Trouble With The President
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Trouble With The President

Yoolook Culture
Trouble With The President
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Trouble With The President Comics Online. After a failed one-night-stand, the bold woman left him secretly with"challenge words" on her bed sheet and he swore to find her back. "Most Wanted" appeared on headlines of papers the next day. Viewing her mobile phone, Tong Tianai blushed completely. "Qin Jinyang, President of Qin's Group..." She got into trouble with a president just because of her lip print...

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I feel really bad for Paiming, he's such a nice guy. But at the same time, if he's liked her all this time, he should've done something about it. It's too late now that she has feelings for someone else 😔
yeahitsnish: Tina unconscious do this things because of Jim, she don’t want to believe that she likes Jim and love him.
yeahitsnish: I guess I learn from a guy friend, that sometimes, some guys like Ming wanted to achieve something great first before courting the girl they love.

Unfortunately Ming, come too late to court Tina, Ming’s ambition came first instead of Her and Him came through together.

But we cannot blame Ming for this, his ambition is important as well and I guess destiny was never meant for Ming and Tina too.

To many love story unwritten.
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If love her then let her go since she loves another person, if she loves you then she will return. Please let her go because it will hurt her more if you’re selfish let her be since I’m sure there is another one destined for you!!! 😭
Lonely_heart💔: why love is soo unfair .
Bananah: Easier said than done
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Trouble with the President. Love between Jim Chin and Tina Tung.
There are many kinds of love. Love between lovers, friends, family, and perhapa many else. She sold herself for the sake of the orphanage, then gradually grows her love and even feels empty with his absence. She loves him, and her love towards him is a woman love to a man.

On her letter to him, "... Jim, I love you and I believe you also love me. I think you don't understand what equal love is. It might sound confusing, but that's what I really want...". Eventually he fell for her charm without realizing. He fell for her simple and kind personality, yet strong and stubborn at the same time. He respects her pride and her simplicity manages to enlighten his grey-puppet heart with her warmth. And he fights for her woman, Tina.

It's cute story, but not my top fav manga so far. Sorry Author. This story is packaged with clean, light and predictable happy ever after ending. Who doesn't like happy ending, hehehee.... Still manage to learn something about slice of life from it. Thank you Author.
Anira: No... how do I say it ya... Tina was somehow felt being underestimate by her surrounding just because she was with Jim. The above quote I took it from eps 117 actually. I just know how it felt and I could understand why she felt that way. In the end, Tina and Jim are together and they live happily ever after, I guess. The side story are also cute. Enjoy the story :)
Cherry Blossom: what do you mean? does tina have a woman?
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