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Travel to AD 3000

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This story is about a girl from year 2011 that time travelled to year 3011. In year 3011, machines with conscience have taken over some of the humans and some humans with special powers have appeared. All of them want world domination but the humans want their freedom. She is caught between this conflict and struggles to be with the one she loves.

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Charmel Prejillano

sky will caught yaoyao and they fight for the red wafer and when sky got the chance to kill yao yao he didn't do it at all but instead he releases her.

but the others were caught in a trap by the king after that moonsoon and yao yao fall in to the trap too that made them all trapped by the king they saw sky standing at the back at king but instead of making an alliance at the king sky get a chance to hold the king and make the others escape

after yaoyao and others escaped sky got into the prison because of betrayal they plan to do something to him but lianmei and the new character ( long yellow haired guy ) try ro save him but on the other side yaoyao and moonsoon had the same plan

while moonsoon guarding the place so no one will come in yaoyao get inside the room and see the guy guarding the door after a fight yaoyao make the guy unconscious and get inside

she saw lianmei and sky lianmei was sitting at the side of sky ( that was also unconscious )
lianmei and yaoyao fight

lianmei defeated yaoyao and when she finally get a chance to kill yaoyao sky woke and saw everything
FunnyIdidn'tknow: Wow guyzzz, if ya know Chinese can't you help them to translate so that we could also read the damn thing?
Dong Mclin: wooww amazing you guys know how to translate and understand Chinese language
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anime lover
spoiler alert!!!............
in 480+ yao yao will disapear and turn into new life butt yao yao doesnt know sky while sky is searching for her one day she found yao yao stuck in a big monster plant and then save her but yao yao slaped her because he doesnt know him and the guy with black hair and her eyes is rapped and then he have a crush on yao yao and they become a partner but i think yao yao doesnt have a crush on him she treats him a best friend but lol sky is hurt because of that i feel so sorry for sky because he remember all the pain he give to her but i hope she will remember sky or fall in love again with him!T-T
kimchee empay: your saying is episode 666 in todaymanhua website chinese trans
anime lover: its here u can find it here just change ure language
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There are over 600+ chapters of the original manga of this. Translate “Travel to AD 3000” to chinese, and search it up. You should find a website that is Click on it, and there are a bunch of chapters. They are all free. They are all in chinese though, and it updates on the 4th, 14th, and 24th. You basically have to wait for ten days for a new chapter to come out. Yao Yao loses her memory of Sky during the previous updated chapters. (600 something, and yes Sky regained his memory of her). There is a dark blue hair boy that Yao Yao is nice to and familiar with. He likes her. I do not know if she likes him back. I have to wait for chapters to come. All I know is, this is an amazing romance action story! Sky’s and Yao Yao’s love is very complicated, but they always find each other and never give each other up. I hope they have an amazing life when this manga is over. I honestly thing the manga will exceed 1000+ chapters.
We’ll see!
kimchee empay: in todaymanhua website the TRAVEL TO 3 AD 3000 it's already 666+
Gurmukh Singh: how i change its language I try everything
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