Leave Me Alone! Hot Nerd!
Romance / Comedy

Leave Me Alone! Hot Nerd!

Sugar planet Studio
Leave Me Alone! Hot Nerd!
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Leave Me Alone! Hot Nerd! Comics Online. What? I was kissed by a nerdy but hot student in school? With superpower, as a gifted student, I’m aiming to find our family arch enemy but what happened? Violin prince? Hot guys in opera club? Please stop messing with me! I’m not gonna date you!

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Author knows How to make readers fool, make the character drawing from top to leg and the add silly talks, 10 chapters wastes sucessfully and a wait of 1 week, this should be realase every 2nd day.
Donna Archer: I think the author is doing a splendid job! The illustrations done are also quite enjoyable to view! I enjoy reading this, and I also enjoy viewing the artist’s work! It’s not easy making a comic; nor is it as easy as people may think it is to create a magnificent portrait or digital artwork as it may seem. Truly just taking the time to read this comic and view the artwork that’s presented to portray the author’s work is admirable and very inspirational. I really appreciate it. This manhwa is so beautiful and funny. It’s exciting!! I look forward to seeing more and where the story is headed! ^_^ ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rimjhim Phukon: getting bored already, nothing interesting just some craps.
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I defended the author when a lot of comments were about the length and wait period for the chapters, but now I’m kind of agreeing. It feels like the story is going nowhere. I was interested in how she was going to help her father get out of prison but now it seems the story has side tracked from that to only romance. Starting to lose interest in the story and waiting isn’t helping.
Donna Archer: I honestly think the story is absolutely amazing!! Please continue to write more (to the author if you see this). Please also don’t let any of these comments discourage this beautiful story you worked so hard with the illustrator to create! It’s really beautiful, and I truly enjoyed reading it so far. It was funny and absolutely adorable to look at! I really enjoy Yunzhe and Xiaoyo being together also. One of my favorite things about them is that they have grown to look beyond their misunderstandings and are growing to love each other! I also enjoyed that he totally respected the fact that she wanted to date at a slow pace and agreed to date at her tempo. Him agreeing to do so was extremely important because it really showed how much he cares and loves her and how much she means to him. To me that’s very important and the fact that you covered this in your comic made me smile in adoration towards your creation because I’m exactly like that! So thank you so much!! I think it’s fine. And I really look forward to your work! I am also an artist in the making and I know how tedious and how much time it takes to make something so beautiful. Your work is amazing and it is very inspirational! To me this comic shows that there is so much more than what’s being displayed to the surface like Yunzhe’s attitude and behavior. He really has an amazing personality and character! ^_^ everything about this is really beautiful (note to the author and illustrator)❤️✨✨
Trishani Chatterjee: Ofc this story is about love. This content falls under more romance if you want this kind of story then switch to more adventurous don't underestimate the author and talk nonsense in comments
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Even though the updates for this comic is slow, the progress in their relationship is going at a great pace. Thank you for the amazing work author! Also, taking the train was quite beneficial as it literally pushed them closer to each other 🥺😂
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