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Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass

Cloud Studio
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MENG accidentally damaged President JI's expensive luxury car. In exchange, she was forced to become JI's fiancee to retaliate against his father...

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This is a group where me and my friends will chat. No offense, but pls don't disturb us but if u r in need of a friend u r welcome here❣️
Igarashi⭐️: Hola
🐰♡Bubble♡K🐰: hyee..
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Manishi Suman
okay.. I know it sounds weird but I love reading this kind of manga... so guys can you please 😫🙏🙏💓😫🙏🙏💓😫🙏🙏💓 suggest me some manga where ML assaults FL sexually mentally and physically and then after something falls for her like bossy president or demon tyrant love etc.??? please help this friend find a good manga under this....
Jewel Caritativo: thank you im looking for these manga's too
Bluesea💙💙: I use boom manga too its good. I think you can find it there .It has loots of options
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Why is Yumeng taking all this BS from all this people? Yumeng can actually take legal actions against fake face and LinSu's father and since Yumeng is LingSu's lawfully wife she is the only person who has any legal right regarding taking any decision that involves Lingsu. Not only she can instruct the hospital personnel to prohibit the entrance of fake face and Lingsu into his room but actually can get a restraining order against them for harrassment. Since rich people love contracts so much Yumeng kick them where it hurts take legal actions, use that status Lingsu gave you.
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: Lingsu's father*
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: If I was Yumeng I would push a law suit in their ass if they keep provoking me. She can prove she's his wife.
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