Vampire Sphere
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Vampire Sphere

Vampire Sphere
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Vampire Sphere Comics Online. The legend has it that 16 years later, devil of blood tribe will reborn. It will bring disaster to this world. Vampire-hunting organization asked doctor Nangong to clone twin sisters to fight against it. But due to some program error, a third baby came… and three sisters began their adventure in this dangerous and tempting world…

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min suga kkaep jjang jjang man boom boom
I have a feeling that the nangong sisters represent our real life in some way or the other....
think about it, rose resembles making peace wid our demons and thriving wid the help of that pact. lily is an embodiment of a child initially oblivious to the evil in the world who has been now thrown into a situation which threats her life. how she changes, how differently she sees the world now... as for violet, she is what we can describe as a victim. a victim to a dark force which resides in all of us. how she is helpless, how she is forced to adapt, how desperately she wants to break free, how she blames herself for the downfall in her life, how she seems herself unworthy of being loved and the biggest of all, how she thinks of her existence as a mistake... I'm sorry if I'm unable to explain properly.the emotions I wanted to depict are too.......strong to be put in mere words.

every person goes through these phases. life gets rough but then it's our turn to fight back.

ofc it might just be me overthinking but it could also be true... maybe the author is trying to tell us that all we have to do is hold on no matter how tough life gets... whenever u feel that this is the end just remember this fairly old dialogue from an Indian film -
"every story has a happy ending and if the ending is not happy then the story isn't finished yet"
- Shah Rukh Khan,
film 'Om Shanti Om'
Yamuna Neeru: this comic is a nonsense . some how I really hate this comic
total 24 replies
THAT BISH IS BIGGEST PROBLEM I mean my dear " outsider " you know everybody gonna LOVE when your special moment comes. I know you aren't bad but don't be like some absolute idiot .ok I will stop lying with this.AUTHOR LET ME KILL HER WITH KINDNESS (I wanted to kill her from start, her and her twin bish sister. Green bishes sisters I will kill you just wait for me) plus Franco if you keep doing this believe me I will ruin you and take a Rose and Lily away from you monsters. I love and want to become a vampire but you ruining vampires reputation I'm disappointed in you stupid Franco (author do you want me to get hear attack in best years in my life or you just want me to feel pain if that's what you want then I will call cops and told them about your evil plans) author this is really amazing manga but this kind of hate and love is bad for my heart like in 1 way I want to hate Franco but in second way I want to see him with rose but sometimes in this manga you want us to hate him or idk oh and I really want more of this manga it's best thing to read when I get home from school don't change style of art like another authors did this style is perfect and please do love triangle or two love triangle you know on which love triangles I mean. Maybe if in some scene you get more action but like I said it's amazing and please do
"Answering on your questions" bc I found some people asking some questions .Hope you enjoy reading this bye
- Janjaa
What is Rose even doing? even if she wants to protect Lily, this is not the way. I don't care about her reasons anymore. What she said was just plain cruel and disgusting. They should be helping each other and not turning against each other. Lily was finally willing to do that and open up and Rose just tore into her heart like that. She's making it near impossible for 3 of them to unite. Who in their right mind thinks that the best way to protect someone is to make them believe that everyone is against them even their own.sister in a place where little every vampire treats them like a slave!?? Rose should be smarter than that to know that if she pushes away Lily, they WILL take advantage of that. Does she not remember how Franco mindtortured her!?? I would trust NO ONE in the shabbat if their leader is like that. I never thought there will be a day where.I like Lily more than.Rose
chocolate emeh: You are so right to me Rose is more dumb than dumber , is that how you protect someone you love by pushing their mind off on a cliff like that instead of telling her the truth you chose to use such cruel words to me Rose is simply stupid
moon🌜fairy: Rose is more intelligent than Lily and she knows the reason why she was injected with moon enchantment. Rose and Violet will be the final sacrifices. Is Rose shares the blood with Lily, all of them will suffer and no one will be able to survive. I believe that in the end Lily will be the sisters' savior, and Rose hopes for that. Rose is above so she can see the bigger picture which Lily cant because of her insecurities. Violet is pitiful too, imagine an innocent girl who only wants to be at home with her sisters and friends, have been to tortured in hell, and was forced to kill and eat people which had been her classmates before..physically, mentally, and emotionally unprepared to do so. What's more, she was forced to do that, not save her sisters, but to be a vessel of some fallen god.
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