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Yoolook Culture
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Although once a top-level assassin, she unexpectedly got trapped by her babysitter, raped by a stranger and was pregnant. When she want to question aunt who is the father, but aunt ran away. Her baby was kidnapped by an underworld group mistakenly after six years. She could do nothing but going undercover by pretending a driver to their boss…

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Finished the story in one day! Okay, i have also so many questions left, but i think i have found the answers!

1. Xiao wants some revenge for her family, but the advice that was given to her by her long lost brother made her realized that revenge is not the solution for her family's death.

2. Lin Yang is still alive and I think she's also the reason of Danny's appearance. Remember when she says Xiao will pay for everything? I think she wants to make Xiao's life be miserable, but turns out different. And also they all know that Danny is the reason behind the Murang Massacre, so i think, Lin decided to be trained by the Danny's Org in order for to achieve her goals for Xiao. Until, she came across with Fannie and "Sandy". (Idk exactly but after those twist and turns of their life, Lin just made a choice of being obedient to her "Lord Danny" after realising there's no win in avenging)

3. Danny and Lie's deal. Okay, we all know that Lie has the great win-win situation between the two, therefore, Danny is just a big distraction and just a challenge to Lie's love for Xiao. So, there deal is just a lame game for these two.

Ahhh that's all Hahahaha Sorry. This are just my thoughts after reading the story! I was not expecting the ending, tho. But, Congratulations to the author!

Ps. Can we have a sweet story line after their marriage? And Maomao's life? 😄
🖤👅🖤: I want her to ask Danny “why”
Leyanna Duran: I finished it too I'm sad wish the is season 2
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Fede Rika
Eeehm I'm the only one that waited for the revenge part?? I mean didn't she wanted to kill Danny??? 😂 I feel like the whole story about her Family and other Families was unnecessary! We don't even know why did Danny kill her family and attacked the feng family??? Why was Sandy with him for the past 10 years? Why did she leave Lie in the first place? Where did his Fiancé disappear?? I mean why leaving her alive if she's useless? How did her brother survive and did he actually came back for revenge or what? What happened to that doctor that was interested in them? Didn't Lie's friend liked Mu at first right? How did he find his wife and how did he forget about Mu? The last part where he faked his death to get her say she loves him doesn't make sense for me.

But the drawings were amazing. The characters all looked hot. My personal favourites are the Green haired (feng family) and the brother!!
Fede Rika: I hope they'll think of doing a second part to continue with the story.
Amanda Liu Junhong: O_o I been wondering too about those questions you mentioned...
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