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Trouble With The President

Yoolook Culture
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Trouble With The President Comics Online. After a failed one-night-stand, the bold woman left him secretly with"challenge words" on her bed sheet and he swore to find her back. "Most Wanted" appeared on headlines of papers the next day. Viewing her mobile phone, Tong Tianai blushed completely. "Qin Jinyang, President of Qin's Group..." She got into trouble with a president just because of her lip print...

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I feel really bad for Paiming, he's such a nice guy. But at the same time, if he's liked her all this time, he should've done something about it. It's too late now that she has feelings for someone else 😔
Jared Lavert: that awesome
Bubble izzzzz DEAD: Hey guys, I have written 2 novels on this app. One is Hide and seek with 4 chapters which is romance plus horror and the second one is The beauty and the beast with 1 chapter which is romance plus fantasy so if u r free pls give it a try to both the novels , it won't take ur much time and also leave ur opinion there so that i can write much better.😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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If love her then let her go since she loves another person, if she loves you then she will return. Please let her go because it will hurt her more if you’re selfish let her be since I’m sure there is another one destined for you!!! 😭
Oh Jeeze: *flashbacks of another manga* that happened when i read the first line
mary hope: it is very rude to promote your own book in the comment section of someone else's book
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bakit ba talaga yung bagong dating yung pinipili, yung sana tayo na pero iniwan mo ko dahil dumating siya, kinalimutan mo yung mga alaala natin dalawa pero ano ba naman ako sa buhay mo, isang bestfriend lang na minahal mong parang kapatid, sad but true pero life goes on, ngayong masaya na kayo, sana lang, sana, wag mong kalimutan ang mga alaalang sabay nating binuo, sana, hindi mo ako makakalimutan. sa huling pagkakataon, minahal kita, hanggang ngayon mahal kita, at pipiliin kong masaktan, bastat dun ka kung san ka masaya. salamat, neo.
Daina Noreikaitė: s!chddwsfhklknsndftiosmtdanajpc
Daina Noreikaitė: s!chddwsfhklknsndftiosmtdanajpc
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