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The Lord of No Boundary

TaXue Comic
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Time traveling from 21st to the Nanzhou era, as a ancient immortal, Ye Chen resorted to the ancient force to defeat the troop of State of Di who was trying to kidnap the Fairy Lady of Snow Shadow. He confessed his identify to the Fairy Lady, while there was still a big secret hidden behind his flippant smile and bold behaviour. What would this be? and was it a fate that the two people should meet?

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Hottest Comments
it's episode 46 and still I can't see the motto of the story .. from starting there is only a young Lord who is rich with modern knowledge, an immortal with martial arts skill and a little damaged body and some hot girls fighting for unknown or some mysterious reason .. so where is this story going ? I still can't find reason to read ..
Christopher Rodriguez
What is the point of this ugh he’s not even interested in the females that he will only hire what a fool and he looks so dang young for a 200 year old. He looks like the weak to strong traditional MC but alas we get some dude hung up on old crap from another world 200 years in wtf...
yūki kon'no
My mortal body who has a void as a mortal body 😂 something is off I need to keep reading and if the devil devours everybody he will be the only one left.., but he said he can’t help Kause he has a mortal body I’m confused on how he will be the only one left with a mortal body
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