Spoil You Every Night
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Spoil You Every Night

Yoolook Culture
Spoil You Every Night
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Spoil You Every Night Comics Online. Three years ago, she saved his life in a cave. Three years later she met him again on a party, but they have forgot each other's appearance after such a long time. When the feelings buried in the bottom of her heart awaken, when the fragments of memory piece together, what will the fate of the two people be?

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Griffin Grey
The art of this story is beautiful. I really, really like the MC and the plot, although will apparently turn my nerves to guitar strings is very interesting but... Seriously now, who gives the titles to these stories? They are completely misleading. For example this one should be called “Torture You Every Night (Sometimes During Daytime Too)” or “Spoil You Every Night AFTER Chapter 100”.
According to the much appreciated comments, he will not spoil her but make her life a living hell while he will spoil the usurper of the ring who pretends to be his savior. 🤔 Maybe the title goes to the fact that he is spoiling his disgusting fiancée but then again, he is about to spend his nights torturing the girl who saved him 🤔 Maybe it refers to the fact that SHE will spoil him every night instead of cutting his palm tree from its root and send him to the antipodes. In any case, the title makes no sense 😒
Griffin Grey: This indeed makes sense (although ominous, it describes accurately the story)!
Linsey Golilao: its the translation I think.. spoil you not as give you all you want but spoil that going to destroy or damage you
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You’re so DISGUSTING man, she’s a human being, not some s*x box for you to play with as a possession whenever you want 🙄 She’s your EMPLOYEE, TF is wrong with you!?!? this is straight up s*xual harassment, and threatening her into a cornered position to become your woman is just 🤢🤮 I HATE this ML so much!

I knew eventually he will try to corner her by manipulating and try to make her his mistress, but still, when she asked about the marriage and he laughs it off telling her “we each get what we want” it’s clear that he does not respect her, and only sees her as his little s*x box 😡🤬 DONT AGREE TO THIS GIRL ITS NOT WORTH
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Yeah he’s just flat out using her like a tool :/ so sad
ama$h8tgirl:<: I see.The ml only wants the child come from the fl and they will use it to cure the illness of his brother.
total 2 replies
Be GLAD that she didn’t decide to cut you off completely as a childhood friend at least you freaking narcissist!

After the damage has already been done, you wanna backtrack and take her back whenever you please after humiliating her!? What does she need your forgiveness for!? Don’t get it twisted you dummy you should be begging for HER forgiveness!! 😡🤬

Why are you bringing up the happy past childhood memories now? Did you think about her or your childhood friendship when you decided to stab her in the back and sleep with someone else, and even humiliate her!? NOPE!

It’s too late to regret things and take things back. You made your bed now go lay in it! 🙄
Nator-sama: Do they have “weird” fetish..
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I know right!? Why do authors love making women look so pitiful in some of these comics?
total 4 replies
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