Royal Romance

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Royal Romance Comics Online. The unparalleled girl Liang Xi is the illegitimate daughter of an important official. The official takes Liang Xi back to the residence after the death of her wife. The elder daughter Yu Yan is jealous of Liang Xi's beauty and talents and orders her subordinates to sell Liang Xi to the brothel. But fortunately, she was rescued. Yu Yan is even more jealous of her and plots to get rid of Liang Xi. It is a gorgeous court story, in the Forbidden City filled with schemes and plots, love and miracles surge…

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Wow! Curious about concubine ranking titles in ancient China, I turned to the web to investigate and came across the name Dorgon, and thus started reading and reading. I am so excited to find out that this comic is based on history and is well documented; a true tragic love story! Moreover, after reading Dorgon, Fulin and other relatives' biographies I now understand much more of the story and the whys of things. Such as, for example, the reason of having many concubines and other lifestyle customs. I guess a lot had to do mostly with the mortality rate being so high; I mean, from the children people had, more than half died as infants or at young age. I suppose that's why they also got married so young and started having kids as early as they were 12-13. Imagine taking governmental/militar decisions that will shape a country or an Era at that age! Adulthood is already difficult and they were forced to grow so fast. No wonder, at times, their behaviour is depicted as immature or overly innocent. Anyways, as someone that doesn't know much of Chinese History, it's turned out to be a very interesting read, I'm learning a lot! I liked the story already, but now I appreciate it more. (*Note: I don't know how much of true life History this story is going to follow, but if you don't want spoilers then don't investigate much of the Qing Dynasty-Shunzin's Era until later, unless you're very interested in the History part of it.)
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Hocine Hamimed
why feel sad for gose...when a woman already belong to someone else it's wrong for another to want...he should just take a look at what's really in front of him to notice that girl that's truly devoted to him...n learn to love her...sometimes we are infatuated by someone but it's just emotions not calculated...after some time u would probably not even fit with that person n would of just waist all those years with them n realize to late I should of stayed with the other one!!!Destiny a thing of the past...nowaday...we just try to make it work or else it's just one bad relationship after another...faithed love is rare in our generation....its mostly fake love...right bts
Tangela Reynolds
so this is his father? or the emperor? he looks just like dargon. but seems like dargon is the emperor's brother. why else would he say that the throne belonged to him? seems to make sense. so dargon is supposedly the emperor's brother and possible fulin's father maybe. that could also be why he looks like the carbon copy of dargon. it is possible for a son to resemble the uncle more than the father. people say my niece looks exactly like me. but in truth, it chamges. sometimes its me, others its her mother and sometimes she even looks like one of my aunts....but that's enough of that. lets get back to the story.
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