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Movie King and His Princess

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In order to break away from the engagement with Gu, Ye finds him, a hopeless genius. She trains him into the best actor and makes him only be loyal to her. But what should she do when her loyal puppy become a devil make her his possession?

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How sweet of them 😂💕 I remember when someone bullying my brother and I am the one who's protecting him to those bad guys for him. We came from a broken family. We're just two of us siblings and we are just relying to each other—I mean my brother is the only one who is relying on me. We have this brother and sister bond that no one can break until now. We're just 1 year difference in our birth year but he's too complicated and childish that's why I am the only one who can fight back and stood up for him. Right now he's very tall than me and I really hate it 😭😂. I'm the kind of a person who is selfless but caring to other people. I'm too kind but when it comes to my love one's I can be bold, savage or bad if someone is hurting them. I will forgive them but I won't forget what they have done. In my very young age I can understand our situation and I become responsible and understanding. They thought that I am a lesbian because of my behavior but they don't really know that my hobby are looking or staring to those handsome boys wherever I am 😂😅 I still can remember that no one wants to bully me because I am the one who's bullying to those bully specially in our school. I don't care if someone hates me because I only care to those people who loves and care for me, worthy of my care and love. But sometimes you need to be weak and rely to someone so that you will know who is can be trusted and won't leave you specially when you are in your worse 😊👍🏻
Lonely Chicken: WAHHH ur my new hero
ThePandaWithGlasses: @Spectre : Seriously, I don't have any idea and sorry for my bad English 😂😅 I'm not that good or fluent in it 😅✌🏻
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Aesop Carls
well~but I do get along with my Lil sis but she a bit weird evrytime she see's me she will hug me and all I have to do is just playing with him......don't get weird cuz I'm almost 20 and she still 5 year old she just a kid is that impossible.........weird right I'm trying to ask my mom did she adopt Stella (Stella is ma lil sis name)but I'm a bit scared to ask don't now why.....but still she weird.....and...she sweet......she always see me as a father (am I that old pufft) my older sis said "wow how can't a good looking guy being toying around by a kids)that the reason why I hate my older sis.....well~it's feel a bit awkward sometime cuz people always mistake me as a married guy even though my face still young that why I don't really wanna go out with Stella but she just a kids she also want to play around like us when we were a kids right.......many people mumbling about me everytime im with stella but who care.
He looks so cute and innocent when he said that "are we not couple". Her brother is really a big jerk and What should i say's all the bad word goes to him.Although he is damn handsome and cute but is a assh*le. I really hate these kind of family where women has no value. Only men get heiress and think women are made for pleasing dick and birth kids for them"oh yes only male kids" and raise them. That's it. How horrible they are. That lunatic bastards don't even think for a second that if there was woman then how would they come here.Just men get salary and women don't get then men would see that how hard house wives do. Even though we live in 21 century but still women didn't get their proper right. Even in this time many companies don't take female employees. How much we hard work they don't want to give us credit cause they think we are weak. "humh" but they don't know that if a man break 2 bone then become hero to everyone but when a woman give birth to a child she feel like breaking 20 bones. When will women get their equal rights.That's why i love Loren Grey's "Queen" song. whatever I just said true words if you mind it's your problem not mine.
Manisha Rathod: same feeling as you "you should marry with the man whom family had chose for you" what does it mean? if my brother will say me like this I will kick him out
🐰Bubble🐰: Hey guys, I'm writing two novels on this app. One is " Hide and seek " in which there is romance plus horror with 5 episodes and the second one is " The beauty and the beast " in which there is romance plus fantasy with only 1 episode, so if u r free pls give both a try and leave your opinion there so that i can improve and also I'm saying this in many cmmnts cause i want everyone to read my novel it makes me happy.. that's why many of u may have seen this cmmnt somewhere if u r not interested , just ignore my cmmnt . Don't get annoyed or bad mouth me okiee...Have a good day❤️🤗🤗🤗
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