Inescapable Runaway Love
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Inescapable Runaway Love

Inescapable Runaway Love
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Inescapable Runaway Love Comics Online. Lin Anan is a very ordinary girl but she has a handsome ex-boyfriend who is general of the empire. And! This ex-boyfriend is still in love with her, and he even fires the world's most powerful happiness bomb at her!

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Hottest Comments
Brittney Downey
this can't end like this. please tell more. I want to see that creep take down, and the main characters have their happy ending. please say there is more. I love it with all the twists and turns within the story. it just can't end like this with no true ending. please say there will be a another series to t.
Snow Bunny
No, i still believe that they are Ming Tai's kids!! Just look at them...the twins are obviously the fusion of Ming Tai and Anan. Why don't you just perform a paternity test, Ming Tai?? Anan, what do you want exactly?? why do you keep on insisting to deny their biological father?? can't you see that they need their father??
Ellioza Miller
I skip a lot of chapter in this manga many people involve, then sometimes the details of story jump and sometimes detail by detail that even sound of starting the car is mention lol...and what worst is like they trying to stretch the story by putting more people on it.. and then they give you with this's like after all the twist in the story they just got tired or run out of idea lol...what a waste, such a good story at the beginning and just got ruined.
Soniya Singh: why its half complete. the story is still half. what happened next with the secret mission
Honey Grace Rogan: bhbbbnumvyhgnmgfnnnnjnn-?;;/7?--/;;?6*?*::??*?::%;;:?:?7*;9
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