Honey, You Belong to Me!
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Honey, You Belong to Me!

Honey, You Belong to Me!
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Honey, You Belong to Me! Comics Online. Gu rou xi got framed and walked into the president's office. And they were on the couch together the next minute! you've already known the plot...

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I have a theory that I know many of you will agree on.

My theory is that (as we all know) Gu Ruoxi may be Ji luomeng (as in, they are the same person) and has met long yiyang and Qianxu before but the thing is, that they must've had an accident or something like that because they can't seem to recall any of their previous memories.

Plus, I bet that Ruoxi's and Yiyang's connection is so strong because they have met before and have dated before. Which could also mean that Yiyang's son is Ruoxi's son too .

Another theory that I have that has to do a lot with this 'accident' that I am talking about, is that both the gu's and the long's were very close but when this accident occurred, the problem was so severe that the parents from both sides decided to somehow make sure that yiyang and Ruoxi never got together again.

I really don't know if this all made sense but I sure do hope that it does. The only way to find out what actually happened is if both Yiyang opens up to Ruoxi about his past lover and if Ruoxi's mom tells her the truth.
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Alpha Wolf
There is a guy that I like we are both freshman 😛 and I don’t know how to get closer to him. I’m some what in the popular group and in the nerd group so I’m pretty normal. And he is in the popular group he is basically the class clown he is sweet and funny, he is also plays hockey. I think he likes me too but it’s very complicated. My very honest friend said that he might be using me because I at the time was in the nerd group, and that she had the same experience like that with a guy and she said that she was used and was made fun of. The guy I like doesn’t make fun of me like the other girls and also makes me laugh at his jokes. But I don’t know what to do about it because I don’t want to be used. Because I really like him. And if I confessed I don’t want to be rejected and be made fun of all my years in high school . And I know there are some good things that might happen but I think I want to wait until senior year so I know I actually like him and want to take a step forward. But I don’t know what to do.
Elizabeth Dent: if you are that scared of being rejected then you are not ready for the real world. As for the problem now, I have a few suggestions but they are only suggestions do not take them to heart.
1. confess in private. if anyone comes and picks on you about confessing, he ain't worth it.
2. you still have your whole to find that right one. you are not in love. it's just a crush. calm down.
3. try just being his friend first
4. get to know him before really liking him
5. let him approach you
6. at least you are a freshman you have 12 more years or so before your parents start pressuring you about getting married, hopefully 😂

Overall, just be yourself and deal with how you want to do things but enjoy your life while doing. remember every mistake is a lesson learned and you will always learn something new everyday
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my guess: I think that Luomeng is her twin sister and ruoruo is her nephew. They are both daugthers of Han jinxi the "nominal father" of Long Yiyang and also the king of the real estate K city. The lady who commit suicide was their mother and wife of uncle Han. he was mean to her and hide his feelings so she jumped off the cliff. I don't know if she died but she was pregnant with ruoxi and Luomeng. so the FL was adopted!
I think The real Luomeng (her twin in my thinking) was in some kind of love story with brother Qianxun and miss Shanggan who is obsessed with him played tricks on her which lead to an accident in which our FL was also involved causing her the memory lost
please author I really like the ML. cans the FL be more confident? it's really annoying. I like the story though.
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Possessive Love. 😏😏
Retch Barcelo: Season 2 please
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