Grandest Wedding

Yoolook Culture
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His newly -married wife is a thief with spending as her favorite."I'd like to buy villas. Seven!""Sure, do it!"“I‘d like to buy some sports cars.”"Sure, do it!""I'd like to date with other men with my villas and sports cars." The man's eyes flashed and carried he away on his shoulders."Stop it,honey! How do you pay me back since I rescued your life?"

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I hate it when people use gentle, sweet, gullible individuals like this. It's not that such individuals are stupid--rather it is that they don't think of using others, so it never occurs to them that someone might do so to them. Their intelligence is a different kind--they know more about loving, tenderness, compassion, nurture, taking care of others, easing pain and sorrow, cheering and comforting, loyalty and kindness than most of the great intellects could even begin to understand. My baby sister was like that. Such individuals should be treasured, not looked down on. They are the best of us and we miss them once they are gone, once we realize how much of our life's happiness was in those gentle eyes.
Lyla Parker
Okay when he said “beg me” I thought of a time I was in school and I was trying to get back to my seat but my friend was in front of my seat so I couldn’t get there so I was like” will you please move” and he was like “no” then I was getting a little irritated so I said it again and he was like “ beg me” and I was like “ what? No move” and I pushed him out of the way and he was laughing so hard it was so embarrassing
Nyaizlo: was he cute?...lol im done with myself but still was he??
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mates this has already ended and you're iF you guys want to know where you can watch this whole manga with 169 total episodes just leave a reply so I can help you out!!😀😀😁😀😎
RAGING GOKU: rock it's called best wedding it wouldn't let me say the full name but it's called my previous comment and rock
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