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Emp, Don't Be Too Harsh!
∆™Soʋɭ ʜʌcĸɘʀ™∆
Wow man... really wow🔥🔥🔥🔥
I don't anymore where should i read comics now..
All apps are getting me confused 😵
I don't why are they doing this but its like all the comics of one app are transferring into each other a little by little and that's making me hella confused where to read it.. here or there.😵😵😵😵
And yeah the ones who are saying the FL is dumb, annoying and blah blah ... I'm not offending your opinion but its not totally true. In most of the comics the FL are made according to the character of ML , like which type of FL will conquer the ML's heart and this one, this type of FL will win ML's heart. So, just try to understand that ML and FL are made depending on each other characters.
Well I've read this one on a site..if u wanna just ask me and I'll tell u😣
U know I've a big heart XD. Just kidding, I know many of you already have read this one somewhere but if someone don't know where to find it ... just ask me😉

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️LOTS OF LOVE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gemm208: Ikr. It's the only thing I hate about this app...
balaji balu: why all episode r locked it pissing 😡😡😡😠😠😠😠 off
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Putul Kumari
I don't understand can't they make normal comic...... does these kind of comic are necessary...... Sex, abusing, stupid FL,lust, drugs...... FL always getting insult.... seriously 🙄 can't they make normal comic where FL are strong.... true love..... no confusion..... beautiful relationship..... does authors have problems.... I mean always same story... unnecessary misunderstanding...... twisting story which is not necessary.... I mean what kind of message you wanna give....hhh can't you make something proper.... I'm not saying about only this comic.... we get some comics where we actually saw story..... take a example...pure girl 😿 I mean what you wanna say...hmmm that's not love and from which angle she's pure girl ha you ruin the hole story 😔 I have read a very beautiful noble...... no abusing.... perfect ML and FL ♥️ they were superb ..... I mean such a beautiful novel. if they ever dicide to convert that in comic it gonna be a wonderful comic 🙂 please make beautiful comic not something like this..... somes are good but now's like it everytime same concepts 😔
well its my opinion....
no offence.......
Putul Kumari: well they got both 🤔 but you can look in Korean manhwa too. like "what's wrong with secretary Kim" "emperors daughter" etc. they are pretty good
TheRazeluXE: Try web’toon app then if you want to read Korean manhwas 🥰. There are other manhwas too from other nations like Indonesia, Thailand or even the US 😁
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Lisa🐇 (Angel sect leader🌈)
Here you go again!A same plot comic!I read it a long time ago!its also like that !.And girl is so annoying .This ML is Totally Asshole.Who f*ck her again and again!.And she also try to seduce him .And there is a btich like always .So at last they get married .I forget cuz I have given up on it a long time ago!And literally now its here .It published a long time ago lol .
Saeng il chugha haeyo 💖(Angel sect Mini Elder🌈): KKK I'm Just roaming Around
Lisa🐇 (Angel sect leader🌈): Nah😑😑
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Your Local Chubby Panda
Twinkle twinkle little star they can do it in a car....
Damon Salvatore is mine.♥️: I’m just waiting to hear this this poem in front of someone n start laughing n they’re just there wondering why.
mel vkay: Love that 👍🏻👍🏻🤣🤣
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Love is too precious to be treated so disrespectfully. Too many people live their whole lives longing for love but never receiving any more than the shadow of it. A person lucky enough to have a real chance at love needs to treat that opportunity as the blessing it is. And learn that real love can makstronger, better, braver and richer in a way that can never be diminished, not even by death. Even if the male lead is acting to keep the female lead with him because deep down he loves her, what he is doing is still wrong. I really want to shake him till his teeth rattle and say: "Stop playing games, you big idiot. Stop manipulating, stop staging emotionally charged dramas, stop using other people's feelings to diminish or control them. You'd have a chance with her, even though you are almost criminally stupid and have about as much charm as pond scum, if you would only be DIRECT, SINCERE and HONEST!
Sunshine: agreed
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After reading "bossy president", "Boss's very hot summer", "prince's private baby", "arrogant ceo", "my adorable girlfriend"
Me be like: who the hell is who 😂
I'm literally confused.
Everyone has such a same plot
Stupidity: Now the list has further expanded and I don't even know what storyline or in which website Im reading it anymore 😂😂
Damon Salvatore is mine.♥️: Same😂
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I this might sound weird but are their any comics when the roles are reversed? Like an abusive, tyrant female ceo signs a contract with a poor/ desperate ML when he’s kicked out the house because his mother die and the step father steal the company from him and his step bother bullies him and sleeps with his gf.

Lol the story doesn’t has to be exactly like that but I’m tired of the submissive FL and abusive ML; a comic with the roles switched will at least give us a different viewpoint with the overused theme lol.
Rita Luka: I’m glad you all like it!
Haven’t come across any other ones yet
Joymink: Wow thanks for recommendation! I started to read and it is so interesting 😍😍 Sword art online vibe + overbearing Female CEO vibe 😍😍
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I had a job once in a hospital where I made patient snacks and I was making this crowd size pan of jello, taking the hot water from one of those huge industrial coffee/hot water machines. It was EXTREMELY hot. Enter Martha. Reeking of awful cologne and cigarettes. With her extra chin and at least 5 pounds of makeup on. Looking as mean as fifty miles of bad road. Whose married lover, who smiled at everyone there, had held the door open for me when I came to work that morning...and(gasp) smiled. She "stumbled" and I got burns(thighs, lower abdomen) plus a ruined outfit. But SHE was the victim, "traumatized" and constantly accosting me (when others were around) to insist that I tell her I didn't blame her for the "accident". But the incident had a bright side. It scared her married lover into going back to his wife.
jacky esteron: Wow there are peeps like that
lemurloki: I know. I think about all the things I could have done with it...oh, well.
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A decent girl would never have been able to let her carry that heavy burden in such heat. Always look at the way a person treats others--servants, wait staff, children, the elderly, the handicapped, animals(esp. the hard luck cases), and even...rivals or persons whose status isn't clear. If they can't be patient with a nervous young waiter or compassionate enough to help a hurt and frightened animal, think twice before getting involved. And then don't ever. No decent person with even a shred of character would have behaved like blondie just did.
I’m just waiting for these interaction to stop, this is like the 40 th time she’s gone and done this and getting framed for hurting someone, the main guy needs to just ask the MC to marry him since he seems to only want her, stop prolonging the inevitable and bring it on.
riso: seriously why cant the ml just be honest
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Hahhaha Song Qing Xiao does things to an extreme really.But feels more like a bridal carriage being walked😂😂.Man she won't be having a chance to run away now.Mobai is too innocent to think she could rum away from him hahah.
I want another upspree.I'm addicted to this manga!!
bruh!I observed that when the girl they slept with or they wanted a girl to be their woman,they gave them a new cellphone in its pink like bruh why did they always gave them a pink cellphone,is it because they are girl?
Hahahha Song Qing Xiao really goes over the top always.Hahha Mobai is done for.He must be anxious and amgry a lot by now.He won't let her off easy for sure.
dechen dorji
Truthfully I don’t understand how she could still like that lingmo guy.. he didn’t help her when she needed help yet says he loves her... that’s a huge sign that the guy just is not into you. I mean if the guy was poor it’d be acceptable but he isn’t and even if he is poor he’d have helped one way or another because that man is going to be your in law. Secondly how can he not do anything when his mother talk shut about her? Is that not a sign of a man indifferent? I mean you like a guy/girl would you be willing to listen to people bad mouth them? She is either an idiot or starved for affection but seeing how her father loves her I don’t think she is. So basically she is just an idiot.
again bruh?why I fell like every episode they are doing this?did I become pervert too?HAHAHA the author is so romantic....the author really knows how to make his/her readers enjoy and happy
Leizel Pilapil
I wan't the ml jealous to the max..🤩🤩 that he will admit to lin that he is fallen inlove with her😍😍 crazy update authour pls. and tnx for the beautifull story..i rly love it..so many twist..
I think I would be like well since “CEO song is busy with miss, I will go to the car and let you two be.” I would let him know I’m not gonna watch him flirt with some other woman in front of me to get a rise out of me, if he wants me then he better say it instead of doing stupid things like that. And she better say something to him instead of wondering ....
why did she have to meet the whoever is that man???! can't she just walk away and leave ???? why does it have to end up, other guy rescuing the FL, then the ML will misunderstand??? huuuh???!

sorry author. i really respect your work
Hahaha that girl thought she gained Song Qing Xiao.Lol he was only using her to make Mobai jealous.Man Mobai is dead if she sees her with President Xiao😂😂.
Ruka chan
Why you are so dumb lin mobai.. Tell him what you are thinking just now.. tell that you suffers because of him... And mr. president you better teach a lesson to this bit*... she is the slut and yet calling others slut.. 😒
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