Royal Romance
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Royal Romance

Royal Romance
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Royal Romance Comics Online. The unparalleled girl Liang Xi is the illegitimate daughter of an important official. The official takes Liang Xi back to the residence after the death of her wife. The elder daughter Yu Yan is jealous of Liang Xi's beauty and talents and orders her subordinates to sell Liang Xi to the brothel. But fortunately, she was rescued. Yu Yan is even more jealous of her and plots to get rid of Liang Xi. It is a gorgeous court story, in the Forbidden City filled with schemes and plots, love and miracles surge…

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The empress dowager knows that wasn't her!! Liangxi wouldn't have been possessed had she not tried to save her!!! And she did nothing to the Emperor, is it so hard to be he just loves her point blank period?? Why does she hate the fact that her son is in love? I'm sure if she let the Emperor rule with the woman he loves, he'd happily fulfill his duties as an Emperor
《Killua Zoldyck》: Yo woooo
Im Kamin-Killua
and I have created my first ever novel
entitled "My imaginary boyfriend:Otakus wish fulfillment"

Ummm hope you guys support me
ASSIDDEEQY💧[Valry]: Sorry for bothering. Can you check out my Chat story.

Possessive Love.
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_mini somi_
i love the emperor and i ship him with liangxi they're such a perfect couple
but i cant deny that fact that i fell in love with gose's character too and wished him truly's like i dont want both of the man to get hurt but it's still up to liangxi right? but i think if in another life time or he's earlier i think so too that he has 100% chance to capture liangxi's heart. i wish gose pure happiness ♡
Galactic Archangel: No. I ship him with Princess Yanza in this life and he next. She is a good lady💜
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Lydia Mercy
i dont know know why the empress mother doesnt like lanxi.. she even risked her life to save her,, and also risked her life to save the emperor... but still the mother dont like her.....

sigh... what an ungrateful person😥😧
lemurloki: Yes, I do. Every time a woman is the victim of an honor killing anywhere in the world, her female relatives are usually involved. They lure her out of her home to a place where the male relatives will kill her. Dowry murders are often committed by women. How can any woman stand for such blatant oppression, much less join in or even lead it?
tejeswani khusboo: yeah here government made many laws and order to protect girls who is suffering ,here is improvement but not that much. this is the bitter truth that we women can't respect other women's not only in India there is many places but India got first place for this worst situation
my english not that's good I hope you understand what I mean to say
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