Royal Romance

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The unparalleled girl Liang Xi is the illegitimate daughter of an important official. The official takes Liang Xi back to the residence after the death of her wife. The elder daughter Yu Yan is jealous of Liang Xi's beauty and talents and orders her subordinates to sell Liang Xi to the brothel. But fortunately, she was rescued. Yu Yan is even more jealous of her and plots to get rid of Liang Xi. It is a gorgeous court story, in the Forbidden City filled with schemes and plots, love and miracles surge…

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* Major Spoiler *
Alright so the story is still ongoing but in the raw this is what I have read so far...So our MC ends up offending the empress ( p.s you guys are going to find the empress’s character to be hilarious😂, but I’m not going to say ). So as punishment our MC ends up promising that she wouldn’t chase after the emperor. Even though she passes the test she ends up being sent to the maid’s quarter where she is treated badly. One day a girl she had helped during the tests had given her a box of desserts or something and the maids found it and claimed that she stole it. They drag her out and began slapping her. Before a man ( you know the guy with black hair but not the leading male , I can’t remember his name but anyways ) shows up to save her.So the story progresses and the guy with black hair ends up falling for the MC. As you know the sister had literally no talent so she end up threatening the MC to help her attract the emperor. So the MC agrees to help her. At first the the sister’s plans are going smoothly but soon the emperor figures out she was cheating him. The emperor find out that it was the MC who was helping the evil sister and takes her as his personal maid. Through a series of misunderstandings and schemes they end up together.
( I’ll be posting another comment with the rest this comment is getting to long 😅)
Starlight: It is called 妃夕妍雪
Fallen Raven: What's the title in Chinese??
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The hope won’t die
Spoiler 🤫
The king won’t know in the beginning, and the female lead will help her sister get the emperors attention, but in the end, before everything settled down, the emperor knew the truth!
What?!: Yeah that’s all I know
Megumi: Can you tell us where you read it pls
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Novia Wardhani
fyi shunzhi emperor reign wasn't long because he died from smallpox
And our main female character ( i predicted ) she is empress xiaoxian and emperor shunzhi most beloved wife she also died young after gave birth to only son of her and soon this child will die too less than a year of his live
Retno Yanah II: but that the truth 😅 and who will be the next queen mother ia not shown up for now :3
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