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Vampire Sphere

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The legend has it that 16 years later, devil of blood tribe will reborn. It will bring disaster to this world. Vampire-hunting organization asked doctor Nangong to clone twin sisters to fight against it. But due to some program error, a third baby came… and three sisters began their adventure in this dangerous and tempting world…

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Rose 🌹
It’s so weird at first I only read this story for points but now I love this story manga toon always tries to give us new options I would never have read this book if not for manga Toon from now on I’ll try my best to give books a try 😄
Yanderewaifu: this version sucks tbh, shortened chapters and name changes and such, other sites, this is like chapter 40/106 and all the rest are available to be read.
Kim Jennie: Me too 🙃
total 2 replies
Snowy fairy
What they are doing !? I am just got sacred!?😵😵😵
Bunny Turbo : Mane ki?
Snowy fairy: allah tumi amar kotha suncho😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
total 49 replies
what does.the writing say in her hand
Ayato_Sakamaki: thank you guys 😙
Ain S.🌹♥: it mean "don't stay near (the vampire with purple hair's name) "
total 17 replies
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