Royal Romance

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The unparalleled girl Liang Xi is the illegitimate daughter of an important official. The official takes Liang Xi back to the residence after the death of her wife. The elder daughter Yu Yan is jealous of Liang Xi's beauty and talents and orders her subordinates to sell Liang Xi to the brothel. But fortunately, she was rescued. Yu Yan is even more jealous of her and plots to get rid of Liang Xi. It is a gorgeous court story, in the Forbidden City filled with schemes and plots, love and miracles surge…

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Wow! Curious about concubine ranking titles in ancient China, I turned to the web to investigate and came across the name Dorgon, and thus started reading and reading. I am so excited to find out that this comic is based on history and is well documented; a true tragic love story! Moreover, after reading Dorgon, Fulin and other relatives' biographies I now understand much more of the story and the whys of things. Such as, for example, the reason of having many concubines and other lifestyle customs. I guess a lot had to do mostly with the mortality rate being so high; I mean, from the children people had, more than half died as infants or at young age. I suppose that's why they also got married so young and started having kids as early as they were 12-13. Imagine taking governmental/militar decisions that will shape a country or an Era at that age! Adulthood is already difficult and they were forced to grow so fast. No wonder, at times, their behaviour is depicted as immature or overly innocent. Anyways, as someone that doesn't know much of Chinese History, it's turned out to be a very interesting read, I'm learning a lot! I liked the story already, but now I appreciate it more. (*Note: I don't know how much of true life History this story is going to follow, but if you don't want spoilers then don't investigate much of the Qing Dynasty-Shunzin's Era until later, unless you're very interested in the History part of it.)
Ayushi Rajput: you write so long but didn't tell anything just gave us highlights and if wanna know we have to go and search for it😂😂
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Natallie Sinanan
So the story is:
The previous Emperor Nurhaci fought with YeHe Tribe in war. He thought he killed everyone but didnt.
Don'Ge (should be at least 12 of age in order to marry) and married the Mongolian wizard.
Nurhaci came home to announce his son, Dorgon will become king, but Nurhaci's brother felt he should inherit the throne.
So after the death of Nurhaci, Huan Taiji, his brother, used the opportunity to take the throne.
Once on the throne, he killed the Queen by strangulation. And used the son, Dorgon, as a pawn for war.
But when Dorgon was fighting the remaining YeHe tribe, he spared them by marrying Don'Ge's mother.
This is logical because both of them could be in their late thirties. Don'Ge mommy had her at a young age, possibly at 12. So by the time Dorgon found her, they were both old.
Huan Taiji hated this, and wanted revenge.
But Dorgon went looking for Don'Ge, but the wizard showed up to give him the Yin Yang talisman.
In order to get the throne, Dorgon needed to overthrow him in a battle. But he decided to not do it. He retreated to a secular and normal life.
Later, he waited until Huan Taiji died and sent the Ying half to The current emperor mother. And she hid the half under a tile on the roof of the forbidden palace.
He was supposed to send her the next half in a book, but died. And the book, left with their daughter Don'Ge, was taken away. And she was imprisoned.
Ritsu Hussain: well thanks for the summary but its confusing bcz of the art... they all look same to me
manga lover 101: 1-s@p0!--1]21aQå@!1sws!~A1--!-!---@-@!!!!-!-!!--!!+!!!!!!!!-1--:+)!
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Cloud Mist
The emperor is really stupid! if he really love her, why would he put her in that kind of place? if he really love her, why did he not let her explain why she is half naked when he is the one who used her as a bait and even slapped her!? am now wondering... if those times that they were together...did the emperor really like her? or just using her to calm down?.... another thing... guiren donggo is very nice... how can the emperor just lock her up? because of jealousy? misunderstanding? well whatever the reason is its too much! she cant eat, cant go outside, cant explain herself, and they even removed her loyal friends! (i said friends because servants is too much. they are good to her so yeah) have the emperor forgot her kindness? some/most of your problems were solved because of her. and she is so kind that she thinks of others before herself. now i really want her to escape the palace, leave you and never come back again😡😡😡
Ajay Orillo: that's what im waiting for to happen...
Sabrina Ho-Shing: Peach it sister, preach it.
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