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One-Night Evil

Zuoan Comic
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Ho wan’s mother needed a lot of money for operation because of critically illness, which made her selling herself for money. But everything was too late…she wanted to revenge but was not capable. She found her pregnant one day and gave birth to him eventually. She never gave up her child both at school and at work. With the help of director Zhao Kai and his step-brother, she had been making a hard but peaceful life until the father of his child suddenly appeared. She had to…

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🌻Sunny 💗🍨💗🍨: pisima 😭😭. I've been forced to sleep and all our phones are confiscated.
ru: I am missing you
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Honaisah Naho
I like it and understand . it just seems like the author didn't know which way to go with it for a while and then it eventually picks up it was like too many ideas came at once. not trying to talk down on this story at all so don't get me wrong it just seems like in the beginning it was ideas I'll put together and rust then out of those ideas of a storyline one stands out and keeps going it is confusing so I would read then I would have to stop and go back to previous chapters so I can get a better understanding the story isn't that bad as some of the people are commenting
Honaisah Naho
why did she even leave it wasn't that serious why she leave her child just to give birth to the other , so stupid , why didn't she takes her son why not investigate the driving , he did when she was drugged she knows he's a clean freak she didn't put 2 n2 together at first I was gonna say at least she is not as dumb as some of the other FL but this chick tree away 5 years of her and her son's life . creator I have been trying but ya gotta decide what way you want to go with this too much jumping around in this story the points are not connecting I'm always asking what is the point
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