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Meidou 🌺
I don't know what to say. The comic is getting even more confusing. I'm waiting for the white haired guy to reveal himself. I thought he was Marshal Nicholas but it seems not to be him.

In the other time line, Vesky has already unsealed the demon heraldry and showed its side effects. But he is still a soldier. Two hypotheses: 1) Li is helping Vesky to keep it secret; 2) using the demon power is not a taboo anymore.
I think the first hypothesis is the right one.

In the real time line, the white haired guy has used Vesky in order to get access in the High Tower and find information where the Queen is kept.
But how could he know the Queen is still alive? How could this information be kept in such a place?
What the hell is this High Tower?

Star illumination? I think it's an error of translation. The queen was recovering in Obsidian star, Monsoon's father old nest.

Poor Yao: after being threaened to be sawed, to be thrown from an airship, now threatened to be drowned...
Sabrina marie Mendoza: i like story i wanna repeat it to da top
Sabrina marie Mendoza: i like story i wanna repeat it to da top
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Meidou 🌺
After 25 chapters we find out that they are trapped in a mirror universe 🤦🏻‍♀️ That explains the absurdity we have seen, talk ot cry underwater for example (because I can't believe they can do it for real) or they get on an airship by a wire stair (no way! They can jump thanks a wormhole from Neptune to Earth and there's no teleport to get on a ship?) but it means that it may all be fake. All the memories, all the past... Please, don't....
We have to wait and see...
Srija Ghosh

it's skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he's for bingyao....................
Sea the weeb councillor(drago): ur an ad?
Srija Ghosh: you can gain points by watching ads
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Pearl White
So basically when they all encountered the upside down pyramid they got trapped inside with the priestess controlling them. They thought they're time traveling (probably they're also getting a glimpse of the past they believe to be true or something) and then Dr. Li warned them about the mirror universe... Priestess knows that Sky and Yaoyao knows and she makes their life harder now
Xx HappyGachaCookie xX
well tbh will everyone..., I saw this episode before it's release.
It's in Chinese version and way ahead so I'm telling you this as if you want than you can go to Chinese version and translate it if you want! 😊😝
No offend to anyone pls if you don't prefer this method then pls don't hate towards me!
Lean Allen Oriño: is s/he the doctor that missing???
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Hina A Horani G
Thank God it's just artificial mirror universe, then our Dr Li is fine, I'm really happy and relief now 😍😍 and i don't know what the problem is this woman and why she trapped them there and even why she want to hurt Sky and YaoYao? there is already Lianmei who always create troubles for Sky and YaoYao, now here come another one 🤦😕😐
Smoll_Mochi: That woman.. she looks like Dr Li’s mom or sister..
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Sonya Haruto inform the confused
yaoyao time traveled back into the past, Vesky still believes she is a spy, and the past is changing due to her travel back into the past.
If she dies there, she dies in real time,
everything is changing, meaning she is in more danger than what you can imagine
Hina A Horani G: thanks for telling me name, then i will definitely read it and give my feedback too 😍
Sonya Haruto: "Sour and sweet"
just in case you know.
It's the story on two childhood friends, and the day there lives will change forever. (romance, duh)
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♡Anime Lover-YgTreasure♡
its the time that everything will change now binyao ye will loose memory of sky and sky is still trying his best to yao yao to remember him
♡Anime Lover-YgTreasure♡: dont worry guys even if yao yao does not remember sky she still fall in love with sky and i already sure about it cuz i already read it
jashmin ryla igaya: Yeeeees
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Meidou 🌺
Gorgeous cover 😍
It's amusing to see a blushing Sky... 💞

It's useless to keep commenting on this story arch, trying to find a explanation for everything that happened. We know that, sooner or later, they will return to the future safe and sane, so from now on I will enjoy the chapters (and the kisses that will follow) and wait for the end... and maybe Lianmei's death...
Harleyquinn506: I’m not sure wether Lianmei will die. It’s not always that in comics the bad girl or boy dies... And I do have a feeling that in this one she will survive, either way being tortured or her being back to normal and kind.
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✨🌑déja vu🌕✨
it's okay to leave her in order to protect her...but insulting her and breaking her heart and saying u r bored of her and u love someone else right in front of her is a pure act of stupidity and cruelty
Rachel Tabarnilla: what he said is too much😢😢
Hatsumi: this is bad of you vesky just tell her I think she will understand it and dont talk the opposite of what you are feeling if you want to end just say it there is no need to bellitle her
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Meidou 🌺
"you are my prisoner" Yeah, prisoner of love. No matter what could happen, he will fall in love with her, and come back to her.

This chapter is very beautiful. Some expressions of Sky made my heart ache.
Very romantic. 😍
But, I have to ruin everything... Author, do you remember where they are? how can they talk underwater? 🤬
It's nonsense...
Meidou 🌺
Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems an attempt to kill or kidnap her. The white haired guy was in right place at the right time. Is it not suspicious?

Am I the only one who has remembered that a similar thing happened to Lianmei?
I mean: Mars attacked , Vesky went to defend the city leaving Lianmei in Bang Lu's care... And then she disappeared... 🤔
Hina A Horani G: oh then i hope YaoYao go back soon in her present time and thank u for clear everything to me 😊
Sonya Haruto: huh. well, that wouldnt be really changed. there too far back right now. but, if Yaoyao changes it too much, all those memories will be destroyed
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Hina A Horani G
spoiler alert !!
now Sky will jump into the water to save the YaoYao and then he will kiss her in the water, i think he will remember YaoYao and then when they both of them are coming up with the help of rope and then the doctor Li fell into the water to save both of them and he will die 😕😐😥
Kyan Yamashiro: No duh it literally in the intro picture for the next chapter
Hina A Horani G: maybe I think so 🤔
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Hina A Horani G
I'm so confused here, what she talking about that Dr. Li kill them in the future? i don't understand this episode 🤔 if anyone know anything, can you please help me to understand? 🙄😕
tahrin smita: mw too
boy with luv: me neither
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Wow so when Yaoyao gets close with dr.ling y’all don’t give a shit but when Vesky gets close to Lianmei y’all get mad
It’s like ur ok with the girl being with someone else but not the guy?
Rosemarie Gallenero: wah ah ha abgauxydhwghziwjehucwuhehosieguduehdvududhchdhejbvhce i feel so bad for yaoyao
KatsumiShipsTododeku_BakudekuShipperÙwÚ: Forgive me.....
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sayko oyun savascisi
i know that you a bich you realy want to kill a girl??? And know everything well you can kill me because i know everythink in this anime COME AND FİGHT ME BİCH!!! BECAUSE İ CAN KİLL YOU!!! İ HAVE PSYCHO POWER!?!?!!!
sayko oyun savascisi: sure, why not??
D.d.H: Can I join?
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#emotionless# music lover
so the general isn't coming... aha that means he didn't write the letter
maybe they are just trying to provoke yaoye and make her stop time and then get her out of there?
Katy Colon: Exactly exactly🤔🤔🤔😏😦😦😵😀😀😀
Alex blis72: then who should send the letter and who is the one yaoyao hug at the party i don't understand it at all???
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✨🌑déja vu🌕✨
telling the person u love that u don't agree to marriage coz he didn't propose to u and then he replies by saying it's a play and u have to play along
huhuhu😢😢😭😭 I don't know why but I can't help myself 😭😭 why the f am I crying....... my lord... I am realy move in this manga for all those adds I've seen a million time just to read this is 👌👌👌👌 WORTH IT!!!!
Sonya Haruto
yep. I'll keep saying it.
we're almost to the point where Yaoyao forgets every thing
Hina A Horani G: welcome 😍☺
Xx HappyGachaCookie xX: oh ok thx!!!
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