Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!
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Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!

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Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!
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Is Fakey McBoobs actually pawing through the belongings and stealing the bed of a younger rival while in full length evening wear? I've noticed a similar tendency toward over dressing for all the wrong occasions among self appointed fiances, clingy women raised with male leads but in love with "brother", sisters of dead exes who also call the guy "brother", exes who come back after extended absences just to oust an unsuspecting young bride, stepmoms, mistresses, half sisters/stepsisters/cousins/aunts of the female lead, daughters of less than honest CEOS, and other full time b*tches and it never ceases to amaze me that they will wear a tight, low cut purple satin gown with a slit up the side, eight inch heels and a white fur boa to see grandpa in the hospital or an equally showy outfit like Fakey McBoobs is wearing here just to torment a rival or bring the male lead some women like this dress this way just in case the male lead happens by or do they honestly have no casual clothes?
😈Evil Minds..😈: Hey guys... I am an aspiring writer in here and I have ten novels in here.. Four of them are innocent ones with romance cliche and rest of them are mature... With a twisted story...
I write a little mature.. except for my first novel.. which wasnt mature at all...
Out my ten books, "I hate that he loves me" is my favorite... It has some (a lot) Mature stuff.. But the storyline is good.. The husband of the fl loves her a lot. But she hates him but her husband is unaware of her true feelings for her..
She pretends to like him too and they are married... She is this way because she wants to take her revenge of what he and his friends did to her sometime back...
Trust me its good and unique story...
So,if you are not that underage and stuff can you please please please.. try it once and bless me with your comments... I would really appreciate that.. And I promise the book wont disappoint you.
Ms. Mess: true 😂😂😂😂I too also think the same and hate this type of clothes wearing like casual dresses
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8##3##7##u##y##r now type it in reverse without #
I guess he had a past lover plus he thinks he's way too old for her. he had to marry her because of his father or something FL likes him but he thinks that FL should be with someone else who likes her. which is why he does not want her to be bounded to him because they're married. he's a nice guy actually he just thinks he's old for her. his actions are also like that of a father to a child or of someone elder to you. the FL seems a bit silly and too lighthearted to me, it isn't bad but I hope she'll have some good growing up moments.
also I hope she's not trying to become an actress!! not again. wish someone wanted to be a director or something for a change if at all they're planning to enter the film industry
Shanza Gillani: ur right but he doesn't own her, he has no right to hurt her and tell her who to love. like he can't hurt smone just bcuz u think u both cant be together
Jack of hearts: who was actresses in past mangas that made u think she also will be an actress?
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I bet you this handsome but obviously conflicted man has a problem common to handsome but obviously conflicted men in the manga world--he's in love with someone else. For the absentee beloved, usually a ballet dancer, actress or business major, a man with this problem is absolutely ready to break the heart of the wife who truly loves him. Sometimes such a man is under the impression that absentee beloved is a childhood savior, usually because she pretended she was. Sometimes he thinks she's been virtuous when she has NOT, but he never questions the usual story of how she had to stay away for 3 to 5 years to become "the best, to be worthy so your family would not look down on me", a thing that for some reason requires her to go to America, France, England or "country A" and build her career there. I hope I'm wrong, but...
Shereze Parazé: That was the plot of half the Mangas I read
It's so damn accurate
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I think this is gonna be like....The ml doesn't really wanna be married with the fl cause he thinks the fl is too young and stupid, but he also doesn't want the fl to be with other guys, and the fl keeps on doting on the ml cause she thinks she can make the ml fall in love with her, then things get out of hand, and the fl goes somewhere where the ml can't find her, then come back a few years later, but the moment the fl leaves the ml realizes that he actually loves the fl, then the fl comes back but she is a strong woman now. i dont rlly knoowww.
😎crazy🙇: i really want to know their ages.
Nunca Pasius: not trying to be rude
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Byeol Caesar
Wth.. I hate this ML oh please, stop being so dumb in love with him, FL! 🤦‍♀️ Like hell, can't he just treat her a bit better? Can't he see that she just wanted to get home by taxi, like anyone does, and somehow got drenched, and even encountered a bad guy with a gun? Her life was in danger for goodness' sake! And he WAS there witnessing everything but what did he do? Absolutely nothing but ordering around like a stupid king 😡 not even asked her if she was ok after the incident was over. If I was her, I'd completely forget about such a trash of a man already. He's not even a tsundere we can somehow like, nope. He's simply a cold, domineering, stupid man! 🙄😒
Sylvanie Nanfack: seriously love Is blind as they say
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If she would kill her? What is this ridiculous question? If someone breaks your stuff, you may hit them, but only a psychopath would kill them for it! Is she saying, you're allowed to hit her, if you would also kill her? That's incredibly stupid! And it shows, that this teacher has the wrong job. As a teacher you have to be able to handle young people. They might fight about something like that, sure. You get them to tell you the whole story (Why would you break her belongings? The other girl tried to hit me. Why would you hit her? Because she insulted my friend. Why would you insult her? ...)
If you can't do that, I feel for all the students you tyrannised during your career.
Hina A Horani G
spoiler alert !!
he's not the 2nd ML, he just a criminal who want to harm the FL but fortunately soon the ML will come with his team to save the FL and even then he will beat this man and send him to the jail ...!!
Hina A Horani G: same wish, actually i also don't know about the Chinese language, i just only see the raw chapters through the picture !!
isra: I wish i knew Chinese
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Wind Crazy
Seriously this the reason I hate it when FL love ML with everything and ML act like shit
I don’t care if later on they become the best couple or what
The worst part of these type of novel is that the author wrote like the FL has no self esteem and self respect
The scar u created in someone heart definitely someone who liked or loved u would never disappear
The author make the compromise of ML and FL so weak no the FL most time would compromise first BS
When I see the title I really hope this FL would give us a great surprise
I don’t care if they would go back together however I wish the FL can deal the same amount of damage he do to her
Both of them are kinda annoying tbh. The girl is so clingy and desperate for his attention all the time to the point where she’s literally smothering him and the ML is cold and distant acting more like she’s his daughter rather than his wife. Dude you’re married if her childish personality was such a problem to you why did you bother marrying her in the first place? 😒 it seems necessary that they divorce so they can learn how important they are to each other when they’re away from one another.
Hina A Horani G: same, me too but i wonder when will this happen 🙄🤔
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Same here. I want them to divorce and then she grows up to be more mature, comes back and gives the ML a cold shoulder, then the ML chases her and tries to win her back!
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FL is cute but immature
ML still has someone in his heart and hasn't moved on yet

I bet:
- his ex-lover will come back and drive the wedge between FL and ML then eventually lead to their divorce
- then ML realizes his true feeling towards FL but it will be too late because he hurt her so much and break her heart
- So it won't be that easy for ML to get the second chance from FL because after their separation, FL becomes an outstanding beauty that captures any man's eyes and heart. ML is gonna have many competitors in pursuing FL (serves you right!)

"You will realize how meaningful someone is after that person left"
Lmfao_144: It is so predictable.
Byeol Caesar: This is the comment I was looking for 😈👌
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Girl what!? Why would you say that you started the fight!? That’s not even true! That girl was the one that tampered with your belongings and pissed you guys off so SHE was the one that started it, not you 😑. Girls wtf are you doing!? Your friend is right there next to you, you guys can both gang up on her and tell the lady she was the one that started everything! Wtf is this 😵 I’m done
i hate the ml after the incident happened to his wife did he say to her are u ok? BUT HE DIDNT i hate him he is cold to her wife and if i am his wife i will LEAVE HIM than to love him
The FL is like a 13yrs old kid, can be a more matured prominent sexy or everything. Can match the ML? Lol
qwerty: yesss thats what im thinking. looks like ML is her dad, feel weird #pedo (?)
💜BtsBillieTaylor 💜: well I think it's because she is drunk or she is just dumb
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Hina A Horani G
Our girl is so innocent that she doesn't know that our ML is here too, so it's impossible for her to hide from him 😅😂🤣
Hina A Horani G: 😍☺💜
Akossi Paulie Nayo: 👍👍😊😊 You are welcome ✨
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oooohhhhh wooooooww.... it's too long episode... author u must be expecting award right 😁
🖤: thnx😇
Meriem Bourenane: 🤣 🤣 🤣 You are so funny 👍👍👍
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U wanted to divorce her jst now.... And now u r jealous. Hmmmmm.......
💜Born.To.Slay💜: you got 101 likes...
💜BtsBillieTaylor 💜: lol.. 😅😂
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lol its so me and me BFF

-She has a crush on someone
•I help her get all the information she wants (like his name (cuz sometimes she likes 'em just because of his looks) their hobby's, what they like, etc.)

That's how we work ^^
Lmfao_144: Ikr? The wikipedia 4 ur BFF
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Hina A Horani G
Oh man when you treat her well and please don't treat her like a father, she's not your daughter but your wife 😐😣😏
are they already married..But sometimes when I watch a story named as my this wife my that hubby..I think they are already married..but they are not.. first the gir looses her virginity..she doesn't knows with whome..the ml saves her several time and ther end up together...
kitty cat
I like this story they have no abuse so far and the FL is so cute and ML is a nice thoughtful guy which will probably fall in love with her
AzusaCream: him nice 🤨🤨 not even close 😂😂
Liz~: “Probably “ 🤣🤣
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