Travel to AD 3000
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Travel to AD 3000

Travel to AD 3000
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Travel to AD 3000 Comics Online. This story is about a girl from year 2011 that time travelled to year 3011. In year 3011, machines with conscience have taken over some of the humans and some humans with special powers have appeared. All of them want world domination but the humans want their freedom. She is caught between this conflict and struggles to be with the one she loves.

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Charmel Prejillano

sky will caught yaoyao and they fight for the red wafer and when sky got the chance to kill yao yao he didn't do it at all but instead he releases her.

but the others were caught in a trap by the king after that moonsoon and yao yao fall in to the trap too that made them all trapped by the king they saw sky standing at the back at king but instead of making an alliance at the king sky get a chance to hold the king and make the others escape

after yaoyao and others escaped sky got into the prison because of betrayal they plan to do something to him but lianmei and the new character ( long yellow haired guy ) try ro save him but on the other side yaoyao and moonsoon had the same plan

while moonsoon guarding the place so no one will come in yaoyao get inside the room and see the guy guarding the door after a fight yaoyao make the guy unconscious and get inside

she saw lianmei and sky lianmei was sitting at the side of sky ( that was also unconscious )
lianmei and yaoyao fight

lianmei defeated yaoyao and when she finally get a chance to kill yaoyao sky woke and saw everything
Aries : Found it, it’s called “chuan yue xi yuan 3000 hou” if I’m late I’m sooooo sorry
Aries : Yup in App Store u should be able to find it hummm try putting mangago instead of manga go or Manga Go with the letters cap
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Ugh, Ahhhhhhhhhh😫 it's all that stupid, naive, little flat chested, unruly, dumbass, sooooo annoying girl she's also a pain in the but and keep on poking other people's problems even informing false news (it's not her fault she was fooled but if she were just a little smart she wouldn't have been fooled) Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!😩 she's not even at fault since she was used but I hate her, 😑
PS. sorry if this comment is really insulting I mean I already know that it's not her fault but still, it just drives me mad how much annoyance she has become, she even ruined the most awaited wedding of a century. Is she even that desperate to have a lover that she just doesn't mind anyone? Here's a quote for people like her, "Don't rush to fall in love, even in fairy tale the happy ending takes place in the last page".
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Veronique Varchi
I don't always want to be picky but sometimes I can't help it: I can imagine that in the thirty first century Neptune underwent an effective terraforming process, despite being seventeen times larger (so its gravity is bigger), and billions of kilometers distant from the sun (so there's no quite sun at all), but could an extra fantasy effort be made at least for its geography? why does Neptune's geography look like Earth's?

This thing pairs with candles in a space base (you put a burning fire in a place where oxygen is limited)
Midnight_Lian: Dang you must have love SCIENCE very much huh?
a certain someone : topper.....
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