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Honey, You Belong to Me!

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gu rou xi got framed and walked into the president's office. And they were on the couch together the next minute! you've already known the plot...

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Writing from the future

My last writing was when Ruo Zhen got super drunk and spouted nonsense “Let’s sleep together!” So, let’s continue.

After that, the President said “Ok. Let’s sleep together” and carried her to his room. As he placed her on the bed, she pulled his tie over and said “Where do you want to go? I have an important matter to discuss with you.” He replied “we will talk after shower.” She said “No! I want to say it now.” Then he said ok and asked her to say it. She asked “The dishes that I made tonight are delicious right?” He nodded lightly. Then I can say it now. “Thank for letting me to stay here but this place really doesn’t suit me. Will you let me leave tomorrow? As long as you agree, Rui Rui will agree too, then only I can leave, just take it as doing a good deed, let me leave ok?”

Annoyed, he said “This is the main intention of yours behind this dinner that you prepared?” She nodded and said “I still prefer that small house of mine as I feel more comfortable, so let me go back ok.” He didn’t say anything and she said “why aren’t you saying anything? Have you agreed to it?” Then she lied down and said “Ahh thank you so much! Alright, I am done saying what I wanted to say, I shall sleep now, goodnight.”

sophia naaz: we read manga coz we like the story & would prefer mass release everyday but unfortunately can't so d next best thing are spoilers & we luv them....
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It’s me! Spoiler nuisance again. Lol!

Ruo rui then goes to her bed and hides under blanket. He is so scared but at the end she is able to coax him and he falls asleep. Then the president will finish shower and come out, wearing nothing but being wrapped in a small towel below his waist. Her nose bleed after seeing him. The president starts to tease her more and more asking if she is being excited to see him like that as she is having nose bleeding. She thought of a lame excuse saying she will have nose bleed after eating noodles at night and she is used to it. Then she asked him to sleep on her bed and she will sleep on the sofa. So the president gives her 2 options. 1 sleep with rui rui on the bed. 2 sleep with him. She asks for 3rd option and he says it will be all 3 of them sleep on bed. So, she chooses to sleep with rui rui as there is no option 4. She gives him a blanket as she says it is cold at night. Then he pulled her towards him and kissed her. He said it’s her reward. Then she told him off by saying she feels more like taking advantage of her. Then he teases her more by saying if she is not happy about it, she can take revenge by taking advantage back on him. Then she dares him by saying “you think u don’t dare to?!” Then he boldly removed his towel and says come and take advantage of me anyhow you like, 😂😂
SpoilerBean: Yes I know... she has lost her memory too.. oh well.. since my SP has not reached there yet, I will write whatever comes first.
Zora Woods: Actually, something happend to her and somehow she lost her memory. The mom and the aunt, who's the mom bff, knew about. The mom changes their names to avoid and hide from them
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