Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass
Romance / Modern / Completed / Strong Female Lead

Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass

Cloud Studio
Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass
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Boss, I'll Kick Your Ass Comics Online. MENG accidentally damaged President JI's expensive luxury car. In exchange, she was forced to become JI's fiancee to retaliate against his father...

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Strong Female Lead
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chris tac-an
When my young age and virgin... I always had the same her felt pain.. So much pain during my period and like her I always had much suffer and I always took painkiller to less much pain but sometimes painkiller cannot help me and the ends my parents brought me in hospital I always pale and pass out coz of my primary dsymenorhea... I also had irregular period like her.. But when I got married and got sex contact to my husband... Regularly... I realize my period is now regular and I have never got primary dsymenorhea... I think she needs I sexual contact to his husband so she cannot suffer so much every during her period... AND I learn that a woman or lady in their young age has always active in heavy activities like... Martial art, carrying heavy things, or always get hardwork etc... Can be coz of primary dsymenorhea or suffering much pain during their period... Like I did before... I always active in the heavy activities before.. I suggest she need sex contact to him... 😀😀😀
Rama Dhiman: Seems like
Omm Sabat: Haha what is it. s*x consultation????
total 6 replies
so the long awaited moment just happen like that ? we didn't even see anything atleast a bit ? -_- .. oh well . but still this is my favorite episode as of the moment 😍 .. and i never thought that Lingsu is still a virgin before that happened ! .. and myyyy . Zeyu has a relationship with a guy 😍😍😍 waa . my fujoshi heart ❤
It's a great story😭❤️.. I'm so into it, Love the way Ji Lingsu fall in love & get jealous with Lin Yumeng😍.. But when that Liu Wan show up, everything change! not to mention, the art/drawing got worse since then.. But still I like it ❤️, especially that part 'I lost my memory, not my brain', hohoho.. This should be happened in every story, even in real life, hoho.. Ok, one of my fav so far😍❤️..
👑R∅$€👑✨AUBERY🐺❣️NINA🐰✨: yeah love this story 💯👌💜💜
total 1 replies
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