Boss's Very Hot Summer
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Boss's Very Hot Summer

Boss's Very Hot Summer
I wanna share this tought of mine haha, I think,he knew the intention of that black haired girl. In the first place,we all know that Mr. Qi loves Ms. Gu, and we all also know that, Bai is falling for Ms. Gu(also ms. Gu is falling for Bai) BUT! Bai once said that he can't stay forever with Ms. Gu,it's because, if one day, Ms. Gu's memories are back and wants to go back to Mr. Qi(wich I wish would not happen)he(bai)will let go of her to make her happy.

What I want to be the plot now is that, Bai will live a happy life with Ms. Gu, and Mr. Qi, let's her go, because he know his fault AND I wish he would find the real girl he likes in the past(because, in the present, he loves Ms. Gu) I hope that Ms. Gu,will clarify things to Mr. Qi, I hope, Mr. Qi, will lead a happy life with the woman she loves. But if the story ends that Mr. Qi and Ms. Gu will be together, and Bai will find his happines, it's okay,but Bai and Ms. Gu,SHOULD be together.
Afrin Akter: Why Author end this story incompletely??????Why why???
karma 😈: I am there with you it's better if Bai and Yuri are together
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Black dragon
This is just my honest opinion. I feel like yiru should be with Bai. My opinion:
* Bai can take care of yiru and protect her even if he has to give away his life.
Qi cannot protect her, besides he causes more trouble for her.
* Bai respects yiru's opinions and doesn't do anything without her consent. (atleast that was the case until the kiss)
Qi does whatever he wants, doesn't care about other's opinions.
* Bai takes care of yiru.
Qi takes care of her too.
* Both love her.
* Bai is caring.
Qi is possesive.
* Yiru loves Bai like a friend??? Or a lover???
Yiru has forgotten Qi.
So, I think Bai is better. Whoever thinks the same, please leave a comment.
Aubrengoottss: I'm confused but I agree that yuri should choose bai. those this have a s2 this story leave me unsatisfied a lot of questions but it doesn't have an answer
Marujel Elquinto Lagansua: I think this manga sucks lots of sequels and question but theres no answer the ending didnt satisfy dont write again
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Janie Redington
He really should have just told her what was going on so it would be mentally a little easier for her. I also understand why he is keeping her there (either one of his fathers conditions or it’s to keep her safe from his father the best way he can) and I know why he is putting up this show with this woman. I still think that if he knew she tried to kill herself once and accepted her possible death another time; he would not make her stay and watch him pretend with this woman and possibly lose her because of mental instability. If this happened to me; I don’t think I could get back with him later after watching him with that woman (which we all know will more than likely happen since that’s how these stories go).
Elmira A.: exactly what I thought
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Snow Bunny
GOSH!! Why is everyone still blaming on Qi?? Even after knowing his reason??! Actually to me, i am so dissapointed at Bai, though he is nice and kind and cool, and so on...but Bai, you are the only person who Qi trusted the most! You are the only person who knows what's going on with Qi. How can you do this?? Bai, if you don't stop right now, you are the one who will get hurt in the end!! She lost he memories, that is why she feel something to you because as far as she knows, you are the only person to her who protect her! Bai, you should understand Qi protects her from getting killed by his crazy old man, you are the only one who knows Qi's suffering!!
Please Everyone, Stop Blaming Qi!!!! I don't care if you ship Bai and Yiru, But Stop Just Stop Blaming on Qi!!!! and if you all really love Bai, you shouldn't Let Bai do this because you all know that He Will Be the one who got hurt badly if he continue this!!!
Why Can't Anyone See this coming?? GOD after all these chapters what are you all understand about this story?? Nothing! What a waste! Please do understand before you Judge!
Maikhio Phomai: 10/10
Abby Shaw: Finally, I thought I was going to have to get after everyone. Amen to this! Like, for real y’all, can’t you see what Bai is doing to himself?
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Jana Rashwan
Aubery don't worry ur brother is not dead he just moved to another manga... I'm sure his your brother cuz you both act the same way in every moment also Nina don't worry we found your sister and you're not the only one who is alive from ur family and also you both act also the same way in EVERY moment..... Don't worry guy we will manga discuss meeting and you'll visit each other... Don't worry ur not alone anymore
Berry Moon: the second version of Aubrey kung 😆♥️
☆彡★彡: It’s almost like a remake
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omg Aubery's brother is not dead he just moved into another manga 😂😂
Amrita Sarraf: that was a good one
Anime lover: lol thats funny😆😆😆
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I’m just waiting for his fiancée to come, or his father’s call that he knew he’s still seeing her. He was so adamant on protecting her before, taking that as an excuse to keep her by his side and treated her with humiliation. But what exactly is he doing now? This is the chance to let her go and be safe and happy, but still he came after her knowing that troubles are trailing him. Love? More like selfishness.
Preeti Mohanty
yup.. he really is Aubrey's brother..
ruthless, calculating and handsome as hell...
Preeti Mohanty: perfect!
assi chans: male lead of bossy President😊😊
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ahehehe.. I know that everyone likes Bai for the FL, but even so. FL and Qi is the one to be together in the end. I don't really hate Qi. I know He's in fault but, its just because of his bacground. and I also know that he's not capable enough to take care our fl and he have an annouing character. but somehow, i understand his character. as of Bai, such a good man. this time i can't decide who to ship, hahhaha. Just my opinion tho. ahehe😅
His father said something that triggered my brain.. He said someone who looked like miss gu.. Maybe in the past xingchen had a girlfriend who looked a lot like miss gu,but his father did something or maybe killed that girl cause isn't it suspicious that he thought she was Important the moment he first saw her?! Ang xingchen also said "don't you dare touch her!!" sooooo......
This is just in my mind..
name: Oh I'm sorry
Faridah Ali: dnt be too harsh
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are we not gonna talk about how cute that waiter was ......go back and look at himmm i mean that hair how it is shifted to the side jesus
Manga_dork: ummmmmmm imagination issa thing...i c blue eyes
Abby Shaw: Why can’t we have handsome men like this all around??? It’s rare to see smoking hot men
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Janie Redington
I’ve heard about how this ends from some spoilers posted by others (I won’t spoil it. You can find the post). I really hope that they will make a season 2 otherwise there will be too many things unanswered. Nothing I dislike more in a comic is an unfinished story. Nothing worse than loose ends and questions left unanswered. I came for a finished, well rounded story (no matter how it ends).
Lily Likin: i heard from y'all
Teresa Shi: I read from others she does not end up with neither of them because she will be shot to death. So if it is true how can be there a season 2?
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Hannah Carlson
again, ML treating the FL like sh*t... yishuan is such a great guy, and treats her like a princess. the ML forces her to drink alcohol, threatens to beat her dad, uses her like an accessory, and treats her like she’s less than a person, she always feels like she’s not good enough because of him. what a horrible way to live. i don’t understand these comics, y does romance have to be so painful for the FL
Exstellar_ Eclipse: true that yixuan treats her better, but yixuan doesn't love her. He is just addicted to her like drugs that he can't forces to stay away from
Mae Claire Viente: Yes!!! PREACH! Yixuan treats her so much better
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Am I the only one who thinks that the childhood sweetheart suits to be the ML???
fantasy: your seriously not the only one
Karma T Kencho: no you're not the only one
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Janie Redington: I really hope that they will make a season 2 otherwise there will be too many things unanswered. No way they can get all the information in the next 8 chapters. Nothing I dislike more in a comic is an unfinished story. Nothing is worse than loose ends and questions left unanswered. I came for a finished, well rounded story (no matter how it ends).
Fi♡💘: Well I went to the Japanese Mangatoon, do you know how to do that?
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Kristal's Here
guys I got an exam after tomorrow
I feel terrified any courage words?😫
and on the first day in the exams I got to translate an English part which contains 4 lines and to write an essay
I A: Always give it your all, And do your absolute best so that you will look back and never regret anything, because you know you did your best
Anshika Singh: yes i have ...listen to BTS🤣🤣🤣well just joking...but it will encourage if u r army....
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otaku miku
this girl will seriously do anything to protect her dad😱 she drink the whole thing 😰😰
Mae Claire Viente: Yes i can feel it
cutting onions makes me cry!!!: something bad is going to happen...🙄🙄🙄
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"She is my fiancee" right, sure! After all this shit, do you really think she'll agree to come back with you and be fine? As if nothing had happened, as if "love" would overcome everything? Dream, Qi, dream. She may even be your fiancee again because you "rule everything," because you're the "big boss," but forgive it that easy? I don't think so, baby.
Damnit_M: I know that all he does is for protection, that everything needs to look as real as possible, but the fact that she doesn't know what's going on, what has changed, is exactly what hurts her, because she thinks she did something wrong , that it's her fault somehow.

I understand both sides of the readers, but certain things the characters do make me angry rsrsrs.
Just trust me, things will change dramatically in a few chapters and you will probably change your mind on a number of things and their relationship is one of them.
Abby Shaw: He is trying to protect her by making it seem like he gave up on her. After Sam, his ugly ass father called him, he had to do what would be best, find a fake fiancée to trick him, and make her work as a maid to keep an eye on her. He is only treating her like that so she doesn’t suspect anything.
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Tae Neko
kyaa!! I ship this two Qi and Yiru!!! I will always support hero and heroine to be together although the hero is bad, hehe.. cause in my opinion, hero must be with heroine and heroine must be with hero❤❤

I had read the comment.. many people ship Yiru and Bai, but I will always support Yiru and Qi.. huhu, i love them to be together!!!

Also, Qi isn't very bad in my opinion..😊❤
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