Boss's Very Hot Summer
Romance / CEO / Completed

Boss's Very Hot Summer

Boss's Very Hot Summer
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Viviana J. Willamson
You both are completely clothed 🤔 What child are you talking about? 🤣🤣😅
sheena36248841: Have they release yet the second season ?
Liya Khan: Its not the end there a second season
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Jana Rashwan
Aubery don't worry ur brother is not dead he just moved to another manga... I'm sure his your brother cuz you both act the same way in every moment also Nina don't worry we found your sister and you're not the only one who is alive from ur family and also you both act also the same way in EVERY moment..... Don't worry guy we will manga discuss meeting and you'll visit each other... Don't worry ur not alone anymore
sunshxne die: OMG YEAH SJCJCKV
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Black dragon
This is just my honest opinion. I feel like yiru should be with Bai. My opinion:
* Bai can take care of yiru and protect her even if he has to give away his life.
Qi cannot protect her, besides he causes more trouble for her.
* Bai respects yiru's opinions and doesn't do anything without her consent. (atleast that was the case until the kiss)
Qi does whatever he wants, doesn't care about other's opinions.
* Bai takes care of yiru.
Qi takes care of her too.
* Both love her.
* Bai is caring.
Qi is possesive.
* Yiru loves Bai like a friend??? Or a lover???
Yiru has forgotten Qi.
So, I think Bai is better. Whoever thinks the same, please leave a comment.
꧁❀Aᴄᴋᴇʀᴍᴀɴɴ❀꧂: Agree
Black dragon: Well, I am not against your opinion but from my point of view... Qi left her and chose his fiancee over yiru is because he couldn't protect her. Even at last, Qi could not PROTECT her from his dad's gun... But then he took the bullet and all. No offense... it's my opinion.
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I wanna share this tought of mine haha, I think,he knew the intention of that black haired girl. In the first place,we all know that Mr. Qi loves Ms. Gu, and we all also know that, Bai is falling for Ms. Gu(also ms. Gu is falling for Bai) BUT! Bai once said that he can't stay forever with Ms. Gu,it's because, if one day, Ms. Gu's memories are back and wants to go back to Mr. Qi(wich I wish would not happen)he(bai)will let go of her to make her happy.

What I want to be the plot now is that, Bai will live a happy life with Ms. Gu, and Mr. Qi, let's her go, because he know his fault AND I wish he would find the real girl he likes in the past(because, in the present, he loves Ms. Gu) I hope that Ms. Gu,will clarify things to Mr. Qi, I hope, Mr. Qi, will lead a happy life with the woman she loves. But if the story ends that Mr. Qi and Ms. Gu will be together, and Bai will find his happines, it's okay,but Bai and Ms. Gu,SHOULD be together.
GOTTA SHUSH UP BRIGHT.V.C AIN'T YOURS: 💔💔💔nowww what i said has all gone to vain
comic ended n she ends up with no one😱
what mann....
ig its better that way...
karma 😈: wish it happens tat way. Bai and Ms Gu r made 4 each other😊 😊 😊
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Wafaa Elgouhary
first you have changed the painting so much it doesn't look like the previous chapters and the story became so nonsense from ch 45 I mean how could he treat the person that he loves like this , how could he see her suffering without doing any thing even if he afraid about her from his father he should have let her go , and you didn't explain who is the girl that the female lead looks like , in the beginning the story was good . the painting was beautiful but you missed every thing .I'm really disappointed
ユリハジメ: I'm relieved she ended up with Qi though? Gu Yiru was never liked Bai to begin with.
black killer: I mean I'm kinda sad about the ending but it's their chose so I think you should chill and look at it from another perspective.
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cloud sky
What it's already the ending? I taught something was going to be exposed right? I think Mr. Qi was with Miss Gu back then they are still young, I guess that they are the child sweethearts on the picture, and that Sam must pay the crime that he did and even the that Miss Ji must pay for what he did, it's her fault that Miss Gu and Boss Qi had a misunderstanding and leads to an amnesia to our dear miss Gu. It should have be an happy ending I hope it has season 2. It's great story after all but the ending is quite a disappoinment but I will fell good if has a 2nd season dear author😊.
sheena36248841: Is there any continuing? I’ve been spending all night to finished till the end and the ending was not that satisfy!!
Carson beer: Ohmanhua. Com
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Janie Redington
He really should have just told her what was going on so it would be mentally a little easier for her. I also understand why he is keeping her there (either one of his fathers conditions or it’s to keep her safe from his father the best way he can) and I know why he is putting up this show with this woman. I still think that if he knew she tried to kill herself once and accepted her possible death another time; he would not make her stay and watch him pretend with this woman and possibly lose her because of mental instability. If this happened to me; I don’t think I could get back with him later after watching him with that woman (which we all know will more than likely happen since that’s how these stories go).
Secret_Crown🦄💙❄: hey i bet we all want a happy and proper ending..... there is no way the story is completed yet
Elmira A.: exactly what I thought
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CloudWrath D
dafuq!!. i thought gu will remember qi at the end, so she will rush to the wedding to fix things up.. Season2 is coming.
imisen: am really looking forward..
imisen: really?? 😄😄 season 2 is coming??? when???
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Grunge bisss
Wtf ending is this now?! I've seen lots of trashy endings but this one is the worst I swear. Thank God I skipped all chapters. I totally saved my time
Screw me!!: i skipped too
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Oh so he's a stalker type...kinda creepy but also kind of sweet in a way? and wow for 5 years??!! seems legit 😅😂...also he's almost like a yandere type too...without the reddish-dark-murder eyes and killing stuff (not sure about the last one though)
TXTOR • TÔT: He’s the over-protective type too. He would do ANYTHING.
shelbeans: Agreed
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i cant hold anymore . gu yiru come to me i will make u happy . i will draw a happiness for u .😤 i cant scroll and see u being treat like this 😞
Bella: Love has its limits too! Ml is being so ridiculous. One moment he’s like oh I love you don’t leave me and the next moment you are nothing but a maid
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Hatake Kakashi
Nonsense! 15 pills??? Even the most dumb person would know that is drug overdose!!!
I know this is just a story but please be more realistic!
Amy: Exactly.. 15 pills at a time?? So dumb
Katz Gun: and that stupid man didnt realise doh...
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Alex Deolaso Berame
at the end i still like bai.. bai is still my ship.. untill
the end...
sigh.......this is all I have to say if someone of you guys can understand........SANA ALL😭😭😭 I wish i have a love triangle😭😭 I'm so jealous😞😞
maytamaakoo!!_안겔: Yun lang talaga masasabi naten🥺🥺🥺
Kimshe Balbino Antonio: tlga mapapa sanaol na lng tayo
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come on boys just stop your stupid fight otherwise I gonna kill you two
anime is my life: you savage
SHIPPER_FANGIRL: What?! No! Let’s steal em . It’s better
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I'm speechless to Bai's handsomeness even though he is handsome from beginning but he is so different Bai now
Army Sanju💜BIG FAMILY💜: Hi Guys! I'm writing my first chat novel "BTS and Foreign Army". I hope you will visit it and give me your support and reviews.💜💜💜
Anonymous: I forgot how much I missed him. And that new haircut makes him more dreamy yet confident!
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Muhammad Nail Irfan Bin Sasuhilmy
i take my time just to see this ending
Are you kidding me author
"i willl responsibility for the child" 😂 OMAIGAD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . is he want a baby with gu? lol
Jaena Gambito

First day of work but she already messed it up!
Lily1234 😎: yaa! and this is how the drama begins 😂😂😂😂
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Clarrise Ann Ocampo
mga ghorl mas gentle si bai!!!nuba! HAHAHAHAHAH per sa huli ;<
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