My Idol is a Vampire
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My Idol is a Vampire

My Idol is a Vampire
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My Idol is a Vampire Comics Online. The rookie entertainment reporter Wen Qiaoqiao is accidentally sucked by the popular star Bai Ye. As a result, Bai Ye is a member of the modern vampire who strives to succeed in entertainment circle. In order to keep a secret, she is left by Bai Ye with a contract of cohabitation. And as an entertainment reporter, Wen also secretly plotted to uncover the secret behind Bai Ye...

MangaToon got authorization from XianYu to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of My Idol is a Vampire:
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Aya Noqri
Judging her personality, I gess she'll fall in with Xi because he is such a nice and cool guy and everyone would like him so if she hasn't had memories with Bai ye, than the answer would be she'll fall in lobe with Xi but we can't deny the fact that she did have theese memories with her love, and it's impossible to erase memories from the human mind so if she meets him again she might fall in love with him again or to remember. anyway we can't get an exact answer.
Pearl White
Of course she'll drink it and forget everything, then she'll forget, Bai Ye and her would keep their distance, Bai Ye's hurting but won't show it, Xi would still be around, An Xi will help her and she'll be hurting too because of amnesia, something will trigger her memories later, Bai Ye, QQ, her brother, everybody apologizes, they get married... THE END... And then probably season 2...

fyi i watch too many korean dramas 😂😂😂
♀️🇵🇭SinOfCuteness🇵🇭♀️: hahahahahaha I thought it was really true.....
good thing I noticed the last sentence 😅😅😅😂😂😂
クラーク キー: Qiao Qiao is a vampire turntables human by Baiyi..
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cute xiawu
I know .... C ... is going to happen.....
I loved this story very much .... I want a boyfriend like Bai ye ... who respects his lover and care for her .... and be with her in awkward situation .... 😍😍
I had always thought that if this manga characters were really existed ... then I would have gone crazy ....
I loved this story very much ... and I am not that sad that xi couldn't make it.... hey guys don't blame the author for it .. bcz u have to understand the fact that love means sacrificing .... so don't be mad ...😇😇🤗🤗...
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