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Vampire Sphere

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The legend has it that 16 years later, devil of blood tribe will reborn. It will bring disaster to this world. Vampire-hunting organization asked doctor Nangong to clone twin sisters to fight against it. But due to some program error, a third baby came… and three sisters began their adventure in this dangerous and tempting world…

MangaToon got authorization from SaManHua to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - xuezujinyu,xzjy
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min suga kkaep jjang jjang man boom boom
I have a feeling that the nangong sisters represent our real life in some way or the other....
think about it, rose resembles making peace wid our demons and thriving wid the help of that pact. lily is an embodiment of a child initially oblivious to the evil in the world who has been now thrown into a situation which threats her life. how she changes, how differently she sees the world now... as for violet, she is what we can describe as a victim. a victim to a dark force which resides in all of us. how she is helpless, how she is forced to adapt, how desperately she wants to break free, how she blames herself for the downfall in her life, how she seems herself unworthy of being loved and the biggest of all, how she thinks of her existence as a mistake... I'm sorry if I'm unable to explain properly.the emotions I wanted to depict are too.......strong to be put in mere words.

every person goes through these phases. life gets rough but then it's our turn to fight back.

ofc it might just be me overthinking but it could also be true... maybe the author is trying to tell us that all we have to do is hold on no matter how tough life gets... whenever u feel that this is the end just remember this fairly old dialogue from an Indian film -
"every story has a happy ending and if the ending is not happy then the story isn't finished yet"
- Shah Rukh Khan,
film 'Om Shanti Om'
k abdullah: Um.The word is Damn not Dam
k abdullah: Yeah, I know.
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Ayaka Dugos
I really am sure that Lin Shaw is the spy. All of you, let's have a bet. And I am going to share my thoughts.

First, Lin Shaw is trying to get close to Nangong Violet so that he could have a clue about the two keys or because of that moon enchantment. He also asked her about any magic tool or weapon, remember?

Second, Lin Shaw puts a barrier in the first place so that Monitor couldn't follow and protect anyone else including Violet.

He killed that oranged-haired girl and even tried to be innocent, telling Violet that he will look for her.

Also, he killed Lin Snow because when he shoot her, Snow suddenly realized that he is the traitor, saying "You..." but before she continues her talk to inform Violet a red alert, he immediately released two bullets.

He showed the two boxes to confirm if Violet really have the key. He put the blame on his own companion.

If anyone have an objection, lets hear it. I just shared my thoughts while waiting for an update.
Amykyut. haruhi: pretty sure he is im in .
I luv my Jungkookie Oppa: I am with you but, I love Lin Shaw...
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Sean loves Chester
Gordon i hate you now!!😡 you betrayed us, and you are now having sex with that ugly girl😡😡 i hope that you wont regret what you are doing now, if someday violet can escape in that forbidden area dont ever get close to her i dare you!!😠 i wish violet will be with min carl, even though what you are doing is for violet we will not accept it😠, you disappoint us! GUYS LET'S CHANGE OUR SHIP LETS GO FOR MIN CARL AND VIOLET!!😍 I DONT WANT THAT F**KING PLAYBOY GORDON DUH!!🙄😒.
Pauline Sanoria: they didn't really do something...gordon use the illusionary ring
Juhi Mehra: I don't think ugly was meant in the way u thought it was. it was just an insult because she didn't like the girl. I think if it had been a beautiful white girl, she would still have been insulted out of anger. so I THINK we should not take take it to the heart. I'm sure it was not meant that way.
ps: I'm Indian so I'm a girl of colour myself😊
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