Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!
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Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!

Daxingdao Comic
Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!
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Farha Zahra Hasani
my heart aches 💔💔💔💔if you love someone truly you used all your strength to keep that person but when you realize that person who has been in a relationship with someone else is the Singh to let him go please author don't torture us let FL become smart and self depended 😭😭😭
Zenna S
introduce another man loving her so that ml will realise that nothing is permanent,, change the track please.... i really want a handsome man 😍 loving the fl, she deserves love....
I don't want to do any comment but what to do.... my heart is totally broken by this manga..... I hate the ml
I have read many mangas and saw many kinds of ML but it's my first time to curse a ML.....

Mu Zanbei is an absolute scumbug!!!!!!!
I'm happy for her she deserves it I mean she's getting on our nerves 😠😠😡 girl jusssssst the fu**king move on and Don't test our Patience he don't deserve you even though after listening so many times now watched too he cheats you he cared other girl in front of you more than you now what's remain??
Q33nSerenity_100% that 🏖
Oh do not call after him. This is heartbreaking and pathetic. Have at least a little dignity to not call after his selfish 🍑. He has made his choice, now it's time to choose yourself and move on. Sometimes just choosing to love yourself is the healthiest and best choice we can make for ourselves. Divorce his 🍑 and never look back.
if she doesn't divorce him in the next chapter, I'm done! I'm dropping this, for real! cause rn he just literally followed Wansu and left his wife alone!! and Wansu isn't a bad girl, she doesn't mean harm to anyone obviously, hope I'm not wrong!!! and this ml is so far the worst
If you’re really just friends like you claimed to be, why would you even feel the need to lie to her about where you’re going? Guilty, much? You’re a married man and you’re meeting up with your ex in the middle of the night, that’s disgusting. If she’s sick then she should call a doctor or 911, not someone else’s husband. 😑
I really really really really really really really really really really really really hate this Main lead eventhou you're love came back how can you leave you're wife .🥺🥺🥺why are you lying to her this is craze of love .she loves you with whole heart meanwhile you're heart was with someone.One Day you gonna cry for what you did and 1000%sure you will "REGRET"IT
stupid girl how can u....aggh i dont have nothing to say anymore, I gave up on u girl srry I thought maybe this time u will be smart and leave that scumbag but.....
break up with him girl, divorce already he dosent deserve you, you need someone better,better than that as*hol*,jerk,idiot,bast***,that son of a bit**,cheater,just die already,die,die,die,die,i hate you,i hate you,i hate you,die
I really hope she divorces him and then he starts feeling lonely after she divorces him and she hangs out with another guy
Dakotah: When will he show up?
✨midnight_blossoms✨: he will soon ... but as how the FL reacts it might look like it's taking forever for the second ml to shw up ...
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pls broke up with him...he doesn't know how to cherish you girl...Just divorce him and start a new deserve better girl🥺🥺
✧༺♥༻✧Noorulan✧༺♥༻✧: Truly I'm reading this only to see their divorce.. I want to see him regret🥺🥺
admong: I think we are really close to their divorce
total 2 replies
same thing repeats again.. when you'll get brain dumb FL
authour if you truly want everybody to read this give some common sense I mean even a dog would know when to leave or not she is just clinging onto him in hopes that he would love her back someday and that ml is clinging onto his ex who had told him to stay away from her as for the ex I have no comments about her I mean I am speechless.
Tae Tae's no:1 fan
i want her to leave him only then he will know your worth girl leave him. find someone else or be single its better than being with this poopyhead
Reign Ree
I just hope Ml’s father not just to lecture him, but propose for the DIVORCE itself. I mean, he’s not an air head, he’s fully aware of everything Xiao Ai is experiencing, she sees her like her own daughter. Father please propose them to have a divorce, take FL away to start a new. Let your son suffer, make him realize his wrong doings, if it gets any longer, i’m afraid that i’d lose my mind in this, for pete’s sake, i’m also a woman and women don’t deserve to be treated like this. Please Author, give Xiao Ai’s character some justice. If she needs to get hurt again just to leave him and realize her own worth then be it. Just please divorce them already. 🙏🙏🙏
Reign Ree: *he sees her
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Now stop dreaming everyone I don't think their divorce is coming anyway
But I want their divorce
Utheone: Yeah reading this I'm always on fire you know
Euphoria: if they don't divorce sonner l am not sure of I will continue to watch this
total 2 replies
I hate reading your comic again and I am really regretting reading it now .. can't you atleast give that femalead a self dignity what a pity to your comic
siddu: Thanks Miranda 😊
total 1 replies
I think a grown up thing would give him the divorce papers now. He's already expressed that he wants a divorce and she's constantly being hurt by him. I think it's long over due, but it's the best opportunity she has to walk out of this without being crushed too badly. She should take this opportunity to reflect on herself and leave him once and for all.
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