The Super Doctor From 2089
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The Super Doctor From 2089

The Super Doctor From 2089
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I don't know which side I am right now....
To Ye letting him flirt to girls and make somekind of harem OR going against it and only want him to have either Wan'er or his former fiance.

but I think Wan'er is being selfish here or she's just jealous
normally the mc in these take small advantage of heroines sometimes, but this guy seems to take big advantages slot of the time.

I like it ! 😏
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Ah Da: Yea😍yessssss
محمد ارشد رضا: Hi dear Editor.MT please also support my novels and read it I have 2 novels and 1 chit chat stories please support me
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Ship ship ship!! *///*
well you guys don't blame her...after all, the original ye wutian is a playboy and love to have fun at a night club while she working so hard even though that's not her company.... and I also can't blame the original ye wutian bcz his relationship with his family that effect him....maybe he was treated badly by his family since young....after all, his from rich family so there's no wander they fighting over the status heir just like in ancient times... ;'(
Ship ship ship!! *///*: yeah that's right not bcz of his looks
Lmfao_144: Yeah, it is like “Oh now he has got abilities, well now I like him”
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Damn girl does she think she's in the right side?
Still don't want to apologize! She think he will get annoyed and will cure his grandpa just by following him all day? You think you can beat up people because of their pasts, people change y'know!
What a headache I feel sorry for the grandpa because her grandchild is so naive.
tanjiro: it's okay
Sparky: Sorry to know that. I kinda miss my grandparents in my dad's side now. 😭 My memories just keep flashing after I read your comment.
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The change in MC is too weird and sudden. Not sure why the author is trying to make him like his past life, maybe being a little more interested in women would've been good but he's turning into a perv now. Seems like author is going to make this another generic harem with perv MC which there is already so many series like that.
Damn man she beat him good but she pissed me off. How are you going to somebody else house, beat them up and then expect them to do something for you? No matter how much she begged me I wouldn't save anybody she's related too. Because my Petty meter is broken from how pissed I am.
Tododeku: Ugh I don’t like her at all
Carel : I'm so pissed off. that girl is so annoying
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is it just me or does anyone thinks that the Chinese government should hire this guy to make a cure for Corona Virus..
Tododeku: bruhh
Lmfao_144: Yep it is late🤣 Too late. I bet he is even infected by the virus😂
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Dark Lord
She didn't did anything wrong and she even got slapped by her father I think it's too much for the cutie and she's trying to convince him too she deserves better
Tododeku: Duudee what a simp
jimslime21: dude did you miss the ass kicking she gave him or what.
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Sonam Tshering
Okay was he originally shameless or is it the body's influence on him.
ArtistKL17: It's the body. 😅
Levi Kinstle: yes he was that what disappointed me lol
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Wrecker Koulik
show us the real thing
Wrecker Koulik: yupsy
Laisa💖💋😍💋💖🤘: oh, I see, alright then
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Davina Josh
break up with him
you can't force him to like you
such a foolish girl
shouting his name in d rain won't bring him
let him leave his life
ur fiance is DEAD
am pretty sure it your parents dat planned all this
kudos to them
go with Kevin
leave MY YE alone
stupid 2Fl
Davina Josh: so true
Lmfao_144: The ship between the ML and the first girl that showed up, the village girl. I know they are meant to be, but hoes always get in the way, it pisses me off
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Rahul Maheshwari
thank goodness somebody has guys to knock the f*c* out of him.
and the good thing is she is a girl.
Kaptinkurt07: WTF are you high
Sadiq Kaka: 😂 😂 😂
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Uhhhmm... Everyone if you dont mind... Could you tell what langauge and kind of letters to use in the Translator Workbench trial job?.. Pleaseee just some little details is fine
Carol Quay: it's too obvious , isn't it ?
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Magiccarnivine Misterious
this only have few episodes but the process of the update is so slow it might take us 10 years to wait till this reach the ending its like martial art master i think the one with so many words end up so many episodes in a scene but this is like different that short and take quite some time i can wait but this is just my opinion
Sonam Tshering
I thought this will be about a mature protagonist instead we have another cliched shameless yet capable mc
Lmfao_144: There isn’t a reason to be an ass. He is just one of the many assholes in the world. Just don’t pay attention to the guy anymore. He doesn’t deserve it. Humph
Aldrin Dolfo: I mean he's just saying his opinion and what he expected the character would be so I dont know why you have to be such an ass about it
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seriously, how can you just went to someone's house in the middle of the night, woke them from their sleep, order them around, then beat them up before stating your business. THAT IS RIDICULOUS! 😠😡
Yami Adagaki
Oh now i get it he only gets pervy to her not on other girl but he's switch body is the reason of he's attraction to other girls im really sorry author i missunderstood ur work
The mc's character dosn't make any sense. In the beginning he didn't want to do anything pervertet but now he only want to. Why did it change so suddenly?
Iben Mt: yeah.. well, when there's a lot of pretty girls around you, obviously it will stimulates your libido.. but, well, this quite disappointing. they changed the character's setting, and not in a good way..
QSS Raven: Maybe it's something caused by the ols personality in his body xd
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Alex Faklangen
MC are you trying to peek to those 2 girls,,, boys are real,,, they trying too hard too get what they want hahahaha
Sparky: He should have known about it...... he's from the future right?
$tr@nger: Not all men is doing that
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