The Bride of Hades
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The Bride of Hades

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The Bride of Hades
Emma Anderson
umm....this is just the first episode and so much is happening. what the hell are these plots?? it's happening too fast. first she moved out, then she's full all of a sudden and then went to bed. then, it's already dawn. her phone is not there when she clearly didn't put anything before. then there's her illusion thingy. then she suddenly had a mop and wore the slippers that are for bed inside a toilet. then she 'knead' like wtf..knead??? and then a pervert came (ofc every storyline is like that-,-) I just don't like it especially when there is a pervert. why are they so obsessed in making sexual plots??? did they watch porn or something that they even made in every storyline. if it is a kiss i wouldn't have a problem with that but physically touched body?? that is sooooo random. what if she has cooties, fever or allergies that can affect the other person.
❣Gʀıɱɱყ✘†ɦɑᴋAɱ❣: yes I understand.. and Im very used to it now. so i just ignore them and just read the manhua hahaha..
Eryna Amani FJ: you are so annoying 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
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I wonder the netherking and the guy who wear hat is tu he same person. but if they're the same person how the guy with hat died two years ago and all. but if they're different how could the guy with hat so powerful when he just died 2 years ago and can go back and forth to human world and netherworld freely, even the haunt house is actually his how can the netherking doesn't know that and let the FL stay at that house
Saeko: I already read around 60 on a site, it's anywhere on the internet
JisNy: yeah i wonder why too why xuan yuanhao died two years ago even though they are only one with the netherking who's existing so many years. webnovel gives some upspree in this story within this week but have enough energy stone to unlock episodes
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Goody vibes
Spoiler: The Neitherking and the other guy is the same person. She will find that out in Chp 64
Mary Grace Amaro Amamangpang: Can u tell me also wer did u read it??
Anonymous: could you please tell me exactly where u read it?
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Oseanna Findlay
they are traitors.. did i say they..i meant him the ghost king and hao is the same person ..oòoooah my heart hurts😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭
unlucky ace: Its quite obvious
(Sese & Ivy)(Shawn & Layla)(Ginny & Anna): how do you know?
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Jimin you got no jams
so devil or demon also know some humans law... he know that when she will becomes 18 then he can marry her😄
Nostalgic night 💜: yess
but soul has no age
it makes me to laugh 😂 after reading it
Dahmin forever #BangTwice: that ghost is handsome
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Chye Cy Vezcha
This is yin xiao Mo and Gong Shao Chen previous life..the blood reincarnation..wohoo😍like everyone suspected.
Sanjeev Dua: thnx pls do check it out it released yesterday
Chye Cy Vezcha: hi Sanjeev Dua will check it out soonest.😃 Happy for you for the release of your new novel.
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Her hubby and this guy are totally the same person
Sanjeev Dua: by the way pls check out my novel Music secret Identity of a student and give some feedback hoping for your endless support
Sanjeev Dua: ohh okay!!=-O=-O=-O(+_+)=_=
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Lost child
Why do I feel red and blue are same guy? I notice the eye colour are the same too
Shan'ny: vu.....
🌸🌸Senorita Mi amorê's heart 🌸🌸: huuuu?? maybe they're twin brothers 😲😳🤯
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Ramla Rana
well don't know why I doesn't feel that hou xuanxuan is the king of hades
Quin Uwase: he is the king of hades
Goku: i think they're brothers
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You know you’re reading a fantasy story when the first thing you read is “I’m a twenty year old student and I just bought a villa.”
Sarang sakura 🇧🇩
I wonder who will she choose if they turn out to be a different person
Smith Silverio
actually Xuanyuan's not dead. he's the king of Hades
Shea Jay: That's a possibility
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Tata 💜
the ghost and this boy are same person
BLCKBTY21: i think so too since both of them have the same eyes
Amber Perry: alto I'm thinking quite similar
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Why does she look so much like the fl of Prince's private baby🤔😁
ᗩᖇᗩᑎᗴᒪ`•`• 林秀玲: The same artist .
Angie_writes🤓❤: probably
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Gabriel Faustina
I really wanna .....what is that " blood reincarnation " is it a comic .....let me know .......Cus it looks intriguing
Betelgeuse 👻
in the last panel what is the name of the manga blood reincarnation??? I cant find it...
Animegirl005: yeah I'm wondering if that's the name of the group or something cus I can't find it either and they advertise bit on a few other manga so I'm wondering if its the author or group name or something.
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so exciting!!!! 😆😆😆
I wonder if the priest man is still alive and then they'll be shocked 😆😆😏😏
I’m not to impressed with the characters the plot could be very good but so far from what I’ve read it isn’t very well executed.
When he’s real identity will be revealed 😫
I’m still not sure whether both male is same 🤔
MoonLight: I think their not the same
The king of hades want to kill the priest man so I guess their not the same
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