The Lord of No Boundary
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The Lord of No Boundary

TaXue Comic
The Lord of No Boundary
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The Lord of No Boundary Comics Online. Time traveling from 21st to the Nanzhou era, as a ancient immortal, Ye Chen resorted to the ancient force to defeat the troop of State of Di who was trying to kidnap the Fairy Lady of Snow Shadow. He confessed his identify to the Fairy Lady, while there was still a big secret hidden behind his flippant smile and bold behaviour. What would this be? and was it a fate that the two people should meet?

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Hottest Comments
i was expecting a really cool entrance,and the moment i saw the mc in the mist i was saying here it is whooo what will happen,then i saw him say hello, then i realized oh mc's always have their idiotic side hahaha
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Thats right your beauty and charms and even your trash attitude and chracteristics is no match for those mortals who are simple yet lovely maidens who is true to their heart now go die you shit😂
nick anderson
This was not worth it u going to let me wait 6 days after giving me this chapter that was ok nothing major happens at all wow this is whack
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