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Leave Me Alone! Hot Nerd!

Sugar planet Studio
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What? I was kissed by a nerdy but hot student in school? With superpower, as a gifted student, I’m aiming to find our family arch enemy but what happened? Violin prince? Hot guys in opera club? Please stop messing with me! I’m not gonna date you!

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School life
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that smile... 😱😱
looks like he's going to lose purposely...
I'm a BAD GIRL 😇: u sent me mischievous smiley emoji......hence I asked u ..................😉😉😉😉
sofia😉😘: bt why u suddenly ask me!
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So let me tell you what will happen in the next chapter so as you can see that our male lead is extremely jealous of Minxi and is making mistakes so don't worry our female lead will surprisingly gonnna boost him up by cheering for him and then this will lead to their team's victory. And then after that there's going to be some competition in which the team of two will be made by chits in which both boys and girls will participate. So those who will get the chits with the same no will be going to paired up for the next games.But unfortunately our Ml and Fl got different chits but don't worry they end up getting paired with each other but our senior lin who desperately wanted to become our hero's partner got dumped and got paired with a "Very Handsome guy" and I m definitely shipping her with him.Also our second ship i. e ouyang and our Fl's best friend got paired with each other
So finally our both ships are sailing ☺☺
Samuel♡Forever: 300 woah
R: Ur wlcm🤗
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Writing from the future

My previous writing was about Xiao Ya went to visit Jun Zhe and she started to feel weird whenever she is with him and she doesn’t understand that feeling. Let’s continue from there.

Jun Zhe asked Xiao Ya if she has finished competing and she said yes. Then she suddenly remembered her shot put competition. She said “Ah! The shot put competition is about to start! I have to go there now. However, will you be alright if you stay here alone?” Jun Zhe replied “If you want to worry me, why don’t you worry about yourself first.” Xiao Ya said “I am so sorry that I caused you to suffer because of me this time. I owe you one!” Then Jun Zhe replied “I do not want to listen to such nonsense.” Then Xiao Ya picked up her courage and go towards Jun Zhe and gives him a hug. She said “Thank you very much, Yin Jun Zhe!”

Jun Zhe blushed and said “Che! If you can’t get The Queen of Olympic title, don’t even come and see me anymore.” Then she said “I~ get~ it~~~” (she means she understands) and she left. Jun Zhe’s heart is beating wildly and he asked himself “Why does my heart beat so fast...”

SpoilerBean: The guy who gave her first kiss
Shu Hai: hi I am a new fan of this story can you tell me who is the partner of the lead girl it is the one who stole his first kiss or the Yellow hairstyles or the person he love when there were kids
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