Movie King and His Princess
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Movie King and His Princess

Movie King and His Princess
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Movie King and His Princess Comics Online. In order to break away from the engagement with Gu, Ye finds him, a hopeless genius. She trains him into the best actor and makes him only be loyal to her. But what should she do when her loyal puppy become a devil make her his possession?

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Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
What I'm see is that everyone is asking if they have a brother like that I have but I have two younger than me by one year n the other is by 5 years n both of them r game freaks but the one that is 1 year younger don't like know guys that does call me when we go out, he says its very annoying.
It would be great to have an older brother like that but sadly I'm the oldest.

Dude I understand where your coming from on all levels n I don't give u any wrong in doing that but u know you'll have to like her go sometime or now. U don't have to worry so much no more she found a guy that loves her with every part of his body, n your very strong in every aspect so y don't need to worry about anything. Just saying IF, emphasis on IF, if he breaks her heart n makes her cry n you'll be able to kill him in the most brutal way but I know if that happen you'll kill him n punish your self for letting her fall in love.
This is all just IFs, I hope nothing like that happen though, but I know it won't happen with the ml we have now.
Dude just have a peaceful conversation, for her sake.
Crazy update crazy update crazy update
Ok so she’s reborn too like in those other comics and a lot of you guys already guessed it right from the past episodes. I even seen comments about it from before but I didn’t believed it. I also remember one commenter guessed it and PanDa replied to it with emojis but He/she didn’t really denied it or confirmed it so I still didn’t believed it at that time but now after reading this it is now clear that she was reborn.

So here’s my theory: TianYing actually love gumian in her previous life(because remember in their childhood tianying wants to marry gumian) but he cheated on her and used her and stole all of her inhertance and killed her brother and parents? I think?

So now in this present life she is using Yuanchi to block all of gumian’s plans in taking over her family wealth, thats why in the last episode tianying said to Yuanchi in this life I want to borrow your strength to fight against gumian. So in short, she is using Yuanchi to oppose gumian to change her fate this time....but i think she has already fallen in love with yuanchi that’s why she sometimes look sad when yuanchi is starting to recover from his illness, because she felt like the puppy that she adopted is starting to become independent and she has also fallen in love with him...
Wang xiao ❤️❤️: oh my so complicated, it's making me more confused
Queen : So the art is not going back to the way it was, is it?
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I saw the whole Manga SPOILER

Yuan chi and her Brother will appear in time and Save her. Yuan Chi will take her with him and brother just wants to beat some Asxs and stays. To your disappointment yuan chi and the pink girl won’t have 👉🏻👌🏻 they kissed and it was close to happen but then she fell asleep on the bed. This blonde Btch Rxped her in her past live but he didn’t killed her, he even was sad that she died, I also think that this blonde dude is also reborn just like her, he kissed her corpse and looked shocked like something happened and he’s still some evil Btch. Yuan chi gets his award and thanks Her for everything she did for him.. he leans out his hand so she can come on stage so he can introduce her so the people but she refused the hand and got the lips 😏 END
It’s possible that they maybe had 👉🏻👌🏻 later but I’m not quite sure if they actually did it you can’t really see
odelia roav: can you please give us the link or website where you can read the full chapters ? thank you in advance ♡
MC_206: If that’s how you think then there’s no one to blame expect the person doing the mistake himself/herself
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