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Movie King and His Princess

Ok so she’s reborn too like in those other comics and a lot of you guys already guessed it right from the past episodes. I even seen comments about it from before but I didn’t believed it. I also remember one commenter guessed it and PanDa replied to it with emojis but He/she didn’t really denied it or confirmed it so I still didn’t believed it at that time but now after reading this it is now clear that she was reborn.

So here’s my theory: TianYing actually love gumian in her previous life(because remember in their childhood tianying wants to marry gumian) but he cheated on her and used her and stole all of her inhertance and killed her brother and parents? I think?

So now in this present life she is using Yuanchi to block all of gumian’s plans in taking over her family wealth, thats why in the last episode tianying said to Yuanchi in this life I want to borrow your strength to fight against gumian. So in short, she is using Yuanchi to oppose gumian to change her fate this time....but i think she has already fallen in love with yuanchi that’s why she sometimes look sad when yuanchi is starting to recover from his illness, because she felt like the puppy that she adopted is starting to become independent and she has also fallen in love with him...
Anonymous: I get what u mean
But am kinda confused
Nobody can regain the memories from their past life so that means Yuan chan's mom tried to kill him in this life.

So how is he still alive?
(´⊙ω⊙`): I just hope my theory is correct. I am still curious. Wish they will have upsree on this
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How sweet of them 😂💕 I remember when someone bullying my brother and I am the one who's protecting him to those bad guys for him. We came from a broken family. We're just two of us siblings and we are just relying to each other—I mean my brother is the only one who is relying on me. We have this brother and sister bond that no one can break until now. We're just 1 year difference in our birth year but he's too complicated and childish that's why I am the only one who can fight back and stood up for him. Right now he's very tall than me and I really hate it 😭😂. I'm the kind of a person who is selfless but caring to other people. I'm too kind but when it comes to my love one's I can be bold, savage or bad if someone is hurting them. I will forgive them but I won't forget what they have done. In my very young age I can understand our situation and I become responsible and understanding. They thought that I am a lesbian because of my behavior but they don't really know that my hobby are looking or staring to those handsome boys wherever I am 😂😅 I still can remember that no one wants to bully me because I am the one who's bullying to those bully specially in our school. I don't care if someone hates me because I only care to those people who loves and care for me, worthy of my care and love. But sometimes you need to be weak and rely to someone so that you will know who is can be trusted and won't leave you specially when you are in your worse 😊👍🏻
runari💛😂: i see your not really fluet with it, but you can learn it after reading so much english comic but make sure to have a merriam webster with you😂for me im good at it but im not that good at spelling because when i set a time to learn spelling i'm always slacking off hahaha because i love to read magga and comics as well as watching anime movies so im always slacking off😂
runari💛😂: i see your not really fluet with it, but you can learn it after reading so much english comic but make sure to have a merriam webster with you😂for me im good at it but im not that good at spelling because when i set a time to learn spelling i'm always slacking off hahaha because i love to read magga and comics as well as watching anime movies so im always slacking off😂
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and here is another parent trying to kill him 😖 could someone life be more miserable 😢😢 they all have no hearts at all well now it makes sense bec. i thought that his eyes doesn't look like his father and he doesn't look like his red haired mother either so it seems that the two sons were switched by the red haired mistress to make her own son the family heir that's why when she was watching him on play the piano on t.v with our poor hero she was smiling and told him you are the dirt on the ground and he is the stars never forget that
i thought god she is crazy who would tell his own son something like this 😲
and when he finally he found his real mother and thought he may finally be loved the moment she knew that the mistress has raised him to be useless and made him sick she merciless tried to kill him 😥😥😥😥😥 his story is a complete tragedy and so much saddness 😭😭😭 i want to see all this people bankrupt and in jail
💙GetChu💙: Thank u now i understand it
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Mr. Bad Sandwich
well~but I do get along with my Lil sis but she a bit weird evrytime she see's me she will hug me and all I have to do is just playing with him......don't get weird cuz I'm almost 20 and she still 5 year old she just a kid is that impossible.........weird right I'm trying to ask my mom did she adopt Stella (Stella is ma lil sis name)but I'm a bit scared to ask don't now why.....but still she weird.....and...she sweet......she always see me as a father (am I that old pufft) my older sis said "wow how can't a good looking guy being toying around by a kids)that the reason why I hate my older sis.....well~it's feel a bit awkward sometime cuz people always mistake me as a married guy even though my face still young that why I don't really wanna go out with Stella but she just a kids she also want to play around like us when we were a kids right.......many people mumbling about me everytime im with stella but who care.
Mr. Bad Sandwich : HHaha yes you are😂😂😅😅
✨Lyza✨: Haha, I'm silly 😝
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Omg! How tragic! His own biological mother tried to kill him... 😭😭 So in a nut shell, Yuan Chi is not the illegitimate son but Gu Mian is. Yuan Chi’s known mother (the mistress actress) switched the babies, so I’m guessing Gu Mian is the biological son of Yuan Fu (the actress/mistress)but Gu Mian grew up as a fine young man being raised in a wealthy family showered with all the love while Yuan Chi grew up being abused. No wonder Yuan Chi was always compared to Gu Mian by his “known” mother... his own biological mother is such a coward! Not worthy to be called his mom... poor guy!... No wonder Yuan Chi has the medallion that came from the Gu family. His a legit Gu.
Oppa ❤️
What the f?! I actually looked for that chapter when tianying was drunk and said something about how she wont let gumian have a chance to hurt her again, then i went back to that chapter too where they are showing tianying crying and someone was dead, so that means the brother was dead in her previous life and now she’s reborn to change that! My god! Now it makes all sense why she hates that blondie
Daddy_Licious: Wdym you got bullied?
basae: yes there ep. I guest some opinion and there I got bully comment so I delete it 😔
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Nadia Klaruza
The Fake mom (Yuan Fu) Switch their son because she want her real son (Gu Mian) to Inherit the gu family, and Yuan Chi Rral mother (Yuan Fu) try to kill him because he's useless, (If she has to pick between Gu Mian who is amazing and Yuan chi who has MSA she will choose GM) so no one will threaten her position in the Gu Family. In the end Gu Mian real mother (Yuan Fu) died so no one can threaten Shen Jia status as Mrs.Gu

that's my conclusion so far
Dian Nita: But why is his father never love Yuan Chi?
Because Yuan Fu or Shen Jia?! The Gu Family have much of mistery and secret problems.
Nadia Klaruza: *Yuan chi Real mother is Shen Jia
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Asina Farooq
why parents kill there own child in forigen country one mother can't even love single child as foreign contrise has a rule that a family can have only 2 child while in my country one mother have 7 ,9 childs but those mother never abonded there own childed even they are dying mother looked after them thanks to Allah my country is much batter then those coutrise where women works all the time and abonded child for money.
if anyone got problem from my msg so i can only say sorry
Asina Farooq: yeah right
Toka Saphira : I know alot of families with 8 to 14 kids where I live, both poor and those that have enough money to live comfortable. Unfortunately, most very rich families only choose to have 1 or 2 kids, and I'm not sure why.
In these specific families the children are born, others are adopted, or a mix, but there are no step-siblings or step-parents.

As with my own 4 children, we love and cherish our kids. We truly wish to guide & train them in the way they should go.

Every culture has is good and bad points, yet we may be biased to our own. Until we truly understand the culture we should step back and ask,
1."is this a individual choice, or rooted in that cultural"?
2. "why has this individual made that choice? what events lead them to feel it is necessary?"
"what caused this to be spread so much in this culture? why do so many people feel this way?

simple answers like greed, lust, pride, and other sins are too easy. We should take time to see why they feel these actions are acceptable behavior.

I understand you value your culture, that's good, let's see why others value their own, misguided or not.
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After reading and seeing all of this, how i wish that the real mother and all people that hurt him have bad ending asap😡 Poor Yuan Chi😥 Anyway, now i know why his mother (the fake mother) treated him so cruelly like that🤔 But still, I'm a little curious why his mother harmed him even though he was her real child, even a tiger wouldn't eat its cub and in this case, of course it wasn't Yuan Chi's fault at all🤔🤔 In my opinion, He was just unlucky to meet many people who didn't want his existence in this world😥😥

Thanks for the update😊😊😊
Bluebutterfly: it's also one that I thought of first but then I'm more confused🤔🤔 so, let's look forward for the next update soon🙂
2002TQ97: I have a feeling that the person who switched them at birth wasn’t the fake mother the real one because yuan chi is the son of her and another guy
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Pan Da
Mangatoons strike again. I see what you did there. You change my translation again and every time there’s always some grammar mistake....sigh..... I don’t know if you’re just doing it on purpose or what. I could understand if you’re editing/changing it to make it better, but just why like that? I’ve had enough. I’m getting bored with this anyway. I’ll just give it to you here.
hannah kim: i also appriciate all the translators hard works
hannah kim: i did not know about that so thats why sometimes when i read i could not understand what they are saying. so thats why now i know that the translaotrs words are jumbled together. im sorry to hear that ur quitting, u were doing so well. and i dont blame you if u want to quit i mean its their job to correct translators works before they upload but instead they make it worse. so thats why now i know and i also like to let u know that i also apprecite all ur hardwork
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Miyawaki Chae Yeon
I have an elder brother actually we don’t show our cautious to each other
I never said him “I love you “ and he either
but I do love my brother somehow if he feel smth bad feeling or problems I want to comfort & protect to my brother .
And I’m always behind him do matter what he want .we were so close when we were young but now I’m 19 & he also tune 26 .he lives on his own do his job sometimes he comes home stay 4 or 5 days .Even we don’t talk over 1 year whenever he come back home we still close as ever before .My brother he is not handsome ,Wealthy but still one of my favorite person
✨Lyza✨: My brother is 23 but still says I love u to us his little sisters, mother and brother
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fiona mead
I knew it. She reincarnated or something like that, coz she mentioned from the previous chapter in this life and here she says in his previous life. Maybe she was reborn to take revenge against the Gu family so that’s why she doesn’t like Gumian.
This is the 1st time I am thankful he is there.

Ok, ok, Dnt offend me so quickly, budies 😂😂.. It didnt mean I like him being so sticking with our FL.. But, the fact that he is indeed help her...

Right? Suddenly I have a bad feeling, he wont take advantage of her after this, right? Hope I right.. 😅
Rose 🌹 Empress
Hell with the Art ruined the whole story, really irresponsible thing you did illustrator, why when the story was one of the top ones you had to do this and i checked the drawings will keep getting low graded, I AM OUT OF HERE! So Sorry But Such A WASTE OF MONEY
R: I noticed the art quality lowered too! 😢 Very sad about that.
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Sylvie Faye
man he was abuse by both his mother's at this point, his biological one even tried to kill him. I don't blame him for wanting to forget that type of trauma, I don't want to know what would of happened if I was I'm his shoes. Yuan chi, hang in there buddy! you have people who are rooting for you!
Jimin is a living mochi
This is the most beautiful episode...
So far we saw the ML and how his past made him this way and some of the FL's past and her attitude...
but in this episode we see how lonely she is and how she needs him as much as he needs her...she is strong and brave but sometimes those people also wish for someone to lean on, to have by their side
hannah kim
Now i understand why that woman( the fake mom) look so proud while watching gumian playing the piano. So thats why she was so harsh against yuanchi. She wants her real son to get all the credit and inherit that gu guys wealth! But im confused why would yuanchis mother try to kill him? 🤔
Takara Drayton: its because Yuan Chi's birth mom sees him as a defective, useless, broken toy., and what do you do with broken toys? you get rid of them. And that's exactly what she end up doing.....the heartless bitch.😑
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Argh I don't know who to ship,I love him but I also feel sad for the other man. Like can you imagine,what if the story is focus at other man(yellow hair iforgot his name),He like her but she refuse him,of course we hate her because she refuse
. So the point is I don't know who to ship urghhh😭
Sadako: Yuan Chi and Tian Ting of course... Gu Mian (blonde guy) is just using her. Did you forget what Gu Mian said at the party when Tian Ying was unconscious? Tian Ying is just his tool.
Ella San: he really did fall for her idiot
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Jimin's Blue Mold
RIP NICE ARTWORK! I MEAN WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE ARTISTS? TAKE YOUR TIME MAN! JUST DON'T RUIN THE ART LIKE THAT. ESPECIALLY THE EYES. Even if readers demand more chapter ruining the art for that reason is like giving food out of a trash can of a five star restaurant when the chefs are slow. Take. Your. Time.
Scarlet D
I feel angry when I am readinf this. I really love male lead and concept of him being cared by fL. But female hero here is disgusting. She plays with mental disabled person life, call him a dog and threat him as a tool and toy just for prove something to her "fiance". This girl is so dosgusting.
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