Honey, You Belong to Me!
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Honey, You Belong to Me!

Honey, You Belong to Me!
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Update on Thu, Sun
Honey, You Belong to Me! Comics Online. Gu rou xi got framed and walked into the president's office. And they were on the couch together the next minute! you've already known the plot...

MangaToon got authorization from Bciyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Honey, You Belong to Me!:
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Roo 77 🌹💗
Hi everyone

so Christmas ,are u exited about .

if there is some people who didn't decide to celebrate Christmas

so u can celebrate with us ..

just say hi.
we can make group Christmas ...
Roo 77 🌹💗: hahaha..
⚜️ Venerable Light (Dark_Clan😈 Elder): good day , citizens of JELLY LAND
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wiwi milk
ok i am going to ask a question to all of you guys hope you dont mind !
i have a crush for like over a year . I just have a crush on him not love maybe ? when my friends say if i actually love him i say that it's only a crush but 1 month ago that crush of mine went to a cafe with a girl. That's k. But he also went to a night club with that girl !!!! When my friend said that to me just a few days ago , idkw i burst into crying. I was just so sad & senaitive that time. My friend didnt tell me before bc she thought i might get hurt. But when i said "just a crush" she thought i wont be cry or cause such rackus. He is dating that girl & i am here broken hearted crying but i still in his birthday i made a cake & enjoyed by myself.
k. Do i only have a crush on him or love him ? maybe it's bc im sensitive towards the ppl i care ?? i like him but dunno if i love him. I cant confess to him bc im playing with my own mind ! it's actual hard....
so do i just like or love him ?? i somehow think im just playing by myself :((
unknown pillow: It’s a crush that you like . With crushes you like them might even love them,and it’s painful to watch them anyone else😢
Ui: It’s a crush. And it’s normal to be heartbroken that he is dating someone. Are you and the guy close? You can wait till him and the girl break up (as I’m assuming you’re still young) or you can tell him how you feel about him now, while he’s still with the girl. If you tell him now I think it’d be more for your own self closure, instead of hiding tour feelings and letting it eat you up on the inside. This phase of life is normal. Love is much deeper than just feelings; it’s an actual relationship, trust, communication, etc.
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Girl he’s more than reliable as a man, tf are you still in denial about!?! She’s starting to get annoying now, like he’s one of the NICEST MLs I’ve ever read about, she’s missing out BIG TIME! Not to mention he kept reassuring her that he only loved her but still won’t believe him!

And that blonde girl is a freaking psycho. How narcissistic do you have to be to believe that only you are suitable for him!? Eww 🤢🤮 her big bird lookin ass needs to go away! If your man says NO he means FREAKING NO!! Crazy byotch 😑
relejando: she doesn’t even deserve him. he did nothing for her to be so distrusting. all she does is test and question him. TRUST is more important than live in a relationship
TheRazeluXE: Yeah it was but I forgot which chapter tho... that’s why her mother have a huge grudge with the long family 🤔
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