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Vampire Sphere

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The legend has it that 16 years later, devil of blood tribe will reborn. It will bring disaster to this world. Vampire-hunting organization asked doctor Nangong to clone twin sisters to fight against it. But due to some program error, a third baby came… and three sisters began their adventure in this dangerous and tempting world…

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I'm sorry but I don't know who is who they both look exactly the same 😭😭😭
Love bug: it is fun ok😂😂😂
Love bug: the vampire boy is so cute
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Miraculous Eni

Violet pretends to be lilly at the castle so that lilly can rescue rose and get out of there at the vampire sphere they meet again but gordon dosent get any of the power of the vampire sphere so the plan fails Rose and Lilly are captured back but Rose and that blu haired guy work together for benefits and lilly and rose can meet together but lilly is still treated the same way Violet also gets captured by the demon king (carl min’s evil side) and he wants her to kill her old classmates and drink their blood so she gets more powerful cuz he and isis the one that really looked like the nangong sisters want to use violet’s body so that isis can own it and have emotions Violet is really sad because she killed people and thinks everyone is gonna abandon her for that. Lilly meets a cute purple haired guy and falls in love with him but the red haired guy dosent like that so he places a bat that will hurt him everytime he sees lilly. Lilly gradually falls in love with him but is still jealous of her sister because rose cannot turn into a vampire. Violet gets kinda used to kill people and drink their blood but still regrets it.
Dips: from some sources I heard aki7 received a lot of hates also for vampire sphere and force to write remaining story in story writing format otherwise she don't even want to do it.
freya: so confusing
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Panda Bomb *-*
I’ve read the whole manga already ( it’s not quite finished though because the author didn’t decide to continue it I believe). Let me be honest, the story and plot weren’t bad and it was pretty interesting to read but I feel like out of the 3 sisters (Rose,Lily,Violet), the one with the saddest ending was Rose. Violet went through a lot because of what Lily did to her when they were younger but in the end she got her happy ending. Lily on the other hand had a pretty okay ending as well where she took revenge on the Red hair guy that kept abusing her. I’m not being biased or anything even though Rose is my favorite out of the 3 sisters but Rose basically died because of Lily because Lily was so obsessed with power and plus Rose has more powers than her so you could say that Lily sorta killed Rose out of jealousy. At one point Lily and Violet died too I think (sorry I haven’t read the manga in a while so I might have forgot lol) anyways they got resurrected in the end but they didn’t save Rose because when she died no one remembered her besides Franco and another guy. In conclusion I wish Rose had a better ending because she was always so kind to everyone and tried to help the people around her. In the future if the author decides to pick the manga up again, I hope they would let Rose come back to life along with Franco cause in the end you could see that he truly cared for her. Lmao they’re my favorite ship/characters anyways that ends my opinion.
Cyberangel Zero:Bronya : can you tell me in which chapter did rose die? i wanna know but seeing your comment made me a bit confused
Lyn Marish Mosqueda Tumpar: did rose die? its true? how sad😭😭 shes my favorate among of the 3 sisters
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