My Idol is a Vampire
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My Idol is a Vampire

My Idol is a Vampire
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My Idol is a Vampire Comics Online. The rookie entertainment reporter Wen Qiaoqiao is accidentally sucked by the popular star Bai Ye. As a result, Bai Ye is a member of the modern vampire who strives to succeed in entertainment circle. In order to keep a secret, she is left by Bai Ye with a contract of cohabitation. And as an entertainment reporter, Wen also secretly plotted to uncover the secret behind Bai Ye...

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Ms.Beelzebub 💕
2 episode skipped so this is it:
Baiye so shy after say that, after that jhonny call baiye and tell baiye that xi is missing and the Clan castle of Xi is full of blood and their friends almost cant make it because too much scent of blood , and Xi is missing, Baiye tell Jhinny to not tell anyone else.Xiao xiao is go to home and opened by her brother, and she want to cook for her lil brother and let him do homework, after the dish completed cooked by Xiao xiao, her lil brother ask her where she had been, and Xiao xiao remember that her brother is already forgotten about after that accident, and she answer that she is go to europe, and her lil brother is say huh you are kidnapped by vampire right?, and Xiao2 is shock and say U too much watch vampire film, and her lil brother say that he is completely know that accident and know Bai ye is vampire too, and say that vampire is see human like food, so he want to publish it with media and hire special agent to vanish vampire, but Xiao2 slap him and tell him that , you dont know anything about them, but her lil brother insist he will publish it, after that go to episode 127 MT
Hope it will help
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Minha_yuki(DAEBAK): thanks 😊
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꧁ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔫'𝔰 𝔏𝔬𝔭𝔱𝔬𝔭꧂
Base on paranormal abnormal critical illegal authentic synthetic genetic magnetic electric researcher institution with combination of transaction transformation information location lotion satisfaction donition demolition constitution addition subtraction multiplication division mix in solar skill i realized that the photo is image, but this photo breaks my brain while thinking my brain stop working, i had to move fast, so i remove my brain and i put some soil inside to connect all the nerves and work it up problem solve, That I like him...
analyn paragas: I'm so confused 😨
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Ruka chan
I think author himself dislike our ML.. every time qiaoqiao in danger ML never appear in front of her.. It has always been Xi.. that’s why everyone ship qiao with Xi and not with ML.. even though he’s the ML even though Qiao loves him most of the readers don’t like the ship so I kinda feel sorry for him.. If it’s gonna be like this you should have meke Xi as the ML..
I really love Xi too he is my favorite character here.. 😘❤️ but I never ship Qiao with Xi.. I only ship her with the ML... 😍
Ruka chan: Go to points and you can earn points there... you can watch ads and also there are some tasks to complete like read 20 minutes... complete them and then you can get points... you can use the points to unlock or sometimes they offer adds to unlock.. hope this is helpful to you.. 😇
Rexies alexie: excuse me im a newbie here so i want to ask something, the lock chapters are you going to wait until it unlocks?
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