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Demon, Don't Kiss Me

Yoolook Culture
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When Ai Xiaoxiao, the seventeen-year-old girl discovers her first boyfriend is gay, she is devastated, but soon something more devastating ensues, as her love rival kisses her instead and suddenly transforms into a demon. This arouses the interest of the demon, who is openly the CEO of a powerful company that controls the economic lifeline of the entire nation, because he has never been transformed into a demon involuntarily. Who could Ai Xiao Xiao really be? An orphan abandoned since birth in an children's home, and adopted at eight, why only she can "awaken" this demonic CEO...

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Why does it say that she’s unemployed when she’s only 17? Shouldn’t she be going to school and not working??!! 😂🤣😂🤣
Nap Kin: Well in Asia, the average adult to finish their highschool(about to go to college) is 18, but there can be an exception if they start school a year early.
Iceblossom: Teenagers are part of the unemployment category because they are still minors, teenagers enter the employment work force the moment they have their first job when they enter into the system. Another example is that when an adult has stopped looking for a job after three months they are also considered in the unemployment category.
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Sorry to say this...but why are all these people who like otome against gay men....they are the cutest and they are the same as an normal know...except yaoi and stuff...but when you like the same gender you can't help it....I'm a fujoshi....and I'm not saying this against everyone, but you really shouldn't judge him for his decision to leave our lovely FL ....he has his own reasons and is not supposed to be called stupid for that....I feel bad for her...but without them breaking up...she couldn't have found her better half...
~you^-^: I'm a you already have to know that I have no relationship....because you know ....the man nowadays are scumbags ....seriously there are 10 Billion dogs in this you really think I need that??! I personally glad...and of there was an option that it would happen to me {never^-^}...than I would accept it and be happy for the other person....because that's what you are supposed to do
syeda ayesha siddiqua: what if a third party comes and destroys your relationship you're bound to hate them male or female
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yes!! our FL killed it!! like most FL they lay down start crying but she got up and beat her face up. about wheater she used her body she said what I was thinking she could have said in my mind I was like "so what if she did, it isn't any of y'all business!"
♡p.e.a.c.e♡: funny how I got many likes yet I couldn't understand my writing when I read it again 😂
Berryblue: I know I love it!😂
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