!!! it happened so quickly but nonetheless IM SO HAPPT FOR THEM!!! 😍😍

And is their daughter really gonna marry that silver haired boy? I honestly wish there would be a season 2 for this manhua that revolves around the romance of those two babies! That would be so cute honestly!

I’m kinda sad to see how close this story is to ending, but I’m so satisfied and happy with how this story was built and how gorgeous the artwork is! Please make more amazing work like this author!
Raizel Marie de Guzman: Season 2 pls..,
unicorn farts 🦄: I'll 0
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Kitty Cat
wow this actually ended I remember when I first read it and loved it and catches up with an a day by read 100 chapters it was cute it was romantic we all thought it would never end but at least I love the ending I wish I could see there baby getting married to that boy I will miss this manga because it was my first manga on manga toon it was the best manga and the longest like I started this first and other at diffrent time and the other one ended I'm trailing off here just to sum it all up thank u author for taking ur time in making this manga real I will miss I hate it when manga I love end ur the best author and I will check out ur other manga I will miss molly York little panda the new baby I forgot her name christina oh and I wished we can see queen and christina wedding that would be lovely I love this manga and I love you all thank u if you read this whole thing of me saying stuff and u guys let not be gloomy happy 350😁✌🎉🎊 -sniph I will miss this comic dearly 😢😭
ChlowerZ: This manga was also the first one that I read here in mangatoon and I am very sad and happy at the same time that it ended.. I dont even know why..
Siti Noor Najihah: This story i like it very much,nice drawing and etc.I gonna miss this story. 😢
To author can you continue season 2 hunk no 1.What happen to daughter Molly and York when candy old
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Monalisa_orthi_2003🇧🇩 (spoiler*_*)
inside the drawer there is so many cute toys

he will open the drawer secretly, but later she will find out that York is hiding something .... after that she will figure it out and get his motive (having a baby) but it was planned by Grandpa. York didn't have any idea about them.
after that as usual😒 She will get pregnant and will give birth a baby boy.

THIS manga has 3more chapter left. The ending is quite good but i don't think so that's the ending. There must a Season 2 i guess.

ufff.. worked too much for this comment😒
I'm such a spoiler 😁😎
please don’t beat me for this...🙄
will you??😂😂
Reanna Reanna: It was a baby girl not boy!!
MEHERUNESSA KIM TAEHYUNG: she give birth a baby girl not a boy
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I remember about a year ago when I first started reading this comic. I automatically fell in love with this work of art and I can’t believe this comic has finally ended, it really still hasn’t hit me yet honestly. Time really does fly.

Thank you so much Yoolook Culture (the author) for making this wonderful comic and keeping a consistent plot with gorgeous artwork until the very end! This was finished very beautifully and it’s not rushed like other comics. Major props to you, and I am looking forward to seeing more beautiful masterpieces made by you!

And I really hope there would be a season 2 for this comic someday if possible. it truly is a well done comic and even if there is no season to I’m very excited for the upcoming works this author will create!
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Right!? Like this is a comic done right for sure! We need more work like this. I’m noticing way too many dropped comics being posted here
Griffin Grey: Just finished it too 🥰 Absolutely magnificent in every aspect!
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That's right I forgot she used to tie him up in the original chapters and left him to embarrass him. 😆 Wonder if she is up to her old tricks again. (Hope not though because I want to see some babies)
Lacy Jogu: eh?.......
cha0_He: eèdéeŕeereeďeedéèreeďeedeeďeereeďeeredeéŕeereeďeëèddeèdedé
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i cant believe this comic already end. even though i want to see molly and york child grew up but at least i can see their baby. this comic is the first comic i read on manga toon.every episode they gave me a lot of positive message. the more i read this the more i love the character. this actually the perfect way to ends this comic.i just wanted to said thank you author to made this comic.this comic actually my fav first on mangatoon. i just so lucky to read this. tysm author for making this comic. this comic probably the legend. i think im going to reread this when im bored. this comic never gets me bored. TYSM AUTHOR AGAIN I JUST IN LOVE WITH THIS COMIC!!!
-Jenndukie 🏹
LenaXxX Unknown
I'm sad rn
This was one of the first mangas I've read when I was new on this app. And when I started to read, I think there were only a few chapters. I always loved this because of the characters, the storyline, the artstyle and omg now it has finished. There were so many emotional moments. Eg. moments when I was really sad (as an example when Robert decided to leave them after that thing with Sheenhans father. That was really sad😢) Or moments when you could just laugh and I really enjoyed those moments. Time flies fast af😂😭 My mood was always better when I saw that this wonderful manga had updated and I kinda always am sad when a manga is completed😢❤️❤️❤️ And what I also love about this is that this manga has over 300 chapters, but it is NOT LOCKED and oh was I happy and thankful for that❤️❤️❤️
Rose Winter
Ahhhhh, I already ship them. Soo cute. Thanks a lot author for writing this comic. Hope u continue writing it and us readers season 2 of Hunk No.1
I really can't wait for it. Thanks for all your hard work. Really grateful to u author.
Lots of love from us readers. This comic has come a lot way. Always waiting for the chapters to come out was worth it. Great storyline and artwork. Keep it up!
𝑉𝑖𝑥𝑥𝑢𝑙𝑟𝑖𝑒➤☾: It was just a spelling mistake.
💫⭐️yuemin⭐️💫: wdym? that’s just real rude
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Almira Solis Malapit
i am hoping for a second season!!! please!!! please!!! i am seriously curious about the guy behind the mask! he looks like joseph bei, i want to know more about him and what are his intentions! also, i believe sheenhan isnt done with his heir task yet, grandpa ling asked him to learn the reason behind the 6 families conflict, though it was clear that joseph bei was behind the huangfu family massacre, it was also clear that someone was behind his back, what was the real reason behind it?! and who is jun mucheng?! what's the boy's story?!
what the heck😂molly is a bit immature in front of her parent... but on the bed....she just like sexy as hell😂😂
Lacy Jogu: true......
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Arthur please accept my request,
we don't want an END now,
I think the other readers will also appreciate my request that we want the love story of our LIL CANDY & LIL CHENG.
Arthur please accept our request!!!
Lacy Jogu: but They Are Not Biologically Brother And Sister... So they Can Marry
Butterfly: eww 🤮little Panda and Lil Candy are cousin from both sides, eww eww ewww, how horrible you guys are
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Tulsi Gupta
i just hope he can feel what i feel for him. can't tell how much i desire to look at him how much i want to stick whith him because he is the one i choosed in the whole world... so i confess my love to him and pray all happiness in this world to him and wish the life and happiness he want ... even if he don't love me back even if he have someone even if he is far away from me i still love him with my whole heart and want he to smile happily because i love u so much my love . your happiness is mine happiness your wish is my wish my love . so love u my love . i love u much more than u can ever feel or know my love NIKHIL,BOONDY,KABOOTR they are his names . farewell
Rumessa Raaj
well I can't believe that this manga has ended😢😢 .and when they had just got married they showed the mastermind behind Josef bai and I thought that now starts another rivalry. but when I saw their baby everything happened so fast and their daughter is super cute and I really wish that there would be another season surrounding their daughter and the silver haired boy.
I remember how I started reading this manta and loved it.I loved the artwork of the characters and story, I truly appreciate the hard work of the author and wish you could make more masterpieces like this one.
best regards : Rumessa.
your truest fan.💋😍😍

Red Panda
Hunk no1 has been my favorite comic, I really like the colic, and the Drama of course UwU. I really do recommend this comic to new readers or old readers. It had a great start and a great ending. I have read this in one whole night. I had so much fun reading it, at that some point it was funny, embarrassing, dramatic....
And of course I have to thank the author Yoolook Culture to be active, brave and have those wonderful ideas to make this story. I really want to have a season two for this comic. I have also watch other comics created by: Yoolook Culture and I suggest to you people to read those other comics!! I hope you guys will have fun reading this comic. 😊
Red Panda: I meant “comic”
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hi everyones .
let's play game.
irules simple
I write a word all my frnds translate in their own language
ex. I am happy
trans _ mein Khush hu. (Hindi)
N o t h i n g: Masaya ako (Tagalog)
🥭 • Mango • 🥭: I am happy- 我很开心 or 我很高兴😊
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Omg! I can't believe that this manga has ended. I've been a silent reader (not quite) since it started and I'm so happy that Molly and York finally had their ever after with a cute little bonus (baby). This is kinda bittersweet but thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful story, Author-nim. 💜

We're hoping for season two. We still want to know what happened to Christina and Sheehan, and will Robert find his ever after too? How bout Molly's brother and Ms. Black Haired Girl (sorry, I forgot their name, kill meh)? We will surely wait for Hunk No. 2 💜💜
Salam Ani: We need season 2 for their daughters love life. Please be a season 2
Aimen Khalid: YES WE NEED S2 !
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Tiffany Nguyen
Thank you Author and MangaToon team for the beautiful work 👏 TBH York was a bit annoying to me at first lol I dont like men who just do whatever they believe it's right, he didnt actually take Molly's thoughts into account, I wished Molly broke up with York and she did hahhahah anyway things have been sorted out and I love the ending, it's quite like an open ending to continue with a sequel. there's Hunk No. 1 so I guess there will be Hunk No. 2 right 😉
Tanmoyee Ghosh
atlast my first mangatoon's dream came true,but there is some incomplete like Sheehan's absence and no romantic episodes, however I think I will get all in later,I am waiting for that author, like all readers of this comics,and I have a request,plz make 2nd version of Hunk no 1 ,where I can see molly and York's childrens and I also want a quardapale marriage ceremony of moly-york,sheehan-cristiana, queen-ace and last of all York's best friend Robert's with his bride and I also want to see their parents present except Robert....
randhir singh: Sheehan is good guys in next chapter you will see him😊😊
Tanmoyee Ghosh: I mean he will also find his wife
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Lil Meow Meow
Thank you for the wonderful comic you made author....this is my first comic to read since I downloaded this app...and it was year 2018 and i didnt expect that i still read this until i’ve realized that this comic is really amazing and reading the episodes again ang again is my it comes to an end...i just cried you know dont tease me.....*goes to the corner and draw a circle*....i hope theres a season 2 for this.....but a cold and stubborn Candy Ling😅ahaha just kidding.....thankssss for the beautiful ending you’ve made....and yep i know theres a season 2 for that...dont worry i wont tell anyone...and i oop
Shree Priya
I usually won't write review. But after reading this manga I feel like wow! 😍 I was in a meeting an hour ago and I remembered an episode where York says Robert that he had mistook him as a girl and I couldn't control laughing. Thank God I was not caught 🙏. my friends think I'm in love because I was smiling, laughing and blushing when I was reading this. Thank you so much author for such a lovely manga. inspite of my busy schedule I finished reading this in less than 22 hours. Thank you once again 🥰😘
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