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One-Night Evil

Zuoan Comic
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Ho wan’s mother needed a lot of money for operation because of critically illness, which made her selling herself for money. But everything was too late…she wanted to revenge but was not capable. She found her pregnant one day and gave birth to him eventually. She never gave up her child both at school and at work. With the help of director Zhao Kai and his step-brother, she had been making a hard but peaceful life until the father of his child suddenly appeared. She had to…

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Don Francis Villanueva Sumpay
I have a few comments previously in chapters, im just a free reader, so author can you hear my opinion?
Story line : so many twist, you got a good start at the beginning but it comes a comedy in the middle, confuse and more on sex, a little satisfied in the ending
Characters: i don't know what type of traits of a female lead and male lead but i wish you could give them their character traits until the end
Arts: everyone knows that this is the major problem, colors of hair, eyes, etc.. Specially notice on the children
Timeline: there is one reader notice if you got it start in 90's or not, and you don't have specific time to their changes (for example 1yr old boy timeline traits (innocent love on food dependable but fully mature to think after one day pass, the genre says its modern not fantasy so impossible to act mature in a day after)

PS: the art is rush, so i think its a short time duration and i think your group author has a little experience coz of the mistakes

And sorry if there were complaints, it's just my opinion.. And i read it until the end so I hope you don't take to the heart what I've said, just think of it as a comic reader lover just suggesting you to improve to next time... If you read this, thankyou for listening to my opinion.. Im looking forward to your next project to read 😁😁😁
Guys let me make this storyline clear for you!
So, she's not blood related to her 'brother' they are siblings by registration only, but you don't get married to your sibling even if it just in registration, it would be weird!
Her brother's plans to marry her just to make they father have a stroke or something like that, because of course he will be chocked, in other hand if she marry him her son would have a daddy at least by registration, so he wouldn't be bullied in future, and she won't be scared anymore that the real father would take her son away.
*She's really the daughter of that old man, they are blood related. But her brother and sister aren't blood related to the old goat.*
Her brother wanna revenge on behalf of his mother, so he asks her help since she hates her daddy as much as him or even more.
tejeswani khusboo: ty sooo mch for ur kind information
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A Syasa
This story is very very confusing.. She is an only child of her mother.. Her father bought a mistress with 2 child.. Her father claims that she was his only daughter.. So is the 2 child is blood relative or what? She said that her brother is still a brother by law? So blood relative or not? 🤔🤔 Umm.. The ML has a brother.. (just reveal a brother.. Not sure if there is other siblings) ML doesn't like his father.. His father paid the FL to roll in bed together? Okay... ML is in gay relationship with his male friend.. And got married? Okay.. His partner enjoy/like women body..

Tell me if I'm wrong somewhere.. It just my conclusions/understanding of this part..
Milena Michalik: step-siblings are still siblings by law and can't get married. But teoreticaly now is possible because she change her last name.
About gay story-part: I'm think that ML is Bisex and his father rent a girl to 'cure' him 😉
His partner can be also Bisex, thats why enjoy womens body 😉 or they pretend to be gay... hmm
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