Honey, You Belong to Me!
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Honey, You Belong to Me!

Honey, You Belong to Me!
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Honey, You Belong to Me! Comics Online. gu rou xi got framed and walked into the president's office. And they were on the couch together the next minute! you've already known the plot...

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wiwi milk
ok i am going to ask a question to all of you guys hope you dont mind !
i have a crush for like over a year . I just have a crush on him not love maybe ? when my friends say if i actually love him i say that it's only a crush but 1 month ago that crush of mine went to a cafe with a girl. That's k. But he also went to a night club with that girl !!!! When my friend said that to me just a few days ago , idkw i burst into crying. I was just so sad & senaitive that time. My friend didnt tell me before bc she thought i might get hurt. But when i said "just a crush" she thought i wont be cry or cause such rackus. He is dating that girl & i am here broken hearted crying but i still in his birthday i made a cake & enjoyed by myself.
k. Do i only have a crush on him or love him ? maybe it's bc im sensitive towards the ppl i care ?? i like him but dunno if i love him. I cant confess to him bc im playing with my own mind ! it's actual hard....
so do i just like or love him ?? i somehow think im just playing by myself :((
Gemm208: Why r all ur comments saying "pls pray for me, that i would marry my love"? I mean, if u go to her profile and check out all her attended comments, then u would know I'm not lying.all of it say the same thing but wth different words.honestly, if u r that desperate, then ur not gonna get what u want. I hate to say this but... u have to be patient. Whether u believe in God or not, all i wanna tell u is that God is testing u. And seeing how desperate u are, he's just gon pity u. u have to wait, u have to pray to God and ask him to grand ur wishes.but guuuurl, chill. That's a lil too much begging
Archana Sharma: 0⁰0000kìi0i
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Pastinaca Sativa
I am cheering for this FL. Honestly though, if he wanted her to trust him he should have been honest from the beginning instead of recording her and tricking her into signing a contract under false pretenses. Especially since there is no way she could have gotten pregnant. That said, I wouldn't believe him either just because he said the engagement wasn't true. Hearts don't work that way; not when they are already doubting and she's only known him for like a week or two. Truthfully though, the best way to assure her is to start squashing and refuting those rumors. At least it's a good sign that she's continuing to ask questions because that means she's giving him more chances to build up trust between them and she's not letting these things fester! Love this comic so much.
*oscar level acting skills* YOU KILLED MY CHILD? HOW DARE YOU KILL MY CHILD D:<

Girl you better RUUUUUUN before he demands you to have another one 😂

The chibis in this comic are TO DIE FOR!! they’re so cute!

Please clear up the misunderstandings and tell her she’s the only girl for you!! 😫
Vogue: Ohh my I can't wait
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