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Vampire Sphere

Rose 🌹
It’s so weird at first I only read this story for points but now I love this story manga toon always tries to give us new options I would never have read this book if not for manga Toon from now on I’ll try my best to give books a try 😄
*SeThAnNaH*: I really love this comic ever😍😍😍
Amaya cristle: that is true vampire knights is the best ever. I love it so much ❤
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Violet Ngo
To resolve any confusion:
The Triplets are all individual chracters of the story and all have their own story, so in sense, Rose, Lily, and Violet are the main chracters themselves. Lily, is the youngest of the three that wasn't able to attend school in her younger years due to the incident. Rose, is the eldest, who ties her hair up into a ponytail. Lily is... you know. Anyhow, the synopsis for this chapter can be summarised into two parts, since the previous chapters have Implicity time skipped to different sisters. The first part is about how the class president forces out a spirit possessing Violet's body, as inferred. The chapter then continues to display Rose's situation: Franco, desperately trying to persuade Rose into believing that her hatred towards him is inclined because of his being: a vampire. So he sets up an elaborate plan, where he locks Rose into a highschool setting, where she acts as an ordinary girl meeting him and experiencing a casual school life with him, and through this, he tries to make her fall in love with him. Ocassionally though, he awakens her from that 'dream' and consults with her in real life, where it is shown that she is chained up
Kimberly Taranova: i hope Lily and rose gets rescued from the vampires
Kimberly Taranova: i hope Lily and rose gets rescued from the vampires
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Alison Anoa'i
awwwww violet likes Carl Min....she should too cause in the time of need it was carl whom she used to depend...they were the only friends with out any benefits from each other unlike Gordon...who has Violet by his side just because she saved him and freed his powers. Carl is handsome💕....they make a good couple....On the other hand Franco is cheating on Rose but Rose however seems to have fallen for him so deep. Its gonna hurt her...but the major question is ...what about Lily? When would we get to know of her updates now that she is a vampire....
Kimberly Taranova: i hope Lily gets saved
Miku Hatsune: Yeah, I also wanna know what’s going to happen to Lily???
I ship Violet with Min Carl because Gordon is only helping Violet because she helped him
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3 possibilities:
1) Franco really likes Rose but because of his hugeass ego, he does not want to directly tell it to her and thus the parallel world which will help him act like a normal couple. Also Rose will never accept him in the real world so this is his only way.
2) Franco does not like Rose and is just doing all of this to break her resolve and see her crushed
3) Franco will actually fall in love with Rose through all of this acting
Random Army 🇮🇳😎: I think it's the first or second one!😉
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Yui Amelia
Franco just created this world to MAKE HER GIVE HIM HER BLOOD HERSELF
After he takes the BLOOD he forces her to join him
And after around 50 chapters(I am skipping half of the information)
She meets her sister (the heroine... I forgot the name) and then they (the 3 sisters) rebel against his GANG
Till here for now (I know the whole story)
But too much SPOILER IS BAD so BYE!
sinful.baker: website plz
Mu Ya: I knew it... They're going to battle each other... I know a website to read this but I'm kinda lazy, so... I'm just reading the spoilers and wait until time does it for me.
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Asimoula Marantidi
This hapend to me Once

so look it war my first day of scool (5.grade) and i had to get scoold in a week later and the teacher told me to introduce myself, and i was very qiet (sorry for bad grammer) so the teacher ask the students how wanted to sit next to me and the only 2 pepole how wanted too where my best frend and my crush and that moment i felt so sad that only 2 pepole wanted to sit next to me so i cried in class and nowone kompforted me exept my best friend and my crush.😥😥😥😥😥😩😩😩😩😩😫😫😖😖😫😫😫
Asuna Gina : I have a feeling that you n I have a bit similar situation though I support you to keep moving on and let go of ur fake friend of yours
Seven10_stamta: but you have a bff and a crush that it's more valuable that fake friends
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it same with other vampire story...
Clans, Evil Lord, Ressurection, Vampire Hunter, and Taboo

what i like in vampire sphere is that, the author give a NEW TWIST in this genre. There are so many mystery to the point it connects to each characters. It highlight the precious item that a clans have. Moreover the love story is so intense, it project abuse, doom, and weakness but it show warm kindness. the Triplets have leading men thats good points.

The characters fight for their love ones because they want to protect each other. The author justify the character development because it shows on the comments of readers.

we laugh, cry, dissapoint, and excited everytime we read the story.

Im looking forward on this story 👍👍👍 Good Job Author
Quennie G. Caculba: nice❤
Saheba Naaz: 😇😇😇😇😇
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Cheyanne Villasan
Miku Hatsune: But I love reading Violet’s part
Vanessa Ndife: your a bitch she's trying all she can
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In a previous comment i said : I'm a bit angry at Franco because he's manipulating Rose's thoughts and memories. But on the other hand he is being comforting to Rose and I think he is cute. And after all he is doing this because he likes Rose and feels lonley.But still every time I think about what he is doing I feel angry.
But now I REALLY DON'T THINK HE IS CUTE. And I'm REALLY ANGRY at Franco. I mean is he a PSYCHO.
SasuSaku Uchiha
in da future episodes Ge Chen( think his name monitor forgot sry) has feeling then they had dream that is connected to one other they even talk n Violet was crying like a crying n it is da first Ge Chen was crying like that they even kiss ther foreheads first it was violet after they were talking I don't to spoil real bad that when monitor kiss her forehead KAWAII! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Jill Antonio Barroga
That "Handsome guy" or it's what they call him... he looks like Zero from Vampire Knight... And the Vampire who kidnapped Rose looks similar to Kaname kuran, but with blue hair... and as for Violet she looks like Yuki cross... well Yuki has short hair when she was a human... but she has long black hair when she turned into a Pure Blood Vampire, which is very similar to Violet... and that "Handsome guy" is a Hunter too...
that means
that "handsome guy" is like Zero
Yuki is like Violet
and the Vampire who Kidnapped Rose is like Kaname...

The characters in this story is like the characters in Vampire knight...

Bonus: the two siblings (maybe) Lins...

they're like: Senri shiki and Rima toya, from Vampire knight

(if you watched Vampire knight.. it will be very easy to you to understand what i'm talking about)
MBlue: I feel bad to kaname because he became human with their daughter and yuki and zeros daughter hehhehe
MBlue: And zero tooo
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scintillate EXO-L

Violet will be taken away by bad Carl aka demon Lord and will be treated so harshly , Gordon has hard time searching her...
also both girdon and Violet fall for each other when they are apart...
Anonymous: @Lux 'Chrley I already wrote where I read. it's on @=a just g●●gle it ^_^
Lux' Chrley : where did you read it?
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Love Franco and Rose . my best coule in this manwah T_T
at first, Franco was mesmerized by Rose's unconditional kindness, beauty and intelligence. He just cant let her go( in a very possessive way.)

He wants her blood but wants to enjoy some human memories with her as he was afraid she will turn into a vampire after he bites her.

Thus he wants her to love him and give him her blood with her own free well.
but sincs Rose hates him cause he was responsible for her father's death. He had to control her memories to prove her that she would fall in love with him and will give him her blood if they didn't have the that past.

Their relathion is dynamic one and will change by time.
Yui Amelia
The kid on the last panel is his brother
His brother has always been weak and he was sick
But he (i forgot how) but I think he became powerful and "bad"
Afterwards he allowed his brother to kill him
Then he gifted him something ...
His spirit protected him forever
Betina gamer xddx
this comik has too much shiping
1.violet x gordon
2.the cat and freezer
3.violet x carl
4.rose x purple guy
5.lily x red guy
*srry that ther are colors cous idk or i dont remmember ther names so i just call the way they look like 😅😅😅😀😀😀😁😁😄😄
Miku Hatsune: The red haired guy’s name is Issai and you’re right that he isn’t interested in Lily at all and he just simply tortures her
Alison Anoa'i: and also that purple hair guy name is FRANCO...i don't know about the red one....and i think...that the red one is not interested in Lily....he simply tortures her ....she cant even die
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Betina gamer xddx
how dear u hurt rose!!!!, if only the vampire guy is ther je would kill u . and also u are a week human rose has supper powers and also talented and if ur jeloust becous ur senpie is with a nother girl but u miss under stood she dosent like the guy so tell me girl why cant u mind ur own bissnes and why make ther life missrebl while u can love someonels like if u dont know what she has been to
1.she was forst to love
2.her father died
3.her sister is a trator and a vampier
4.she was cuting
5. she gets bullyd
so if u went all to all of these u know what will be the result........ SUICIDE
Alison Anoa'i: guess you should get a dicitonary
Malarisse: You're right, but it's a sad truth ☹️☹️☹️😞
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Your badass queen💋🔥
Im actually reading this comic in 12:44 am😂😂my mom is still up yet and im hiding under my blanket😂😂when she opens the door i quickly hide my phone and pretend to be asleep😂😂😂😂anyone like me?🤣🤣
Asuna Gina : me too but my parents didn't notice a single thing once I fake my sleep
Your badass queen💋🔥: If mum founds out she will ban my phone forever that’s how strict she is😔😢
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I have this feeling where I think Carl min.... Could be Jimmy! Think about it. Why would Carl Min have all those scars on himself... It could be bc of the punishment...
I don't know it's just a guess.
Mahi💕: not he didn't got scars as punishment instead the punishment was a death sentence.... and yup both carl min and Jimmy are two seperate individuals
Ishika Bandopadhyay: but Carl has black hair and his brother had blonde hair
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🗡️Celastin ⛓️
why this fanmily is cruel to his own son, poor kid he didn't do any thing wrong by his own fault even that white hair girl's family was so good to keep her alive and the worst giving sentence by his own brother's hand so cruel cannot you hire any non family members to do that 🤦
why does some kept defending franco he is sadist, see how he kept trying to make rose fall in love with him in another world. he wants to see rose humiliated in reality when she have her memory back. It's an abusive one and people kept gushing about it even if the author is not romanticizing abuse
Random Army 🇮🇳😎: OK guys now i see that there is a whole different thing you people are talking about.....but I thought this is going to be like some kind of love-hate relationship!......if that's not the case then I. get you people!😊
Random Army 🇮🇳😎: I totally agree with you....but the fact that even Franco himself didn't discover yet is that it's not rose that is in love with him but himself that is in love with!
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