Demon God
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Demon God

Demon God
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Demon God Comics Online. Thousands of years ago, the immortal clan and demon clan were battling for the universe. To defend the peace and justice, the immortal clan created a mysterious legendary fighter, who blew himself up into thousands of pieces, floating in the world. And Lu Xiaofei inherit a piece of the fighter.

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Hottest Comments
yuvraj singh
if someone has seen KGF movie.... people who comes in a gang are gangsters but the one who goes solo on a gang is a monster (South Indian hero)😹 Salam Rocky bhai(metaphor for MC) ... ho boy!! can't wait
yuvraj singh: of course after all his competitor is South Indian hero
Cool Guy: Seen it. Good comparison but our Mc is a little less of a maniac.
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Kristianto Taslim
that guy I almost make retort he is told to be a student but it's he is... he already 40. just how many time did he repelled by school.

the president's personality are totally f*cked so do The MC.
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
i remember this woman..he was with lord shiyu when they went on a mission of tracking demons ..she was the sniper of the team😂...and also ive seen what the MC said..he said he envy them because they were born with silver spoon?

LOL are you serious? mah boi! not only you are blessed but also born with a golden spoon!!! yes thats right! because youre he host of he inborn soul of the monkey king!😂
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