Movie King and His Princess
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Movie King and His Princess

Movie King and His Princess
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Movie King and His Princess Comics Online. In order to break away from the engagement with Gu, Ye finds him, a hopeless genius. She trains him into the best actor and makes him only be loyal to her. But what should she do when her loyal puppy become a devil make her his possession?

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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Im so depressed right now and seeing this chapter even makes me more depressed to the point im giving up life..but i can still manage...i can feel how the mc is feeling he is so lost right now in the world leaving nothing behind but a hole in his heart so deep like an abyss that glances at the chasms of the void...his only hope right now is the female lead she is his only guiding light to turn back into the world of warmth where he can feel happiness and be loved ..she is her one and only saviour ..and also the fl although she doesnt realized it yet but sooner or later she will feel that they both needed each other in order to survive in this cruel world
Darkseid: I already tried to kill myself then my friend stopped me
Darkseid: I know your pain
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Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
What I'm see is that everyone is asking if they have a brother like that I have but I have two younger than me by one year n the other is by 5 years n both of them r game freaks but the one that is 1 year younger don't like know guys that does call me when we go out, he says its very annoying.
It would be great to have an older brother like that but sadly I'm the oldest.

Dude I understand where your coming from on all levels n I don't give u any wrong in doing that but u know you'll have to like her go sometime or now. U don't have to worry so much no more she found a guy that loves her with every part of his body, n your very strong in every aspect so y don't need to worry about anything. Just saying IF, emphasis on IF, if he breaks her heart n makes her cry n you'll be able to kill him in the most brutal way but I know if that happen you'll kill him n punish your self for letting her fall in love.
This is all just IFs, I hope nothing like that happen though, but I know it won't happen with the ml we have now.
Dude just have a peaceful conversation, for her sake.
Crazy update crazy update crazy update
Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘: what????
Anonymous: a

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"Ye Tian Ying, you are my trump card to get into the Ye family."

Me: TRUMP! Lol😂

The French translator: Oh! Désolé! je me suis TRUMPé!!!🤣🤣🤣
*Oh! Sorry! I was wrong! (The joke can't be made in English🤷‍♀️ So just the ppl who talk French can understand)

K K! It wasn't funny at all so... Bye! Thx for reading!

PS: I know u didn't understood... ;-;
Unicorn-san: Are we talking about Donald Trump here? xD
lolo joly: vs aitent vrm nul en anglais. en tt qu'à moi chu canadienne😂😂😂oups je me suis trumpé😂😂😉
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