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Trouble With The President

Yoolook Culture
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After a failed one-night-stand, the bold woman left him secretly with"challenge words" on her bed sheet and he swore to find her back. "Most Wanted" appeared on headlines of papers the next day. Viewing her mobile phone, Tong Tianai blushed completely. "Qin Jinyang, President of Qin's Group..." She got into trouble with a president just because of her lip print...

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I feel really bad for Paiming, he's such a nice guy. But at the same time, if he's liked her all this time, he should've done something about it. It's too late now that she has feelings for someone else 😔
Diana: I know he’s nice but he’s to late and Jim just told her without any reject and paiming just waited so it’s his fault
Anonymous: Or dodged
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If love her then let her go since she loves another person, if she loves you then she will return. Please let her go because it will hurt her more if you’re selfish let her be since I’m sure there is another one destined for you!!! 😭
MyONEinAmillionBbsEspeciallyBTS: Lol the first time i read this i thought she liked the 2nd male mc but, now i finally get it 🤣🤣
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Nistha Roy
if women are clothes and needed to be changed...then men are poop who need to be flushed out everyday.
qυєєи єℓιʝαн: wooooow i agree with you
qυєєи єℓιʝαн: wooooow i agree with you
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