Demon Alpha-My Dark Sweet Heart
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Demon Alpha-My Dark Sweet Heart

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Demon Alpha-My Dark Sweet Heart
Dark Rose
Mr Preston literally hired the MC without interviewing her in some format, but just hired her cause he wasn't able to read her mind, and now he's complaining that she's a lousy worker.... Ya well she's obviously incompetent, but you wouldn't know since you hired her for a reason that has nothing to do with whether someone would be good secretary or not, so don't complain. And the MC should stop complaining about her workload, the pay is $50000, anyone who understands common sense would immediately assume the job is extremely demanding. This isn't something you figure out later on in the job but something you prepare yourself for the moment you decided you wanted to work in a very successful company -- regardless of the fact that being a secretary wasn't your intention in the beginning. If the MC didn't know how to do something then she obviously should ask for assistance from her coworkers when the CEO ignored her when she said she didn't know how to do it. Again, TH PAY IS $50000/MONTH; AND YOU GOT HIRED EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE INCOMPETENT so start studying so you don't get fired and you can keep all those advantages you got from having the ability to not have your mind read from others.
Åd∅rãb|€ 🐣🐔: yeahh sis you are right
Dark Rose: Your point is correct, however, I'm saying that she shouldn't be complaining about her workload because the pay is $50000/month. I am not saying that she doesn't have the right to get the help needed in order to succeed at her job, this I mentioned in my comment.
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OMG I’m so in love with this artwork it’s so gorgeous!! I’m having high hopes for this one and I hope the artwork stays this stunning since there’s a lot of comics with inconsistencies with plot and artwork nowadays. I have a feeling this story is gonna be a pretty interesting one to read! It would be AMAZING if they can start this up with a crazy update of at least 20 chapters! I’m so excited for this one IM READY IM READY IM READY! 😬 Love me a good love triangle/harem comic with a bunch of hotties in it!
BTS Army: Omg true
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I don’t like both the guys atm, they both treat her badly
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Offline💔(Angel sect Leader 🌈)
Here it starts again!.Probably Everyone will torture her first .Then Again To win her heart😉😁.3 Male Lead 😆😆.Vampire,Bossy CEO,Demon .Lol 3 creatures .Let's we who win her😙.We are already excited!!.And I'm gonna kill those btiches Already .Who will come in there love 😈😈.Let's kill this Btich Already
Yeah yeah😈😈😂
Ram pa pum pum ..💔🎶🔪🔫
Offline💔(Angel sect Leader 🌈): Yeah Armlink💖
Rose. (Angel sect supreme elder.): I am blink tooo
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“Disgusting man! You have a fiancé! How could you flirt with someone else!?” THANK YOU my dear cinnamon roll, that’s what I was thinking this WHOLE time! So he was the white haired guy the entire time! 😒 I highly dislike him for that exact reason. Don’t eat your words when she rejects or leaves your dumbass! Have fun with your disgusting fiancé! You claim you don’t love her then STOP messing with her and trying to lead her on then!

He needs to stop rubbing his relationship in her face, it’s annoying and shows how selfish and petty he is! I don’t like him SO FAR!
Sakura Miyuki: I like to ship Zoe(aka stone) with black hair boy(which he is originally white hair)
Jolouis Salido: I like it so much author please update more thank u so much
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Am I the only one that’s annoyed with his behavior? You have a fiancé FFS! can’t keep it in your pants, so you proceed to toy with her all day!? That evil girl is definitely gonna scheme against her but at the same time why can’t she take it out on her fiancé who can’t keep his hands to himself!?
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Thanks girl :P loving this story regardless tho! The artwork is gorgeous
BDean2: Your profile name is hilarious! 😂😂 BTW... I’m a str8 delicate lady also! ☺️
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That white haired vampire is a jerk, she’s not some object or “present” TF IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!? 😡

And Girl you’re in NO PLACE to call her ugly with u Ronald McDonald ass wipe that period blood off your head and STFU PLEASE you’re the one that tried to frame her by sending a bunch of men to r*pe her! And Charles if that’s what’s gonna break the deal for you then you didn’t love her enough 😒.
BDean2: Oh my gosh! That’s the most descriptive thing I’ve read today! 🙀🙀 Why period blood? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

I'm done: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Previously.....i thought that Stephan was 3rd ML(but it is not)🙃😌😌 there is love triangle and two woman who will definitely want to harm Zoe.That red hair and Moon
I think Zoe is reincarnation of Stone.....or she is somehow related to woodson's family.
Stephan should read Moon's mind specially when Zoe around......he would know how selfish she is.....and he will be able to protect Zoe from her in future(as she might plot something to make Stephan hate her or try to harm her)...she is bad safe Zoe😑😑😑
......Thank you author for this update😁😁😁
p.s💛❤: I thought the same thing( after reading comment) that Zoe was their child😅😅.....but then it would be really weird😅😅😅😂😂😂😂....but they do look really alike Noe and Stone..........reincarnation of Stone after 1000 years🤔😉🤔
SyaLeo♌シャレオ: I think that too..zoe shah was reincarnation of Stone then i just think that she was their child left behind😅🤔!?!....
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Charles wasn't able to protect her from Lemon Sue, who anyone with even elementary common sense can tell is an evil scheming conniving malicious faker whose own virtue is a distant(VERY distant) memory. And who obviously had the backing of at least one of his family members in order to pull this off unobserved. Zoe is better off with the vampire, who CAN protect her and did.
lemurloki: Hence the qualifier about common sense. Some people are very astute judges of character who can see through an act and some people are not. Though to be fair, some people are better at putting on an act than others.
Itz LaurenXx: he didn't know or expect that would happen. Plus Lemon Sue was acting good in front of him so he would obviously not suspect her.
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Gloat while you can, Moon. I see right through you: you plotted to kill your sister and take her place. Whether you used others to do it or not, it was YOU who set it in motion. And though her dying request was for him to take care of you and helped reconcile him to this political marriage, he doesn't love you. Karma catches up with everyone, b*tch. And when your fiance finds out you killed his true love in order to take her place, he will take you apart.
Pastell Donuts: i hate moon 😡
Chibi Su: Me too.... Such a selfish woman.... Shame on u.. Boho
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Marlisa Zuelaikha
I can't wait for this manga updates on sunday!!! Wah!! I like this new manga eventhough I'm just looking at the prologue of this manga.. it's kinda very interesting.. well, I'm looking forward for this manga updates soon.. hope the author have many inspirations to make this manga more fun and everyone can enjoy reading.. and also thank you mangatoon crews for updates many interesting mangas!! Now my life is more cheerful when I read any mangas at mangatoon
Lan Yui: Is this a season 2?
Sarah Montano: I already waiting this wonderful work. I'm excited and this story are interesting,more colorful and mysterious things. I'm glad that I can read it . Good luck to this author of this story thanks to you.
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What do you mean she’s pretending to be that woman!? Make it make sense man, it’s annoying how he has a whole ass fiancé but is being extremely shameless making advances on her.

I still don’t ship it at all, he needs some attitude adjustment and he needs to break it off with that fiancé of his first 😒
Brah in a normal working environment this would be s*xual harassment BUT ITS OKAY BECAUSE HES HOT 😍😍😍😍😍! It is true that people are enticed by mystery! He can’t read her mind, so he’s trying to figure her out perhaps!? 🙂

AND OMG I wish the vampire would have his hair short like the first panel he looks STUNNING! 😍 can’t decide who I ship with her, too many choices 😞😞😞
Crush: I’m into older guys

Him: iM ovEr 1o0 yEaRs oLD

And come on man, you have a whole ass fiancé but you’re making moves on her? Dump her first before making moves on her. So far all 3 of the men gave me a bad impression, let’s see how this whole thing plays out, I’m still not sure who to ship her with.
I don’t know : I wonder who is higher ranked than a vampire who is over 1000 years old
loreiy otaga: thats probably because hes forced to by someone w a higher rank. thats how it always is
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Omg I’m loving the artwork in this comic! It’s made by yoolook so I’m not even surprised that the art quality is top notch, it’s so beautiful!! I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next! Girl don’t fall too hard hes still a. Taken man!
Yuno Chan
Lol i ship her with none of them to be forever with her in the end, there will be love with all 3 but she won’t be with any of them or any other
she’s special, she doesn’t need a man to complete her life
(that’s what i want) or the story might have too many conflicts and stuffs that might make me not want to continue reading this storyline lol but that can be changed, it can change my mind about it
looking forward to it
I’m not into long haired guys, sorry people I think the brunette is so much hotter and I like him better. Charles failed to communicate with her openly and failed to protect her while believing in her.

But honestly the vampire is not much better, he straight up treated her like a toy and harassed her in the beginning chapters. I still prefer Charles over him sorry guys! 😳
Byeol Xi
WOOAH! WHAT A GREAT NEW COMIC WITH THE MOST ENCHANTING ART EVER!!! 😳😱🤯 TOTALLY LOVE IT! ❣️👌 And the story seems very original too. As far as I can see, that dark and bossy CEO and the white-haired man look kinda similar? 🤔 Just look at the mole near their eyes tho, same place haha. Idk if it's just a coincidente, but I already like this story. I know it will make me think a lot! Haha. Hope the art stays like this forever too! 🤭😣😁
Byeol Xi : Yes, I understand that. But think about the story and even the expressions of each character, their personality, the anatomy and perspective. And moreover, the art should not change too much either throughout the whole story. Those are the keys to a well-built drawing that can match a good story. It takes time, effort and patience.
ユリハジメ: For Manhua, yes. Only few of em are on par with this one. Even though it is not that hard to do as long as you have a mid end pen tab and good paint tools like Medibang, Open canvas, ect.
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Bich I KNOW YOUR RONALD MCDONALD LOOKIN ASS ISNT CALLIN HER THE UGLY OVER HERE! Penny wise clown beech are you sure you not talking about yourself wipe that period blood 💩 off your head and go suck on these nuts ya CRAZY HOE
Alanlan Khamrang: is the with hair an ML
Ñøt Tõdäy...#JK#khushu: heyya army....😊😊😊
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You’re not interested but you keep touching her and forcing a kiss on her!? 😒 all 3 of them are acting like complete jerks, idk what to say really. Stop contradicting yourself man, it’s annoying. Forcing her to do whatever you want isn’t gonna make her happy at all. I feel like she is a reincarnation of his love interest, which is why he felt something for her.
kdramalover 28
I initially thought there were 3 guys... wasn't that what episode one said it's going to be...
so it turned out the white-haired vampire and the cold ceo is the same person???... so it's a love triangle and not a square/reverse harem... OK got it...
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