Leave Me Alone! Hot Nerd!
Romance / Comedy

Leave Me Alone! Hot Nerd!

Sugar planet Studio
Leave Me Alone! Hot Nerd!
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Leave Me Alone! Hot Nerd! Comics Online. What? I was kissed by a nerdy but hot student in school? With superpower, as a gifted student, I’m aiming to find our family arch enemy but what happened? Violin prince? Hot guys in opera club? Please stop messing with me! I’m not gonna date you!

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Hottest Comments
I agree with all the other fellow readers here. The chapters are getting shorter and there is no such plot. Iys only romance. Although both of them are adorably cute together and the moments between them are super cute as well its not all we want in a story right. Moreover waiting a week for a chapter and then you get this is a little disappointing. Even though I won't leave the story and read it till the end but I still won't be as eager as I used to be before.
Minnie oasis: brown hair one
Laylani Brown: brown hair is ml
total 3 replies
If you find her dark past then you'll be done for cause that's one secret Junzhe is trying to protect her from not cause of embarrassment or anything but cause he fears the times he wasn't there by her side when she needed them the most.
Medhu: Hahahaha
Man I hope she'll be out of the picture and done with.
No one: exactly
she's also poking her death to wakeup
total 2 replies
this is getting boring now. i want to know xiaoya's real background and why her father is in prison. and if the teacher is her real mother and the principal who looks like her is her grandma or something
Sneha Singh: even smaller chapters
Kvkono Aviko: yes an it's taking too long
like literally 3-7 days jst for one episode to be released
total 2 replies
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