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Hot Mother

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Hot Mother
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Hot Mother Comics Online. Although once a top-level assassin, she unexpectedly got trapped by her babysitter, raped by a stranger and was pregnant. When she want to question aunt who is the father, but aunt ran away. Her baby was kidnapped by an underworld group mistakenly after six years. She could do nothing but going undercover by pretending a driver to their boss…

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WAIT WAIT WAIT.... THIS CANT BE THE END I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! wat happened to the revenge? Wats gonna happen to Danny? Will Danny still be in her life? Has maomoa completely revived from leukemia? Probably yes😑 how did Danny find her in the first place? Was Danny looking for her for a hot minute or something? Why want xiaoxiao looking for her brother? Why did lie play that trick for so long and not tell her bout anything even tho he could see she was hurt? Why was the marrige so short? How long has Danny been working with sandy? If sandy died 10 years ago but didn’t rlly die then where was she for 10 years? If lie never rlly had feelings for her the why did he run off during the wedding? Why did lies outfit for the wedding look exactly like all of his daily outfit? If xiaoxiao was a trained assassin or something then where did her smiles go in the middle of the manga? It’s like all of her power from the first scenes just disappeared! There are so many unanswered questions in the manga but over all THIS WAS AMAZING although I wish they had another baby🤷🏾‍♀️👀
Ada Zhang: y u do dis 2 me???
J🅰️zzie: Sry I messed up some of my grammar in this
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Is it just me... Or does it always start like this? I mean, in the very first episode, the ML will have sex with FL, ML leaves the first thing in the morning and the FL is completely lost until the the FL gets pregnant, and most times she doesn't even know who the father is, and then she'll find the ML years later and bla bla bla bla bla bla —__—

Also, does anyone notices that in most of the stories, the FL has pink/purple hair, and the ML has dark blue/jet black hair color? WEEEEEIRD I don't think it's just a coincidence.
Jugyeong: Oh really? :) Im not into Kpop but there's actually a manhwa about BTS entitled "Save Me" you can read it in the app called WEBTÖON. BTS is also featured in the manhwa "True Beauty" still on the same app.
Gemm208: Do you know an app where I could read those comics?
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Kaine Testament
this is the end? what happened to the revenge? what comes of Danny? who are the other families? why was murong family massacred? if Lin is an assassin, why is she so amateurish before she was killed then later showed up and is an assassin Danny trust? why did Xiaoxiao's brother showed up so suddenly? and looked like a final boss? what's the purpose of Xiao's training? what happens after the bet? why did the author rushed to the ending and have marriage, when in my opinion, the wedding could come after the questions I put before were answered.

its a good story at first and I admit I like it, but soooo many plot holes left unanswered and the ending was rushed, making series, sorry for the term but its rubbished. as a fellow author, shouldn't leave any plot holes in a story, because if you leave one tiny question unanswered, then the series is a failure. I can see that a continuation is still possible though.
Sammygirll61: There is a Novel ver of this i think you find out your questions there.. just an suggestion (^_^)
Lucy Heartfilia: Don't you remember that she agreed to give the rest of her life to lie instead of pursuing her revenge with Danny. So she happily married lie
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