Travel to AD 3000
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Travel to AD 3000

Travel to AD 3000
Charmel Prejillano

sky will caught yaoyao and they fight for the red wafer and when sky got the chance to kill yao yao he didn't do it at all but instead he releases her.

but the others were caught in a trap by the king after that moonsoon and yao yao fall in to the trap too that made them all trapped by the king they saw sky standing at the back at king but instead of making an alliance at the king sky get a chance to hold the king and make the others escape

after yaoyao and others escaped sky got into the prison because of betrayal they plan to do something to him but lianmei and the new character ( long yellow haired guy ) try ro save him but on the other side yaoyao and moonsoon had the same plan

while moonsoon guarding the place so no one will come in yaoyao get inside the room and see the guy guarding the door after a fight yaoyao make the guy unconscious and get inside

she saw lianmei and sky lianmei was sitting at the side of sky ( that was also unconscious )
lianmei and yaoyao fight

lianmei defeated yaoyao and when she finally get a chance to kill yaoyao sky woke and saw everything
Aries : Found it, it’s called “chuan yue xi yuan 3000 hou” if I’m late I’m sooooo sorry
Aries : Yup in App Store u should be able to find it hummm try putting mangago instead of manga go or Manga Go with the letters cap
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Ugh, Ahhhhhhhhhh😫 it's all that stupid, naive, little flat chested, unruly, dumbass, sooooo annoying girl she's also a pain in the but and keep on poking other people's problems even informing false news (it's not her fault she was fooled but if she were just a little smart she wouldn't have been fooled) Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!😩 she's not even at fault since she was used but I hate her, 😑
PS. sorry if this comment is really insulting I mean I already know that it's not her fault but still, it just drives me mad how much annoyance she has become, she even ruined the most awaited wedding of a century. Is she even that desperate to have a lover that she just doesn't mind anyone? Here's a quote for people like her, "Don't rush to fall in love, even in fairy tale the happy ending takes place in the last page".
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Veronique Varchi
I don't always want to be picky but sometimes I can't help it: I can imagine that in the thirty first century Neptune underwent an effective terraforming process, despite being seventeen times larger (so its gravity is bigger), and billions of kilometers distant from the sun (so there's no quite sun at all), but could an extra fantasy effort be made at least for its geography? why does Neptune's geography look like Earth's?

This thing pairs with candles in a space base (you put a burning fire in a place where oxygen is limited)
Midnight_Lian: Dang you must have love SCIENCE very much huh?
a certain someone : topper.....
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Roxy Sibul
Nooooooooooo......everyone of you want to ship yaoyao with monsoon will.....I object if you will Asking "why" will my answer is the one that yaoyao loved I know all you thought but you never know in the story vesky is to hush to her but that doesn't mean vesky doesn't lover I know he only said that his only using yaoyao all because of his power and his only using her has his weapon but.... don't you all get it he said he is using her has a weapon because he doesn't want yaoyao to be with someone else I see by his action how he cares for her how he show his love for yaoyao he even investigate to clear yaoyao's name and told everyone about Miss lianmi ji's mistake so that show how he love yaoyao and it also shows that yaoyao love him too because she's even worried about what happened to vesky will I think I'm telling all of you a story will I think this will end here and remember I only ship........................................

YaOyAo AnD VeSkY
マーティンくん: True! I can't understand yaoyao and monsoon fans... Monsoon should be definitely with pink hair girl! Forgot name...
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#Nayeon 22
Lianmei has a pretty on the outside but she is a demon inside but.......Some characters have a sad story like hemingson and others.......and i think lianmei have a sad story too.....I also judge her and i want to kill her but we need to know what happened to her and how lianmei thinks like that....Maybe she had a sad someone is bullying her in the past so she want to revenge to many people and i know that she's doing the wrong way......But we need to know about their past before we jugde someone....hahahah i also judge lianmei so sorry✌ I JUST SAY THIS BASE ON MY OPINION
Otaku Life: yeah hemingson
Hot love💋💋❤~: nope..🙅 not at all
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There are over 600+ chapters of the original manga of this. Translate “Travel to AD 3000” to chinese, and search it up. You should find a website that is Click on it, and there are a bunch of chapters. They are all free. They are all in chinese though, and it updates on the 4th, 14th, and 24th. You basically have to wait for ten days for a new chapter to come out. Yao Yao loses her memory of Sky during the previous updated chapters. (600 something, and yes Sky regained his memory of her). There is a dark blue hair boy that Yao Yao is nice to and familiar with. He likes her. I do not know if she likes him back. I have to wait for chapters to come. All I know is, this is an amazing romance action story! Sky’s and Yao Yao’s love is very complicated, but they always find each other and never give each other up. I hope they have an amazing life when this manga is over. I honestly thing the manga will exceed 1000+ chapters.
We’ll see!
Ban Ban: What the**??!!! It takes him 600 something chapters to make his memory back?! Hahahahaha what a complicated love story he even has a woman beside him now.. yaoyao deserve a better man!
Sadikshya Koyu Rai: I searched it but i can't find it what shall i do? And if i find it how am i gonna understand Chinese language 😭
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Veronique Varchi
Other evidences that Lady Ximei is Lianmei's mother: same features, same passion for dance, even the name is similar.
If Quaid (or K David) is general Ji, I think that his wife would have recognized him, even behind a mask.
We know that Lianmei's mother was killed by the Cour organization: was she killed because she later recognized her husband behind the mask of K. David?

I can't manage to give my theory up
Pearl White: I thought it has been explained in the previous chapters that ximei is lianmei's mom?
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Veronique Varchi
"but now you are gone" please don't tell me that Feiyeti is dead. 😭
Besides, Monsoon's red eyes mean that he has activated his demon heraldry for the second time. Now there's nothing that can stop the blood thirst. Literally and metaphorically. And the blue wafer is gone.
I'm very sad...
Veronique Varchi: I know it , I've already read this spoiler.
But I don't think the manga will end up like this, no?
And I hope this other amnesia will be well motivated otherwise I won't be sad but very disappointed...
Keira Sakura: yeh😫😭
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Also this is my first comments here... It only 4 days since i started read, and I love this! But why is there so many memory manipulation? I don't like to see how everyone forgetting their friends, loved ones and whole past... I hope Sky will never forget anything about yaoyao again and become healthy and cured from demon-something... So they can fix everything and make peace between worlds!
is that Dr Li? I think this is the time when he lost his memory I think at least sky found him in a dessert Yaoyao is making a peace offering to Mars sooo maybe they discuss something that's why the chapter when sky found Dr Li........he knows country A very well maybe that is him before Mars and Earth had the war........ although want happens to that girls body??
the prince is stupid is he somewhat a stupid animal hes just a normal human and he has no heart his parents r not with him his still like that and u know what i guess in here he is the most stupidest character he only relies on other people and he even for love he does anything is he a dog that follows lian mei all around?!😡😒😠🙄
D.d.H: Yeah I can't believe that he is moonson's twin brother. It's not a possibility. Monsoon is handsome smart and can fight. The prince is ugly stupid and can't defend himself.
Elizabeth Frans: yes yes he is .
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Only Me
She is 1000+ year old but still Young 😂😂😂
Every girl wants to be like her
Misty A Perry: Stop repeating yourself
Kinato Aby: that's true every grils want to be 😁😁😄
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A white haired guy!!!!!!!! I like him😍😍......

PS. i kinda have a thing for white haired guys, so yeah. Some of the white haired guys that i like are Inuyasha, Zen and Miketsukami from the anime "Inuyasha", "Akagami no Shirayuki-hime" and "Inu x Boku SS"

..........oh gosh he's cute!!!
Grace Bravo: Wwooaahhhh..... Thanks😊 mostly are new to me but I will add it on my reading/watching list.

I already finished my ex client and still ongoing with I got reincarnated as a slime and golden time.

I will recommend mangas from this app are heiress vs the Young ruffian, hunk no. 1, bossy president, arrogant ceo:wife hunter, my sweet wife, xoxo romance, cajole a childe into being my boyfriend, trouble with the President, revenge of a fierce princess (one of my fav), spicy Wife, hot mother, travel to ad 3000 (also one of my fav), the phoenix goes against the world ( favorite as well), wicked warlord, smer never ends, bringing the national husband home, Pharaoh's concubine, I was xxx by my idol, unceasing marriage war, Mr. Right in the neighbourhood, President's shy kiss, my wife is cute, knight fantasy night, collide, unmarried wife, don't flirt with me ceo, my imperial guard boyfriend, love like Cherry blossoms and more😄😄😄

BTW, I love revenge manga and strong female leads😆
Scarlet_Iris6106: I've already red kitchen princess, hapi mari, black bird❤ and kiss him not me😆😆 i haven't yet read tokyo paradise, arrogance and romance and kagigami no asobi but I'm aware of the and the others are new to me, thanks😊

I've already finished reading fruits basket and I'm already starting the anime as for the wallflower I'm still continuing it and I've yet to start violet evergarden but its already in my recommendation😄😆

Manga recommendation: A red rose devoted to you, 31st consort, a vengeful white cat, bride of a headless king, chocolate vampire, dear mine, dorothy wa gokigennaname, mahoutsukai no konyakusha, holy guardian tiger, isekai de cafe, mitsuyokon, motokate retry, my boyfriend in orange, my ex client, princess bibliophile, our relationship is shitsuji-sama no okiniiri, horimiya

Anime recommendation: soredemo sekai wa utsukushii, aho girl, overlord, that time i got reincarnated as a slime, death parade, golden time, Itsudatte bokura no koi wa, nisekoi, nichijou, twin star exorcist
PS. there are so many😅, sorry😂
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#Nayeon 22
What!? yaoyao is in someone's body🤔🤔and she's beautiful.....And that man looks like dr.Li i think that man is dr.Li's father and that girl is lianmei's mother🤔🤔cause they are look a like
kaju😎: thanks
#Nayeon 22: Its IM NAYEON from kpop girl group TWICE😊
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I don't believe they both are brothers... you know who I'm talking about...... and also that black hair guy(yaoyao childhood friend) why did he have that's explains that he has the ability like yaoyao but why in the world he has demonic powers......argh,I want to know the answers
Justyna Stanisz
poor monsoon , i hope that his lady is alive and she will stop him in right time befoure autodestruction of himself 😢.... but he look very sexy now , ah monsoon you look great in this costume and with this eyes , it's wow great , you look like a sexy wonderfull and hot bad guy 😎😍
Omg omg omg! She is really in past as someone else!? Or in present as someone else?! I'm little confused... And when is she going back and how? When will Dr. Li help cure Sky? When will yaoyao return to him?! Monsoon will be fine and return to purple hair girl, right?! I'm bad with names sorry...
kevo :v
omg, I think in English there have been many episodes. apparently the English version of the episode is less, but why in the English version only updates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday only. whereas in indonesia it updates every day ???
Miranna Snow: awww sanaol
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Jonaline Tolentino
i think it's not sky who write the letter, coz he don't say that kind of word and he's not that dramatic to say such things and i think that why is he not visiting yaoyao coz he's trying to find evidence/proof that yaoyao is a good girl...anyway that was just my thoughts
Sareena Carter: Yeah that’s what I was kinda thinking while reading this, except I do think he wrote it, but it’s for a different reason, and I Guarantee that if he sees her he’s going to act cold to her, but he’s just acting.
Just Lush: True...
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Lavender Ann
wtf why is her bones like that?!? big head???? what are you? betty boop??? the author is stupid my god learn some anatomy before creating a godamn novel
Lavender Ann: yeah its full of hate comments.....i cant stop hating everything
Rosa._.baby_ Rosa montano: Ion no if u a girl or boy but yes u
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