Travel to AD 3000
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Travel to AD 3000

Travel to AD 3000
Charmel Prejillano

sky will caught yaoyao and they fight for the red wafer and when sky got the chance to kill yao yao he didn't do it at all but instead he releases her.

but the others were caught in a trap by the king after that moonsoon and yao yao fall in to the trap too that made them all trapped by the king they saw sky standing at the back at king but instead of making an alliance at the king sky get a chance to hold the king and make the others escape

after yaoyao and others escaped sky got into the prison because of betrayal they plan to do something to him but lianmei and the new character ( long yellow haired guy ) try ro save him but on the other side yaoyao and moonsoon had the same plan

while moonsoon guarding the place so no one will come in yaoyao get inside the room and see the guy guarding the door after a fight yaoyao make the guy unconscious and get inside

she saw lianmei and sky lianmei was sitting at the side of sky ( that was also unconscious )
lianmei and yaoyao fight

lianmei defeated yaoyao and when she finally get a chance to kill yaoyao sky woke and saw everything
FunnyIdidn'tknow: Wow guyzzz, if ya know Chinese can't you help them to translate so that we could also read the damn thing?
Dong Mclin: wooww amazing you guys know how to translate and understand Chinese language
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Roxy Sibul
Nooooooooooo......everyone of you want to ship yaoyao with monsoon will.....I object if you will Asking "why" will my answer is the one that yaoyao loved I know all you thought but you never know in the story vesky is to hush to her but that doesn't mean vesky doesn't lover I know he only said that his only using yaoyao all because of his power and his only using her has his weapon but.... don't you all get it he said he is using her has a weapon because he doesn't want yaoyao to be with someone else I see by his action how he cares for her how he show his love for yaoyao he even investigate to clear yaoyao's name and told everyone about Miss lianmi ji's mistake so that show how he love yaoyao and it also shows that yaoyao love him too because she's even worried about what happened to vesky will I think I'm telling all of you a story will I think this will end here and remember I only ship........................................

YaOyAo AnD VeSkY
There are over 600+ chapters of the original manga of this. Translate “Travel to AD 3000” to chinese, and search it up. You should find a website that is Click on it, and there are a bunch of chapters. They are all free. They are all in chinese though, and it updates on the 4th, 14th, and 24th. You basically have to wait for ten days for a new chapter to come out. Yao Yao loses her memory of Sky during the previous updated chapters. (600 something, and yes Sky regained his memory of her). There is a dark blue hair boy that Yao Yao is nice to and familiar with. He likes her. I do not know if she likes him back. I have to wait for chapters to come. All I know is, this is an amazing romance action story! Sky’s and Yao Yao’s love is very complicated, but they always find each other and never give each other up. I hope they have an amazing life when this manga is over. I honestly thing the manga will exceed 1000+ chapters.
We’ll see!
Sadikshya Koyu Rai: I searched it but i can't find it what shall i do? And if i find it how am i gonna understand Chinese language 😭
kimchee empay: in todaymanhua website the TRAVEL TO 3 AD 3000 it's already 666+
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#Nayeon 22
What the!!!!!!...I really thought that the yellow haired man was trying to save vesky but im wrong..But i think that yellow haired man is not really a bad guy he just obey lianmei's orders cause that yellow haired man like lianmei...My god ewwwww!!!im thinking how do that man likes lianmei..Yess shes quite beautiful but shes like an evil demon..But my moto is "beauty is not enough because its base on your kindness"...Haha 😂😂😂And also i feel a love triangle over that.. Like Naruto likes sakura,but sakura doesnt like naruto,Sakura likes sasuke,but sasuke doesnt likes sakura...Just like that but now naruto likes hinata i think..And also sasuke likes sakura before the ending of the naruto shippuden....Hahahahah it goes to Naruto😂😂and im so angry cause that lianmei touch vesky my god.. I really want to kill her..And burn her body until it turns into ash..Sorry im so recless im just really want to kill her
#Nayeon 22: Yeah but maybe its because of vesky cause she loves vesky
Midnight_Lian: wow I know we all hate lianmei cuz YA'KNOW SHES THE BAD GIRL but I'm wondering what made her Soo evil in the first place as sky describe her from her attitude before but now it's different did something happened that's she's like this now??
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#Nayeon 22
Yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!this is it he will remember his memories wahhhhh im so excited for the next chapter!!!!!!!plss crazy update author plssssss😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏Its so interesting........But i've read in the other coments that yaoyao will also lose her memories what tha!!!!!!!i cant wait........Im so excited but i think this manga will end in episode 500+ cause there are so many action scences,drama,so many evil or demon characters like lianmei,and also all about vesky and yaoyao........SO PLS CRAZY UPDATE!!!PLS AUTHOR LET MY WISH COME TRUE CAUSE ITS NEAR CHRISTMAS SO PLS BE A SANTA CLAUSE AND MAKE OUR WISHES COME TRUE....hahaaaah
CAM27: are you saying yao lose her memory?? huh? why I didn't heard about yao lose her memory? true?
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I screeeeeeeeeaaaaaammmmm

Pooja Bhardwaj
First sorry for my bad english
now lets talk about manga
next is gona happen is moli going to say sorry to yao yao and than run from hear and yao yao gona chase her and than blue hear's guy gonna cach yao yao.....(actully that was a trapp for yao yao to make her a puppet like moli)....and than he gonna put that thing on her back for make her a puppet he was succes and that main time sky appeard nd save yao yao and than sky and yao yao gona fight with that blue hear's guy....
Pooja Bhardwaj: welcome
😉ml GAMER😏🧡💛🧡💛🧡💛🧡💛: 👌oh i see your english grammar ,but it does not matter whether your english is not good thank you for the spoiler😊
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jherslyn pastor {fulin}
pero.......nung ikinasal na sila yaoyao pagkatapos bigla hindi makokontrol ni vesky ang kanyang kapangyarihan nya dahil bigla nya naalala yung bata sya yung lahat ng yari tapos sasaksakin nya yung nakakulay pink na buhok tapos magagalit moonsoon tapos si yaoyao naman ginamit nya yung kapangyarihan nya tapos tinakas nya si vesky
jherslyn pastor {fulin}: hahaha
jherslyn pastor {fulin}: hahaha
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#Nayeon 22
Huh!!😒😒..Do you think that you can easylykill that three...That three person in front of you is more stronger and smart that you...Its like the TEAM 7 In naruto shippuden Sasuke,sakura,naruto they are the strongest team in konoha just like that...and dont forget that yaoyao have a power to stop you!!!!....And im sure that they will protect each other...And also vesky and monsoon will protect yaoyao and never let yaoyao hurt just like in naruto a love triangle sasuke,sakura,naruto....HAhahahah i just can relate tha in naruto hahaha😂😂😂😂actually im really a naruto fan😍😍
Nangong Violet: Yh I really like naruto
#Nayeon 22: HAHAHAH yes cause i like naruto shippuden
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anime lover
spoiler alert!......

the hair black guy with wrpped his eye he is the one who was with yao yao in the accident were she got power and block the memory of yao yao about sky and all because he have a reason cause he knew that yao yao was suffering under sky but sky still want to find out how will yao yao remember all
potato•~•: there's some on you tube ^_^
Ivy: Where do you learn these spoilers T-T?
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Lian Mei will hurt herself with the scissor.then a yellow hair guy(lian mei' old friend from school) will be there taking care of her(i think he likes her) but Lian mei still love sky so she won't stop n ask the yellow hair guy to spy on him (I forgot liao )

OK now. in the distance future shy will go with yao yao everywhere n leave lian mei. Lian mei will be angry n plans trunks to kill yaoyao. sky will slowly regain his memory then.

there's also a part that sky wants yaoyao to be by his sides. that's cute. then they will be together again n get married. but one the day of the wedding, the blue hair guy,poker I think will use some dirty tricks to make everyone fall for it. sky loses control but he didn't hurt anyone but he is really hurt Becuzof the (I forgot what on his chest) thing. then Yaoyao will do what ever it takes to escaped from them n bring sky safely away

well... that all I know for now .bye 👋
tuong minh le nguyen: Thank you, this is very useful and infomative.
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Veronique Varchi
Finally they are getting engaged! 😍
In this chapter the author had fun drawing clothes 😍😍😍
But... *pedantry mode on * why are there still hot air balloons in the thirty first century?isn't it a bit anachronistic? *pedantry mode off*

BTW, I fear that the information about the ex crown prince lead them into a trap..
The prince is not an ally...
#Nayeon 22
AHhhhhh im screaming right now bacause of vesky and monsoon wahhhhhhhhhhh its so cool......The heroes are here to save the beauty ahhh so romantic so girl you better get ready cause they will revenge for yaoyao....So goodluck😋😋 and vesky is so awsome when he breaks the power that can hurt yaoyao ahhh im really falling for you vesky......Haaahaaa i think im crazy cause for me anime and manga boys are more handsome than the boys in the real world....go vesky revenge for yaoyao but actually thats not that girls fault thats the boy with the blue hair hahahah
King of Beyblade: yeah!
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Oh my he like yaoyao too..,😊😡
Jizuhi💖: Hahahhah
¥aN ¥aN❤️🧡💛💚💙💜: Hahahaha
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Kristine Reyes

lalabanan ni Yaoyao c bluehair devil tapos gagamitin nya ung power nya kaso me pangontra c blue hair tapos magre reflect back kay Yaoyao ung power nya sxa tuloy ang hindi makakagalaw😔 tapos sinira na ung mga damit ni Yaoyao kz rarapin sxa binuhat sxa at inihiga na sa kama... biglang nagising si Sky😍 bumangon sxa at tumakbo para icheck c Yaoyao... c blue hair nakaupo pa akala mo hari ang yabang tapos cnb pa kay Sky na I have a great time playing with her😒 feeling lng nmn sxa... nabugbog nga sxa ni Sky😂 tas inamin nya din ang totoo na nakatakas na c Yaoyao sa tulong ni paper bag😊 doble bugbog na inabot nya sa kayabangan nya😂 itinali pa sxa ni Yaoyao at paper bag...

nabasa q lang din, mas nauuna ung pahina nila kesa d2... binibitin kz ang update dito, hanapin nyo na lng din itype nyo lang ung titolo ng kwentong ito tapos lalabas na sxa... tyaga lang sa paghanap para makabasa... d q pd sabihin d2 baka aq ma van😅 pasensxa na
☆~kim jhinks Bai~☆: need more spoilerssss!!!!!
SUBS TO PEWD: What was THAT MEAN i NEED spoilers NOW
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Veronique Varchi
I've been looking at the cover for a quarter of an hour 😍
By the way, the wisteria has popped on Neptune in a very miraculous way 🤣
Not to be picky, but it would have been more romantic if you had put the ring on her finger...
But I'm very happy they finally kissed! 😍😍😍
And now on, the wedding!
anime lover
IN 494-495 sky and yao yao are together for a mission and then there was something happen so sky carry yao yao then yao yao said what are u doing then sky said dont move if u dont want to fall and there they were attack and sky hurry up and run and get hurt but luckyly he has healing thing and then yao yao doubt what was that thing so sky proceed to there mission and held the hand of yao yao and then recall memory of her and sky but its (fake) and in the memory of it sky was annoying guy that bullying yao yao like dammnnn ahhhhhh i dont like the fake memories duhhhhhhhhh damnnnnn!!!!!!
anime lover: just change youre language
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#Nayeon 22
Wow that little thing is so cute....Little nurse, i want that to.....And i hope vesky will controll his self so he wont suck yaoyao's blood again and also its not vesky's fault for having that curse .....And because of that vesky will blame his self again for hurting yaoyao...Dont worry vesky yaoyao will help you......We will pray for both of you
Don’t worry guys this is the moment that he will remember Yao Yao 😆
Vidya sagar: Change ur language into Chinese or Japanese and u will get
Vidya sagar: Change ur language into Chinese or Japanese and u will get
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#Nayeon 22
Ohhh that FAKE LIANMEI AGAIN huh she ruin my mood when im reading about vesky and yaoyao im so hapy but when i see that girl....Wahhh im so angry for sure she will snatch vesky again but yaoyao will fight for vesky for sure...Dont worry yaoyao we are here to cheer you up!
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