The Bride of Hades
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The Bride of Hades

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The Bride of Hades
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I hate that fake selfish ex best friend of her... Hypocrite!!!!!! She have no right to give that advice to Yu....She is disgusting... felt cringy when she appeared again in front of Yu...shameless trying to give advice to Yu ...hahh!!! big words coming from a betrayer😠😠😤

Hades has always cared for Yu he may had another reason for that before but we can see that despite all that he really did cared for Yu... Yu only felt for him only for few moments but Hades was caring for her from start till now... sometime he shows his deep feeling for her but Yu never notice or acknowledge them...other time Yu was always running away or misunderstanding Hades for some reasons (if you read the story properly, we notice that) Then misunderstanding happened and Hades got angry and that fire thing happened... Still he came and is helping Yu to win her over while Yu is playing hard to get. So those who are hating Hades for his one mistake please understand everyone make mistake and that doesn't make him a bad person and maybe Hades was a Tsundare before so how he acted and how he feel doesn't match well... anyway whatever happened I like Hades.. Good luck winning over Yu again💗
Pri~: Same thought 👍
Atou Kaco: I feel like, he had something to do with yu coming back to life after she fell down in the fire!?🧐
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What the hell is this everyone is using her oh so painful 😖 even hades he jerk what he meant by thats no true after hurting her 😡.oh innocent n kindheated she u made right decision by leaving n scarifying instead of that jerk who hurt u although it’s true or not although every time he is there to help u he also hurt the most I would have also done the same thing n lived In another world with only me with only trusting me myslef 😣 I wish if hades is that of next episode Ran ,she would never ever loved him n again fall in his trick even though he loves her later or oh so deeply but I truly wish n hope she don’t n never love coz that time she has came back for him in that painful sate but what he did he also hurt her 😡😭I wish she never fell for others again help n love again who used betrayed n hurt her n live happy life on her own by helping others soul just she had plan on doing now n trusting ,loving n being happy on herself n on her own happy world❤️
AsephxElzae: Huh?????????
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dare to love me
i think hades first plan is to use Yu for his ex lover reincarnation but he fall in-love to Yu and treat her well.but Yu keep running away from him the start and cant admit her true feelings the point that hades feel being betrayed when Yu run back to help and save her childhood friend and make hades to proceed in his first plan that is to sacrifice Yu....then it happen that Yu confess to hades in the lutos fire formation...
but the last few episodes someone said tgat the lotus fomation is broke...mean it didnt sucess...🤔🤔i think hades stop the formation in order to save Yu thats why Yu is still alive ..........
but where is the baby??

all of the above their love is sailing in second time around i would love to see how hades show his love for Yu
AsephxElzae: 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
AsephxElzae: Hades never treated her well. He deceived her all the time and expects her to not run away. Pure trash. It's his turn to grovel. Finally.
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Siya Jain
oh great now I gotta wait four more days for next chapter😭😭😭😭😭it's just awesome and super addictive...I need more... author more pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

also hades thinks that she betrayed him again!!!! well in a way yes!! she did betray him by leaving him when she had told him that she would never leave him...I don't know what to say about FL now.. is she dumb to leave hades or is she repaying the debt by giving away her heart???!!!she has only 3 years with hades..not fair...hope she becomes ghost like hades and lives with him forever....
but the misunderstanding now caused will definitely be difficult for her to clear as hades might think that she gave her heart to the other guy without thinking about hades...and stuff like that!!!
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1. Money is not an issue
2. The Legacy of Monster and
3. Jokes all on.
thank you for reading my comment as well
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Am I weird or something but is it just me who wants her and the king of hades toget more then anything and then slap yingying in the face. I feel like she deserved NO respect at all for yu! My poor yu has been through so much and their was nobody their to comfort her one bit. Well except that old guy fishing from when she jumped and fell from the sky as he say. And also this new brother who is working with her. If she doesn’t get with king of hades I don’t mind them other 2 getting back together both dude are cuties and sweet to her❣️
I honestly don’t like those 2 they basically are trying to control her life and her “best friend” is trying to basically make her be along and not have any affection from anyone. I honestly want yu and the king of hades back together. I feel like he really does love her cause when she jumped you could tell he was broken. And now he just wants her.
Jamie John: except for the haircut, he's identical.
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Alyssa arsenio
I reay hate hades and yu both of them are dumb at first yu doesnt like hades but hades is trying everything to keep her now that yu d
fell in love with hades hades doesnt want her now like whaaat you did everything just to keep her now that you have you let her jump on that freaking fire are you nuts?? 3 days before she went back to her friends you guys litterally had *BEEP* and three days later you want her to jump on the fire like bruhh she keeps her promise that she will be back and now what did you just doo (My hands hurt but heart is mad)
M Rib: i think he saved her from the fire. she should be dead.... there are misterious stuff happened that day..... Hades isn't has bad as we all think.
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just look at her so called best friend attitude ( hmph)
better focus on your work. You are the one who betray yu. you are the one who made her to give her heart to your brother you are priest if you want to save people you have to take difficulties also just because he is your brother doesn't mean that yu is your nothing if he is your brother yu was your best friend but you betray her I really hate her best friend
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Seriously every section I read I wanna punch those 2 who are mean to hades and STILL treat yu like a damn child!!! Geez leave her alone she’s allowed to have her own opinion and she’s a big girl to do whatever she wants to do!! So shut up you so call “best friends” the only one I think
Besides hades that truly cares bout her is that “brother” she went on the missions with. I’m glad she listened to hades this time instead of those 2 stupid people!!! 😡🤬 grrrrrr
Desiree: Also even tho I’m super angry over those 2 stupid people I can’t stop reading this!!!
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Tanvi Garg
nooo not 4 days for the god's sake!
hey writer listen if you wanna keep this up don't make so short episodes or make you comic less interesting so people aren't too mad (actually don't curse me for saying don't make it too interesting but you know just think I am right in any other way, right?). and yeah straight away tell us WHAT ABOUT THE KID!! if you don't I will curse you minus 10 subscriber every episode (hey guys I am not a witch I swear, just don't find me and burn me I am telling you I am not a witch😓).........AND I AM FOOLISH no need to tell me that😅😓.
Tanvi Garg: I will take that as an compliment
Princess {AGM}: You are totally straight forwarded 😂
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Min Young
he loved her truly.why are there so many people who dont understand the plot?go and read again.he was the one who saved her if not then she would be dead already.all he told was a lie to see if she really loved him or not..

and talkig about betrayal?lol it was yu who broke his trust again and again going to the mortal guys are supporting her for that but hating hades for loving her truly lmao hypocrites
Millythemilk: I was saying
X: Yes, a lot of readers seem to forget the many times she betrayed him & how he even said he forgot about his original plan until she betrayed him again. I'm not saying I agree with all his actions but it's not fair to forget her actions as well.
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well after this xiao xiao becomes a white evil and then everyone struggles to make her beck to normal and then king of hades struggles too and then xiao xiao was taken to hospital so that she could see her little brother and then a miracle happens and she becomes normal then both her brother and she goes underworld and then xiao xiao was free 🥺❤️then our bride of hades faints and then gets up in bed ...........
sweet lemon: yea how did you know
The Dreamer: how did u know????😶😶
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Bernadette Kim
they both hurting each other because they are pretending not like each other's...
I feel sad to there baby...
what happen to there baby now?

FL was saying the truth now but she was so messed up this time because of what's happening now...
King of Hades you hurt her so much and now your pretending you don't like her and now she was gone you are begging her to comeback to your life and you are saying you like and love her so much but it's already too late...
I still dislike hades
Like she sacrificed everything her whole life and she wanted to be happy for three years with him but he wanted her to be a sacrifice for his lost love
Wtf I pity FL so much she suffered so much
Everyone is so bad to her and use her only when she gives her all to all she always help people and people use her
I hate hades
Pri~: What about the other times from the beginning of the story? When Hades was always caring for Yu she always misunderstood Hades and always run away from him... and also Yu felt for Hades only for few moments at that time then that misunderstanding happen then Hades got angry.
Angel Roberts: she did that to save her best friend plus she came back
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Bernadette Kim
Liu Ran was Hades 🤭🤭🤭
because the way he fights and the way he protect her just like King of Hades or he was pretending to be a human now just to bring back to old memories of her and there past...

I think I'm so closed to know the story about now...
how about there baby what happen?

they only change there styles bit I think there feelings was still the same just like before 😂🤣😆😅💜🙄🤔🤗😊☺️🤭💜😘😻😍💜
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So I found this somewhere else up to 160 chapters....and I gotta say that you won't gonna like the next chapter. This manhua have so many plot twist, I dunno if I want to continue reading or not. Or wait until it's completed, because I don't understand the characters anymore starting the chapter after this one. To many lies and drama and hiding your true self. And most of all it's going around in circles. Will it ever move on?
I'll shall think about what to do after few more chapters. All characters are stupid right now
Princeson Kesh: where did u read it from
Scarlet Red: tell us what happened will the FL die in the end will the ml will betray her
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Maria Cintron
He doesn’t deserve her love/ her and or another chance... he purposely set her up to murder her and their child! I would never forget and forgive him, he lied and betrayed her love and trust before he can do it again.
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I'm stil new at writing stories but i hope you like it
Maria Cintron: On a silver platter...!
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author you're art is awesome

I really think ml is very handsome

but why do you draw fl in a very ugly way
I'm sorry but she looks very ugly

even her friend , everyone looks good but I didn't like that the main character as fl looks so bad as that.

I am sorry if I hurt you but I told what I thought , so it may help you improve.

I really sorry
Allmas Faredun
MARRY MEWHEN I ' 18? YOUCH 😠😧😥😨😲😲😲😱😱😱😱😰
Grim Reaper: speak english man...
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Bernadette Kim
they are only the same in the past but the different now was they don't know each other's and they changed there name and there styles now and they are friends now not a lovers.

I think they will start a new story this time...

honestly I was confused and curious what happen to there baby and I think there's something missing to this story I don't know how to explain it.
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