Arranged Marriage With A Billionaire

I just have a question to ask. If the yellow haired dude can sue the husband guy for assault or injury or whatever, can’t the main character just go to the police and report that she is being abused by her family and show the bruises on her body as proof? If her family tries to cover it up with money, people all over the media will riot and that would make for a better story than this cliche clump of shit I’m reading right now. Nothing in this story is original at all, yet you people act like this is so inspiring and this can change lives and so beautiful, but no. You all say she is strong, then why can’t she simply report her family for abuse. Why can’t she report her husbands murderous intents, using what the maid said as proof? The story doesn’t make sense and there are way too many plot holes, everything that takes place is not at all how a person would react to these events, if you’re being abused, report it, if her friends knows that she is being abused, then she should report it. Her friend is being kind and all by throwing the drink on her sister, but still, she knows what the main character goes through. Why can’t she go the extra mile and tell the police the hardships her friend has to got though. See? Plot hole.
valentine jbm: please tell author, bring up a new man, I do not like the personal of her husband 😔
Pem Lhazeen: But do you think the justice given to her through the law will be enough for her. Those people murdered her mother abused her till she died. Took away her kidney or sth. Abused the main lead every since she was a kid and even made her hand disabled for a will. She was treated as The mistress child when she was supposed to be treated as the Main child. Not only that her mother in law abused her even when she was pregnant and her ex husband? had an affair with her sister because she was the owner of the company. Her Baby was killed and then she is send off to marry a guy in the name of sacrifice. She has dealed with so much of pain and I dont feel that law would be able to give her justice. It's better for her to Fill up her own thirst of revenge and Law in comics sucks.
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I've read the next chapters up till 85 in other website, though the translation is bad.

There is no curse in Guan's family. It's just a competition to find the fittest and the strongest one to be Mrs. Guan, and it has to be done by MURDER.

It's like this. The first wife/first woman is murdered by the second woman, the second woman sentenced and detained by police for the crime. The third woman comes and sits as the Mrs.Guan. In short, the first and second woman compete each otherjust to open the door for third woman to claim the title of Mrs.Guan.
This is happened since Guanxu's grandpa generation. Even Guanxu's mom also used this method.

Later there'll be new bit*h named Nie Xiaotong who is called by Guanxu's mom from abroad. Guanxu's mom's plan is like this, she purposely chose Linzhen to be the first wife/woman and let her compete with Qingya in hope that the later would kill Linzhen, thus Qingya would be detained by police for murder, then Guanxu's mom just need to call Xiaotong from abroad to marry Guanxu and becomes Mrs.Guan. But since Linzhen is alive, Xiaotong murders Qingya by pushing her from balcony. It would be her and Linzhen left to compete to claim the title of Mrs. Guan.

Linzhen needs to stay at Guanxu's mansion, because she needs to take the share that belongs to her mom also because Guanxu is the biggest shareholder in her mother's company. She wants to get both shares.
Jaja Sorecum: Update more please!!!!😍🙏
Jen Yi: I don’t have to waste my good earning points, better stories are waiting for me. Get on board, we are leaving for the better comics🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
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Jen Yi
It was wrong oh Lin’s sister to sleep with her husband and treated her that way as her elder sister. People are cussing and cursing her. I know she’s a bad person but she apologized and looked like she is really feeling guilty and apologetic. I can’t be like, “Oh, she’s definitely acting. It’s not real.” I don’t know that. Humans are scary. I don’t know what’s in her heart, it’s just a comic. Until the author releases the next chapter we won’t know for sure if she’s really feeling sorry or not. Now, I feel like we should be feeling sorry for her because it’s obvi that she doesn’t have the same courage Lin has, she is a coward in my opinion. She does everything her parents, her husband and awful mother-in-law want her to do. And why should divorce women feel like that, like they are not worthy to have a second chance? Even a cheating woman does deserve a second chance. What about divorced men? Why can they mighty and everything, but us women are looked down? It’s so unfair.
Casper phase: big facts but our girl going to hit her with the okie doke
Suki Yang: for the moment, let's just see what happens
Xiaowen truly is a petty person, bites the hand that has helped her, even if it is not gracious help
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This guy is totally disgusting and worthless! One moment he’s all over his lover and the next the FL. What exactly does he wants? The fact of the matter is, he married her for her to die in place of his lover. He’s still trying to sugarcoat it, “you never was a scapegoat” crap when he wanted her. So what is she then? Why did he marry her? He seems to show pity and whatever, but first, he brought his lover to live in the same house with them, sleep in the same room with the vile woman, believe that the FL is always in the wrong whenever something happens, and when he found out the lover can’t bear his child, tried to force the FL to carry his baby, sugarcoating his words as if she’s stupid, then when found out the lover is pregnant, did another turn around on his attitude towards the FL. If he truly have some consideration, which I don’t think he has, he married her for her to die after all, he has the audacity to brought her along on a vacation with his lover? And this time I really didn’t get why FL accepted to come with them. Maybe author has no other idea of other setting for the wicked lover to implement her evil plan 🤷‍♀️
Evian: Damn you are so right. Loved your comment. Over here, the ML is forcefully being shown good when he has hardly done anything to deserve the credit. He suddenly started giving her value when his lover couldn't bear her kids?? So what is the female lead? A child bearing machine for him? The scapegoat to clear his and his lover path? He is going around whoring himself while the female lead can't even have a male frd. Damn...honestly I just want her to pretend to die and escape from this hell hols
NheRi: I know right the FL agreed to go with them on holiday is crazy! ML is actually getting on my nerves now that he changed his attitude just like that is really confusing and very annoying! Just when it was getting good for them it gets ruined so easily and back to square 1! I really do hope he finds out it’s not his child soon and get over with it.
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Jen Yi
Okay! Breath and pause! 😒😒😒😒 What the hell is going on over here? Okay, I am not the author and I don’t know what is going on in his/her life. But I’ve read somewhere that nothing is happening in this story so far. Okay, I love my girl, and I still do. Aren’t we wasting her effort like this. I feel like she could have taken care of that ex husband of hers and his mother in just one chapter. What is going on? The focus of this story should be on the other family. I feel like those people are irrelevant to the story right now. She should be at home fighting that other mother in law and those other two women. Where’s her husband anyway? We don’t even see him. Is he dead? I’m pretty sure the title of this comic is “Arranged marriage with a billionaire” Is he not the billionaire? This should be the time where Gu guy and her to bond. Ugh! I’m losing hopes. Initially I had high hopes for this comic. Even when people were against it. Against the couple I still supported them. 😒😒😒😭😭😭 I’m tired, bye.
Zelizar Grill: Danm son y'all only come her for that part,the plot takes time... 🤨😕
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Don’t worry people the girl is killed by another one who then gets dealt with by another woman. Good news ml ends up only taking fml side even after the fiancé kills her own baby and she gets pushed off a building both the leads have happy sex right after lol. Oh and the step mom and ex BFF get pitted against each other lol. Bff becomes the official mistress basically and stays in the stepmom house with dad. She becomes pregnant then the sister pushes her after fml made the sister angry after making gains in the family company . Oh it also looks like stepmom was having an affair. Bff gives birth. Then fml beats everyone into submission and stepmom is sent to a psych ward and the guy having affair with step momis dealt with. Bff attempts to frame fml gets fooled each time with ml help. I’m at 115 . So far fml became bad ass and doesn’t take any L’s and she’s happy with ml and he doesn’t fooled by plots anymore.. dads in hospital too I think everyone gets dealt with lol
Sobuj Rohoman:
Nympha Lubbui Vargas:
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Griffin Grey
People people... We have it all wrong 🙄 The Female Lead is the wicked girlfriend! If you read the story this way everything makes sense. She suffered a little bit because she thought that ITS IMPOSSIBLE to have a child but miraculously she got pregnant from someone besides the Male Lead (who apparently kept trying to impregnate her throughout the story so now he has no doubt that the kid is his). So let’s stop bothering with the unfortunate events of the woman we thought was the Female Lead because seriously? She is beyond saving. Hopefully she will vanish with the Secondary Male (blonde guy) and live happily too but even not who cares??? Nothing good hasn’t happened to her through this story and I am honestly tired to expecting things to change. Even if the child is born no one will find out it’s not the Male Lead’s kid cause he is brain dead! And if something bad happen to the pregnant witch the Secondary Female will be crucified so there is really nothing to wait!!! Hurray the witch!!! The story should be called Bad Deeds Always Pay Off (karma is a bull💩theory)
Griffin Grey: Ok... I just finished reading the discussion of how Ron in Warm Wedding will keep sticking his snake in every cave available and have kids with every character in the story that has ovaries. Also they said that Charlotte is not MC but another one called Mo 😒 will be the one that will end up getting married with Ron (is that a good thing??? He is a sexual scavenger 🤮). The novel is 2,000 chapters 😱
Nator-sama: 🤣🤣🤣, I’ma read it 😂.. let’s see if the author can also make me tick 😂
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Wakao 🤣😂😂😂 this story Feels like my life. They are just throwing in random shit to make it interesting 🤦🏽‍♀️ imagine dating a man who you find out probably killed his first wife because she cheated on him and had a completely black child when he is white. I get why he would be upset. They found his wife dead of an overdose 🙄 shortly after the kid was born, and then he became super paranoid with people he dated after that to the point he would send 300 sms every day if you don’t pick up the call and abuse you in all the texts and to top it off he started sleeping with my best friend who was spying on me for him . She was HIV positive, I am thankful I didn’t get infected because he repulsed me so much I didn’t want to sleep with him. I fled the continent to go abroad and. Changed my name and passport because he was super rich he could find me otherwise. He got infected. Karma: I met another person whom I married but two weeks before wedding I get a call from a thot who tells me she left underwear with his semen in his car on passenger door side. I found it . He denied everything until I showed him underwear... then he called the thot and insulted her etc . I beat him until his mother couldn’t recognise him. Still got married after he bought me an apartment 😂😂because you know. A chick has to live and get rich . That’s only ten percent of the drama in n my life. I wish someone could make a manga or drama from it . It’s too ridiculous and gets ridiculous every year 🤣😂😂
to all the readers, please don't have any expectations from this comic. I don't know what the author wants to show us. I read some of the upcoming chapters and to be honest I'm really disappointed in the female lead. her character is as worst as male lead. she is gonna forgive him just like that pain she suffered was nothing. also that ml's girlfriend is gonna die and on the same day fl will sleep together with ml like it was nothing what happened in the past. ml is the worst ml ever but fl is also nothing better. I wanted to stop reading this comic long ago but some of you tell me to keep reading as it may get better but now that I read some parts of it, i think it's not worth my time. I wanted the fl to have some self respect and should have taken revenge not only for her mother and child but herself too but she just shamelessly forgave the ml. i wanted the fl to leave ml so that he will suffer but no its not happening. I hate every single character of this comic. at first I like fl but now I'm really disappointed with her. anyways its the last time I'm reading this. bye guys and don't keep your hopes up from this comic.
M: I am also unsubscribing now really disappointed and frustrated
SailorMoon: I am unsubscribing now. Thank you for the heads up. 😆
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Omg...isn't this supposed to be a romantic story? Why are the characters so evil? Why is theme so dark and vile. It was fun to see a strong character like Lin Zen. I like where her revenge story started from. I like how everyone's hate for her made her almost invincible. She cares not because no one cares for her. But to keep repeating the same upsetting circumstance in the story(abortion) is quite tiring. Plus i am starting to like the blonde haired guy(not the ex) for Lin Zen. He seems to really care for her. I wish the author would get them together a bit. For Lin Zen to choose him over her husband. Just enough for the male lead to realize his true feelings for Lin Zen. At this moment i find him a weak character. Easily persuaded by who's around him. Easily tricked. He doesn't really know what he wants. WEAK! At least the blonde haired guy wants Lin Zen even after knowing her past.
Deathly : You’re welcome
Anonymous: @Deathly
Thank You!!
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hypnotage gt
well i dont side with the ml i just want a fair comment for me the ml is too stupid and cant be understanding well thats a given on how he was during at there first meeting. then the thing that happend on with his first love he feel betrayed so he change his ways instead of being sweet and kind too those he like his being a total as*hole and forcing him self too others like whats he doing on the fl. and for the FL i dont side with her either because of this things first why she didn't tell the ml that its a misunderstanding and just slap the ml the truth i know she's had a lot of hard times but damn shes acting like one of those villans i dont want to call her "female dog". that doesnt said anything if there caut on what there doing if she just tell the freakin story of her life maybe the ml would understand but she accepted that shes going to die and just dodging the confrontation or the author just want this manhua to get many chap first before they make a god damn good story line cuz the way i see it as a commentator the ml is dumb as hell and the fl is getting more misunderstood i just hate when a good manhua has potential but gets ruined because of stupid scenes or it has too much misunderstanding i wish they can create a more unique and romantic storyline i came for romance not drama and its not even drama just dumbness. sorry if there was a wrong grammar or misspelled words to be honest im not that good on english cya~.
Xing er
Oh ho i want to slap him for saying the word "disappointing". what right do u have to say disaponting. first of all you are the disappoint person. you don't deserve her and still want to be with her. you slender her and want to rap her. you say about your feeling. what does right do you have to say about this. did u consider about her feeling. oh dear you really want to be the centre of attrAction? you want both women. and also you can't even fix your heart at one person. and After all this things you said your dissapont. for what? shame on yourself little bit more for saying the word dissapointing. I wish you will never get her heart and I wish her to elop with someone els and live with new identity and never come back to you. I wish you'd regret every day. you don't deserve to be our male lead. really sucks such a disgusting person.
dark knight: and that hotel guy also taking advantage of her
Xing er: lol 😂😂😂 it might happen
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Lin Zhen has been treated cruelly her whole life. A father whom kept her to avoid suspicion after killing her mother. He also only married her mother to get family corporation and not to mention having several mistresses. Beaten by her step mother. Having an ex husband whom only married her, because she was the eldest daughter and taking all her money. Only to lose her child, beaten by his mom in law, locked in a mental asylum and tortured. This would drive anyone to despair and daresay crazy. She just wants to live well until she dies, which people just want to keep on pestering her. I don't blame her for growing a backbone and getting her revenge. As for the Male Lead, he didn't even bother to look into her background before he married her. He just wanted his scapegoat so he can marry his money grubbing two faced girlfriend. Instead of having someone die for their family curse, he should find a way to break it. How many generations of women have died due to the Guan family curse? They are just in general bad people and they deserve what is coming.
As for all the ladies who had miscarriages in this story, yes the children lost are innocent. It's sad. But at least they wont have to suffer.
And no one should ask Lin Zhen to be a surrogate and force her to bear their children after they spent all this time reminding her she is useless and dead. They would only mistreat the child because its hers. I am glad she decided against it.
🐰♡Bubble♡K🐰: thnks🤗❤️
Kami: So far so good. Started reading it today.
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Maria Belliveau
They are all idiot, this chapter caused me 5 coin wasted. Sorry don't mean to sound rude, but come on, the hubby and everyone else believes that's his baby? She slept with another man to get pregnant. How stupid hubby can be? He never investigated or had any thoughts that couldn't be his child, after it was brought to light, that is not his unborn child. If he trust that witch fiance that much, than let wifey go. Ohhhhh, you cant? Cause no one else will die for that witch? What! he can't count on many times he slept with his fiance, but his wife can't have man around her. How selfish can he be. You can't have your cake and eat it too. like I said previously it's either you be with your ex or someone fiancee or you be with your ex-wife you need to make a decision you can't really have your cake and eat it too so make your mind up
Maria Belliveau: Thank you for the heads up...muahhh..
Margaret Ariadi: everything will be clear.. just wait.. or u can open this story at
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Jen Yi
You know I’m not going to blame the ML, he can be pretty rough and stupid sometimes but he’s pure at heart you know, there’s no way he wants Lin Zhen to die just like that. I just feel he’s unable or too arrogant to express his feelings for her and the FL I like her a lot, I know some people are complaining about how weak she is for forgiving him. I see her as a strong woman most of us would probably be dead by now, though she knows she’s probably going to die but what is she doing? In my opinion I don’t think she’s fighting for her life anymore, I think she’s willing to take a risk for him and fight for his love, fight for him. You might not agree with me but that’s the way I see it she’s been fighting since....she needs a break, if she’s going to die, she just wants to be loved and also love someone. Maybe the ML will come around, but from other comics I’ve read he’s a softie compare to other jerks. This guy is a softie but naive and arrogant.
KDG2158: Thank you for put into words i wanted to say when about the ML. i am gulity too at first i was in his corner but later join the "get rid of the ML" movement. Even in his first appearance he did show a little concern.
manga lover 💖💖💖💖: hey that is a heart touching thing you just said 😇😇😇😇
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When I was nine, I spent a year and a half in an institution (my mom put me there)--the kind where developmentally delayed kids, psychotic kids, victims of abuse, kids who abused other kids, violent sociopaths and harmless kids who were just having a hard time emotionally were all thrown in together. My grandparents fought to get me out of there, but it took a while. I can't begin to tell you how horrible it was. Or the fear, pain, despair and hunger. I only survived it because I was extremely stubborn. And because I did my best to look after the weakest among us. And that gave me focus. When I came out, you can guess how most people were, especially at school. But it made me strong. Having nothing else to lose makes you very strong, like a mighty bow that can bend to fire its arrows yet never breaks.

...All I am trying to say is, I understand some of what she has been through and how it has shaped her.
lemurloki: You're very kind. I do believe you. Letting the past go isn't easy. I have the kind of memory where I remember literally everything, including things I want very much to forget. All I could let go of was the shame and most of the anger. But I'm not complaining. I have faith in my ability to keep moving forward. I do know I'm lucky.
MINDBLOWING: Aww iam soo sorry to hear that , just keep going on and belive that someone in this world is praying for you and that you are the best and you can do anything let the past go and keep going on , just forget the past and think about the future and the present.!!
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I would gladly help. But WHAT IS IT WITH ALL THESE PREGNANT WOMEN KILLING THEIR BABIES????!!!!! I mean do we need like 4-5 women killing their babies either on purpose or someone doing it for them. But I do love this story and all of the problems, but a few times couldn't she just say everything, like in the hospital, when she had plenty of time to tell them that, whatever her name is, has another man's child, through her overboard a ship, and killed her own child by purposely falling off the stair case to kill the only child she could have.
Rhose Hah
I love the FL character here she strong and smart woman and she deserved someone just like her! to bad the ML is still as stupid as hell! the stupidity of her husband is beyond unexplainable!!! dude! you really inherit your mother Idiocracy! what a Mama's boy! if you truly love her fight for her and do everything to find the truth even though everyone around you are against it stand for yourself and for the woman you love! that's the only way to find happiness for both of you! " it's takes two to tango"
Princess Hinata
Is this guan really a psycho?? What does he want actually?? Sometimes he actually cares for his gf, sometimes he cares for his wife..He is really confusing. Guan, if you love lin zhen, then please tell her about your true feelings. If you don't love her, please let her go.. But please don't play with lin zhen.. You are all playing enough with her.. Her parents, friend, tianci, now guan is playing. What a hypocracy!

Lin zhen is not a doll, she is also a human. Please, guan treat her well or let her go...😓😓😓😓
Diamond Aries: yeah, I know. wouldn't make much sense if the MCs didn't end up together. but still...
Princess Hinata: It is a matter of great sorrow that lin zhen will entangle with guan in the last...😑😑
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It’s a stupid move, to stop the wedding and to expose the witch that early. Why didn’t you just let them get married. Don’t tell me you fell for the scumbag guy? You should’ve just wait till the baby was born, even better after a few years. Then come back with the DNA test that proves who’s the father. One, he and his mother will be a laughing stock for being duped raising another man’s child. Second, they actually are never married. By law it’s not valid, since you’re alive. That’ll be a joke to her and her ambition. She was never the madam 😂 then you can sue for divorce and claims part of his wealth. So you’ll be free from such a wretched man and his family, and rich too! What kind of husband is he? He never confirm your death but get married right away, what a jackass! But to begin with, he married you as a scapegoat. Did you forget? Ah well, not my story to tell 😅
Mighty game: 100% right in her place I tell miself:Im dead so they will not bother my enimore now I will start a new life withoud pain .
What is so difficult to script this ?!🤔🤔🤔😑😑😑
Nur Damia: ikr.. she just make a stupidest action.. like by mocking her enemies? then what? what is her plan then? I thought this story will begin to be a better storyline bcs she said she want to have a revenge.. but still no improvement at all.. she keeps making mistake and make others take advantage at her.. and also the ML is so stupid and slow af.. i should have drop this comic sooner.. I am very disappointed 😒😒
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