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Hold Me Tightly, Ghost Sama

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I was born in a family of grave robbers. The theft of graves was extremely evil, and now the retribution of my family was on me. I was haunted by a powerful ghost and he forces to bear a child for him…

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Jennie/Juleka Couffaine
Once I had a strange dream that I was grown up,I was studying medicine in Canada and then when I was going to work by the subway my childhood crush suddenly pinned me against the wall and then I was saying "Excuse me, do I know you?" and then he said "Jennie you're kidding me, right? It's just been 13 years and you really don't know me? Are you saying you forgot me? It's me, Shreyas Choudhury!" And then I was going to leave cuz in 4th grade one of my friends exposed that I liked him and from then I couldn't face him. And then he stopped me "Jennie have you really forgotten me?" "Yes, I have now leave me alone! I already have a boyfriend!" I said furiously and then he pinned me against the wall again and said "Then let me give you what you've always wanted!" He French kissed me. I just pushed away in time and slapped him "Bastard, how dare you kiss me!? You can say that I liked you before and now I hate the soul that resides your body! I hate you, Shreyas Choudhury! and then I woke up. It was a nightmare. I was going to talk to my bff but my mom won't let me.

*Note:I liked him before but now I see us as friends.
Jump On ICE CREAM🍨🍦🍧: light*
Jump On ICE CREAM🍨🍦🍧: i have also a problem like u...loght amnesia and hearing illusion..when i study at night i often hear that outside smone is talking and laughing..watching when i go out....everything is quite...i often hear the sound of's really painful😧😧😧😧
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princess joy Olaivar
Oppsss... Whose here for points? And end up getting more points in the story? 😂👍
Hahahapiness: haaha🤣😂😂😂🤣. i just read everything i can read and doesn't bother about points now😅😅. and now i saw this comment.😊😊. hello happy sis. i found ya😊
animeXmangaXme: Oh meeeee😂❤️
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😕 is it just me or do the places they have sex keep getting more weird I think it was her bedroom then on her office desk in her office then on the roof of her office building then now in a shower but it's like he's doing her every day. A very active pervert ghost....or is this part of the whole ghost marriage thingy like you gotta do it with the ghost husband every day for the whole month before U are officially a ghost wife 😂😂😂 so then she jump off the roof 🤦 I have a feeling they may end up doing it somewhere weird again like Elevator, Office Toilet or even the bosses office 🙈🤣🤣🤣🤣 shut up inner pervert! uhum excuse me I'll continue reading 😅
Sophia Anaya: same though
Abdifatah Abdullahi: what are you talk about.
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