Spoil You Every Night
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Spoil You Every Night

Yoolook Culture
Spoil You Every Night
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Spoil You Every Night Comics Online. Three years ago, she saved his life in a cave. Three years later she met him again on a party, but they have forgot each other's appearance after such a long time. When the feelings buried in the bottom of her heart awaken, when the fragments of memory piece together, what will the fate of the two people be?

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Griffin Grey
The art of this story is beautiful. I really, really like the MC and the plot, although will apparently turn my nerves to guitar strings is very interesting but... Seriously now, who gives the titles to these stories? They are completely misleading. For example this one should be called “Torture You Every Night (Sometimes During Daytime Too)” or “Spoil You Every Night AFTER Chapter 100”.
According to the much appreciated comments, he will not spoil her but make her life a living hell while he will spoil the usurper of the ring who pretends to be his savior. 🤔 Maybe the title goes to the fact that he is spoiling his disgusting fiancée but then again, he is about to spend his nights torturing the girl who saved him 🤔 Maybe it refers to the fact that SHE will spoil him every night instead of cutting his palm tree from its root and send him to the antipodes. In any case, the title makes no sense 😒
Rose KS: Light and Shadow the manhwa is realllyyy good! Strong FL! More badass than the ML. Sure, both their upbringing is sad and their initial meeting made me hate ML... but it develops so quickly and made me start start reading mangas!
Xiao Hai: No biggie. Enjoy! ^^b
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He is declaring WAR! He’s just leading on and using the female lead at this point. Like ᗯᕼᗩT Tᕼᗴ ᗩᑕTᑌᗩᒪ ᕼᗴᑕK; this is gonna end with a lot of heartbreak cause in the end the female lead might actually realize that she has feelings for him and then she sees him with this girl...

*PoOf disaster srsly which girl do you like! You can’t just lead the female lead on and then say that you love her while you have someone that is clearly not your mother even though you guys look kind’ve alike. Just SAY IT DUDE who do you like and who you don’t the poor female lead doesn’t deserve this. Not gonna lie right now I’m hating the male lead he’s being a total player and a$$hole! The guy she broke up with is way better than him at least he loved her for sometime and even got engaged with her! The male lead just wants her to have a baby so that he can save his brother which isn’t a bad thing but then he’s just using her at this point. He doesn’t even love her and chooses other women over her she’s basically just a mistress. The female lead is like a Carey being stepped on by the male lead and the male leads lovers! Poor girl
我爱你(╹◡╹)♡: *carpet
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Ok i started today and and im pretty confident it will turn out like this : her boss will, again, force her to everything he wants, eventually she will, again, fall for him (this might happend a few more times though... 😅) all he want is to save his brother, but as time flies, he will also fell for her and brother will, sadly, die with words : live happy life, don't think about me anymore, brother! *sob*, then someone will tell her about his first true plan (make baby- save brother) she will get mad but they somehow manage to understand each other and live happily! And their company's cooperate with each other or something... Attention! This was only my opinion im not telling that what he doing NOW is right, but if it's going to turn out like this, i will be glad and happy! 🙂 Be honest here, they look nice together 😉
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