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gitchee gitchee goo
everyone is blaming song and i totally agree but has no one seen that mobai always goes back to him after he does one small nice thing? like carrying her to bed, all she does is forget abt all the bad things, blushes, and tries to be cute again.
she keeps repeating abt how she's just a pet to him but does nothing abt it??

here's what i want to happen for mobai:
1. she works hard to earn money and pay song back, all the while she treats him coldly and stops making him mad else she'll just make things harder for herself. she probably needs a friend and that white haired dude would be a nice option
2. hoping that she kept her job, she needs to take care of her father and maybe transfer him to a hospital she can afford
3. assuming she left song ( which she won't cus he's the ml obvi but just saying) she needs to lead a new life, maybe move away and start a family and change her identity?
ps. if white haired dude and mobai date or get married she'd still be related to ceo song which would be a problem but we could think of sum

and as for big boss song:
1. he's miserable, married to probably that black haired chick who he gets sick touching and is busy with work which is falling bc of him.
2. he thinks of mobai all day which causes his company to fall
3. he'll most likely try searching for mobai and investigating her which is when her identity change would come in handy (not 100% effective ofc)
Wei Wei: But we can't read kind books when fl is stronger then ml... i kinda feel fl is to submissive in every comic and i feel sorry about writers mentality...i kinda bored reading same type of book where only ml is superior and he is only able to save fl... i want some reality like fl took 2nd lead at the end of story...
Anu AHV: tybtn
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Yuri Yurisawa
two "GROWN UP" who act like a child instead facing the reality of the problem they masking it by stupid dialogue...which is non-sense because their actions is speak louder than to their stupid shit!... I really don't understand it??... instead admitting their feeling to one another which I think that is a proper way to do to clear any misunderstanding...but instead they throwing insult, a lot of jealousy, and stupidity??? I think children book are more interesting to read than this kind comics or Novel... because children book have a specific topic and good storyline it have a progress of character and GOAL... but this story have a never ending spiral no progress of Character between FL and ML ......two adult people who can fix their inferiority because of "PRIDE"
Sophia Laishram: Same here
ValToxy: Thats the reason i read more historicals. Stupid ceo romances all over place with same plot line. At least historical provides revenge or cultivatiob variety with different worlds.
Ceo romances only contain horny teenagers with adult staples and blithering idiots FL. And Sluts who call non-slut girls, slut.
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Author Chrissy
I don't know who is right or wrong... I just feel kinda annoyed with the girl attitude, she should've known him clearly or better than anyone else. But, she always does or says something which eventually caused her sufferings in the end. I guess she has no one to blame but herself, not the Male lead. Everyone's have their own unique personalities, can't blame them for that.
Jeric Centillas: hehwhwh
sese: nah, they're both wrong because of misunderstanding. But, what the FL did was right.
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toku khulumani zulu
The design company might be in danger because of that crazy dude song after what he had experienced from Lin mobai Even though they both wrong because if you see someone getting jealous it's better not being rude to that person because they are capable of anything and song must stop calling her a pet,

I can't wait to see song being disobeyed.
Wow.. Mobai didn't get jealous when she hears the jerk got engaged to her but points out the double standard. And she has a point. She can't have dinner with the opposite sex but he can? *facepalm* God.. that stupid jerk is obsessed with her.
BaconTweedle: *her boss but
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Shameka Deleveaux
i think that he needs to stop being a rapist and be a man! she's confused because he keeps confusing her! one minute he's giving her gifts and the next minute he's raping her, stalking her and controlling where she goes!
Need some help to find a comic I read many years ago.
I think it’s about a girl who works in some kind of cafe. She got some superpowers and I think she turns into a human with cat ears. Something with strawberry and pink.
And there is more characters. A girl who gets monkey ears and tail and she’s the color yellow.

I’ve tried to remember which comic it is for so long. It’s comic books that I bought when I was younger.

Do you guys think you can help me? 😋
Xiao Hai: Tokyo Mew Mew. FL is name Ichigo which means Strawberry (hence the pink hair). It had manga and anime version. I welcome everyone to read or watch it. It was cute. Even though I ship her with her blonde haired boss than the ML. XD
Gacha Reveiw: isn't that an anime to
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𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓵𝔂𝓪 🥀
I agree with Mobai here.
He can have a romantic dinner with another woman, but she can't even talk to the opposite sex IN BUSINESS?
This is really unfair!
I mean- Men 'in Manhua' can do whatever they want, but women are always under control all the time! Why is it always like this?!
I wanna kill this dude.
How the fck u want her to fall in love with u, when u keep treating her like this n calling her pet.
But if she goes n commit suicide I won't blame her I really won't. no girl would want to live like that no one.
This dude disgust me, he really do
It's called Obsession, not love. He doesn't trust her, locked her up when he thinks she's out of control and doesn't let her talk to other men but he fake flirts with other women so he can see her being jealous. The way he takes care of is covered with insults and abuse. Yes, he watches over her but is it worth it?
mangatoon always like this... the drawing on thr fitst were beautiful.. but mid of story were so ..... make me sad to write... please keep the beautiful drawing as the first one... i love the strories in mangatoon but the drawing getting worst n worst .. always like that
Lau13: ikr 😁
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dignity level (25%)

My mum saw it when she pass by
Munachiso Ibeawuchi: Get up to use the bathroom or something...........then keep reading
Midnight : That has happened too many times to me
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Umaru chan
Happy New year guys I hope this year brings you happiness and comfort . And I hope that Manga toon uploads frequency this year otherwise I have to look for a new website for reading comics .

And I wish your all goals and wishes comes true this year lots of love ❤️❤️❤️
mochi: happy new year 😊
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Grow Up, you stupid man!!! The way that you're treating her and keep her your pet, I can't blame her for second guessing your feelings. stop it!!! All he doing is creating a toxic relationship with a Stockholm Syndrome victim. I really can't root for him...
Ananya Parida
he is like a bloody rapist..if i were to b that girl..i will prefer to die rather than livin with him..how come she has no self respect..this main lead isnt hero but a villain..i am unsuscribing this huhh
My god.. is this guy so stupid??? She told you that she was working. Both that brat and her told him that guy is client, nothing more. Why don't he trust her???
Chaos: Being jealous doesn't simply justify his actions and behaviour towards her though. Yes, I understand that jealousy is something that is uncontrollable, it happens to all of us, but he could have dealt with it in a better way.
toku khulumani zulu: OK but it's normal to be, only a few can control that
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That jerk shouldn't pay mind games with the FL and told her how he feels. Yes, he does nice things for her but she's not aware of it. It is wrapped in blanket of insults and cruelty. Drop the tsundere act and be nice or tell her the truth!!!
Love is too precious to be treated so disrespectfully. Too many people live their whole lives longing for love but never receiving any more than the shadow of it. A person lucky enough to have a real chance at love needs to treat that opportunity as the blessing it is. And learn that real love can makstronger, better, braver and richer in a way that can never be diminished, not even by death. Even if the male lead is acting to keep the female lead with him because deep down he loves her, what he is doing is still wrong. I really want to shake him till his teeth rattle and say: "Stop playing games, you big idiot. Stop manipulating, stop staging emotionally charged dramas, stop using other people's feelings to diminish or control them. You'd have a chance with her, even though you are almost criminally stupid and have about as much charm as pond scum, if you would only be DIRECT, SINCERE and HONEST!
BaconTweedle: I agree!!!!
Danny Cachero: nice line
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Mei Senpaii
I don't like how he act. Why he always trying to make her jealous? He don't know that he only put her farter away from him in that way? And I don't like how he don't clear any misunderstanding between them so she always have so low self respect...
Laisa💖💋😍💋💖🤘: I totally agree with what your saying
Natsume Hatake: also this guy has a mindset that she will come to him herself...excuse me? how can she when you're not honest with her
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Lilian Wu
.here comes another 'mistake' that we made I can't believe this if you love her and want her to be your woman give her some f*cking TRUST and let her EXPLAIN don't THINK BEFORE YOU ACT
Adrika Sri: more like " think before you act" 😂
FoodLocator_3000: *act before you think
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