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Incomparable Demon King

TaXue Comic
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Since Pan Gu separated the heaven and earth, a lot of evil spirits appeared, acting outrageously and ferociously across the world. Among them, the most powerful are the Demons. Since demons and devils ran rampant in the world, the importance of Practice has been well known to all Humans,countless of Practicing Groups appeared like blooming flowers of all kinds.

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LARA 1977
based on my logic tht demon queen is the pink haired girl from the cave cause before Lin found the pink hair lady in the cave then his blood drip into this weird seed after tht the lady woke up n force him to obserb the flame thing which mix with the weird green seed then few days later theres this evill guy invade their village but defeated soon he arrive at the immortal place thing there a bunch of peopla started to fight n stuff the point is
no 1 they said SHE STOLE something valuble n then never show up
no 2 i think the demon queen is the lady the reason is
if the queen is there thy would take over the thing to revive the chaos magic if im correct but instead thy started this robbery n revive right afew days after the evil guy been defeated by Lin
There for im correct
(thts a long one !😑)
Manga obsession: omg......
Satyrs 22: +000+
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Edaurdo Vanez
GREAT. So, so far it seems our Mc has become an item for others something they need to complete their goal, and our MC here is WEEEEEEEEAAAAAK AAASSSFF. And before this chapter our MC MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED for a number of chapters. And now we come back to him. I’m gonna day it so far this manga has been BORING. No excitement in me has been triggered once. This manga isn’t for me. So ADIOS AMIGOS! see ya 👋
Edaurdo Vanez: Uhhh, u do know what the comment section is for right?? (Answer IF u didn’t know: ITS TO SHARE UR OPINION OF THE MANGA) and this is my opinion.(IF I didn’t know) see ya 👋 (and no I’m not reading the Manhua anymore, just responded cause I was bored.)
Annedhy: why do you need to speech just to leave this manhua?
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Of course our mc will find the generals orders just lying in the forest later and probably pick it up no problem
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