Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass
Romance / Modern / Completed / Strong Female Lead

Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass

Cloud Studio
Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass
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Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass Comics Online. MENG accidentally damaged President JI's expensive luxury car. In exchange, she was forced to become JI's fiancee to retaliate against his father...

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Strong Female Lead
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Athena Vistal Amandoron
how can a freakin' chair be able to make hole to that car. if the car is so expensive then it wouldn't be destroyed that easily right? plus the one who threw the chair is a girl.
Riley Rose: most expensive cars are made of fiberglass and fiber glass does not hold up well to most damage, the cars are designed that way so the customers wont get crushed my 3 tons of metal when they crash
I am the queen: She is from a kungfu family jerk
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I’ve been in the business since I was 10, and it’s been 14 years since then (I always with my mom in our small business and observing).

This kid handle the business wrongly, he didn’t even investigate the Jewelry designer throughout and he didn’t look if somehow related to his half brother, he just simply take the freakin’ bait.

Plus, the loan isn’t worth it, he could have done it better way to prove himself to his father, like hard work and studying the company more rather than chasing the diamond.
nahiast: I Got all the episodes for free on Mangago (only available in IOS) like you don't even have to pay (coins) and they are more and more. I'm just saying...
Chanel ♡ MTN: I want to learn from you
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Amber Lusby
Ewww. I can't stand him. I hate these ml that have no respect for women. I mean a little dominance is fun but this is just sexual assault. Anyway. That's my rant. Guess if I don't like it I won't read it. :-D
wikapedia: Like I don’t really care if the ML starts that way but what I get angry about is how the FL let them do it and then later not tell anyone like..... no wonder the ML keep on harassing her. If she just kicked him in the d*ck or punched his stomach maybe he’ll stop. Or maybe with their genius mind they’ll find a phone and call the police or something.
✨: so tru... That's so gross n idk how FL falls for a guy like that..Even I too stopped reading because this doesn't makes any sense
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