Incomparable Demon King
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Incomparable Demon King

TaXue Comic
Incomparable Demon King
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Incomparable Demon King Comics Online. Since Pan Gu separated the heaven and earth, a lot of evil spirits appeared, acting outrageously and ferociously across the world. Among them, the most powerful are the Demons. Since demons and devils ran rampant in the world, the importance of Practice has been well known to all Humans,countless of Practicing Groups appeared like blooming flowers of all kinds.

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Hottest Comments
In my honest opinion, I think it's ok for the mc to be gone for a while... I kinda like the perspective of other characters... I think it shouldn't be about the MC all the time. There are literally hundreds of other manga's on this site where the MC is so ridiculously strong that the story is either rushed, or doesn't make sense. I like this kind of change of pace. The mc has only been gone for like, 4 chapters and people are losing their minds in the comments. He will be back guys chill :)
Steffneey Fernandes: Can't help but agree, it's refreshing
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Surinder Singh
Third anyway when is he finally going to meet his friend again and give the general order to the formless sword school?He is our mc!
kingcat: you just had to remind me didn't you fuck now i have re read it sigh
Booty- Warrior: Am I the only one that doesn’t understand the difference cultivation levels 😤
total 5 replies
Not to lie the story is good but it seems like the creator just smacked up a line like dude. “I will take the thing I want”. Sounds like the own character doesn’t know either. I may be picky but I hey I gotta not be the ONLY one (~_~)
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