Demon God
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Demon God

Demon God
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Demon God Comics Online. Thousands of years ago, the immortal clan and demon clan were battling for the universe. To defend the peace and justice, the immortal clan created a mysterious legendary fighter, who blew himself up into thousands of pieces, floating in the world. And Lu Xiaofei inherit a piece of the fighter.

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i feel sad for Qi, she really loves the demon king but the present host is xiaotian who loves fei. :( Qi and Tian's chances for a relationship was long gone, and now the present is fei and xiaotian. i love the present too but feel sad about the queen Qi.
Monte Izanagi21: Who knows maybe I'll do you like a fusion thing or something either that or bring her back as a fellow clone and somehow make it materialized to when I want you put the soul in will do the whole Kingdom Hearts 3 thing where you have the replica all you need is to put the soul into a in all become a person
Miya: hahaha yeah!
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anime assassin
if this wasn't a mean worthy chapter I don't know what is I have so many for this LOL LOL LOL
hey can you stop drawing them they're annoying pota ina atop drawing the girls even though they're not girl friend of ml
Amer Fauzi Tayuan: wtf are u talking abott
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