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Vampire Sphere

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The legend has it that 16 years later, devil of blood tribe will reborn. It will bring disaster to this world. Vampire-hunting organization asked doctor Nangong to clone twin sisters to fight against it. But due to some program error, a third baby came… and three sisters began their adventure in this dangerous and tempting world…

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Rose 🌹
It’s so weird at first I only read this story for points but now I love this story manga toon always tries to give us new options I would never have read this book if not for manga Toon from now on I’ll try my best to give books a try 😄
*SeThAnNaH*: I really love this comic ever😍😍😍
Amaya cristle: that is true vampire knights is the best ever. I love it so much ❤
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Violet Ngo
To resolve any confusion:
The Triplets are all individual chracters of the story and all have their own story, so in sense, Rose, Lily, and Violet are the main chracters themselves. Lily, is the youngest of the three that wasn't able to attend school in her younger years due to the incident. Rose, is the eldest, who ties her hair up into a ponytail. Lily is... you know. Anyhow, the synopsis for this chapter can be summarised into two parts, since the previous chapters have Implicity time skipped to different sisters. The first part is about how the class president forces out a spirit possessing Violet's body, as inferred. The chapter then continues to display Rose's situation: Franco, desperately trying to persuade Rose into believing that her hatred towards him is inclined because of his being: a vampire. So he sets up an elaborate plan, where he locks Rose into a highschool setting, where she acts as an ordinary girl meeting him and experiencing a casual school life with him, and through this, he tries to make her fall in love with him. Ocassionally though, he awakens her from that 'dream' and consults with her in real life, where it is shown that she is chained up
Kimberly Taranova: i hope Lily and rose gets rescued from the vampires
Kimberly Taranova: i hope Lily and rose gets rescued from the vampires
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Alison Anoa'i
awwwww violet likes Carl Min....she should too cause in the time of need it was carl whom she used to depend...they were the only friends with out any benefits from each other unlike Gordon...who has Violet by his side just because she saved him and freed his powers. Carl is handsome💕....they make a good couple....On the other hand Franco is cheating on Rose but Rose however seems to have fallen for him so deep. Its gonna hurt her...but the major question is ...what about Lily? When would we get to know of her updates now that she is a vampire....
Kimberly Taranova: i hope Lily gets saved
Miku Hatsune: Yeah, I also wanna know what’s going to happen to Lily???
I ship Violet with Min Carl because Gordon is only helping Violet because she helped him
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