Demon, Don't Kiss Me
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Demon, Don't Kiss Me

Yoolook Culture
Demon, Don't Kiss Me
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Demon, Don't Kiss Me Comics Online. When Ai Xiaoxiao, the seventeen-year-old girl discovers her first boyfriend is gay, she is devastated, but soon something more devastating ensues, as her love rival kisses her instead and suddenly transforms into a demon. This arouses the interest of the demon, who is openly the CEO of a powerful company that controls the economic lifeline of the entire nation, because he has never been transformed into a demon involuntarily. Who could Ai Xiao Xiao really be? An orphan abandoned since birth in an children's home, and adopted at eight, why only she can "awaken" this demonic CEO...

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Fatlinda Gashi
I think Wei is xiaoxiao but she dont remember anything , because yinshang said I dont know how to face the you in another "identity "the cross which had xiaoxiao and she gave as a present to her so called( I forgot) bf friend is that cross the Nan Jinfeng is looking for and so he can find who is xiaoxiao, but I think she xiaoxiao is wei nan jinfeng fiancee.
Rylle_Aeine: Erm- uhh chapter 132?
Nicole12: hey guys what is the number of the final ep
total 23 replies
Yinshang you already know that she didn't kill your brother yet you avoided her for what reason??? If it is to protect her from danger, I will gonna say "you can protect her by your side and the most importantly, you Must Trust her". Trust is the most important in this world.
Neema Joshi: the reason was that yinshang mother is a human and his father is a demon that's why Moli is a demon
lxvely_bxtch: :o really?
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He is totally lying when he said that in the last panel, I'm 100% sure about it, but because he is lying and saying such ruthless words he is going to lose her and then he is going to regret but is going to be too late because there is going to be someone else in her heart and of course that is our male lead
Dhiya' saa: I totally agree with you and I thought he is the worst ml
Luna Grace: You know I like this manhua at the beginning but then the plots are getting more twisted and I'm so annoyed with nanjinfeng because he's a coward! He didn't believe in wei er's ability and keep on making decisions to hurt her. That's why she's never been able to forgive him but jin feng always think that his methods are the best way to save her. Seriously dude, if you loved her you gotta stick with her and fight with her. Not making coward decisions such as sticking with the queen's side in order to protect wei er. That's a cowardly move!! I like him at the beginning but now I really really hope wei er won't end up with him.
total 5 replies
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