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Although once a top-level assassin, she unexpectedly got trapped by her babysitter, raped by a stranger and was pregnant. When she want to question aunt who is the father, but aunt ran away. Her baby was kidnapped by an underworld group mistakenly after six years. She could do nothing but going undercover by pretending a driver to their boss…

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This ending starts in the chapel, after Groom Lie kisses his bride, XiaoXiao.

The newlywed couple stands before everyone for their first photos as husband and wife. As they exit the chapel, they are showered with flower petals. At the wedding reception held under guard at Night Kingdom's Headquarters, Lie and XiaoXiao are showered with well wishes and congratulations. MaoMao clings onto the protective arms of his granny, Hong Xuemei. The room is filled with toasts and laughter. Lie gives a romantic wedding speech, as he sits down, he gives XiaoXiao a passionate kiss. Embarrassed, XiaoXiao excuses herself to go to the washroom to freshen up. Lie watches her walk away and smiles. Yan gets up suddenly from his table and follows XiaoXiao. When XiaoXiao enters the washroom, she splashes water on her face and looks at her reflection. She's happy but it doesn't feel real, so much has happened over the last little while. Can she live in peace now?

As she pats her face dry, she notices a shadow in the reflection of the mirror. Before she could react, she feels a hand cover her mouth before she quietly passes out. Standing in the hall, Yang looks at his watch, ten minutes has passed, XiaoXiao is still in the washroom. He can't help but wonder what she's up to. He takes a few steps towards the washroom, everything appears silent. Suddenly, a wave of concern rushes through him, his blood runs cold and he rushes to the washroom door and knocks rapidly.

Yan: "XiaoXiao! Are you in there? Are you ok?" He pauses listening intently for any sounds on the other side of the door. Nothing. "XiaoXiao, it's me Yan, if you don't answer, I'm going to kick the door down!" Still no answer. Yan steps back and kicks the washroom door violently. When the door swings open and reveals and empty room with an open window. He rushes to the window and no trace of XiaoXiao. Panicked, he rushes down the hall to find Lie. Just as he gets to the doors of the wedding reception, the door swings open and Lie is standing before Yan. As if reading Yan's mind, Lie's gaze darkens, grabbing his friend, he yells, "Where is she? What happened?"

Yan shakes his head. "I don't know, I saw her go into the washroom…" He nods down the hall to where the washroom is. "When she didn't come out, I went to check on her but there's no one. She's gone!" Lie releases Yan and runs down the hall towards the washroom, Yan follows just as XiaoXiao's brother emerges from the reception room. He follows Lie and Yan down the hall towards the washroom.

Murong Yeying: "What's going on? Where is my troublesome sister?" He turns to Lie who is hanging out the washroom window talking on his cell phone. "Did you lose her already?" Lie turns around, hangs up and scoffs at Yeying.

Lie: "There's no reason she should leave me. Someone took her." Passing Yeying, Lie puts a hand on his shoulder, and walks off with Yang following close behind him. "I'm going to get her back." Surprised, Yeying follows him.

Yeying: "Do you know where she went? Let me help you. Anyone who dares to touch my sister is dead!" Lie continues out the building. A car is already sitting outside waiting for him. Yeying signals to one of his men for his car. As Lie enters his car, he looks at Yeying and says, "I know where to start. We have unfinished with the President of the Killer Center!" Yeying eyes darkens at this statement but instead of answering, he rushes into his car that just pulled up behind Lie's. The cars head out of Night Kingdom's Headquarters towards Killer Center.

***Somewhere underground in the Killer Center.***

XiaoXiao wakes up in an unfamiliar dark room with no windows. She's in a bed and still feeling a bit dizzy, she looks around, squinting in the darkness. She notices a shadow sitting in a chair not far from her. As she sits up, she looks down and notices that she's no longer wearing her wedding her gown. Someone has changed her and she's wearing nothing but a oversized shirt. She tries to recall the events that lead her to her current situation but all she can remember was marrying Lie and his beautiful wedding speech…was it all a dream?

XiaoXiao: "Where am I? Who are you?" She asks the shadow but the person sitting there says nothing. Looking around, she tries to find something to use as a weapon but there's nothing but the little lamp sitting on the bedside table near her. Grabbing the covers, she slowly swings her legs over the bed to stand up. Her legs are still weak, and she falls back down. The shadow finally reacts and gets up from his seat. XiaoXiao remains alert and watches as the shadow walks into the light. It's Danny, the President of Killer Center! "Danny…what are you doing here?" Danny kneels before her, reaches a hand gently towards her, and attempts to stroke her hair. XiaoXiao moves away from his hand. "Don't touch me!" Danny ignores her and swiftly picks her up. XiaoXiao unsuccessfully struggles to free herself but he drops her back on the bed and pins her hands above her head. Danny leans over her right ear and whispers.

Danny: "XiaoXiao, our game isn't finished yet. Don't you want to know the truth?" XiaoXiao squirms under Danny grasp and gives him a look that could kill. She attempts to bite him but he moves away, still holding her in place.

XiaoXiao: "It's finished, what else do you want from me?" She thinks about XuanYuan Lie, MaoMao and her long-lost brother and a tear flows down her face. "Can't you just leave me alone?" Upon seeing her tear, Danny releases her arm. XiaoXiao sits up and crosses her arms protectively before her. Danny remains sitting beside her, watching her intently but not saying a word. "What do you want from me? I was going to leave everything behind now that I found MaoMao's father and my brother. Why can't you just leave us alone?" Danny reaches out to wipe the tear from XiaoXiao, she doesn't move and let him. She can't deny it, she still has a soft spot for Danny, the man who mysteriously showed up in her life and cooked for her. "Please…"

Danny: "You're an interesting woman, there's a lot more to your story than you know. I want to show you the truth, so you can decide. Only when you hear the truth can you…" They are interrupted by a knock on the door. Danny looks towards the door and yells, "Yes?" A voice on the other side says, "They're here." Danny looks back at XiaoXiao and places a hand on her chin. "It looks like the other pieces are here." He turns back towards the door and says, "Give them a warm welcome, but don't hurt them." The voice answers, "Yes, my Lord!" Danny turns back to XiaoXiao, "Now, shall we greet our guests?" He gets up and nods towards the bedside table. "I put a dress for you to change into there. Please put it on. I'll wait for you outside."

Minutes later, XiaoXiao steps out from the room and Danny greets her. He takes her hand and places it on his arm. Leading her down the hall, he says, "I want you to stay with me. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want you to learn the truth. I did promise you before, didn't I?" XiaoXiao stops and pulls away from Danny.

XiaoXiao: "We have nothing more to say to each other. I let you live, now let me go and forget about me!" Danny turns towards XiaoXiao, his features soften, and she found herself seeing Danny, her friend, not Danny, the mysterious president of Killer Center. He stands before her and holds his hand out patiently waiting for her to take it. She stares at it speechless.

Danny: "I told you, you need to know the truth, you'll only know the truth with me. The truth about why your parents died, why the Bahoo family and Feng family had to go, where Xia Qianxin was for the last ten years, and…" He leans forward, grabbing XiaoXiao chin and whispering in her ear. "The truth about Xuanyuan Lie. You should know that he's a complicated man. He broke your heart once, he will let you down again if you don't know the truth…" Danny stands back up and turns away, he holds his elbow out again for her, waiting for her reply. She stares at his back, her thoughts racing. Is there more? Does she really want to open pandora's box? She was ready to leave it all and live happily with MaoMao and Lie. Her thoughts are interrupted. "We don't have all night. Our guests are waiting…" Looking at Danny's elbow, XiaoXiao takes a step forward and hesitantly grabs his arm.

XiaoXiao: "I don't trust you. I hate you the most!" She scowls at him but allows him to leave her down the hall, up many flights of stairs and down another hall. Danny pats the hand she has placed on his arm and stops at the top of a banister looking down at an open entrance. XiaoXiao sees Lie, Yan, YiChi Feng, and her brother standing in front of her surrounded by Danny's minions. There's a large group of men in suits behind Lie at the entrance of the building and she recognizes some of them as being Night Kingdom's men. XiaoXiao releases Danny and attempts to rush to Lie but Danny stops her.

Danny: "Are you sure you want to leave like this? If you walk out with them, you'll never know the truth. Isn't that what you have been looking for all this time?" XiaoXiao stops and looks back at Danny. She's torn. He knows her too well, he's right, she will always be left wondering. It's not easy for her to forget everything that has happened to her over the last eight years. Lie looks up inquisitively at XiaoXiao, he extends his arm out to her and asks, "XiaoXiao?" She walks to the top of the stairs and starts walking towards Lie. Danny's assassins step aside to let her through. When XiaoXiao reaches Lie, she turns to look over his shoulder at her brother.

XiaoXiao: "Please look after MaoMao." Her brother nods as she turns to Lie. "I'm going to stay here. I can't go with you. Please leave." She turns to walk away but Lie grabs her arm. Danny's assassins move towards them but Danny stops them with a wave of his hand. XiaoXiao looks up at Danny, struggling to hold back tears, she shakes herself loose from Lie's grasp and runs past Danny's assassins up the stairs to Danny. Danny holds his arms out to her and instinctively, she rushes into his arms, burrowing her head into his chest. Danny wraps his arms protectively around her and signals to his people.

Danny: "You heard her. XiaoXiao will be safe here, I guarantee it. Go home and leave us!" He turns without waiting for a reply and guides XiaoXiao off. She bursts into tears when she hears Lie yelling her name but refuses to look up from Danny's chest. Danny picks her up and carries her to a room. When they are alone, he releases her and shuts the door. XiaoXiao moves hesitantly away from him and sits on the edge of the bed in the room. "You are free to leave anytime but when you do, you won't be welcome here anymore, and you will never see me again." Surprised, she wipes her tears away and stare wide-eyed at Danny.

XiaoXiao: "Why? Why are you doing this?" Danny kneels before her and gently places a hand on her knee.

Danny: "You're a fascinating woman. There aren't many women like you. But you are too naïve, the world isn't as simple as it seems. I'm surprised you haven't realized that after all these years working in this Center!" XiaoXiao remains speechless and waits for Danny to continue. He sighs and stands up. "You must be exhausted! It's been a long day. Let's talk tomorrow." He starts walking towards the door but turns and says, "You are free to leave but for your own safety, please don't snoop around. If you need anything, please let me know. I will send some clothes for you tomorrow." He nods towards a door opposite the bed. "You have you own private washroom there, go clean yourself up and we can talk tomorrow. I'll be in the room next to you." He nods to the door beside the bed. "It's a one-sided lock from your room, you can reach me through that door anytime." He gives her a wink and walks out of the room.

XiaoXiao sighs and flops back onto the bed. What did she just agree to? Why couldn't she leave it alone and live happily ever after with Lie. She looks over at the door that leads to Danny's room, she could wait until he's asleep and kill him. He is her enemy…isn't he? She finds herself doubting everything. Can Danny really have the answers? What is he really after? Feeling the weight of everything looming over her, XiaoXiao falls asleep.

Meanwhile, XuanYuan Lie has returned to the Night Kingdom Headquarters in a fury. Landini Yan, Feng Yichi, and Murong Yeying fail to calm him down. He has ordered everyone to find out what happened and why XiaoXiao is staying with the President of Killer Center.

Lie: "I don't care! What does he have on her? Why?"

Murong Yeying: "I'm sure she has her reasons. XiaoXiao can take care of herself, just trust her…Let me take care of MaoMao for now…" Lie ignores him and starts throwing things around the room. Yeying looks at Yan and walks out of the room with Feng Yichi.


XiaoXiao is still staying with Danny at Killer Center. She has learned that Killer Center was more than just an organization that gives jobs to assassins, that they are the group maintaining order in the underworld around the world. About ten years ago, there was another Asian gang based in Southeast Asia that was causing a power unbalance amongst the five great houses in China. Through deep undercover work, the gang was able to manipulate XiaoXiao's family, the great Bahoo gang and even Night Kingdom. Killer Center was having a difficult time tracking all the spies and when Danny took control, he found that even some of his branch presidents has been influences by this Southeast Asian gang. Xia Qianxin was apparently one of the spies planted into Night Kingdom to get close to Lie. Xia Qianxin fell in love with her target and when she was going to get eliminated, Danny had saved her. To protect her from being discovered, he locked her away and faked her death.

XiaoXiao: "How do you know all this? Why should I believe you?" Danny looks at her over his cup of tea.

Danny: "You don't have to trust me. I have no reason to lie to you." He takes another sip of his tea before putting it down. "You have every opportunity to leave." Narrowing his eyes at her, he mutters mockingly. "You even have the opportunity to kill me."

XiaoXiao blushes, he's right. She has considered killing him in his sleep, she even snuck into his room a few times in the middle of the night, but each time she looked at his sleeping, vulnerable face, she ended up walking away. Danny has taken away her phone but he has allowed her to use his phone to call her brother and Aunt. MaoMao is safe and happy, but Lie is going crazy trying to get her back. She has refused to talk to him, nor tell him anything. Danny hasn't prevented her from communicating with anyone. Surprisingly, she feels safe and comfortable around Danny. As time passes, she finds herself thinking more and more about Danny.


XiaoXiao is sitting with Danny in his office. She has just spoken with MaoMao who has asked when she will be home. Danny has just handed her divorce papers for her to serve Lie. She's looking at it.

Danny: "I'm not forcing you. You can remain married to him if you like but if you want to be free from it, it's there. I will take care of you and MaoMao. You are safest here. You can be free here, I'll never control you."

Over the past month, XiaoXiao's illusion of a peaceful life has been shattered one by one. Having been born from one of the underworld major houses in China, she was doomed to be targeted for the rest of her life. Her family was wiped out because another country's gang wanted a foothold in China. There will always be underworld houses struggling for more power. As long as you are in this world, you will be stuck in it forever. MaoMao will also be caught up in it. When her family was wiped out when she was 16 years old, she was given a chance to have a clean start, to leave her dark path and start with a clean slate. Her desire for revenge has doomed her onto this path forever. When her brother rescued her, he had warned her, but she refused to listen. There's no turning back. Lie and his Night Kingdom can't protect her, they will be targeted one day too. MaoMao isn't safe. Danny's Killer Center may have influence around the world but even he can't control everything. Tears roll down her face.

Danny gets up and walks up to her. Kneeling before her, he leans forward and kisses her tears away. He's so gentle to her and she can't deny that although her heart still aches for Xuanyuan Lie, she's not impartial to Danny. XiaoXiao puts her hand on Danny's shoulder and gently pushes him away. He nods and stands up.

Danny: "I'm going out, I have some things to take care of. If you need anything, let my girls know and they can contact me." XiaoXiao nods and watches him leave the room. How long will he be gone now?

A couple hours later, XiaoXiao rushes out of her bedroom from where she was reading when she hears gunshots. As she rushes to the grand entrance, from the top of the stairs, she sees Lie with Lin Yin. XiaoXiao had forgotten that Lin Yin was a part of Killer Center. It seems that Lin Yin has helped Lie get into the center. Lie sees XiaoXiao and rushes to her. They had shot some of the assassins. XiaoXiao steps away from Lie.

Lie: "Come with me, let's run away! I have MaoMao with me, let's go and disappear from here!" He stretches his hand out to her. Instinctively, she takes his hand and rushes into his arms. Together, they run down the stairs and out of the building. As she passes Lin Yin, she mutters, "Why?" Lin Yin gives her a devilish grin and responds, "The Lord President is mine!" XiaoXiao nods and turns away following Lie. At the gate leading out of Killer Center, she sees Lie's car with MaoMao in it. They hope into the car and MaoMao rushes into his mother's arms. She clings onto him and looks out the window as they rush away from Killer Center. Lie releases XiaoXiao's hand and exclaims, "We're heading to the airport. I've arranged everything." Before she could respond, the car comes to a screeching stop. "What's going on? Why are you stopping?" They look out the front dashboard and sees a black car blocking the road. Lie turns to XiaoXiao and orders her to stay in the car with their son. She looks out the window as Lie steps out of the car and walks towards the car with tinted windows. The window rolls down and XiaoXiao can tell it's Danny. What is he doing here? Did he know this was going to happen. She watches as Lie says something to Danny and pulls out a gun, pointing it at the unarmed Danny. Danny steps out of the car and looks past Lie. XiaoXiao feels a stabbing pain in her heart and Danny's words come back to her mind, "You'll never be safe anywhere. You have doomed MaoMao to this underworld!" She watches tensely as Lie remains still, pointing his gun at Danny. Danny seems as calm as ever, walking slowly towards Lie. She grabs MaoMao and presses him against her chest, covering his ears. When Lie fires his gun, XiaoXiao jumps. Is Danny dead? She opens her eyes, not realizing that she had shut them. She can't see Lie nor Danny. Her car door opens and standing before her is Danny. Where is Lie?

XiaoXiao: "Where's Xuanyuan Lie?" Danny ignores her and gives her a bag.

Danny: "There's new identities for you and MaoMao in this bag. You have several identities to choose from, as well as access to multiple bank accounts. You can leave here and start a new life." He steps back from the car to let XiaoXiao out. "We'll never meet again." He turns away as XiaoXiao steps out of the car with MaoMao still pressed firmly against her. As she stands up, she can see Lie lying on the ground. Danny follows her gaze and says, "Don't worry, he's not dead." He nods towards a car behind his car that's blocking the road. "My driver can take you to the airport. You're free." XiaoXiao looks from Lie to Danny. Can she really leave? "It's your choice but if you don't leave, you are choosing to remain in this world. Is that what you want?"


XiaoXiao walks through her Canadian home. Her name is now "Mandy" and she's greeted by her son, "Marcus". She had decided to leave everything behind and run away to Canada to start over with MaoMao. Danny had left her with enough money and information to start over. She had used his new identities until she could find another source to provide her and MaoMao with new identities. Danny had left her a letter in the bag he gave her with the answers to the rest of her questions. He wasn't responsible for her family's death but he had failed to protect them. He had secretly watched over her since she was 16. Xuanyuan Lie was an unexpected piece that lead XiaoXiao back into the underworld that she should have abandoned. Now that all the answers are in front of her, XiaoXiao chose her son's life over everything else. As far as everyone's concerned, her husband died and left her a widow. MaoMao will have a peaceful, normal life, free from the darkness of the underworld…

😴nigas be pussy they is what the eat😴 : I love this story have you tried checking if you can turn this into a real manga I think that it will be a hit😋😋😋😋😋😋
AngelPsyche: i love your ending~
thank you, despite the fact its not the official ending, this make me content. thank you for sharing your story ^^
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Mariam Mallowz
(I really want to change the ending with a twist)

After they get married they went to the Xuanyuan Lie's mansion because thats their Reception's venue.

*everyone is celebrating*

Xuanyuan Lie: *looks to his wife*

Xiaoxiao Morong: *finds her son and hugs her son tight* Maomao!!! *smiles*

Xuanyuan: Xiaoxiao, can I talk to you for moment?

Xiaoxiao: *looks to her husband* Sure... *looks to her son* Maomao, mommy and daddy will gonna talk for a while okay?

Maomao: Okay! I'm so glad mommy that you finally call him daddy.

Xiaoxiao *In her mind* Hmmp! These two are really alike to each other.

*when the couple are finally alone*

Xuanyuan: Xiaoxiao, I still cannot believe that I end up with you for the rest of my life.

*gets a drink* That is why I offer myself to do the toast for us!

*climbs up the table*
*raise his hand to make a toast*

Xiaoxiao: *in shock and blush*

Xuanyuan: *shouts* Everyone! I am fully honored that this day has come so I would like everyone to raise their drinks and make a toast with me.
*everyone raise their drinks*

A toast for me and my beautiful wife who is also the love of my life. *looks to his wife*

Xiaoxiao: *looks to her husband and smiles*

Xuanyuan: A toast for our family who is always there for us and no matter of what we face in life as long as we are together, we can still accomplish it. Have a great day everyone, cheers!!!

(Everyone): Cheers!!!


*Xuanyuan suddenly fell down from the table and the blood is spilling out and everyone is panicking*

Xiaoxiao: *shocked and cries* Xuanyuan Lie! Lie! *comforts her husband* Wake up! Please stay with me. Security please call an ambulance and police, hurry!

Maid: Yes, maam!

Unknown: *points the gun to Xiaoxiao* Why are you crying? Aren't you supposed to be happy?

Xiaoxiao: *turns around and saw Danny* DANNY!!! You did this to him don't you?!

Danny: *put the gun in his pocket*
It doesn't matter who killed him anyway as long as they didn't kill the most important woman in my life.

Xiaoxiao: *in her mind*
Wait... I've heard that line before.

Danny: *removes his full headed mask*
Miss me?

Xiaoxiao: *tears fell*
Xuanyuan Lie?! *suddenly hugs him*
How is this happened?

Xuanyuan Lie: Well, after the day Xia Qianxin killed my sister...

-Enters Flashback-

Xuanyuan: *calls Danny*
Danny, I want you to meet me at the cafe alone. I'll send you the address, don't worry you will be interested of what I am about to offer to you.

Danny: Hmm... Seems fishy but I'll still go 'cause I want to see your face suffer to my news.

*At the cafe*

Danny: Okay, I' m listening. So, what is your offer?

Xuanyuan: I want you to surrender now and I will set Lin Yin free, if you want your assistant to live. *snaps*
*The assistants of Xuanyuan Lie bring Lin Yin*

Lin Yin: *struggling*
Let me go or my President will gonna kill all of you! *suddenly saw Danny*
President, please save me! I don't want to die.

Danny: *chuckles*
Seriously, Xuanyuan? You want me to surrender just because my assistant is caught. Go on, kill her... She is just a parasite anyway.

Lin Yin: *suddenly tears fell from her eyes*

*Lin Yin quickly kick the enemy then grab a gun from the enemy and pointing it to herself*

Lin Yin: I will die with honor, President. So, that you'll realize that I'm not a parasite in your eyes. *fires the gun*

Xuanyuan: *in his mind*
I cannot believe Danny would say such a thing! He didn't even cares of what just happened. I shouldn't underestimate him. *lowers his head*

Danny: What's the matter, Xuanyuan? I told you do not underestimate me after of what I did to your sister, you should start avoiding me or ran for your safety because you don't know what will gonna happened next.

Xuanyuan: *lifts his head up and in shock* You?! You killed---

Danny: Yes, I did it so what?! Are you gonna cry?

Xuanyuan: *tighten his grips and pointing a gun to Danny*
Okay, lets makes this fair! Lets play a game. I will gonna be in your position and you will gonna be in my position.

Danny: *laughing*
Look who's talking, I have everyone in this room.
*he snaps and suddenly the staffs and the customers of the cafe starting to point a gun on Xuanyuan's team*
I will gonna accept your challenge only in one condition... You and I are gonna change identities.

Xuanyuan: *in his mind*
So, this is his true nature... And if I don't agree to his condition, I'm sure that I'll be dead soon but if I agree and control his condition under my hands that will be a great opportunity to take revenge Xiaoxiao's family which is also my family. I will gonna explain it to Xiaoxiao after the game is over.

Xuanyuan: *hesistates for a while* Deal.

-End of Flashback-

Xiaoxiao: Wait... So you've change identities but how do you manage to trick him?

Xuanyuan: *smiles*
Your brother help me. At the time we changed identities, I got your brother's number,called him to help me to get rid of Danny's allies and told the truth then, he inform my agents about the truth and pretend that they didn't knew it yet but they still give me the information that I need so I can take advantage on Danny's plan as he disguise himself as me and I as him.
*approaches Danny and removes Danny's mask*

Danny: *wakes up and trying to get up*
How did you manage to do that?! After of all of I have done... *falls back*
You will n-never ge- get a-away with t-this!

Xiaoxiao: *suddenly gets a gun from Xuanyuan and points it at Danny*
We won because we are not alone unlike you... You are alone! *fires the gun*

Yeying: *approahes* Xiaoxiao!

Xiaxiao: Brother Yeying! *hugs his brother* Thank goodness your here and you didn't tell me that you help Lie in his mission! *pinches her brother*

Xuanyuan: You finally called me Lie, I have been waiting that for decades.

Xiaoxiao: *looks at Xuanyuan and turn away* Hmmp!!!

Xuanyuan: *hugs Xiaoxiao at the back*
Are you still mad at me? *kissing Xiaoxiao's neck*

Xiaoxiao: *blush*
Yes, because you make me married the man who killed my family.

Xuanyuan: What name did he wrote on the marriage contract?

Xiaoxiao: Its your name, Xuanyuan Lie.

Xuanyuan: Well, there's no problem. *teasing Xiaoxiao in the neck*

Xiaoxiao: *blushes even redder* But---

Xuanyuan: *he suddenly turn Xiaoxiao around and kiss Xiaoxiao*
It doesn't matter, okay? We have each other now and that's all matters... I love you. *smiles*

Xiaoxiao: *shocked and then smiles*
I love you too. *she suddenly kiss Xuanyuan*

Yeying: *watching them, smiles and whispers* Mom... Dad... If you guys are still hearing me I just want to say that we are finally happy just as you guys always wanted and it is such a beautiful happy ending.


Mariam Mallowz: i mean i hooe you guys win 3 coupons ..
Mariam Mallowz: Aww... Thanks guys... I hope to have 500 ci
coupons though...
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#ENDING# #ENDING# After a few months of their marriage, Xiao Xiao was expecting another child in their family. She wasn't able to break the news to XuanYuan Lie yet. Mao Mao was sent overseas for further studies, Grandma and Aunt accompanied him.
Xiao Xiao was excited to break the news to XuanYuan Lie that night, she whipped up a table of delicacies and was waiting for the return of her husband. Little did she know...........
She offended someone when she was a rookie agent. Letting down her guard due to her excitement to see her husband, "Bam!" She was knocked out.
Waking up only clueless, Xiao Xiao was having amnesia, forgetting all the memories she made with her love ones😭. She was on a big bed in a big room. Out of curiosity, she left this room and wandered around the big house. Only meeting a man who was in a wheelchair. Who was he? she questioned him and bombarded him with lots of questions.
On the other hand, XuanYuan Lie had just returned to his house. He saw a woman who was waiting for him and preparing something for him. He went over to give her a backhug but he thought" this isn't the scent of Xiao Xiao, nevermind I must be wrong, I must have been too tired." This "Xiao Xiao" is someone else not the real Xiao Xiao( this woman used plastic surgery and etc. to make her look exactly like Xiao Xiao)

Life went on, XuanYuan Lie started to have suspicions about the girl beside her. She was weaker than how Xiao Xiao normally was, she doesn't cook the same way as Xiao Xiao, she doesn't have the same scent as Xiao Xiao, she seems like she is trying to imitate Xiao Xiao personality. This Xiao Xiao sprained her ankle by accident one day, XuanYuan Lie thought it would be a good chance to check her identity. On his way there, he saw a woman who looked exactly like Xiao Xiao but was pregnant, he thought "Are you Xiao Xiao? Why can't I love the one beside me( the fake Xiao Xiao) anymore?"
Mao Mao returned to China to visit his parents who he haven't seen for 1 year. Strangely, he claims that this woman is not his mother. XuanYuan Lie was beginning to trust his instincts and started investigating into the matter. The fake Xiao Xiao was worried about being found out, she attempted to sent Mao Mao away, she phoned the mastermind of this conspiracy in secret not knowing that XuanYuan Lie was outside the room and listening to every word she spoke.

The man who captured her treated her well.He allowed her to give birth to the child. But fragments of her memories started to flash when she was sleeping. After she had given birth to a cute little baby girl. The man started his plan, she told him, " Do you know, 10 years ago, someone came into my house and took me away from my family, I was suppose to die there, you killed my family!" She was lost in the countless amount of flashbacks that are now bringing her back all her memories. She finally stopped at one, it was the one he was describing. She opened her mouth and spoke in a confused manner, "I was saving you, someone placed countless of explosives there, they were trying to murder your family like how they tried to kill mine!"
" Why don't you just leave me there to die!"
Xiao Xiao replied with something that surprised that man. His hatred for that woman had slowly made him grew affectionate to her. Her water broke and she went into a coma. She mumbled the name of Xuan Yuan Lie when was in the coma. This had infuriated that man, and he decided to imprison her and keep her as his woman.

Upon waking up, Xiao Xiao had regained all her memories. However she has a weak body after giving birth, she agreed to that man's request with the only condition that he would never hurt her little baby.

- Dramatic Version #1

After a month or so, Xiao Xiao had regained her strength, she was able to bring back the little baby girl to her house( of course it's after much action and danger scenes). When she reached the gate of her house, she saw a silhouette of another woman in her bedroom. Bursting out in tears, (should she leave the baby there/ bring the baby with her?) she ran to the nearest payphone and called her aunt. She told her everything, eyes full of tears.
After hanging up, she saw XuanYuan Lei's car going across the road. She was not in a clear mind and rushed across the road. Screeched! Bam! Although the driver pressed hard on the brakes, Xiao Xiao was still knocked down by it ( if she had the baby, she would protect it with all her might leaving it unharmed.) XuanYuan Lei hearing and seeing the accident take place, he ran towards the scene. "Xiao Xiao!" he shouted in tears. He had quickly sent her to the hospital.(If she was holding the baby: Xuan Yuan Lei caressed the baby and said: you look exactly like your mother. if the baby was left outside of the house, someone would have taken the child in as Xiao Xiao rang the bell before leaving and made sure the little one is in good hands)
Xiao Xiao was in a coma for weeks. XuanYuan Lei was worried and stayed by her side as much as he could. Mao Mao also came to look after his dad and sister. When she finally woke up, she pretended that she lost her memory, when XuanYuan Lei left the room, she gave Mao Mao a little wink to assure him. A smirk was shown on Mao Mao's face.When Xuan Yuan Lei came back she jumped onto him and gave him a kiss. The people around them turned red due to embarrassment. Mao Mao covered his sister's eyes and said " little children shouldn't look at these!" The doctor left the room mentioning that Xiao Xiao would be able to leave in the next two days. All of them smiled.
The four of them took wedding photos again, now it is a family portrait. They hang this beautiful portrait of their family right in the middle of the living room. "Sometimes we may have forgotten, but a picture speaks a thousand words. Picture holds our memories!"

-Not so drama version #2
After a month or so, Xiao Xiao had regained her strength, she was able to bring back the little baby girl to her house( of course it's after much action and danger scenes). When she reached the gate of her house, she saw a silhouette of another woman in her bedroom. Bursting out in anger she called for the woman to come out. Some drama between the woman and Xiao Xiao gave that woman a hard slap. At the same time, XuanYuan Lei returned. He immediately got off the car and shouted get out.Xiao Xiao chuckled. The impersonator left, while weeping she said to XuanYuan Lei Thank you for not touching me in the past few months. Xiao Xiao asked her to wait up, she invited her into the house to ask her about the whole incident. She paid the woman some $$ and she left. Now that there is no strangers at home😈😇.......
On the sofa, XuanYuan Lei started to unbutton his shirt Are you going to do it here?😳 Do what here XuanYuan Lei replied.😈 She walked away and brought back someone while XuanYuan Lei was saying that he was about to go shower😇. He walked towards them and gave them both a Kiss on the forehead. "She looks exactly like the mother!"

In the not so far future which is a bout a few months Xiao Xiao got pregnant again, (ermmm....with a girl? Or a boy? Whatever!!😥) with twins. All of them took a family portrait together they hung this beautiful portrait of their family right in the middle of the living room. "Sometimes we may have forgotten, but a picture speaks a thousand words. Picture holds our memories
SORRY that it is very very long😔. Pls comment if you wish to help me decide on the better variation #1/#2. and alos pardon all my spelling grammar typo errors!!😣 Thankyou😀
Monica Callanta: hoping part 2
Val Dagondon: idk which is the best among other endings but I hope for a continuation of this story!!
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