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Inescapable Runaway Love

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Lin Anan is a very ordinary girl but she has a handsome ex-boyfriend who is general of the empire. And! This ex-boyfriend is still in love with her, and he even fires the world's most powerful happiness bomb at her!

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this comic is a total mess. i didnt mind it from the beginning but the plots messed up, The Slots/slides/Chapters are short, and not in sync! where are the kids now? on one chap they Anan and her Twins were sent home that wasnt shown but they were out of the scene then Ming Tai and His lil bro got home, ming ting arrived and the next slide Ming ting asked Anan to a cafe and how the comic was made and drawn got changed, the charachters appearance changed. its a mess. it was a good story at start. i was pumped with excitement and was so eager to know the story behind anan leaving Ming ting, the Ming's Mother, their past, the characters attitude are suddenly changed too like magic!. im outa here. the messed up plots makin my head hurt. I've listed down my Opinion
Amira Nmn
what is going on . they said that this manga is end . what is happening is this the end that I was waiting for all this days. how disappointed it is. however if their is another session then I'll be waiting for it . so please updated so quickly.i can't wait for so long I just want to finish it . and work hard please your work has changed in some ep as every body remark it . I hope you do much better I beleive that you can. and I have to say that you have done a great job drawing this manga for us please going ....
What is this? Seriously? After wasting my points I get this? Then what is the use of reading this comic and wasting our points if there's is no better ending.It would be better to use my points for another comic at least I would get a nice ending. I'm very disappointed and angry. 🙄😤I only can do one thing that is to unsubscribe and remove the like at least it can make me clam down!!
Amber Baez: How can they do that it should be illegal to end comics when they getting good
MoMo: The Greatest Villain, Pharaoh’s Concubine, and No Doubt In Us has good ending. Definitely some good reads. My Wife Is Cute, in my opinion, has a decent ending. I’m satisfied with it anyways. Arranged Marriage With My Beloved is cute and season 1 is complete of it. The interaction of the ML and FL is very heartwarming. :D
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