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Movie King and His Princess

He looks so cute and innocent when he said that "are we not couple". Her brother is really a big jerk and What should i say's all the bad word goes to him.Although he is damn handsome and cute but is a assh*le. I really hate these kind of family where women has no value. Only men get heiress and think women are made for pleasing dick and birth kids for them"oh yes only male kids" and raise them. That's it. How horrible they are. That lunatic bastards don't even think for a second that if there was woman then how would they come here.Just men get salary and women don't get then men would see that how hard house wives do. Even though we live in 21 century but still women didn't get their proper right. Even in this time many companies don't take female employees. How much we hard work they don't want to give us credit cause they think we are weak. "humh" but they don't know that if a man break 2 bone then become hero to everyone but when a woman give birth to a child she feel like breaking 20 bones. When will women get their equal rights.That's why i love Loren Grey's "Queen" song. whatever I just said true words if you mind it's your problem not mine.
c a p t a i n B R O N X E: In some country.. there are more population of woman than a man.. in the future.. one man can have 10 wives also.. its a nature that man most needed than a woman in that case... but, it doesn't mean woman is useless.. there are more dead man who mean to protect a woman.. and nowadays.. woman get more success than a man in education and jobs.. just in some places.. woman are treat unfairly.. and there are places where a guys having treat bad than a woman too..
Leaving bit by bit: As in Ritsuka Tachibana from Dance with the Devils?! You're cool! And great work with the translation girl!
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I don't understand these irresponsible fathers. I mean, if they REALLY don't want to father a child, WHY THE F*CK SHOULD YOU BE INTIMATE WITH SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE ONE YOU WANT TO BEAR YOUR CHILD?! I understand that it's not guaranteed to have a child after sex, but aren't there contraceptives? They shouldn't go blaming the child. It's the parents' fault to begin with. If Gu TianXing loved his wife sooo much, why the hell did he do sex with Yuan Fu?😤
Comic_Lover: Yep that's the point.
KeepOnSailing: Well already is abit of backstory is revealed, maybe in one of the episodes it will be revealed but all we can do is look out for it.
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Ewwwwww... The blue haired lady is so ugly. Must be shameless as well. Who does she think she is?! Who ever hired her must be crazy.
OMGMANGALOL: I know right
thunderrrrr: i will surely receive a lot of hate through this but the blue haired girl is pretty
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Betelgeuse 👻
he's not mentally ill He just have unique way of thinking🤣🤣🤣
Uganda from Uganda Management Institute : he's special 😂😂
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Jizna Suja Rajan
if i get to see that mother of his i would just skinnher alive brush all over her exposed flesh with the world's spiciest chilli paste ever.if she cant handle her kid why did she get pregnant.i know its just a story but back at my state just coz of a mother's negligence a 6yr old boy was beaten brutally admitted to hospital.he was beaten to such a way that doctors told the relatives that the internal organs are nearly pulp.he died a very painful death.the younger brother of 4yrs told the police that it was mother's lover who did it and she was supporting him.
Jizna Suja Rajan: not from Rajasthan.Im from Kerala.
Anonymous: rajasthan??
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Aurora Borealis: It’s just 6th sense
We will see in chapters that are yet to come
Anonymous: @ SMH PEOPLE
maybe ur right...
Let's wait and see🙂
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Ngoc Mmy
That purple haired girl better back off he is taken by someone else 🤡
Aurora Borealis: I do agree
RaHayne Angelique: Love the pic lol
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Loretta Lynn
ok ... how to say this ans not offend people...
people he doesn't have MSA . Not by what ive read. he has a severe mental disorder like a sorta constant ptsd cause of what he went through as a child.
his only problem seems to be interactions with people and his thoughts.... nothing if which is describing MSA
iiVKoriXii: Thank you.
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just my opinion ....
i think 🤔 that mr. gu is gu mians father (its obvious right??) and gu mian and yuan fu are half brother dont you think so??? cause remember the chapter
when yuan chi said her mom is bringing different guys at home?? and that fat guy said no wonder gu tianxing (idk if it the right name) left you!!! i just got confused 🤷‍♀️ when mr. gu showed up so i connect the dots in my struggling brain 🧠
and thats the outcome

just my opinion
just guessing
MangaToon 2: Like Pan Da said, expect more confusion
Kim Taehyung: You got me confused
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Lets Kill
ahhhhh finally she's jealous of that blue haired girl but still wanna act all high and mighty and treat him as his dog but she genuinely cares and loves him so that's the main reason i wanna ship them
hope she finally shows and understand what she really feels for him
Anime Is maw life
Okay I am pissed why does almost every good series lock their chapters???! Honestly I love this comic but I don’t have coins and I can’t pay for them ether. I can understand if it was locked from the start but locking it out of blue is unfair
Sophie Chavez: Not always sometimes it doesn’t let you
Katelyn Wells: you can watch videos to open next episode.
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Anjalica Suman
she surely is planted by that gu guy so that yuan chi won't develop a relationship with our lead 😂😒😰😱
Anjalica Suman: i wish that would be true 😯
KeepOnSailing: To me, Yuan Chi is not the person to easily stray away from the main lead as by the looks of it from the past chapters, it's hard to gain his trust.
So it would take alot more than blue hair lady saving him from a crowd to gain his trust.
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Scheming yellow haired guy, I don't even want to memorize your name cuz I don't really like you from the start because the marriage is just to gain more and she really doesn't like or gonna love you so just stop bothering them please 😒
Vang Doua: Lmao!!! I though I was the only one who doesn’t know his name or care enough to remember it. Lmao! I guess I am not alone lol! But yeah stop trying dud, she ain’t gonna love u or fall for you. She needs someone real not a two face scumbag lol!
ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ: YEAHH I AGREE N I also dunno his name 😂
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I wish this purple just help the lead but please I don’t want her the so called third wheel aka antagonist🙄
Neko Chan🌸
She is pretty.. I mean that Blue hair girl.. but of course she will be a villain character.. hahahaha so wait n see.. but I really want to see Yuan Chi to spit at her (its sign for say hello) 😂😂 but well.. our FL already told him not to that again.. so hmmm... okay fine
Flavia Nobrega
“Why are you taking your clothes off?”

shawnXlayla: oh maybe because he already seen her body and he need to show his body to her?? lol i hope nope😂
Aiko/V-BTS😏: Yea what does it mean?
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Exo-L × chansoo❤
"you're so noisy" -yeah that's my boy😆.. and that girl is really annoying.. Hope she won't ruin my ship😤...
I thought he will kiss her.. aah my poor heart..
she blushed 😊...
Alive since forever
Well I just searched a little about MSA - multiple system atrophy... and there is no permanent cure yet... and a person live for about 7 to 10 years after getting this... is he really suffering from this😢😢
finally atleast she calls her something other than "loyal dog"that name was really annoying 😆😆😆😆
Serenity Ashley
Isnt that last slide from a certain anime show and i would be pissed if someone spit in my face too. Shoot i would probably break they neck sayin "night night n*gga" in a really deep man voice.😌😈👿
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