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Inescapable Runaway Love

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Lin Anan is a very ordinary girl but she has a handsome ex-boyfriend who is general of the empire. And! This ex-boyfriend is still in love with her, and he even fires the world's most powerful happiness bomb at her!

Manga Toon got authorization from HangMan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - guominshaoshuaiaishangwo,gmssasw
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I'm glad they are working together. She needs to be. carefully and investigate the bound betwen the ML's stupid fiancee and Xero and also who is the mysterious man in the taxi 🤔. The twin should be carefully, especially the little girl, she is naive but her bro is here to protect her. I hope that this complete will end that Ming will be able to claim his children are from hin
And guess what?? She still won’t solve it on her own in the end and will still require the help of ming tai to completely solve her shit with zero because something went wrong or etc (typical). So anan what’s the point of “i can’t get him involve” when he’s already is. A couple should rely on each other aside from trust. Ming tai is doing so much for you already better not mess it up and don’t leave him again! The children needs their dad ok?
friendly neighborhood otaku: Bruh i think you should really chill a little the story is up to the producers dont say it like its the characters fault
Marinette wolverette: Boi you got that right!
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The art is still good but to be honest I almost forgot the entire storyline and the manga...😓😅 also the storyline is just crumbling like a cookie.
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