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Honey, You Belong to Me!

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Update on Thu, Sun
gu rou xi got framed and walked into the president's office. And they were on the couch together the next minute! you've already known the plot...

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Seems interesting so far, at least the beginning is a bit different than the usual manga I’ve read with Mc either being mistreated by her family and need to marry a rich & powerful guy to get away & get revenge on them or Mc getting drunk/on some drugs and sleep with the guy and so on. Not sure what this guys personality is like and if he’ll be a jerk towards the Mc or not so we’ll have to see bout that.
Also I wish the translator would spell the actual words out instead like “wtf” for example. It’s like the characters would are actually use those words instead of actually saying the whole entire words. So I’m not a fan of that. It just feels weird to read that in mangas. If it was texting or something then I’m fine with it but when actually talking it just feel weird to read those parts. 😓
Bubble: well with tha 'wtf' shortyy word , I'm also not happy , it feels weird to read that in a manga😐😐😐
Monique Mayes: Touché
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ME: If it smells like a trap and it snapped like a trap...can b*tches be far behind? I'm plenty mad at myself for falling for this but I am way, WAY madder at the coldblooded scheming two faced lowlife no class b*tches who spend most of their working hours thinking up crap like this while dumping all their actual work into the laps of interns, temps and newbies. Like me. And then setting them up so they take a massive career ending fall. Like I just did. (Moan) . I think maybe I'll just head down to the parking garage and wait for those b*tches to get off work. I should have plenty of time to get a can of spray paint to use on the security cameras but since I'll probably want to use the rest of it to make a point about work ethics...should I use red? Black? Green? Hmmmm. I'm probably going to be fired, so I guess I'll just see what colors are in the clearance section.
❤️hot_mama❤️: The color of blood 🔪😵 let it be a warning to them I WILL need to know there fav thing to guess there passwords I WILL hack them and take all there money and give it to u AND FINALLY I WILL KILL THEM AND THERE FAMILIES JUST LIKE RUSSIAN MAFIA DID TO ME but they didn’t kill me :( but my fam is gone forever :((((((
❤️hot_mama❤️: You should yes red
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When they kept mentioning dr Peter my mind keep imagining him to be a young hot guy but then in this chapter it reveal the real appearance of dr Peter and my mind just went blank and it just automatically replace his character with a Young Hot guy instead. Another expectation vs reality 😂😂🤣
Bubble: well..same here😐😐😐
❤️Alice ❤️: Yeah me too i think doctor peter is like that
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