Spoil You Every Night
Romance / Modern / Completed

Spoil You Every Night

Yoolook Culture
Spoil You Every Night
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Spoil You Every Night Comics Online. Three years ago, she saved his life in a cave. Three years later she met him again on a party, but they have forgot each other's appearance after such a long time. When the feelings buried in the bottom of her heart awaken, when the fragments of memory piece together, what will the fate of the two people be?

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CherryOn Top
this story is really full of fantasies! i mean, the heck is her lil sis talking about giving all the things to the older sis. its the other way around in reality. my! mah lil sis always has the best clothes and things! like tf? i only have one pants and 5 t shirt when going out while my lil sissy has her closet full of frikin eyesore dress. and its all frikin pink. she has so many bags and she even got a party when she is 7 yrs old while i dont even have a cake in my b day that i seriously literally forgot my age. i need to ask my classmate on what is my age. and i need to wait for her frikin gymnastic training to end while i still have a ton of work loads to do and assignments to finish. shes just so frikin cute and i just wanna scold her for that too bad my parents always side by her...
for the ones who read this all.... i appreciate it.
so hard being a big sis
musu musu: big sis always hurt. now, you just do your thing and when the time comes, live your life to the fullest far away from them
someone kill me: Yea ikr I mean it's super hard being a big sis with 3 younger siblings. my parents give them everything they want more like they can buy the whole world for them and when I want some stray kids or bts albums they are like first bring all A s in every subject then I'll buy you.My siblings are spoilt brats and my sis is daddy's princess.I FEEL SO BAD FOR US BIG SISTERS
total 4 replies
just how stupid the ML can be! shower the woman attention, affection and even at times challenging her ideals... of course she will eventually FEEL! she's not some mechanized robot to just easily turn off her emotions. "she can't fall in love with me"? duh! dude, your FL is a human with a beating heart, when you feel love, the gradual ascent can be confusing, at times disintegrates you. one can't sometimes control it and when you slam it back to her face that she can't fall in love with you, you're killing her and humans most outstanding defense mechanism is to crack you with her pride... there lies the web of deceit, denial... so author please come up with season 2 asap!
Girl this BETTER be a wake-up call for you to stop having relations with this man. He is just using you. Am I the only one that clearly remembered him saying “we each get what we want/need”? He made it clear what their relationship is. It’s definitely not even a girlfriend-boyfriend thing at all. I’m just hoping she will not forgive him easily and give him a cold shoulder from now on because that’s my biggest pet peeve in a lot of female leads. They meet someone as horrible as this guy but forgive the guy in 3 seconds without even an apology. Please don’t let this be another one of those masochist doormat FL-abusive asshole ML comics. He needs to face retribution for what he did 😑
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