Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!
Romance / Modern / Strong Female Lead

Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!

Daxingdao Comic
Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!
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no they will not kill u bc thier boss is ur.H.U.S.H.B.A.N.D.......
I didn't like this story. I don't see any difference between a child and our FL. I hope that when she gets divorced, years passes and she grows up. Without that clothing, hairstyle, attitude and these ribbons.
Elle: I think she is not a child she was drinking alcohol so I think she is like 18|21 with a child personality
qwerty: yess!! i agree with u. i hope years pass and she grown up 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz writer....update fast
I can't wait anymore...
crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy update crazy.....................
Neko_chan: Let’s all hope the crazy update will include 5 or more chapters
reading is my cocain: Amen sister
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Is the author serious
My expectations of this story are totally disappointing
I thought it would be a sticking one but so lame to read this story.
It's not given a suitable title at all
Worst than ever
Being in experience and as I have been reading so many manga ## this one really sucks
Shan : That's me
Trying to make laugh even out of critics
Wind Crazy: The normal plot
All I wish for is that the ML would get his karma that what I wish for
Please don’t be the FL compromise with ML again
I hate when the author treat FL like object the ML can get back just by asking for forgiveness and get the FL heart
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oh he's definitely going to recognize her. 😅😂🤣
nike: yup...that's true 🤗
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what type of swear is that FL really 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂
Satowa: Ok.......😄😄
🌺Śçärłēt Ìvÿ Røśê🌺(Angel Sect Eldest Elder): Follow me for a follow back 😁😁😇😇
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oh wow and what abo7t u no wait let me sum it up you're just a goody tissue that has nothing in their life to do so they bully on other people for no reason you're also probably going to be the best I'm pretty sure you make them very good thing but not here to The Prostitute here so how about you get out of the room or you're going to have to deal with us
lovelyrosewolf: ur also probabl5 going to be a good slut* and also know one wants a prostitute here* these are corrections
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1st time i heard that words!! 'I swear you'll never fall in love with me if i lied' ❤ i read that words thrice to understand its meaning😆
OwOoyoung: lol your profile is snowball from "the secret life of pet's" right?😁😁
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Chat Noir
LOL she ask him where did he get the gun even inthis situation ??
Gautam Pattnaik: unless she wants a bullet in her head 😂😂
Hexxe: Well, if he has any advice on where she could get one *cough* 😅
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FL seems way more into him than he is with her.. just hopefully when he leaves her she will grow up and give him a cold shoulder, and he’ll far for her, then chase after her while she is stubborn on not getting back together with him! I like a good FL who doesn’t forgive easily and gives their man a challenge!
qwerty: Hi! i see u in most of manga i read, u must have read alot of manga. which one u like most? 😄😄
Kathleen Sacluti: I expect the same. But, I hope he doesn't get another girl like that from the past or even if that other girl comes, I hope the FL won't be too hurt & become stronger. The 2 other guys seem better than the ML.
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i just wrote a chat novel ... I'd be very grateful to you all if you give it a try .. plz ;) it's in my profile ... in Works !! tysm !!
Sata Erizawa: thanks.. actually on March 13 they gave a contarct for me... im so happy.. i wish u too..
xaraschino : hehe game on !! wish you good luck
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Niya chan
Ntar airy lapor ama peter mo tentang kejadiannya di sekolah, habis tu ntar airy pake baju seksi untuk ngegoda peter terus rencanannya gagal Dan mereka marahan gitu
Just Be u: I can't understand
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oH wHeRe DiD yOu gEt tHe gUn 🤪
BTS Army: 😂 wow
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Jacob Thomas
author can you please change her just like little girl.not a tough girl
SAGEEE❤😁: agree.🤔🤦‍♀️
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Nyan Khan
for the starter please Author remove those stars from her hair. she look like a 5 years old.. and that make the whole thing look wrong #nopedophil
she's so cute. he should accept her or he'll regret when she leaves him later on
Ship ship ship!! *///*: who is that fl other one? can you tell me?
LittleTreasurexJason: I... can't disagree. This girl and one other, despite the fact they're both chasing after a guy so boldly, are amazing characters. Unlike a few other such FLs these two are not pulling the same nasty tricks as actual jerk MLs do. That's why I find this girl (and the other one) sooooooo adorable!
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This is cringeworthy. One treats the wife like his own daughter and seems uninterested in her, meanwhile the other is playing the overly-attached girlfriend 💩

Like DAAMMM Give him some fûcking space and let him breathe for a moment, no wonder he wants to divorce you 🤡
PUTTING DUMB BITCHES IN THEIR PLACE: Ohh ok lmao I thought u were talkin about summer when from my peachy girl 💀
Uni ✨: No, it's "My Sweet Wife".
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she like her husband but her husband like the criminal guy but the criminal guy like her.
The characters remind me of Lele and Lixing. Only difference is they are married while Lele and Lixing are not.
kira💜BTS: Oh sorry I misunderstood 😕🤦‍♀️
Michiko: I didn't say they are alike but they do have similarities in terms of age difference and the looks. Lele has pink hair so does this FL. Lixing has kinda blonde hair too and this ML has blonde hair as well. Both ML ignore FL but still want to possess them. Also age gap is 7 years which is same in both.
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✨🌑déja vu🌕✨
we all are stupid to think that once the ml and fl get married they will live a happy life...well I think this comic is made to enlighten everyone with truth ig
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