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Leave me alone! Hot nerd!

Sugar planet Studio
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What? I was kissed by a nerdy but hot student in school? With superpower, as a gifted student, I’m aiming to find our family arch enemy but what happened? Violin prince? Hot guys in opera club? Please stop messing with me! I’m not gonna date you!

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next time I can't solve a mathematic equation in the math exam, I will just imagine myself in a universe in which the stars are numbers and I am floating around and than the answer will somehow pop out of nowhere. hmmm 🤔 seems to me like a good way to pass time when you can't solve anything at all.
Pheona: 😂👌🏻
Toka Saphira : or just answer with 42.
If your teacher has read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, they will understand.
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Its Sam
is someone here for the points...?
LivingLikeApples: das meh
FrappéBear: Not me
total 40 replies
Sedrah Nayyal
I'm just reading this for points.. who else?!

....but I think it's kinda interesting!?🤔🙃
Dimple Doll: @HidDeN TeaRs

You can get points by completing the tasks given everyday, each day there's a new task, so right now you can't get any points for reading this comic
HidDeN TeaRs: point?? didn't get anything.. can anybody plzz tell me what point?
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