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∆™Soʋɭ ʜʌcĸɘʀ™∆
Wow man... really wow🔥🔥🔥🔥
I don't anymore where should i read comics now..
All apps are getting me confused 😵
I don't why are they doing this but its like all the comics of one app are transferring into each other a little by little and that's making me hella confused where to read it.. here or there.😵😵😵😵
And yeah the ones who are saying the FL is dumb, annoying and blah blah ... I'm not offending your opinion but its not totally true. In most of the comics the FL are made according to the character of ML , like which type of FL will conquer the ML's heart and this one, this type of FL will win ML's heart. So, just try to understand that ML and FL are made depending on each other characters.
Well I've read this one on a site..if u wanna just ask me and I'll tell u😣
U know I've a big heart XD. Just kidding, I know many of you already have read this one somewhere but if someone don't know where to find it ... just ask me😉

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️LOTS OF LOVE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
🐰♡Bubble♡K🐰: Don't think too much he/she is saging..
Xbaaksinsbhsmsmzkhzh14bekskabs that's all
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Putul Kumari
I don't understand can't they make normal comic...... does these kind of comic are necessary...... Sex, abusing, stupid FL,lust, drugs...... FL always getting insult.... seriously 🙄 can't they make normal comic where FL are strong.... true love..... no confusion..... beautiful relationship..... does authors have problems.... I mean always same story... unnecessary misunderstanding...... twisting story which is not necessary.... I mean what kind of message you wanna give....hhh can't you make something proper.... I'm not saying about only this comic.... we get some comics where we actually saw story..... take a example...pure girl 😿 I mean what you wanna say...hmmm that's not love and from which angle she's pure girl ha you ruin the hole story 😔 I have read a very beautiful noble...... no abusing.... perfect ML and FL ♥️ they were superb ..... I mean such a beautiful novel. if they ever dicide to convert that in comic it gonna be a wonderful comic 🙂 please make beautiful comic not something like this..... somes are good but now's like it everytime same concepts 😔
well its my opinion....
no offence.......
Chini Bliom: these are a few: reborn space woman, imperfect desires, reborn revenge.......etc.
Putul Kumari: give your suggestions about the novel if you like it or not 🤗
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Layla ❤ (Angel sect leader🌈)
Here you go again!A same plot comic!I read it a long time ago!its also like that !.And girl is so annoying .This ML is Totally Asshole.Who f*ck her again and again!.And she also try to seduce him .And there is a btich like always .So at last they get married .I forget cuz I have given up on it a long time ago!And literally now its here .It published a long time ago lol .
Layla ❤ (Angel sect leader🌈): No its ok
Lady💖Snow Xia Yan vampire 🖤🧛: Yupp thx to you
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Your Local Chubby Panda
Twinkle twinkle little star they can do it in a car....
Heaven: This is my favorite comment ever
Mighty game: My childhood and now will never forget every time some one sing twinkle twinkle ......😂😂😂😂
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After reading "bossy president", "Boss's very hot summer", "prince's private baby", "arrogant ceo", "my adorable girlfriend"
Me be like: who the hell is who 😂
I'm literally confused.
Everyone has such a same plot
Ivonny Fen: specially the hot and handsome one 😂😆😂
Stupidity: Aubery is the King
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An expert man knows to recognize a sex toy woman. The day she sold her body to the CEO for money she become nothing less than high sexual toy. That is the reason why the other men can disrespect her and other coworkers gossip over her. I had several jobs and I had see all kind of drama that I remember a young enterprise ceo that he liked to collect chick like her as a temporally girlfriend. I was working like backup official in his office and his girlfriend was working in there but she didn't do anything only make coffee, painting her nail, massage her boyfriend, shows her plastic's breast that was her job. She didn't have job experience and that was the reason he hired me to do her job. She has a cute looking angel face but she transformed in a jealous person, she didn't like me in the office so I quit that job. Years later, he got married with a high class young lady.
Jungkook's bootiful wifeu: cape lah. niat kali orang tuh
yuni kanuha: duh males e...panjang bener, gak cape kah ngetiknya 😁😁😁
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Danae van Diejen
Para los que hablan español:
Si yo fuera ella haría esto:(me saca del auto)
Yo:Hey que te pasa!!
El:Para que aprendas
Yo:Bueno...(el auto se va)

yo me devuelvo para buscar mi celular (viejo), así poder vender el celular nuevo que me dio el tipo y ganar dinero para mi padre. Si mi celular (viejo) está roto y no se puede arreglar, igual vendo el nuevo, y me compro el mismo modelo que tenía de celular, y con el dinero que me sobra, lo ocupo para mi padre.

Si el celular nuevo tiene chip, entonces no lo vendo, problema: el tipo siempre sabría dónde estoy. En ese caso, siempre lo pongo donde el tipo quiere que esté o le diga que este, así, si tiene chip, el tipo siempre pensará que estoy donde le digo que estoy, y cuando vaya a otro lugar donde no le dije que estoy me maquillo con granos, me pongo peluca etc, Así, él nunca me reconocerá, ¡Y podré ser libre!
Daimon3000: echo ora ora
ZA WRUDOOO MUDA MUDA echminutos akuatos malas
AnToX!: Me hace gracia que el 80% de tu mensaje era de preocupación por el estado del teléfono y cómo proceder con él
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Layla ❤ (Angel sect leader🌈)
If I was her .Sorry boy you dare to throw my phone .I'm gonna kick him and throw out of him the car .And make him a buy new phone for me!.Cuz my phone is much precious then him.And this bastard doesn't 1 dollar 😏.My phone is 100 times worth then him!.Even if I sell you .I wont forgive it
Layla ❤ (Angel sect leader🌈): hello dead
Lady💖Snow Xia Yan vampire 🖤🧛: Heyyy leader 😘💖
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Sometimes is good to have a friend to cheer you up. One of my besties from college had a boyfriend very wealthy. He came to pick her every day at the college. She invited us to her boyfriend's party in a ship but my mom didn't want me to go by myself, so I talked to a cousin about the party and he agreed go with me. That night we went and they were like 100 people in there. Big party with balloons, all you can drink and eat...My cousin went straight to the bar and he drunk all kind of beers, Jack Daniels, Ron, wines, etc..and me too with margaritas, wine and pina colada. We were in paradise because all was free. Unfortunately my friend broke with her boyfriend two years later.
Princess Fiona : rich people are keepers
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Man this Ling Mo really knows to twist Mobai knowing she had feelings for him and in some deep corner she still does cause she was after all blinded by his fake love.Song Qing Xioa is just shedding light to matter.I hope he won't say she's a toy to him at this important moment cause Mobai will be broken.I mean Sa Ye has already put fuel so your words may just ignite the fire.
Keren Marshall
Guy: would you marry me?
Girl: first you should know that I'm 24 years old and I'm not virgin. 24 years is such a long time.

Guy: it's okay, the future it's more important than the past. Plus I'm not virgin eather.

On the wedding day: Do you take this man as your husband and....

Girl: sweetie, can I talk to you. I slept with other guys and I don't want that to separate us I. the future...
Guy: Honey, you already told me that two weeks ago.
Girl: Sweetie, two weeks is such a long time....

Me: whore , go F**** your self.
Black heart : Thanks dear 😁
lemurloki: I hope you do as well and I hope you get as lucky as my cousin did--she married a guy who is just great and our family adores him. When she has her monthly cycle, he hires someone to take care of the house and cooking, makes her ginger tea and does his best to make her feel better. I wish he had brothers.
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Snow Bunny
oh i want a sugar daddy like him...hahaha but i also wanted a certain relationship too...hohoho 😄
Say, why guys like Kabe don so much?? and the girls who got Kabe don always feels helpless or flutter?? am i not normal when i don't feel that way?? when my male friend kabe don me, i just immidiately shake him off and go to the other side, when he trapped me in between, i just need to push him and lift his hand...though its heavy because he resisted...and...i always lost at the end anyway me it's like playing who is stronger....
Snow Bunny: hemmm maybe you are right...
isme sumer: i think that because you dont have feel with your friend who kabe don you..
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My late fiance was a kid from a wealthy family, living mostly on a fat trust fund, some stocks and a few investments. He had been raised to believe there wasn't anything money could fail to buy. Deep down, he was sweet and always willing to help others...provided he noticed their need, which he usually didn't. What I am trying to say is that this manga's male lead's parents probably made him what he is.
Maryl: Let me tell you, Greedy people are in every place. My ex friend was dating a rich guy but he was two face. In front of people he was kind but close door he was a totally freak. He controlled her even the way she walk. He give expensive gifts that she cannot afford and then on next day he yell her all the money he expend on her. She was tired because she could not even have friends.
lemurloki: He was able to leave almost all of it to his half brother, who he loved. His father died when he was an adolescent and the circumstances were such there was little doubt his mom was responsible...though somehow the police still eagerly accepted her "accident" explanation. She was not a warm woman and the most emotion I ever saw from her was when she found out he'd left her nothing. Mind you, she had loads of money of her own but she expected to get his as well. If we had been married, she'd have fought me over it so I was actually relieved he hadn't had the will altered to include me yet as he'd intended to. This way, I never had to see her again.
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Joueria M.S
Hey what if all this happened in real life I mean a girl ending up in a mans room who is super damn rich.....and being used as a slut....then later being used as his woman....and then they end up being his wife who luvs him a lot and vice versa.....would anyone like that????I'm seriously asking....It looks soo easy in a manga...but its soooo different from real life right..
Joueria M.S: ahahah😆😆
Sky Fliyer: sounds like a basic average day
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Wowww ONE HOUR of sleep sacrificed. Congratulations you deserve a sandal on your face hmph!!
Jincy 😍: yeah right
SATAN😈😈: fr does he know how many hours we sacrifice on here reading
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Who is the person that's about to go in? I can't reconise him oh and Hi guy's i've just created my very first novel! Episode 1 is out and two more are under review just waiting to be released! I would very much appreciate it if you could give it a try even if your more of a comic person, I promise it won't waist your time with its other world adventure, Fantasy, action and romance story line! Thank you 😇❤❤❤❤
Fifi: whoops forgot to tell you whats it's called:
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how can they speak while kissing
BTS4LIFEE : It’s a talent
BTS ARMY: really nice
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Snow Bunny
oh i know why Sa Ye hate Mobai, because it was her who has stayed at Song's side for the longest, and she has been a very capable secretary but Song didn't give her a slightest chance to get near to him. While Mobai is just a plain girl who comes from who knows where and she enters Song's personal space just like that. So yeah technically she will be jealous since she has feelings for Song as well.
Snow Bunny: if that's happened i won't be too shocked. Her jealousy runs deep! Too bad...she is actually a very capable secretary...
jennie: spoiler**
read at your own will

i think she tries to kill mobai at the wedding
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Min yoongi is my Suga Daddy🍪🍫🤞🏽
Her : slaps
Him : I think my body feels something
Me: you feel a slap 🤷🏼‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️🙄 and his ass probably got turned on
Blueberry bunny : Lol that’s so true thi
BDean2: Yeah, that was the point. Right? He was impotent but his “little buddy down below” got excited when she slapped him! 😏 Looks like somebody does have some mojo! 😂🤣

Besides, you have to slap some men around a bit before giving up the goods! 😂😂
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Shouldn’t they know that excessive sex can cause problems to their body parts. Did they even go through sex education?! Also, I don’t see how the FL isn’t pregnant yet, considering the number of times they did it. I mean like a condom and even if the FL eats pills to prevent pregnancy is not 100% guaranteed right???! There would be a high chance
The Young Master: yeah that's right manga magic
SASUKE UCHIHA ™: manga magic
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