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Leave Me Alone! Hot Nerd!

Sugar planet Studio
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Leave Me Alone! Hot Nerd! Comics Online. What? I was kissed by a nerdy but hot student in school? With superpower, as a gifted student, I’m aiming to find our family arch enemy but what happened? Violin prince? Hot guys in opera club? Please stop messing with me! I’m not gonna date you!

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School life
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Jen Yi
Please people do not throw rocks at me okay this is just my opinions alright. So, I’m guessing this comic might have like a thousand or more chapters, divided in four. First part is her life in school, second is her love life, third is love life, rivals and families, fourth is conspiracies and conclusions. There’s no way that the author is going to finish everything that is going on in this story in just 300 or 500 chapters unless he/she leaves out major parts. And I’ve read 224 chapters in a day watching ads and I got nothing, oh there’s a lot going on in this comic alright. But I got nothing like, I just got a bunch of young adults doing useless and meaningless pranks on each other. And people are so ignorant, arrogant and stupid, simple-minded. Like Xiatong (purple hair) she’s from a rich family and is kinda good with her studies. But she couldn’t really take a day to analyze the situation like how her so called has been using her all along. Man, I really gotta question the Asian community (rich ones). They have no common sense. All those are just childish play. Are people in China really like this? (I am just assuming that a Chinese person wrote this, if not, oh well, correct me) But thanks for your hard work, I love the art and the girl positive energy and will power, that’s all that kept me wanting to read more. I’d love a little romance but I guess it ain’t gon happen soon.
Jen Yi: Exactly just because it makes you feel good doesn’t mean I don’t have to express my opinions! I never said it was bored with the episodes, I just said it’s a long way before the author finishes the story! Do you people even read the comments before replying?
😀😀zita: girl are you insane it's manga as long it makes us feel good it's good no matter how long it is and yeah if you are bored with the episodes than don't watch who is forcing you..
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Kritishna 2404
Guys let the message be a petition for the author to at least post one episode per day. I say like this message so that the author sees this and makes amends. Author, this manga is incredible and we, readers cannot wait such a long time like one week so kindly at least reduce it to two or one day. Like this message and kindly respond to this. Readers like this message if you agree and make this the hottest comment that the author would have no choice but to respond to this. Author if you're reading this, no offence.
Anyone Allowed: well good for you that you have enough time but the same cant be said with this author, they obviously have their reasons, i mean this is not even something to talk about, if people have problems, they can make a similar manga and post it daily for their satisfaction
Kritishna 2404: At most a gap of three days and I think that enough, at maximum 5 days
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ummm ... i think I speak for many readers when saying this but... ms/mr author I dont mean to insult you or anything but aren't the episodes a little too short? I'm sorry but I'm not telling you to do anything but respectfully saying please try to make it a little bit dont gave to though! thank you!!
Kris Pascual: who is the real leading man? the boy with yellow hair or the one who has brown hair? can you answer me please?😭😅
kpopismyreligion: oops sorry I didnt know...😬
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