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Concubine of Wealth

Zuoan Comic
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Concubine of Wealth Comics Online. A sheet of contract and a ransom of ten million changed her into a close maid to an evil-like billionaire. Although once a rich young lady, she was made a puppet nowadays. He tried his best to torture her only for her to give birth to a boy to revenge against her family? In an attempt to flee away from him, she learnt how to seduce men and contribute her body, swearing to identify who was manipulating her life.

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Snow Bunny
i'm sorry..but why people judging the GL as dumb, stupid, and sex slave?? Can't you all people read and understand the whole big plot of the story?? Since the first chapter it has clearly seen that the FL has been sold because his father has debt and can't repay it, so the Gang sold her. and then there was also the ML receive a call saying that "She is the woman you want." and still in the earlier chapter the ML asked his secretary to not let her know and continue to act that way...what more is if you think logically why would the ML take her to the hospital when she was ill when he knows that she only tricked him? and then save her when she got kidnapped? If you say that he saved her just because of the baby, well let me remind you that he got TONS of women who are willing to have his baby, but why her?? Huh?? Think before you judge!! Understand the situation first before you judge!
Itz LaurenXx: oops i mean for**
Itz LaurenXx: yeah ikr xD maybe fore points??
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Kaine Testament
the story didn't make much sense. the 1st part started out nice but as the story went along, the story was lost. no wonder they ended the story bec its probably not selling anymore. so many questions as such why mengli and suwan got drifted apart? why miere suddenly wanted to get her identity back? what's with her blood? the art did not evolve but more likely switch from 1 illustrator to another. this has always been an issue with manhua/manhwa (and I dont mean all), I dont wanna judge, but the authors have nice ideas/concepts, but they need to have a better editor who will keep them on the right track. I will not tolerate this kind of story if I'm the editor.

Manga (Japanese) are still the best, their stories rarely gets lost, and the art style evolves but not noticeable unless you check chapter 1 then jump to ch50, but eeading it chapter per chapter, there's no changes at all.
Cristine Jee: Why end the story without disclosing further info?. You left us hanging author.
Marya Nisar: they didn't disclose why his uncle's blood match with su wan,where is his brother now and why did he choose her to be his child's mother,
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okay I've been tolerating this questions from before 👉🏿 brother and son 👈🏿
so here's the answer to your question 😊 didnt you guts f****ng read it properly 😑 she said that she has lost memory of her past and only remember a little portion of it so why Tf are you guys calling the FL an idiot just because she doesn't remember her brother and son 😑😑
just stfu and read it instead of making fuss about the story plot its just too irritating and annoying of you guys
if you guys can't appreciate it than just f*****g stop reading it and read some other mangas that are of your taste
Jessie Morine: lol! that's good. we just read and get worked up with some chapters then continue to read even if some scenes dont make sense. lol!
Dafuq: haha 🤣 I'm not immature enough to fight here man 🤣
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