Free Me Now, Cold Boss
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Free Me Now, Cold Boss

Yoolook Culture
Free Me Now, Cold Boss
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Free Me Now, Cold Boss Comics Online. A boss of a giant corporation is tricked by a little girl! And he also got dumped by her after she has played enough! How could be such a thing happened in this world?! If the word "sorry" can solve everything, then why we still need the police!
"Hey, no matter you are alive or dead, I will find you in the end! I will not let you escape again!"

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Strong Female Lead
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So far I’m not liking the FL’s behavior in this story, she left a pretty bad impression on me. First, she tried to use the ML as a lab rat for some experiment, drugged him, which ended up into a huge mess, resulting in her getting pregnant with his kid, and the fact that the ML hated this girl made the situation much much worse than it already was. I don’t know the reason why the ML hates her, but imagine the girl you despise gets pregnant with your child after drugging you, and then a kid pops out of nowhere and claims to be your son, whose mother is the woman you hate. I feel bad for the ML in this story thinking of it that way 😕 I can see why he supposedly hates her.

And I don’t know how she’s raising the kid, either. Why is she even letting him get that far by himself to meet his dad? Is she not worried that the kid will be in danger without her supervision, I mean most mothers would be worried sick for their child and call the police to bring the child back. Her carelessness caused all these troubles around her, what a hot mess 😐! I love the little kid though, he’s very smart and clever! Hopefully he’ll bring them two together again 🙂
Subodh Sarkar: collide is my favourite...😄it's story is really nicer...
Princess Hinata: Hey!!! Your comment is really beautiful.. I agree with you 100%.... But i think there will be more interesting things to happen..Let's see what will happen..
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Wishing y’all health and wellness!

Ok but WTF!??? This is SO cringey and weird.. I don’t know if I should be laughing or be disgusted with how she’s treating him as a lab rat for her personal gain. Half of me thought this was hilarious when she asked him to give her a baby in front of all the classmates, but the other half is kinda disturbed with how she doesn’t seem to treat him as a human being, but rather a tool to her success. Kinda gross and stupid of her. If he doesn’t want to then he doesn’t want to, you can’t make him your test subject without the consent tbh. I hate being negative but she sounds very crazy and annoying with how she’s pestering him to be her test subject when it seems he’s not interested at all.. lol I couldn’t blame him when he asked if she’s crazy at all. Anyway I’m still liking this story so PLEASE CRAZY UPDATE THIS ONE PLSSSS LOVE U AUTHOR!
LittleTreasurexJason: Yup! Totally hate this FL! I absolutely understand why the ML hates her. Yuck.
Wind Margritz: it's a dramatic genderbend. most of these stories of guys being total dicks, getting away with the most horrid things just because they can and want to. yes she's being a b*tch but at least she's on top.
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Most of the time, we tend to hate the second girl and support the first girl... However, this happened in real life wouldn't you guys think that it's not fair? The first girl use a dirty way to make him sleeps with her, while the second girl is his legitimate fiance 🤔 Sometime I think we just tend to support a character because she is 'female lead', it's okay if she done bad thing but if the 'second female lead' done the same thing, we hate her... but I know, obviously the author will make the second female lead acts spoiled... okay I'm not good in English and cannot really express properly what my thoughts... ignore this
Uni ✨: Hmmmm you're right but...then again, the ML did liked it....I mean, if he really hated her for it, he would've filed a case towards her already. It would be easy for him to take her to jail. Lmao.
LittleTreasurexJason: Except she willingly drugged an innocent person and r@ped him. If she just held him in contempt because of how she perceives men I would have no problem. After all, it's common to believe that people who share the physical characteristics of your abuser also share their behavioral traits. But now she's treating an innocent person in a way she would never treat the other pr!cks. THAT is where one starts to cross over the line and become like their abuser. So I disagree with the OP since the reason I hate the FL is BECAUSE she's ACTUALLY doing something that is very wrong whereas the other ones the OP is implying are also hateful are simply being victim blamed. This girl is not being victim blamed by any stretch of the imagination.
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