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min suga kkaep jjang jjang man boom boom
I have a feeling that the nangong sisters represent our real life in some way or the other....
think about it, rose resembles making peace wid our demons and thriving wid the help of that pact. lily is an embodiment of a child initially oblivious to the evil in the world who has been now thrown into a situation which threats her life. how she changes, how differently she sees the world now... as for violet, she is what we can describe as a victim. a victim to a dark force which resides in all of us. how she is helpless, how she is forced to adapt, how desperately she wants to break free, how she blames herself for the downfall in her life, how she seems herself unworthy of being loved and the biggest of all, how she thinks of her existence as a mistake... I'm sorry if I'm unable to explain properly.the emotions I wanted to depict are too.......strong to be put in mere words.

every person goes through these phases. life gets rough but then it's our turn to fight back.

ofc it might just be me overthinking but it could also be true... maybe the author is trying to tell us that all we have to do is hold on no matter how tough life gets... whenever u feel that this is the end just remember this fairly old dialogue from an Indian film -
"every story has a happy ending and if the ending is not happy then the story isn't finished yet"
- Shah Rukh Khan,
film 'Om Shanti Om'
k abdullah: Um.The word is Damn not Dam
k abdullah: Yeah, I know.
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Ayaka Dugos
I really am sure that Lin Shaw is the spy. All of you, let's have a bet. And I am going to share my thoughts.

First, Lin Shaw is trying to get close to Nangong Violet so that he could have a clue about the two keys or because of that moon enchantment. He also asked her about any magic tool or weapon, remember?

Second, Lin Shaw puts a barrier in the first place so that Monitor couldn't follow and protect anyone else including Violet.

He killed that oranged-haired girl and even tried to be innocent, telling Violet that he will look for her.

Also, he killed Lin Snow because when he shoot her, Snow suddenly realized that he is the traitor, saying "You..." but before she continues her talk to inform Violet a red alert, he immediately released two bullets.

He showed the two boxes to confirm if Violet really have the key. He put the blame on his own companion.

If anyone have an objection, lets hear it. I just shared my thoughts while waiting for an update.
Amykyut. haruhi: pretty sure he is im in .
I luv my Jungkookie Oppa: I am with you but, I love Lin Shaw...
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Sean loves Chester
Gordon i hate you now!!😡 you betrayed us, and you are now having sex with that ugly girl😡😡 i hope that you wont regret what you are doing now, if someday violet can escape in that forbidden area dont ever get close to her i dare you!!😠 i wish violet will be with min carl, even though what you are doing is for violet we will not accept it😠, you disappoint us! GUYS LET'S CHANGE OUR SHIP LETS GO FOR MIN CARL AND VIOLET!!😍 I DONT WANT THAT F**KING PLAYBOY GORDON DUH!!🙄😒.
Pauline Sanoria: they didn't really do something...gordon use the illusionary ring
Juhi Mehra: I don't think ugly was meant in the way u thought it was. it was just an insult because she didn't like the girl. I think if it had been a beautiful white girl, she would still have been insulted out of anger. so I THINK we should not take take it to the heart. I'm sure it was not meant that way.
ps: I'm Indian so I'm a girl of colour myself😊
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Justin Bieber song
Rose Nanyong will die in the end of the manga.... and Violet Nanyong with Gordon also....will live happily after....idk about lily because that pink haired guy.... solace will get killed by the red evil haired one Isaac.....!!!!!!Sorry guys!!!
Prinélia ALLARO: Why would you do that 😢
Julysa Ismael: if franco ang rose died atleast they have a chance to be together again after death..i love themmm
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Shookyforyou and me
uhhh.... all i can say is that what the hell is this? im like their is so many things that is going on and the male characters are almost all jerks the female leads always fall on their trap im like gimme a break.the problems just keep adding while the previous problems are still present, please dear author i know your working so hard on this if i may make one request please stop torturing our girls specially violet and lily and please make the male characters feel even a bit consideration on our fl's because i feel so sad when they are just using them for their own goods.
Shookyforyou and me: yeah.... im just so sad for them i even feel bad because i can't help them you know reader feels i can't help but think they are alive but they are living worse than hell.
Jay Jay Bontilao: i feel you girl.. their torture is a life worse than death.. physically and mentally..
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so as summary the innocence that the three girls had (yes I'm counting Lily although she wasn't that innocent but let's be honest she wasn't that cruel ) is completely lost ...
and they are what those reckless monsters want them to be
it will be nice if at least from now their sufferings end
Disha Narjinary: No , but hum abhi friend ban sakte hai ....😊
Xiumin: disha , Kya Mai tumhe janti hu ? tum kisi exol indorean whtsup group me ho kya?
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ItsElla Jasareno
I've been reading these manga for a long time, and im not getting bored at all, but i want to see them happy, like to end all their struggles, i just taught that as long as the story is getting longer it seems like there is no other way to get out of the problem. so please author can you end it now. and make them all get the success they're working for. thankyouu ☺️❤️
gordon how could u do this to violet. i don't hope that from u. u really disappoint me. thought u like violet. didn't violet like u too. why did u played with her feelings. i really didn't hope that from u. i really hate playboys like u. when u like her u played with her. and when u don't like her u throw her. what did u think of yourself. Gordon u really break my ship. u f**king playboy. if i could meet u then i will kill u. i thought u were just pretending with that black girl. but u really marry her. it's impossible for me to take the shock. do u know violet is in so much pain right now. u should save her atleast. but u are celebrating ur marriage. it's so great of u. u did a nice job. f**k
Radc : do Indo version ahead by 50 eps
Hai Xia: hi🤐😇😆hskhskshsyduduidusssssisiososiosoiiiii
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I have already finished this manga, I must say this manga had a bit of twist and turns and has a not that bad plot but I surely know everybody will love this manga!
littlecara🌟: thankyouu so much for telling us all this. i also wanna know with whom her sisters end?
Demon Sweet: guys try to read it on manga pro..just search the title
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Gordon and violet will meet in a Dream and violet will kiss his forehead and after talking bla bla bla gordon keeps smiling at violet and later talked about getting out of the dream. they found guns to kill each other so they can get out of the dream. but before that gordon will kiss violets forehead.
Nangong Violet: hmmmm
Violet_Akame: hahaha u know u can't even when you want to
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★StaR cRoSseD LOveRs★
may be the author of "Vampire knights " & this comic are same person.

Gordon = Hero ( from VK)
Karl Min = Kaname (from VK)
Violet = Yuki ( from VK)

I don't want history to repeat again 😭 it's already 278 chapters can you plz let us see some lovely moments between Karl Min & Violet? 😭 I think that white hair God killed Violet in her previous life cz she fall in love with demon king (shi tai) & wanted to marry the demon king.

★P.S:- btw they are dividing one full chapter into 4 parts... what's happening in this chapter happened between chapter 40 to 50 (can't remember in which chapter ) in main story... you guys can read it on m@nga_rock... it has 117 chapters without dividing any chapters★
★StaR cRoSseD LOveRs★: Author literally broke my KanameXyuki ship...
I really don't want the same thing to happen here😖😖 I'm shipping Violet & Karl Min here.. But author is giving more panels to Gordon & her team & also Gordon & Violet's memory.. It seems like Karl min isn't a part of this manga...Also Rose & Violet hair vampire has many panels not so say also Lily & her new lover has more panels than Karl Min.
I really don't want to see another Kaname & Yuki here 😭😭 They would have been together if they hadn't been killed by that white hair God ( karl min & violet's previous life friend)
★StaR cRoSseD LOveRs★: From then His daughter & Zero's child take care of Kaname.. But his daughter kept it secret that she is his & Yuki's child as she was afraid that he will regain his memory & also know that Yuki sacrificed herself to make him awake again.. But Kaname found a diary & he try to remember that girl (Yuki) who often come to his subconscious mind

After that I don't know what happened cz every time I can feel his(kaname) loneliness & his pain when he try to remember why he feels empty inside. My ship was ruined so I left that manga

But some spoilers said that that season was about Kaname's life with his daughter & Zero's child..So I wasn't interested in that anymore cz I couldn't see him(Kaname) so heartbroken 😭

Kaname would have awaken after 1000years eternal sleep without Yuki's sacrifice... But after Zero's death she couldn't bear her loneliness & sacrificed herself.. Also she erased Kaname's memory cz she knew Kaname wouldn't be able to handle the truth & most likely will blame her & Zero's child
(I was like why can't she wait for 500yrs?)
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Jay Jay Bontilao
i really dont care about them, all i want is what will happen to violet and carl.. they are the main characters........
Anonymous: oh really thats bad, it never happened to me I still have all my points. I think this shouldn't happen do you report it to mangatoon? I know chinese so I read a lot of stories on other chibese apps thus one included
Aurazy Ribeiro: Assuming that everyone reads in chinese, otherwise would be just to see them images. Anyway, changing the language makes you lost all points and tickets. That happened to me when i switched from Portuguese to English.
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Such a beauty Scene, Gordon+Violet 💖💖😍😍

Can wait the next Episode. How the Past about The Three God Exactly?
Why I Still Think About Exchage "OSIRIS + ERIS + HANK" become "GORDON + VIOLET + CARL" ??
jewel: I don't trust this Osiris guy and also that pink hair guy..!! they are the mastermind they have planned everything from the very beginning
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well Franco can d
be devilish and warm at the same time
this is one of the abilities he had
and even if he is bad I really want him to be with Rose
so that maybe later he can actually help her and they can grow old together
KORE INDIA: ya right
thanks for reminding me ☺️
Luna Kaye: he cant grow old cause his a vampire
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Lin Zhang
Hey im a new Writer and soon my first comic with the name ,,unobtainable‘‘ will be published it would be great if you would give me a chance- to don’t miss it pls follow me , I promise you wouldn’t regret it :) ps. Its a vampire story
「✧」: Please don’t pay attention to this person. S/he is promoting a comic a copy of UnTouchable. It’s the same plot!
Sokheng Chy: I’m waiting
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i have a question since very long.... when fid Gordon fell in love with Violet?? when ge was monitor he barely paid any attention to her... then he brought her to his castle , trained her.. drank her blood... traveled with her to geth the artifacts etc etc... but when did he fall in love??
Someone: experienced I am🤘
anks: seriously dude!!
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Girls lucky many ML. We boys lucky too but fl with same face 😖😖😖 I wonder when you go out together with 3 of them and dating ur girl which one of them who wore same clothes and same hairstyle 😖 It will be a disaster omg 😖. It's like " Don't let ur girl be with her sister or u will be doom hahaha"
Emma Anderson
oh come every chapter is going to be about rose, franco, lily, isai, solace and whoever's in there??!! i need violet!!!!!! she only has like 2-3 chapters these past few days. i'm more worried about her. or maybe chapters that have to do with gordon and others. rose and lily storyline has like 4-7 or more chapters. 🙄😔
Nicky: I agree with you
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WoW I understand it now the are facing their worst nightmares think about it Gordon's nightmare is (probably) killing his first love (violet)!! and violets nightmare is (probably) killing her comrade or putting the lives of others in danger!!
Aya the doll vs French fries
Samuel will turn Lily into a vampire. He will feed on her for a few days then let others suck her blood. Samuel also pushed Lily into icy water and she begs to get out. Lily bribes some vampires to get her out and the Samuel puts Lily in fire and don't let her out until she controls it. Samuel will also shame Lily for trying to save Violet's life. Then, Lily will fall in love but Samuel tries to sabotage it by putting a bat in the guy's leg(his plan didn't work) Then Samuel will make a terrible bet with Lily to see if Rose truly loves her but she fails. Samuel will force a kiss on Lily while Lily is begging and crying for him to stop
Rosè💛🌙: what's gonna happen?
Gacha freeze fr: then who is the female lead?
rose or violet (the 2 choice is great but pls don't Lily)
and the male lead?
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