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Grandest Wedding

Yoolook Culture
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His newly -married wife is a thief with spending as her favorite."I'd like to buy villas. Seven!""Sure, do it!"“I‘d like to buy some sports cars.”"Sure, do it!""I'd like to date with other men with my villas and sports cars." The man's eyes flashed and carried he away on his shoulders."Stop it,honey! How do you pay me back since I rescued your life?"

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Writing from the future (bonus ep)

When both Xiao Jue and Nuan Xin got married, they have 2 sons. Older son is Xiao Yi and younger son is Xiao Jue (sound the same name as the father but the writing in Chinese is different). In the morning, Nuan Xin asked her sons what do they wanna eat and she will make it for them. Then the hubby replied “My dear little Nuan Xin, you don’t even bother to ask me what I wanna eat, I will angry you know.” Then she said “Alright.. what do you wanna eat?”

Then he trashed her “Sigh.. initially I want to eat something simple but now that I see you like this, suddenly I want to eat something special/ exotic. Then her mind is filled with dirty thoughts.

The older son then quickly plug on a headphone for the younger brother as their convo is not suitable for kids.

Devlon Lewis: lllll. xxydiorxxxx
Manga+Anime: Bro,plzz dont put these spoilers,people's fun turns into ashes when u do this,becuz i also saw a comment like this,then i went to watch the full manga,but actually,my fun burner to ashes😢
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A Cherokee grandfather teaching his grandchild says: "There is a battle going on inside each of us. It is between two wolves. One wolf is EVIL--he is Anger, Resentment, Envy, Brutality, Greed, False Pride, Ego, Blind Ambition, Rage, Self-Pity, Guilt, Lies, Arrogance, Hypocrisy, Lechery, Cowardice and Selfishness. The other wolf is GOOD-- he is Joy, Laughter, Song, Hope, Kindness, Modesty, Self Respect, Empathy, Generosity, Compassion, Mercy, Truth, Courage, Perserverance, Decency, Honor and Love. The battle is fierce and each wolf is very strong."

"Which wolf will win?" asks the child.

"The one you feed," answers the grandfather.
lemurloki: You look familiar. Are you from the Qualla?
Nhorlie Ognimod: 12-4pm, 100sq.nga, and
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Infinity Beyond
she is 22, am sure she will get pregnant and leave, then come back six years later with a smart child that looks exactly like him
Lin yin: Ha ha ha just like other comic
KT91: Yep.. They wont be separated..
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