Royal Romance
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Royal Romance

Royal Romance
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Royal Romance Comics Online. The unparalleled girl Liang Xi is the illegitimate daughter of an important official. The official takes Liang Xi back to the residence after the death of her wife. The elder daughter Yu Yan is jealous of Liang Xi's beauty and talents and orders her subordinates to sell Liang Xi to the brothel. But fortunately, she was rescued. Yu Yan is even more jealous of her and plots to get rid of Liang Xi. It is a gorgeous court story, in the Forbidden City filled with schemes and plots, love and miracles surge…

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Wow! Happy ending, indeed.

Tho I was a bit confused cause we saw in the previous chapter that the fake emperor died and that was the time Yuyan and the bishop eloped together. So I guess when fl and ml went back to imperial times, they traveled way back in time before the death of the fake emperor? If so, then what happened to Yuyan?

I hope that Yuyan and the bishop are happy tho. The assassin concubine and the prisoner thief should also be happy together somewhere. I’m glad Fuca (pink haired concubine and red haired foodie prince are happy doing Netflix and chill in the modern times. Hahha

Also, I’m glad the Empress got used to the modern era. She has always been a bit extra and is such a mood, so she really suits the modern era better. Hope she finds a guy who will truly love her.

As for Consort Pure, maybe she eventually died of TB. She deserved to be lonely at the end. At least Consort Demure redeemed herself at the very end and raised the third prince well.

Out of all the other side characters, I find Sumo the most capable and most loyal one. Tho she is super duper loyal to the empress dowager, she can be reasonable. Plus, she’s a great martial artist and knows a bit of magic.

I wonder what happened to shaman/poet prince.
Kaela Wilson: Hiya, so need people to read my Forced Bride Book
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Badass Sensei
looks like our FL doesn't need to be the first lead on this comic cuz this new woman acts more like an FL she know about medicine and she thinks plans so fast and more smarter than others what more she have strong personality. looks like FL from the others comics they cunning and know medicine and always know how to Def her seft from the troubles but wait what how about the our real FL she still weak and always crying when she gets troubles 😢 doesn't know how to take down a b*tches or def her seft the saddest parts is I only see her once every episodes and those b*tches are always on every episodes than our FL I m getting annoyed and cuz I wanna see our FL to be strong like this new woman sorry author but I m in episode 180 now i didn't see improvement to the FL seen below episode 100 but I hoping the FL show up every episode and acts likes real FL on this story :)
Kaela Wilson: Hiya, so need people to read my Forced Bride Book
𝓢𝓽𝓾𝓹𝓲𝓭 𝘬ꪖ𝘳ꪑꪖ: Sorry not to uuuh disagree with you but every FL has a diffrent personality, some of them have the same personality but some of them are not, and I think the personality of this FL match her, this is just my opinion no need to get mad/thinking that I want to be your enemy, thank you :>
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if u read this comment then u'll Know who's child, Fullin really is :

he is indeed the child of the late emperor's (Huang Taiji )


Because Fullins mother ( empress dowager ) spend more time with Dorgon while she was pregnant , even though he was the child of Huang Taiji he got Drogon's looks
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