Master of Legendary Realms
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Master of Legendary Realms

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Master of Legendary Realms
Eh Htoo
Lily was a little girl
Afraid of the big wide world
She grew up within her castle walls
And then on the night with the setting sun
She went in the woods away
So afraid, all alone
heyamiruls: lol for real? damn
Dr. RASENGAN: lol y'all don't know this is lyrics from "Lily" by Alan Walker😂😂🤦‍♂️
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Lord Poldo
For those who dont understand what mc is trying to do. He is making the house of windsor his underling. Being the son of king qi known by the elders and making them believe that Elizabeth is his woman. Will make them believe that Yves supports their house and that they have the chance to be part of the royal house through him. But remember its all part of a grand revenge which is the point of the story
Renren.vile: wuki3ioo
shen chai: Thank you bro
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Demonic Neko
Stfu Ives.. You don't know 2 shit about Lily's feeling
Eh Htoo: He is a sect leader if he choose women over his people what does that makes him? His master entrusted him with survival of his sect. He is not living for himself but for his whole sect. If he gets too emotional than people can take advantage of him. Even though he knows what women wants he doesn’t dare to take the risk of killing all his people.
Atorx Uvakou: Oooofff that was critical
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Mr Guntapas
So i guess i can't cultivate to be an immortal in anyway.. I can't even isolated myself from the outside world ,like reading this manhwa for example.. hahaha
denis viher: if you are immortal how can you kill yourself 🤔
Jemer Sigundo: same here...
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Sylvanie Nanfack
you this annoying pink hairs girl if you fall in love with him at the end i will laugh at you for the rest of the chapters and never want to see you near him
Naimal Aftab
I like ives with Elizabeth they fight all the tym they help each other stand for each other tease each each other. I can feel feel their relationship 😂 otherwise all the mangas have the female lead as a pretty innocent idot girl who is shy all the time that's it.
Mrs Tomin: agree..😆😆😆
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Rin Pham
the pink hair is the ugliest girl there lmao
Abdul Wahab: hahaha
Dns : 😂😂😂 idk who's talking the truth but I hate that f*ck**g gir l
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Zahra Hassan Naqvi
okay i am confused, who is this ives? is he the real ives or is he aaron? like at start he takes place of some other guy. but in his real sect his names is ives and now here he is ives, so he is real ives of this house?
Kwaku D Flexico: Apparently Ives is also the name of the person he is impersonating and that "Ives" real name is Arron
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Grail Ali
elizabeth is juzt decoration haha an ugly eyesore decoration!
Saheel: 😶😶😶😶😶😏
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Princess Sarah Bieren
I want the girl from the wheel chair to be with him. I dont want elizabeth!
Adorable V: Elizabeth is just too🤦‍♀️ while the girl in wheelchair is just😍
taniya m: exactly 👍
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Akshay Shetty
use (Y) this (4) code (R) to (8) unlock(3) new(X) episodes !!
how to use :
1. Go to "mine" "invite friends"
3.type in the code .
4. Happy reading. !!
Caralyn Carlson: Cool❣️❣️❣️❣️😎😎😋😘😝😘
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woah i agree with the quation the "the smarter the man is, the unlukier he is" cause i have experience sething similar hahahh
By the end of this journey, the new girl will end up falling for Ives, just saying.
Demonic Neko: Nahh.. Its gonna be the prince.. He going gay
Adion D'ark: and he keep being an ass
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I still don't like yu'er bcs she is too full of herself
black mask: how did you know it darksoul o.O
DarkSoul2436: I fee kinda bad for her. The look in her eyes seem full of sadness and maybe some mischief
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
hahaha the ending conversation was savage..he roasted both of them lol
Demonic Neko
Lily's waiting for her man.. Get the fck back already Ives.. Sheesh man
Mrs Tomin
what if the mc will die in the end?😨 he's not the guy in the cover..😭 I don't like tragic story, okay?😭😭
Reolm Thaony Canon-Hit
yeah!! women is unpredictable! hahaha so be on guard!
Adion D'ark
shat he said is.. a bad sign
Mrs Tomin
what does sansa think? he almost did that mouth to mouth good thing he open his eyes..😌😌
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