Movie King and His Princess
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Movie King and His Princess

Movie King and His Princess
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Im so depressed right now and seeing this chapter even makes me more depressed to the point im giving up life..but i can still manage...i can feel how the mc is feeling he is so lost right now in the world leaving nothing behind but a hole in his heart so deep like an abyss that glances at the chasms of the void...his only hope right now is the female lead she is his only guiding light to turn back into the world of warmth where he can feel happiness and be loved ..she is her one and only saviour ..and also the fl although she doesnt realized it yet but sooner or later she will feel that they both needed each other in order to survive in this cruel world
Darkseid: I already tried to kill myself then my friend stopped me
Darkseid: I know your pain
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What I'm see is that everyone is asking if they have a brother like that I have but I have two younger than me by one year n the other is by 5 years n both of them r game freaks but the one that is 1 year younger don't like know guys that does call me when we go out, he says its very annoying.
It would be great to have an older brother like that but sadly I'm the oldest.

Dude I understand where your coming from on all levels n I don't give u any wrong in doing that but u know you'll have to like her go sometime or now. U don't have to worry so much no more she found a guy that loves her with every part of his body, n your very strong in every aspect so y don't need to worry about anything. Just saying IF, emphasis on IF, if he breaks her heart n makes her cry n you'll be able to kill him in the most brutal way but I know if that happen you'll kill him n punish your self for letting her fall in love.
This is all just IFs, I hope nothing like that happen though, but I know it won't happen with the ml we have now.
Dude just have a peaceful conversation, for her sake.
Crazy update crazy update crazy update
Laisa💖💋😍💋💖🤘: what????
Anonymous: a

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"Ye Tian Ying, you are my trump card to get into the Ye family."

Me: TRUMP! Lol😂

The French translator: Oh! Désolé! je me suis TRUMPé!!!🤣🤣🤣
*Oh! Sorry! I was wrong! (The joke can't be made in English🤷‍♀️ So just the ppl who talk French can understand)

K K! It wasn't funny at all so... Bye! Thx for reading!

PS: I know u didn't understood... ;-;
Unicorn-san: Are we talking about Donald Trump here? xD
lolo joly: vs aitent vrm nul en anglais. en tt qu'à moi chu canadienne😂😂😂oups je me suis trumpé😂😂😉
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I was hoping he would fire her right then sigh But at least he let her know he's on to her schemes, I hope he doesn't fall for them later though.
Thank goodness the uncle isn't so bad as to harm his own family but still I hope he'll come clean to Tian Zhi about it.Hehe Tian Ying will surely succeed her brother well.I just hope she won't hang that much on Yuan Chi at the time being and protect him from aside.That'll lwt her see Gu Mian's tricks.
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
did she just lost someone precious to her? thats why shes afraid of recognizing someone in her heart again? but from what im seeing shes slowly hooked into tian ying yet shes still denying it thats why shes getting jelous sometimes..shes confused of her true feelings but deep down we all know thats she wants tian ying😁 i hope tian ying notices it too cuz this guy is way too emo😆
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Finally one of the good supporting guys! thank you author😁 from what i see only the female lead can bring out mc's true acting skill if shes paired with him on a studio ...and maybe the girl who felt being ignored by yuan chi will be shocked as to how he will say it all aloud in the act together with him thinking its all his real expressions that he wanna say to her😆
Rameen Iqbal Ahmed
if you really love someone then try and share your problems with the them or confront them if you get to know something about them!!! don't act on your assumptions for God sake !!!
Cherry Blossoms
I don't get good vibes from this green haired girl first meeting with ml and she's already so blushy I wish the elder brother gave ml a more matured and older manager and he said 'what will people think if you were dating ur manager' then let me ask you what will people think if manager falls in love with actor
Yes.. You are annoying.. Even we are reader feels you annoying, of course YuanChi feel even worse.
I stayed up all last night reading this because I loved the story but now it is a bit boring. Main characters' hair color is brightening and their eyes is not charismatic anymore. I loved the bossy, smart and bad ass Tian Ying. She is now kinda annoying and stupid. I don't know if I should drop or read 😞
Novel Romantis
hahahha...our heorine is really brave and dominering. this story Will end on chapter 100, happy ending, Yuan chi Will win the award. I read it Chinese version.
shuhua.aa: no, it will be on chapter 83
i m toxic . so what?: ppl nowadays easily spoil everything without "spoiler alert" . such a sin
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Cherry Blossoms
oh bich even if he is your artist you aren't the one who made him grow to the man he is today and you don't have the right to meddle with his affairs cuz you're just a manager and also why he didn't put a lock...
eeeewwwwwww yuck so gross ......
you ugly old man if you dare to touch him you are gonna die
You know the feeling when I like to suddenly appear in the manga and shout on top of the building who's the villain. i'm that carried away, yes. green hair and gu miyan is way annoying
eeewwwwwwwwwwww DISGUSTING 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮.
My whole stomach turned after seeing that panel
Bindu Bantawa Rai
ya it is so good to have a brother like that

I am lucky to have a brother like that
he love me care for me cry for me even smile for me
he is the one who rise me support me and educated me after mother dead

I love him the most he is the bless god given to me
Arup jena INDIAN ANIME LOVER ♥️♥️♥️
hmm it makes sense now in her previous life mr. fake gu destroyed her life and even killl her brother . so in this time she refused to be with mr. fake gu cause she recalled what happened her previous time and luckily this time she encounter with the real mr. gu
I know what will happen next and next until it's finished..... It just have 83 chapters so yeah, the ending is the start so I already know the ending.....
ѕтαяяу αzzу: YES PLEASE
Lana--Nat: where should we read this!?? how do u know the ending... please tell me fastt
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Wow seeems Tian Ying had nothing be worried about after all.It seems that woman was the one who was in love with Yuan Chi and not the other way around.But seems he died too!! It goes without saying that evwn tho Tian Ying and Gu Mian are both reborn, Gu Mian knows more than Tian Ying since Tian Ying died early.
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