Arranged Marriage With A Billionaire

Arranged Marriage With A Billionaire

Arranged Marriage With A Billionaire
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Ok, at this point—actually since before but is now that I really feel like giving some feedback about it,— I think the story is all over the place and emotions are definitely wrong for the sequence of events that have been going on. It makes every character seem... senseless and with lack of empathy... very crazy sociopaths and psychopaths. It's been loosing logic. And if the plan is to blame the FL for QuinYa's death, well, the plot will have to get hella smart to make us sort of believe in that possibility because, I mean, she has a clear alibi. Moreover, someone mentioned in the comments that the relationship between the FL and ML makes no sense given her personality and his actions, I agree. She's suddenly wanting to be with him, when in reality this kind of story, given how is unfolding, will lead to a FL that ends up with a totally different man or alone. I find the ML's character unattractive, weak and gullible. Who would actually let the mom and women who continuously hurt your loved one live under the same roof, and not do anything about it but actually side with them? Also, most of the arguments between everyone are unnecessarily violent and somewhat repetitive, specially in the interactions between female characters. I was curious about how the story was going to play after the FL's discovery of the truth, but is loosing me ☹️...
Kossie😻: yea that story is messed up
Paris Arrojo: 1q111aqqqa1🖤1
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Tata's Mom 💜💕: the delulu language
Aditya Agarwal: what language is this
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Janice Lau
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Just Meh: It's not a language. It's just people spamming their keyboards
AVAF~♡: can someone explain to me what the actual fuck is going on here?
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My god when I read this chapter all I could think In my head was HYPOCRITE HYPOCRITE FREAKING HYPOCRITES!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Like FIRST OF ALL, I’m so GLAD the ML isn’t being stupid like he usually does, and actually didn’t believe the vomit-haired sister at all. She has some NERVES to call Lin Zhen the shameless one and try to deem her as a $lut that sleeps around, MEANWHILE she’s the homewrecking b*tch that stole her husband in the FIRST PLACE!! Like CHECK YOURSELF before you WRECK YOURSELF OKAY!? 😑

And Secondly, I’m also glad that the evil old hag got caught cheating on the stupid old fart. But he has the AUDACITY to get all mad about her cheating meanwhile he has a whole ass MISTRESS and a b@stard child along with it!?!? They’re two peas in a pod. Birds of a feather flock together 😤 bunch of HYPOCRITES!
j for justice 🤣🤣😜: Ok let’s refrain from calling the baby a bastard it’s not his fault his mom a hoe ass bitch and was sleeping with a married man just say step child
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“As Mrs. Guan, how could she be so shameless?”

SHAMELESS? B!tch, you’re the EPITOME of shameless!! Tf are you talking about? Have you not checked your mirror!? Pot calling the kettle black, much? 🤨

And EWWWWW 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮 that scene was so gross. I’m surprised Lin Zhen hasn’t shown any disgust on her face as she watched them do it on camera. Oh well you gotta have strong guts to be doing a good deed like she is 😑 hope she exposes them next chapter!

And looks like there’s more trouble coming with that puke haired sister lol her she’s gonna try to tell the ML that she’s cheating on him. Hopefully he won’t be as stupid as he usually is and believe her words without a second thought 😑
Veronica Grey: yea true i hope he’ll have trust in her not like the previous chapters where he just simply believes it and get mad 😕
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Princess Hinata
Manga toon, I always respected your app.. Your english translation is very good.. Your working style is really mind blowing. But I have recently noticed the sequences of the chapters are not been arranged in a right way. While uploading the chapters, you are skipping a lot of chapters between two chapters.. As a result, most of readers find it difficult to recognize and read the chapters in a perfect way..As a reader, I am also finding it inconvenience to read and recognize the chapters in a perfect way. So it would be better if you could pay more attention and upload the chapter by maintaing the sequences...
I am not complaning.. I have just expressed my own opinion so that the readers feel easy to read to chapters.. All the best wishes for manga toon.. Thank you...
Princess Hinata
This girl of the orange colour hair is really a good person. Later, she will sacrifice herself for lin zhen when fang qi will about to hit lin zhen, but she will loss her hearing power due to one ear..😫😫😫😫.
Later, this girl will also be r@ped by a number of bad guy, lin xiao wen will hire those bad boys to r@pe this orange hair girl...😓😒😒😞😭😭😭.. Lin xiao will be so jealous on this point that she will not tolerate the friendship between lin zhen and this girl that's why she will be so evill to hire these boys to harm this girl...😫😥😥😥
kyaaaaaashi: Spoilers without a warning 😭💁🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Princess Hinata: You are welcome...🙂🙂🙂
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luo yao Yao landuo
i am little bit agree with that old woman words "IF man can easily have affair or mistress of another woman then why the woman can do the same"
i mean ..why when the man have another woman. his girlfriend or wife should willingly accepted without protest but when the woman have lover (another man) why the man (her Boyfriend or husband) protest like crazy one

whether in this world just a man who have the right to do whatever they want and we our woman should keep silent not do anything

don't anything in this world should be balance one to each other

but ..however i still don't like the unfaithful couple .thats not my type
LMAO that green haired girl is so screwed! I bet the old man is gonna walk in conveniently at that time to see his bastard child dying before his eyes 😈

This was very well planned and calculated by Lin Zhen, I love how smart and ruthless she is! I admirehow she’s not those basic innocent virgin FLs who are expected to be a bunch of saints all the time, like nah it doesn’t work that way! A lot of the MLs are so abusive and treat the FL like trash, I think women leads can be just as capable of doing bad as the MLs.

I love how this isn’t the typical, cliche, stereotypical plot! Girl keep it going!! Teach those who wronged u a lesson 😈
Ugh again? Who in the world is managing the chapter releases? This is chapter 100, chapter 99 was skipped. They will probably fix it later but the worst part is that you guys will probably have to waste tickets to reread these chapters when they actually come up in the story.

Just a little insight on why this is happening — translations for ch 100, 103 and 109 were submitted and approved in advance of all the previous chapters because no one has submitted translations yet for the other chapters. I've been slowly working on it, making sure the oldest chapters are translated first so they can release it for you guys but someone has fallen behind and they haven't approved any translation for ch 99 yet.
Crazy Reader😁💖: Thank you for the Hard Work. We read and understand mangas in English because of translators like you
Blaze Knight: Thank you for your hard work
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They pulled this comic from the translator's workbench so I've kinda been missing working on this one but at least with their own staff working on it, we'll get faster releases instead of depending on user submitted translations.

I'm so happy the ML is fulfilling his promise he made a while back to believe in her before flying off the handle. He still needs a lot of work before he truly deserves her love but between chapter 99, where he comforted her and got the Lin shares from his mom and this one, where he believes in her over what other people say, he's starting to become a much better ML!
Princess Hinata
At first, Happy New Year ~2020 to all of the readers.
Now, let's talk about the main thing.. I was really surprised when I read the chapter. In this old age, how can these people be so energetic to do it..😑🙄😱😱😱???? The relationship is really complicated.. Lin zhen's step mother had @dultry with uncle fang and uncle fang's daughter had @dultry with lin's father...🤢🤮🤮🤮.. How can these people so nasty???.. My head is spinning... 😬😬
I am waiting for lin zhen's next revenge.. The way she will expose her step mother and send her to mental hospital...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jen Yi
Oh my God! This family needs help, prayers and all the things in the world. Like, where I am from they have that same BS. My mom would tell me, “It’s okay if a man cheats he’s a man, but you, the woman, they’re going to judge you and he’s going to leave you.” What BS is that? I’ll leave you first. You why I won’t forgive a man if he cheats on me because if I cheat on him, he’s going to leave me, no questions ask, nothing. Even if he was cheating on me too, he’s still going to leave. That’s such a BS.
Jen Yi: It pisses me off every time she says that and I’d get so angry about it. It’s not fair. It shouldn’t be like this. Like I have an older friend! Her husband cheated on her! People were like, “Oh Men will be men! Even though he cheats, you’re the one he loves, you’re the one he married.” And I was like “No, that is disrespectful” My friend is so faithful, respectful and loyal to her husband, it breaks my heart that those people....😭😭😭😭
Berryblue: I’m so sorry your mom would say that. African families I know how that is cause I’m african too
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nw i understand when people say when a women takes revenge even the devil wil sit down to take notes
Ikeera Coleman: Every woman and little girl has it in them once you turn it on only she can turn it off ya digg
Ahseyer Ovila: oh true
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Ewwwwww his fish lips 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮 aren’t they a bit TOO old to be doing these things!! So disgusting!!! The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree at all, I see where the dirty sl*t daughter of his learned all this adulterous garbage from 🤮!

This must be a good chance for Lin Shen to spill some tea and snitch them out if she takes some pictures of their adulterous relationship. I smell a lot of blackmailing coming soon in the next chapters 😈
Victoria Oluwafunmilola Olatunbosun: I thought I was going to vomit
tunangan chanyeol exo: ini rumit bener2 rumit.....!!!????
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I feel like I wanna climb through my phone and hug the shit out her then go beat the f*ck out of everyone who has and dares to hurt our cinnamon roll!!

    ^ ^
   / ・ิω・ิ ヽ
 _ノ ヽ ノ \_
/ `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ
(  (三ヽ人  /  |
| ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノ
   |( 王 ノ〈
  / ヽ_/  |
  | |
Deer Derf: me like
🌟Spidy~Senses🌟: Its okiee cuz with everyone elses help it will be easier to beat their asses! ☺
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nadiya channn
I see so many comments about saying that this is a horrible story, and don’t get wrong I don’t believe that anyone should be treated the way the fl gets treated, I also don’t like the harming of innocent children, but it’s just a story. Its not real and it will never be real. That’s what I love about stories, because they can be about whatever your little heart desires, it doesn’t have to be 100% realistic. I like this one, I think it’s really interesting. Im ready to see how it all plays out.
How evil and heartless does one have to be to able to pour scalding hot water on a CHILD!?? She deserves what happened, but it’s ridiculous how irritating the mistress and the old man is as well.

He can have affairs and even illegitimate children but she can’t? Lol if she’s promiscuous then what does that make you old man? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 you see, when you do clownery, the clown comes back to bite 🤡
One of best manga of this kind... I think only clear person here is her and her husband... she is doing what you they deserve which is good! Am i bad person when i think this way? I mean... She didn't kill anybody for time being 😅😅 i just hope her husband won't turn to someone bad..... 😞
Can’t blame them for figuring over here, she’s a very strong and witty woman! I love me a powerful female lead!

Honestly the ML has every right to be angry though, why is the brunette haired guy trying to speak for him as if he knows if he likes her or not? You’re trying to go after a MARRIED woman FFS! find someone that’s not taken, you look stupid and shameless doing that.

And I don’t even need to address that stupid ex husband. SCREW YOU AND LEAVE HER ALONE YOU DISGUSTING POS! Should’ve thought twice before killing your OWN CHILD that was in Lin Zhen’s womb! I hate him so much I hope Lin Zhen plans something juicy for him, he needs a good ol taste of KARMA! 😡🤬
ItzJen and ItzSaphire: I also dislike the husband for all he has done to her but I will say that I hate the husband.
king: that's what i call a better love story then twilight ( and a harem manga )
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